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  1. 0/5 the shame, the shame...... I’m already ahead this week, 1/1 for the college tournament!
  2. 1/5 Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been obsessed with watching old Survivor seasons. Only 320 more episodes to go!
  3. I got albatross right away because I have been reading (for the third time) Patrick O’Brian’s wonderful maritime novels with Captain Jack Aubrey and physician Stephen Maturin. Maturin was thrilled to finally see the giant albatross, though the superstitious sailors weren’t.
  4. 4/5, 2 * Yep, I’m a Catholic grandma of a 3 year old Disney princess.
  5. Me, too. I’ve often thought a “Me, too” button would be handy.
  6. I am so honored to be in such good company!
  7. This times a million. Thanks to the folks who recommended “Next in Fashion” on Netflix. I enjoyed every minute of it: great talent, likable contestants and judges, beautiful workmanship, classy behavior—everything I want from Project Runway and rarely get.
  8. Thank you for this! Just spent three hours down the rabbit hole, having a great time and laughing out loud listening to Anna Russell.
  9. 1/5 Had to read the archives for three days, so props to whoever it is who maintains that site, you are a lifesaver! I was sure my answer of T S Eliot was correct, and so proud of myself for coming up with it quickly. And I knew the Oscar winner was Mehershala Ali (spelling?) immediately. By immediately I mean I saw his face in my mind and said “that guy who was so good in the third True Detective series.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.
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