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  1. 🤔 Well, since others are getting the credit, I'll take it as well. 4/5 for me.
  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I read that years ago and saw the made-for-TV movie when it came out.
  3. I guess it's 4/5 for me, even though I dispute our fair judge's ruling that India is acceptable.
  4. For FJ I said Tiger Woods even though I didn't think he was 50. As for other TSs, I got Merlin, Supreme Court, The Matchmaker, and Antwerp, which I somehow have retained from a movie in which that was a code word or a word that snapped someone in/out of a brainwashing thing. Manchurian Candidate? The Marathon Man? I can't remember.
  5. Gary Trudeau. 😄 I said 7-Year War.
  6. Fleet popped into my head somehow from somewhere. Ohhhhh. I visit the site Lawyers, Guns, & Money -- a political and cultural blog -- and had no idea it was referencing a song. I worked in Huntsville, Alabama, for a few years, and that was my introduction to the Alabama/Auburn rivalry. I have an Advent calendar, but I missed this clue. I was trying to think of an "A" word and came up with Ascension, though I was sure that was wrong. So I got Auburn, Fleet Admiral, Queen Victoria, and Henry Moore, who I thought was American, but the sculpture was undeniably his. I also got pulsar. It just came to me. I'm very weak in astronomy, but the wording of the clue led me there.
  7. I too loved the Leo Deblin segment. It really did cheer me up. I'm smiling right now thinking of it. I didn't understand Woodward's explanation for why he didn't reveal earlier that Trump had said he was deliberately downplaying the virus.
  8. I still think it needed a BMS because not everyone knows who wrote what and may have thought Ira wrote An American in Paris. Sweet! In addition to Alcott, which was way too easy, I got GLOW (good show), The Rockies, cheese, censure, The Netherlands, methane, and radon.
  9. That's where my mind went first. Then I pictured a map, saw India, and chose that. If I'd scanned to the east I might I seen Thailand, though honestly I probably wouldn't have chosen it.
  10. I got Henry Miller because of the movie 'Henry and June.' Football last night caused me to watch two Jeopardies tonight. From Monday night's show I got rivers, kitchen, Nobel, Great Wall, and Jackson Brown. I was just about to give up on FJ when I decided to stop thinking of Psych figures and concentrate on educators (like the category, duh). Italian... Montessori! From tonight's show I got burned, Vandals, Gershwin (which needed a BMS), the DJ of Fulton, and Henry Miller. I said India for FJ. I felt bad for Reshima esp since she hadn't done so well in the rest of the game, mainly because (I believe) she was too slow to buzz in. I didn't get System of a Down. Every time I hear the name I flash back to over 20 years ago when a commercial promoting one of their concerts played regularly. The commercial looked so amateurish that I didn't think they'd be anything lasting. I've seen that candy. It's on a stick. I don't care for it, but I LOVE Sugar Babies.
  11. I am so angry and disgusted and despondent. Mitch McConnell and the other Repubs flaunt their hypocrisy as openly as Trump lies. I'm not exactly surprised, but I'm still depressed that this happens. And THEN Trevor points out that Trump is on track to appoint three Supreme Court Justices! I don't know if that's a record, but he loves making records. That's what he lives for. The best. The tallest. The biggest. The longest. Listening to Dr Fauci was a pleasant palate cleanser.
  12. Did anyone else notice that when Jimmy Kimmel said something like Stephen Colbert was the only American nominated, John cried out, "Hey!"
  13. From Wikipedia: Sounds like a remarkable architectural feat. The interior is impressive.
  14. Same here! I was kinda hoping to get today's FJ wrong.
  15. AHHH! I hadn't heard about RBG. Terrible and sad news. I got Marxism (and Joe should have, too), ageism, and Memento. I broke my losing streak and got FJ. Somehow the quote made me think of Xanadu or whatever that poem's called.
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