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  1. I know the bold is a typo but it made me laugh out loud thinking of a sow picking out the contestants!
  2. 100% noticed that and totally agree!!
  3. Me looking at what Dean was wearing plus his hair and realizing that he looked like an Oompa Loompa: I could barely get through this episode and I had wine and the ability to fast forward. I thought Nicole was being completely ridiculous. Clay went on IG and basically said that he had no regrets for not getting engaged/moving in with someone who he was exclusive with for only 16 days. Yes! You know who you should declare your love and want to be with everyday after only knowing them for 16 days? Your pet that you just adopted. Human adults should be held to a higher standard.
  4. I think the first group date is there! 🤣🤣 Blake be like "well hello"
  5. It's not edited. I took the shot this morning on my way to work and posted when I got in. Lots of other famous people re-tweeted/screenshot the original. He deleted the original and replaced it with what is on his timeline now. I don't think you were calling me a liar! But he's definitely a lying liar who lies! 🙂
  6. I thought it was during Jenna's and Karamo dance. It was really weird.
  7. It will never, ever, ever end. We are all living in a dystopian world now in which we will never leave the beach and we have to marry perfect strangers and it is perpetual summer but the bad summer when it's humid and gross and guys can't seem to get the sweat off themselves without the aid of other guys. Demi is our spirit leader. We are all forked.
  8. Jet lag coupled with the time difference. That's the only reason unless Tyler promised her a quesadilla.
  9. @nuraman00 I would of posted more of them but I didn't want "steve sanders, midriff shirts" in my work google search. LOL
  10. My top 5 are Hannah B., James Van der Beek, Kate Flannery (just because I love her but I don't think she'll go that far), Kel, and Karamo. Overall I think they have a good crew this year. I think either Lamar and Spicer will be the first to go. I never realized how tall Lamar is! I didn't think he deserved such low scores. I hate the new paddles and I forgot how much I missed Tom on my screen! ETA: If they force a showmance between Hannah B and Alan , I will scream.
  11. Well Spicer is already complaining on Twitter that the judges don’t like him. Apparently because he ‘stands with Christ’ and not because he’s a horrible human dancer. Lauren said that prayed before her dance and she got good scores so I'm thinking he’s gaslighting again.
  12. Or because she can make a ton of money off IG for every post that she tags a sponsor. Like her or not, she’s not banking on Cole’s paycheck alone as she shouldn’t. She’s probably making more a month than he is. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjBodDK3dPkAhXpJDQIHYwpBDsQzPwBCAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wsj.com%2Farticles%2Fnow-you-too-can-get-1-million-instagram-followers-1515599740&psig=AOvVaw2piCi6IopF0f15iJ6Aj_yC&ust=1568667937427721
  13. LBS


    That is so dark and what is worse is that it is totally believable. Out of all the TMOG/TM2 kids, I feel that Sophia is the one who will be irretrievably damaged. She literally has no role models to emulate and no other point of references besides her mother. I don't care that Farrah is allegedly a sex worker/escort but I do care that her daughter is not being sheltered from it. Poor mite has never had a chance of a normal childhood.
  14. Oh wow.... That is sad and scary.
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