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  1. Can you let us know if it works? I want to buy some, but I'm not completely sold...
  2. Right. Because until now, jobs went to the most qualified and talented people. It's just a coincidence that 99% went to white males. /s
  3. sadiegirl

    Mrs Wilson

    When Dorothy's son said he only knew his father through his books, I wondered how did he not figure out his father was still alive (because I assumed Alec was still writing/publishing into the 60s, as we saw him at his desk) but according to Wiki, his last novel was published in 1940. So what the hell did he do for the next 20 years? How did he help support any of these families? Man, what a jerk.
  4. sadiegirl

    Mrs Wilson

    There are 5 sons, no? 2 with Gladys, 2 with Alison and 1 with Dorothy. Men who go around fathering children like it's no big deal ... I want to strangle them. I want to know what he told Gladys and Alison while he was visiting the other one. 20 years is a long time to believe and accept that your husband was so busy and had to be away so often.
  5. sadiegirl

    Mrs Wilson

    Just finished watching part 1 and 2. This is amazing! Can't wait for the rest.
  6. If I could like this a thousand times, I would. Tank tops on men just bug me.
  7. I had tears in my eyes when the bra lady got her deal. I hope it becomes a billion dollar business. I sometimes have issues with Jim, but I appreciate that when he sees someone doing good (like the bra lady) he'll offer them the money without gouging them.
  8. Yesterday if I was in Manage Followed Content Forums, I was able to see the name of the forum and which thread had the new posts. This morning, the thread option is not there, meaning it now takes two clicks to get to the thread with the new posts. Did I inadvertently change something or is this how it will work now? Because if this is the new and improved way, I don't like it.
  9. Record Co dad did not write it recently. It's a song from the 90's. And he didn't write it, just like Jimmy didn't write Satisfaction...
  10. Smells Like Teen Spirit is a pretty famous song so I don't see why Jimmy's band would be unfamiliar with it. Seemed like that's what the band does, play older classic songs.
  11. I made my own Sproing with a yoga belt, an I hook and mini trampoline and I like it. I'm sure theirs is better but mine was free since I had everything already.
  12. According to Bale from a Fresh Air interview, whatever accent he's doing for a movie, he keeps the accent while doing promo for the movie, which I find odd, but it means there's little opportunity to hear his actual voice/accent.
  13. Seriously, is that post a joke? Because if not, OMG!
  14. Yeah I can’t believe they wasted 10sec saying Streep was a famous actress. Unless they are the only person doing that particular thing, name their movie, their song. If it’s a singer, by naming a song, you’re also telling them it’s a singer. No need for a separate sentence. Very disappointing final round.
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