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  1. Same here. It’s right up my alley. It’s just dumb fun with no heavy real life ‘drama’. I hope it sticks around.
  2. Donovan is suing Alison /HGTV for 2.2M for defamation. https://chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/windy-city-rehab/2021/1/13/22227586/windy-city-rehab-problems-lawsuit-donovan-eckhardt-alison-victoria-full-text
  3. Ok probably a stupid question but could Fessy given his spot to Josh? I thought once a team was chosen they had to go in and couldn’t trade it. I couldn’t figure out why Josh was begging Fessy to trade and then got so mad when he wouldn’t.
  4. I like Becca Martinez podcast ‘Chatty Broads’. They are long but her and her co-host are funny and it doesn’t seem long. Plus all the ads are put together so easy to fast forward. I also like Juliet Litman from the Ringer podcast ‘Bachelor Party’. Nick V’s can be hit or miss. Same with Olivia (Mouthing Off).
  5. I listened to it and agree. I think Evan gave her tacit approval to go on the podcast because it was right after the poor, poor, pitiful me* YouTube video Carly posted on Christmas. *apologies to the late great Warren Zevon for associating you with BIP
  6. I wish Neil Lane had a display of relinquished rings from past contestants. He’s still smarting that Becca and Garret held on long enough to keep it. <<internal Neil Lane voice MY PRECIOUS >> I like all the guys and I’m more invested in their relationship with each other rather than with Tayshia. It shows a lot about their characters that they are all respectful of each other despite being in such uncomfortable situations. I.e having to do man chats after each overnight date. I remember Shawn being such a jerk to Nick after the fantasy suites like it was somehow Nick’s fault that he had the date. This is the first season I’m not spoiled which has been fun! I’m thinking Zac is the one.
  7. Happy belated birthday @saber5055! I thought that the art date was cute. I don’t think TPTB thought it would get so deep but I think since all the men are sequestered together more than normal this season that they let their walls down with each other. I thought it was so cute that Brendan sincerely complimented Riley after his speech. The date was a nice change of pace from the toxic-masculinity/literally pit the men against each other dates. The show touched on BLM, addictions, and eating disorders in men in two episodes? Consider me to be partially impressed. Then the ‘drama’ between Noah and Bennet and I was back to meh-watching. I really wanted the book that Bennet gave to Noah to be a Staurt Smalley like book.(Cut to Bennet looking at the mirror. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me).
  8. Those are small units too at 735 square feet. My husband and I rent in the South Loop (2 bed/2 bath, 1150 square feet) for $2800 including parking. We also have a gym in the building (not much use now though). Thinking she could get 3k in Ukie Village even not during a pandemic was a stretch. The place is a half mile from the nearest el stop which is a bear in the winter and it’s not that close to downtown to lure a lot of corporate rentals. What a mess! She can’t blame Donovan for everything.
  9. Punkie Johnson was in the mafia skit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/meet-snls-new-cast-members-punkie-johnson-lauren-holt-and-andrew-dismukes/
  10. The Berenice house went on the market on 9/29/20. It was interesting to watch the episode and see masks during the end of construction/staging.
  11. I’m enjoying the dancing and the contestants more than I thought I would. I really like Anne Heche for some reason. I think because she looks like she is just having fun out there and wants to learn ala Kate Flannery last season. I thought that Kaitlyn’s injury was much ado about nothing and cynically thought it was fake to add drama. Seeing Val get knocked down a peg is always fun. I feel a *bit* bad for Carole because I think the show is mocking her and she’s not in on the joke. I just get a weird ‘mean girls’ vibe during her segments. Won’t be sad to see her go but I wish they would figure out a narrative on her. My cats and husband hate me now because I can’t stop singing ‘What’s Up Pussycat’ to them using the cats name. Quarantine is making me crazy! 😺 🎶what’s up Davos-Cat, meow meow meow-meow🎶
  12. Mary Ingalls would the Instagram-er who only posts inspirational quotes all the while leaving mean little digs on Laura’s posts. Almanzo Wilder would be asking if he’s the as*hole for buying two horses instead of getting his wife a birthday present. To keep on topic: Chelsea, please don’t post pics of your house if you are scared about break-ins.
  13. Am I the only one who, when looking at this picture, thought of this? https://youtu.be/Vt4z16n-3eU Now I’m just imaging Ma and Pa Ingalls doing Instagram ads.... 😄
  14. I like: Vulture.com (limited free articles but worth the subscription IMO) https://www.vulture.com/article/lovecraft-country-season-1-episode-3-recap-holy-ghost.html Alan Sepinwall/Rolling Stone (free) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-recaps/lovecraft-country-recap-episode-3-holy-ghost-1050954/amp/ AV Club (free) https://www.google.com/amp/s/tv.avclub.com/lovecraft-country-is-better-than-an-allegory-it-s-fan-f-1844743557/amp The Ringer (free) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theringer.com/platform/amp/tv/2020/8/17/21371365/lovecraft-country-premiere-recap-review I’m going to add The Root to my reading! Thank you!
  15. Wow! No comments on Nick’s GOAT season? I actually don’t mind Nick when he’s not doing Bach Nation things (his podcasts are usually interesting) but his season was pretty dumb and he was/is more of a puppet to Fleiss and company than even Ben Higgins. I forgot how much I didn’t like Taylor with her EQ shenanigans and her update didn’t change that for me. Corrine got huge implants on her lips and breasts but she seemed happy. She always seemed in on the joke about the whole show and I liked that. I can’t wait for Juan Pablo’s roast next week. They hate him. He hates them. It’s going to be good!
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