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  1. I've got a pretty good guess about how the guy drilled his testicles. I used to work as a medical transcriptionist and I typed a report on someone who drilled into his thigh. He was drunk, playing around with a power drill, drilling into a board of lumber he had placed in his lap, and drilled right through it into his thigh. I assume this guy was doing the same thing, just holding the board a bit higher up on his lap. I don't know what he meant about not making it there in time, I don't think I want to know.
  2. It looks like at least some are reviewing their policies… https://deadline.com/2021/05/john-oliver-last-week-tonight-sponsored-content-sexual-wellness-blanket-1234763343/
  3. I just heard on CBS This Morning that Stephen is coming back with a full audience (all vaccinated) on June 14th. Yeah!
  4. I haven't read the book yet, but The New York Times Book Review has a front page review of Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty. The opening paragraph is about Last Week Tonight's episode about the subject. I guess Jacqueline Sackler only cares about her child's life.
  5. I think that Real Harry might have been a hired assassin or something. He injected the BoTox absolutely calmly, like he had no qualms about killing him, then went back to his house and took a nap. I think it's possible that the new doctor in town was the son of Terry O'Quinn, and that he was recruited by aliens to keep an eye on Fake Harry. He may wind up working with the group that kidnapped him.
  6. ALenore


    I cooked a prepackaged frozen Butterball turkey breast for Thanksgiving, and it wasn't very good. It was the only turkey item under 15 pounds at the grocery store. It was basically turkey roll, very salty. The gravy was even saltier. I guess the turkey will be okay for turkey sandwiches tomorrow, but I'm definitely not buying it again. I've roasted regular fresh turkey breast before, and it came out fine, this was some sort of processed crap. I did make the usual side dishes I do for Thanksgiving with the family, cut down in size for just me and my husband. We had stuffing, mashed potat
  7. ALenore


    My husband and I usually go to either my sister or brother's place for Thanksgiving, they both live on Long Island. This year we're staying home and Zooming with everyone. I'm cooking a turkey breast, there were no small turkeys available. It's something I've never seen before, by Butterball, you cook it frozen inside a bag. I'm sort of skeptical about how it will taste, but I just couldn't see buying a 15 pound turkey.
  8. That's how I found out about it! Of course, it's not hard to get out of a meeting, just "lose" the connection. Or "accidentally" put everyone on mute.
  9. My husband and I usually go to my brother's or sisters place for Thanksgiving, or they come to our place, they live about 45 minutes away from each other on Long Island, we live about 2 hours away in Connecticut. My other brother and his wife moved to Germany last year to be with their daughter and grandchildren. This year we're Zooming Thanksgiving at noon our time, so the family in Germany can participate before it gets too late for the grandkids. I do really enjoy getting together with everyone, but it's just too risky this year. BTW, Zoom has lifted the 40 minute restriction for me
  10. Here's the story in our local paper, The Danbury News-Times, about John's visit. I live in a town about 15 minutes north. Wish I had known about it, I would have loved to sneak a peek (from a distance of course), but they kept it secret.https://www.newstimes.com/local/article/John-Oliver-visited-Danbury-in-a-fake-hazmat-suit-15659461.php The “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” episode featuring Boughton and the much talked about sewer plant aired Sunday night, featuring Oliver showing up in a plastic suit and face shield. That outfit, Boughton said, was a riff off of Jude Law’s characte
  11. ALenore


    My husband is an artist, and we buy frames all the time from PictureFrames.com https://www.pictureframes.com. They've got a huge selection, everything from plain metal frames to elaborate wooden ones with canvas liners. You can get custom built frames or choose from a variety of standard sizes. Their prices are very reasonable.
  12. I loved the video. I have a feeling if someone showed Trump the video, without saying it was from The Daily Show, that he would think it was complimentary.
  13. No, haven't heard of it. I've only been to Mystic once, to Mystic Seaport. I did like that, took lots of pictures. The omelet sounds great.
  14. I'm in New Milford, opposite side of the state from you it looks like. The place I go is Theo's Diner. The food is okay, nothing special, but we've been eating breakfast there once a week for years and the staff knows us and treats us well. We really would like them to stay open. Someone in town apparently gave them an awning to set up on the sidewalk so people could eat outside when it's raining. They didn't have that the first few weeks after they opened, so hardly anyone was there when it looked like it might rain.
  15. I just saw the finale last night, and noticed a nice bit at the end. The dialog towards the end when Della talks about their new client is taken almost verbatim from The Case of the Velvet Claws, the first Perry Mason book: "A woman, who claims to be a Mrs. Eva Griffin." "And you don't think she is?" "She looks phony to me. I've looked up the Griffins in the telephone book and there isn't Griffin who has an address like the one she gave." I think this was a nice nod to showing the beginning of Perry's "legitimate" career.
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