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  1. I hate these. Some people have as their signature line long selections from their favorite novel, usually something violent. Okay, fine, I get it, you really like this phrase, but I don't need to read it on every e-mail you send.
  2. I really enjoyed that bit. There's actually a good reason Stephen couldn't say anything about the book, it's actually illegal: So Stephen (and CBS) would be in big trouble if he broke the embargo. He made sure the "excerpts" he read from the book were clearly nonsense, and no one could accuse him of giving away any actual material.
  3. My favorite liquor store had curbside pickup for a few weeks, but then went back to letting in a limited amount of customers. There were never that many customers in the store at one time anyway, usually one or two other people when I'm there. And people generally aren't in a liquor store for a long time anyway (unless they're shopping for a big party or something). Most customers just walk in, grab a six pack or a couple bottles of wine, then walk out. It's not like a grocery store where you're buying more items and need to spend more time picking them out.
  4. As I understand it "horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow."😅
  5. For the first time in 10 weeks my husband and I went to breakfast with a friend at a local restaurant. We ate outside on the sidewalk, the nearest other table was 10 feet away. Everyone wore masks except when we actually ate, and the meal only lasted about half an hour. I feel pretty safe since our friend is a loner like my husband and I. He doesn't to to restaurants or bars, doesn't go to movies or bowling or gyms. He has his own business and works out of his house. He spends his spare time in the woods taking wildlife pictures.
  6. For me it depends on whether the check is brightly colored or white, for a white/light colored one I use a dark surface. One other thing, after I take the picture, I write on the check DEPOSITED in pencil, so that if something goes wrong, I can erase and do it again (although this has never happened to me. Funnily enough, the tip about using a mobile app to deposit a check was given to us by a couple at least 10 years older than us, at an age a lot of people are technophobic.
  7. I've been doing mobile deposit for years now, ever since a someone who bought a painting from us at a convention recommended it. It's really easy, from my phone the camera automatically takes a picture of the check once it's lined up. You just have to make sure you've got plenty of light and the check is set on a neutral background like a piece of white paper.
  8. ALenore


    Someone wrote a book about that. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?
  9. I actually do supposedly get a "low mileage" discount, but I'm not sure how much it is, it's not listed on my bill.
  10. My husband and I finally got our stimulus money direct deposit yesterday. It was delayed because the last time we got a refund from the IRS we had a different bank. I had to keep going on the IRS website until they fixed it to allow you to update your banking information. We also got a surprise check of $100 from our insurance company. They're giving refunds because people are driving less. But my husband and I haven't changed how much we drive at all. I'm retired and my husband is self employed and works from home (even when I was working I walked to work rather than drove). A tank of gas lasts me 3 or 4 months, the only driving I do is once a week to the grocery store that's 3 miles away.
  11. I have a couple books checked out from my library. They don't even have a projected opening date yet. The external book drop was closed up until 2 days ago. The book drop is now going to be opened Mondays from 10 until 2, locked the rest of the time. I'm not sure why they're doing it this way, but my theory is they don't want to have hundreds of books returned all at once on the day they open, and this way they hope to get only a few at a time returned. I did walk to the library and return one of my books, my husband is still reading the other one.
  12. My husband is an artist and often ships out paintings to buyers. We ship through FedEx, UPS or USPS, they all pick up at your house. I check prices on the internet to decide which one to use, sometimes FedEx is actually the cheapest. If the package is small and light, I'll sometimes print up the postage ahead of time, and walk to the post office and drop it off. There's no line, you just go up to the counter, stick it in a bin, and walk away.
  13. I saw a similar type of thing at a local convenience store. Some shelves in the center of the store had stacks of single rolls of commercial grade toilet paper, and at the back of the store there were several cases of the same stuff still in boxes. No one seemed to be buying much of it though.
  14. I thought I was going to get my stimulus check through direct deposit, but then my husband remembered that the last time we got a refund from the IRS we had a different bank account, which is now closed. Last year we owed taxes, and paid with a paper check, which was written on the now closed bank account. I haven't filed this year's taxes yet, which I expect to owe money for, so I guess I'll be getting a paper check. According to the IRS website, if you've changed bank accounts the deposit will bounce back and they'll give you a paper check.
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