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  1. I know this is a little thing to nitpick when there are so many more flaws (I.e pulling Mark out of the school instead of, I don’t know, focusing on why he turned to drugs as the best solution in the first place) but when Neville causally mentioned they were going to the ‘Michigan dunes’ to hike, I screamed. I hate when writers lump all of the Midwest states together and are too lazy to actually consult a map. The show has established that Lanford is an hour outside of Chicago. Since they’ve mentioned going past Joliet before, it’s south of Chicago. So taking a day trip to the Michigan dun
  2. I feel as if I’m watching a parody of the show. Like the SNL skit @Amy Beth posted was real. Maybe I forgot how bad the Bachelor is after two seasons of reasonably sane people but my god….. Cassidy and Shanae have to be in on the game. The “villain” tropes they are acting out are too on the nose. It’s cringey. Also the screeching from all the women when Jesse Palmer/Clayton/the ghost of Chris Harrison enters the room makes me think of a puppy pen in an animal shelter. So loud and high-pitched. Other things that annoyed: 1. Does Clayton want a wife or a Handmaid? We get it. You want
  3. Are they on-site like alternate jurors? I can understand if someone backed out or got COVID a day or more beforehand to call in the reserves. But this was 5 hours before the limo entrances. The extra was already on site with her evening gown and luggage ready to swoop in? The dramatic moment of turning down a first rose offered before the show even started is dramatic enough to be the Why. Reality Steve said it was actually 3-4 days before. But regardless, so manufactured to create drama. Also Clayton you don’t have to do exactly what the producers say. Like don’t eat the yellow s
  4. I would like recognition for not throwing my remote at the tv when the 33 year old called herself a ‘cougar’ and the stupid show made sure they highlighted her age.
  5. I watched a lot of comedy specials during the pandemic and IMO the style they were going for was very reminiscent of Tig Notaro , Daniel Sloss, and Hannah Gadsby. All their specials I laughed and cried through. I found Che’s snippet to be funny and poignant. I guess I’m a huge unpopular opinion but I like the episodes so far. I definitely don’t feel like they are too woke. People grow up. Attitudes change. Obviously your miles may vary.
  6. LBS

    A Christmas Peril

    Super cute episode. I didn’t realize I missed it so much!
  7. To be fair - nothing on the MTA is spontaneous. Tayshia knew that was coming to segue awkwardly into the Rodney section. I felt bad for both of them. They don’t have enough clout yet with producers to say no. The whole MTA was the worst producer contrived show in a long time starting with the fake fight/making up between Will and Peter. The only thing that felt real was Olu defending himself and Michelle talking to the men.
  8. I loved how Amanda was like “no sh^t, I’m playing a selfish game” to Devin who was playing his own selfish game to get her to not infiltrate his team. It’s a million dollars at stake. Good for her for not backing down. Women are usually conditioned to take one for the team whereas men are usually congratulated for playing alone and sticking up for themselves.
  9. If anything reality steves site has gotten worse with the pop ups- im not abtechnical person but its really annoying - is it so he can make money by running a ton od ads? I just cant look at it anymore . I don’t get why his site is so bad still. It’s still straight out of the early 2000’s interface. And he gets really defensive when people ask him about it. I have no idea how much he makes on ads but I do know that if an ad pops up and causes his page to freeze , I don’t go back to read it again so it’s not effective. Plus he posts most of the spoilers on Twitter and Instagram so
  10. @alexa I haven’t seen anything but I’m in your camp!
  11. The fight between Will and Peter seemed so fake to me. Peter didn’t seem actually mad in the classroom but rather like a bad actor trying to look mad. (Look at me! I’m acccttttiiiinnnngg). Will also kept on looking directly at the camera. I can’t wait for Peter to leave. I also think that Jamie wanted to be kicked out and that’s why he started the rumor mill conflict.
  12. I got distracted a bit and I thought I heard Iman was dancing to “Up”. The mental gymnastics I went through to justify that to the theme rivaled their choreography! All in all, this has been a great season so far. Everyone is dancing like they want to be there and not just for a paycheck. I’m having trouble articulating because it’s a feeling not a fact but it just looks fun in the studio again. Last season I felt some of the contestants couldn’t wait to be eliminated. This year feels different. My favorite dances last night were JoJo, the Miz, Iman, and Jimmie. My least were Amanda
  13. Nayte is the winner and I believe Joe is runner up. He wasn’t entirely sure
  14. Ed is on Bananas podcast this week and it’s pretty interesting. He comes off extremely likable and smart. Two points he made that pertains to this episode: 1. He didn’t think Kyle should of been DQ’d and 2. Editing made it look like he knew it was going to be the pole challenge before he picked Kyle but actually TJ announced it after the pick. He also said if he gets to come back, he’ll be not so much the nice guy.
  15. Freya will use the non-vegan ingredients in the technicals only. I think because it makes the playing field even. I’m intrigued by her vegan bakes and was surprised that her tofu chocolate set so hard since I’ve had that before and it was silky. Oh Juergen - you keep making me love you more……
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