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  1. The editing was wonky in the scene with CT and Emy talking about partners. One moment he’s in his jeans, another he’s taken them off, and then back on. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but it was CT in his underwear. 😆 I’m not getting the Amber hate and I honestly don’t get why Kayce has forgotten how crappy Fessy treated her last final/reunion. Kyle was on Banana’s podcast last week and he said the hook-ups were out of control this season. BJ’s in the bathroom, etc. I did not see Josh and Esther coupling up!! BTW: the podcast is pretty interesting so far. He had Bill Sim
  2. And my big question was, did somebody change the sheets? Nick Vial said there are actually 3 (sigh I hate writing this) boom boom rooms. So hopefully the 3 couples who have used them had a choice. Still gross though. And maybe I’m getting more prude like as I get older but watching Joe and Serena make out while Becca and Thomas make out literally 3 inches away on the daybed squicked me out.
  3. I think she’s more mad that the producers didn’t cater to her like the last time around. She’s yesterday’s news for them. I honestly think she thought she was top bananas for them and they don’t care for anything but a storyline. I really didn’t care that much about Brendan and Pieper being together before this episode but the way he snapped at Deandra and was so arrogantly dismissive to all the women makes me happy he’s losing clout. He seems like a jerk.
  4. I’m still loving the show. I liked the clone twist although I felt super bad for the real Michelle. I did think Calvin had a point that the wedding picture looked more 80’s than 00’s. I hope Michelle gets a social media boost out of this. Daniel was someone I didn’t like from the get go but is coming around for me. I laughed so hard when he was doing the Macarena in one scene but then died a little inside when I realized that he wasn’t born yet when that was a craze.*. Nick just flat out annoys me. I hate the Encino Man laugh and dude bro personality. *that song and dance was popular
  5. Funnily enough it was Becca’s season. I think my main issue with Chris, Jessina, and Alana thing is that Chris shouldn’t have made out with Alana in front of everybody. It’s totally fine to feel a bigger ‘spark’ with someone else. Jessina had the spark with Chris over Ivan. But she didn’t maul Chris in front of Ivan. Chris showed a lot of disrespect to her. However as soon as someone literally said ‘BRB’ to me, any sort of a spark would of left my body immediately. 😂 Demi continues to infuriate and sadden me. I feel that she needs a lot of therapy. She desperately wants to be t
  6. I think it is C because they are roommates. So I’ve been falling asleep the past couple of episodes but man this one kept me awake. Just layers upon layers of stupidity coupled with astonishing arrogance with Pieper and Brendan. Demi makes me sad in how she equates sex with love. She’s not as confident as she wants herself to think she is. I know she is annoying AF but I feel a little bad for her. She has some growing up to do. Serena P handled the situation with grace.
  7. Good for Matt. Milk this until the very end.
  8. I feel asleep again before the end of the show so missed the Tammy/Aaron and Demi/Kenny drama. Is it worth rewatching? My two takeaways: 1. Demi looks like a horrible kisser. The lip bite and pull? Painful to watch. Can’t imagine being the recipient. 2. Is Chasen a clone? I swear he has been on every iteration of the Bachelor world under various generic names. He could of been on Triata’s season as a “Michael” if we look hard enough.
  9. That was weird. Did the forums go down for anyone else? In regards to the show, I fell asleep during the Thomas date but looks like I’ll actually watch the Riley date!
  10. James. LOL! It’s the Victoria P. effect. (I bolded Jason) When Natasha was asking Brendan why he wouldn’t just date Pieper in the real world instead of going on the show, I really wanted him to be honest and say because of the money and clout potential. Duh. I hate Demi’s voice and I don’t remember it being that grating. I actually went to her IG and pulled up old saved videos and she’s totally using a fake voice in her ITMs. Why I don’t know.
  11. Nah. He does that every Friday.
  12. I apologize! I should of put this in the spoiler and speculation post! Maybe the mods can move it?
  13. So Reality Steve tweeted out the potential new bachelor. I’ll put it in spoilers but if it is true it may the first season I pass on.
  14. @woodscommaelle Is that Tyler from Teen Mom 2? 😆😆😆
  15. I posted that article. His brother got arrested for being in a bookie ring. The family has some old mob ties. https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/crime/2021/4/13/22380577/former-melrose-park-cop-charged-part-gambling-investigation As for Deandra - even when I looked her up and realized that she was on 4 episodes I had no memory of her. To be fair, I’d like to delete that whole season from the memory banks.
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