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  1. It's so frustrating when that happens. I think that the clue-giver starts off with an appropriate mime and then just gets in a rhythm of miming, forgetting s/he can speak. The first thing that came to mind was "a heist." This was a tough one, esp in the heat of the moment. Thanks for the explanation. I had never heard of that. I assume Dominique had a feeling Nathan would get her clues. If I had been the contestant, I would be lost. But heck, why not just say, "This is what you do with a book," while miming holding and reading a book? I was annoyed at other clues Dominique gave
  2. Thanks for posting that. Love it. AND he's cute.
  3. I came thisclose to moving to Texas last year. Dodged a bullet. I wish I could have seen that commercial. I'm pissed that HBO.com/HBOMax.com doesn't have the previous night's LWT. The most current ep on HBOMax right now is the one from May 16. However, on the regular ol' HBO site you can watch the Prison Heat story, but that's it. I was able to watch most of the show on LWT's Facebook page, but stuff was edited out, like that scrotum guy's commercial. I emailed HBO to complain. Like that'll do any good. Yeah, that was interesting. Something I didn't know and never
  4. You're certainly right about not knowing how the judges will judge. "Joey" being buzzed because it was another name for a kangaroo? That was weird to me. Like you said, it seemed to have been buzzed because it's not part of a kangaroo, as the subject asked. But a contestant doesn't get buzzed for simply being wrong, like if she'd said, "A bucket" for a part of kangaroo. I don't think she'd get buzzed; she'd just get funny looks. It's tricky. Joey is not a part of a kangaroo, so that's wrong, but not disqualifying, imo. However, giving a wrong clue that also gives a hint to the correct an
  5. ITA. I love Chris on SNL. He's hilarious. I wish he had done better here. Again, my thoughts exactly. Way in the early days I liked him. I even bought his book "You, An Owner's Manual," but I have no idea what happened to it. Yeah, generally it's way too easy to be able to just say the first or last name in order to get your partner to say the last or first name, respectively. However, I will say I was surprised and impressed when the one contestant came up with 'Kerrigan' to prompt her partner to say 'Nancy.' I gotta agree. It was pretty pointless, but I
  6. Any idea if it'll be available on Hulu?
  7. I never heard about that. Was it promoted that way? I enjoyed John's cereal bit. We've recently started buying cereal, which I haven't eaten for years. My favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios, but I remember years ago (the 70's?) when Quaker introduced a granola cereal that was so good. It seemed to have everything in it. Oats, nuts, raisins, brown sugar, dates? Well, not everything, but it was different from other cereals.... I just googled. I think it used to be called 100% Natural Granola, but now it's Simply Granola. Whatevs. Families make the good go round."What the fuck are you talki
  8. I just watched the ep on Hulu. Nice to have the show back. I noticed the tables they sit at were a little bigger, for distancing. I thought Michael's suggestion of "Colonel Sanders' chicken" for Things in a Bucket was really good. Not sure what I'd say for Parts of a Kangaroo. A pouch, two big back legs, a long heavy tail... Not sure what a key word would be.
  9. I was wondering if LWT told the shows that the product was a gag. Well, they certainly know now.
  10. I finally watched Chris Rock's Good Hair. It wasn't quite what I expected. The hair stylist competition was a big nothing to me. I know it's a long-time event, but it just wasn't something I was interested in. Seemed like filler to me. The rest of the documentary was good.
  11. Nowadays I watch LWT on HBOMax Monday morning, but for some reason it wasn't there yet so I had to watch the show elsewhere. Unfortunately, that 'elsewhere' edited some stuff out -- opening title sequence, a couple of clips, end credits -- so I hope I didn't miss too much. This is something I may have missed. Has the FCC changed this requirement at all, or have TV stations just found a way around it, following the law in the least way? In any case, the FCC should amend the law to specify that the disclaimer come at the beginning, be present on the screen for at least, oh, 30 sec
  12. I know when the show first started, the WU anchors were in character -- think Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain... -- but I don't think of the anchors as "in character" now. I like it when Colin apparently sincerely reacts to a joke. As for Michael Che, he bothers me more. He always comes off as too-cool-for-school. You make me wonder, though, if it was a deliberate decision to have the WU anchors be more casual and react to humor rather than be the stereotypical serious news anchor.
  13. "... louder than a choo choo train." I absolutely LOVED this sketch. At first I thought I'd have a hard time getting over Beck looking more like Dr Evil than Vin Diesel, but this was hilarious. His performance coupled with the funny yet accurate movie theatre observations just made me laugh and grin from ear to ear. I don't know. I really liked that guy whose first appearance was in the Cold Open. :D I loved The Queen's Gambit. Anya Taylor-Joy was incredible. However, it looks like I'm in the minority because I didn't like her very much here. I just didn't think s
  14. I like her, too. I'm not saying I want her or anything else in particular to leave, but I sometimes wish the cast were smaller, like in the beginning.
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