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  1. It makes me wonder if the wish that one of girls made to ‘get the new carpet in’ (paraphrasing) was because they didn’t want to stay in Jason’s house. Those poor girls.
  2. LBS

    Bless This Mess

    I'm going to give another episode or two to see if gets better. Pilots can be awful (i.e. Parks and Recs) but I have feeling this is going in to the Splitting Up Together of a good premise with no traction.
  3. LBS

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I never knew that! Well Jenelle, your thread has given me knowledge and for that I will always remember you. Also I'll remember that you are a terrible human being married to a worse human being.
  4. I walk past this poster everyday and today I finally figured out one of the actor/singer reminded me of Leah. I laughed so hard I almost choked on my coffee!
  5. LBS

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    I haven't seen the episode(s) but if Leah can't remember to take a pill around the same time everyday to prevent a major life event, how on earth can she be trusted to give Ali any medications if it ever came down to it? I guess that would be Gracie's job.....
  6. LBS

    Miz And Mrs.

    I hope this is the episode Marjo almost drives into the pool! I'm glad that this show is on Tuesdays. It adds into my Black-ish and Kids are Alright comedy block nicely!
  7. LBS

    Miz And Mrs.

    I laugh more than I should watching this show! I know that it is so contrived and scripted but the whole crew pulls it off. Marjo flipping off the camera had me and my husband rolling. After a season of Brie and Nikki moaning about how hard life is on Total Bellas, this is just a breath of fresh air.
  8. LBS

    Windy City Rehab

    Evergreen is up on the market as of 3/4/2019 for 2.3M https://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/dreamhomes/ct-wicker-park-home-restored-by-hgtv-s-windy-city-rehab-team-2-3m-20190328-photogallery.html https://www.redfin.com/IL/Chicago/1965-W-Evergreen-Ave-60622/home/14108510 For comparison here is one that sold for 2.03M. I'm so glad they didn't get their paws on this one. Look at that beautiful wood staircase! That's how you restore a vintage home, ALLISON. https://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/elitestreet/ct-re-elite-street-115-year-old-lakeview-mansion-20190401-story.html https://www.movoto.com/realestate/649-w-wellington-ave-chicago-il-60657-461_09855123
  9. LBS

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Her lawyers battling it out after getting the signal
  10. LBS

    S16.E15: Finale

    What happened to Kelsey’s crawfish? I can’t recall what happened to it. I’m bummed that Eric lost. His story was a lot more interesting than the other two IMO
  11. LBS

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Cassie is the popular blonde girl and Colton is the stupid jock in almost every teen slasher flick "I can't stand Rival A and B." pouts popular blonde girl while rubbing stupid jock thigh. Cut to stupid jock killing Rival A and B and bringing her their carcass like a deranged golden retriever. "Oh I didn't mean for you to actually kill them but that is perfect" purrs popular blonde girl as stupid jock looks at her quizzically. She then allows him to touch her boobs over the shirt as a reward. Seriously this whole episode felt incredibly staged. It was also as episodic as every final rose show. Nervous meet the skeptical family? Check. Said family finally giving approval? Check. Final random weird date so they can spout metaphors that falling off a cliff is like falling in love? Check. I wish them well but I just don't see it. Also - I agree with one of the above posters who said that Colton needed to get his hand off her inner thigh at the family meet n' greet. I know he has done "everything but" but I don't need to see that particular move!
  12. LBS

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Maybe Javi is more like George Costanza than we all realized.
  13. That sounds a lot like the Robert K. Tanenbaum Butch Karp series. The last three books were just bizarrely political like he shoehorned his characters in situations so he could just yell about how horrible unions are, etc. It made me miss the days when Lucy had hallucinations and followed weird men into subway tunnels.
  14. LBS

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Am I crazy or does young Randy look a lot like Corey (Leah’s first husband on TM)?