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  1. Well because of idiots like them, Lake Front Path is closed.
  2. I’m so sorry @Stats Queen. It’s a club no one wants to be in. Condolences and huge virtual hugs!
  3. F them. I live in Chicago and we are shelter in place for a reason. I haven’t had human contact besides my husband since I buried my sister 8 days ago.* Not even my family. He f’n flew here, got to her house, and is now cavorting outside with them both. Selfish, selfish, selfish people. All three of them. * I wrote about it in the Teen Mom 2 section. Too raw to write about it again. Not being a pity party or trying to gain sympathy but I get really angry at these people who flaunt the rules. True sacrifices were and are being made. Visiting your new lay is not one of those.
  4. My twin sister died on March 12th due to breast cancer. We buried her on Tuesday in Michigan with minimal family to comply with CDC. We can’t have a funeral for her in Chicago until at least mid-April and most likely May because the churches are closed as we are in “shelter in place” until 4/7 and now it looks like it’ll be a full 8 weeks from today. I can’t hug my family or friends at the time when all I need is physical comfort. You never realize how important death rituals are until you aren’t able to collectively grieve. I hate 2020. https://dykstrafuneralhome.com/obituaries/margaret-o-sullivan.130970
  5. My twin died on Thursday. One week after our 42nd birthday. I’m saying that quote at her funeral. I hope she’s in the Good Place now because for the first time ever I don’t know where my twin is and I can’t feel her anymore.
  6. Well the good news is that my husband is watching this with me for the very first time and is treating it like the Superbowl. "It's a 2 day event, LBS". We had buffalo chicken dip last night and are having pigs in a blanket tonight. The bad news... (gesticulates wildly at the Barb screen shot above and the season as a whole). How can a season that is pretty much unspoiled be SO boring? Peter's family is way too involved in the adventures of Little Peter. It is very unsettling. He is 28. All they should of told him is that both women are lovely and that they trust him to make the right decision to get fake engaged to and go back to enjoying their free vacation in Australia.
  7. In the most dramatic season ever, watch Clare battle not only the ravages of time but the pandemic of the century in her search for true love. The Fantasy Biodomes - Will you accept this Hazmat suit and join me in the quarantine zone? (PS: I know this Coronavirus is serious and if this offends I will delete it)
  8. Thanks @JenE4 I hate when people pretend to be in a relationship for "likes" and attention.
  9. Not sure who much stock to put into this story but the Betches is reporting that Alexa and Jasmine are dating. Jasmine seems to confirm it on IG. If so, that is the most interesting story coming out of this dumb season! https://betches.com/it-looks-like-two-of-peters-bachelor-contestants-are-dating-each-other/
  10. What are they?? Absolutely nothing. He said he would post what he thinks/heard/can almost verify on tomorrow/Thursday. He talks mostly about Clare being the bachelorette, how they still are casting, filming starts on the 13th. Honestly, no need to read his blog post today. He's oddly defensive
  11. HAHA! I made my husband listen the Bachelor Party podcast "Bachelor in Paradise' Fantasy Draft' and the only reason he watched the WTA is to put the faces to the draft picks. It's a fun and funny episode with Bill Simmons and Mallory Rubin guest hosting with Juliet Litman.
  12. Ugh. I was just reading the Vulture recap and they mentioned the scene where Peter's parents are pretending to have sex in the car. I had completely blanked that from my memory bank for very good reason and now I can't stop thinking about it. WTF? Who's idea was that? Why was it thought of a funny idea? Why did they agree to debase themselves? What son wants to actively think of his parents banging? It was fun watching Kelsey audition for the Bachelorette knowing that Clare got the role. Bless her heart, she tried really hard. The crescendo of the screeching voices at the beginning actually made me put my hands over my ears. The collective age of that group is over-tired toddler melting down in the ball pit of Chuckee Cheese. And I thought it was rich of the show to bring out Rachel to discuss racism and bullying and then NEVER bringing up Victoria F's "White Marlin Matters" modeling career. And will I watch next week? Yes because dammit I can't quit this show.
  13. I hope they all take the SATs and get into great colleges and get the F out of this cycle. But I feel that I am being too optimistic.
  14. I saw it. It was a bit meandering and he tends to giggle too much but he had some good bits. It is a work in progress. Not a bad waste of an hour or so but I wouldn't watch it again (like I will John Mulaney or Daniel Sloss)
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