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  1. Was it ever revealed that Jason’s mom died of cancer? It made me think more on his happy go lucky naivety combined with his aggressive impulsive control issues. Watching your parent go through cancer is horrendous (unfortunately from personal experience). I thought it was nice bookend to what Michael was saying that you need people to help you be good. Also D’Arcy Carden must get nominated for an Emmy.
  2. Loved this episode and can't wait to rewatch! Did anyone else notice Chidi's hands moving during the end scene when Eleanor was arguing that he needs to be woken up and have his memories restored? I loved the "Weekend at Bernies" with Chidi but now I wonder if him being around his friends while they were eulogizing each other and reminiscing reached his soul and he's already a bit conscious. Like when someone is in a coma but still can hear and react but just can't communicate to others. Anyhoop - I'm just so excited for the rest of the season!
  3. Mind you I have a strong aversion to stew after growing up with my mom throwing everything in a crock pot and letting it sit for hours and calling it "stew" but I can't get behind this concept for a restaurant. Also, Illinois summers get really hot and sticky. No one wants to eat stew in July. I hope they drop it but I do like the conflict it is bringing to the characters.
  4. I'm already tired of windmills. I hope a vane falls on his head.
  5. Which is really a disservice to that Lurch who was loyal and kind to his family plus a hard worker.
  6. The new way to teach sex ed to teens. The pregnancy rates would plummet!
  7. Damn you Manny Jacinto with your perfect cheekbones and your perfect proposal!
  8. LBS

    Top Chef in the Media

    You made my day!!! I was totally thinking of December of next year and really perplexed about why they would sit on it for so long. 2020 sounds so far away. I can't wait!
  9. LBS

    Top Chef in the Media

    So good news! Top Chef will air in 2020. Bad news - not until late winter
  10. I just got around to looking at Leah's IG and her Halloween pics. Little Ali dressed up as Beyonce and I am beyond proud that Leah didn't use blackface. 😝
  11. Oh I loved this episode! It was a 'quieter' episode than most and I enjoyed the introspective narrative between Michael and Bad Janet about humanity. I thought it bookend nicely to Simone's exasperation at the end with Eleanor. Why indeed do we have to forgive those who aren't exactly asking for forgiveness. Why do the good people have to turn the other cheek in order to be considered good. It also hearkens back to previous episodes that touched on that maybe some people aren't redeemable and that is an uncomfortable concept for a lot of people. We all want to believe that even the worst people can be humanized so to be speak and it's scary to think that even in the Good Place they can't. I also appreciated an episode that wasn't full bang on special effects, twists, and puns. I actually paid more attention to the dialogue and I can't wait to re-watch.
  12. She has the cutest kids from the bunch
  13. Omg! I just got the joke! Seriously I’m ashamed at myself but in my defense I was chortling at Darlene as Becky. 😂
  14. That's ridiculous. Butt out Erin , stirring the pot is so you. She danced with Maks you know( barf) She didn't tweet anything negative about Sean. She was tagged in targeted tweet by someone who was trying to stir the pot. She replied in the positive about Sean.
  15. @spanana 100% agree. It is nice change. Very nicely worded.
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