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  1. I miss Gilbert Gottfried doing the voice. I've heard of OANN and read about them. Can't believe they're allowed at the White House to "ask questions." I can't wait until we get a real President who will deny passes to these kinds of outlets. Loved the sign language interpreter doing Beyonce's show. That was amazing. Jared=alt-right Pinocchio. 😄
  2. The nerve! When Pulitzer was revealed as the answer, I was all, "Oh yeah. I've heard he was Hungarian. Hersel the Hungarian?
  3. Instead of Strasberg, I was picturing another actor whose name I couldn't remember. It was this guy: Jerry Adler. But he was in The Sopranos, not The Godfather. As for Charles de Gaulle, I didn't know he was a writer.
  4. Was that a reference to Gene Wilder playing his little flute (or whatever it was) to signal the Oompa Loompahs? (IIRC) If so, then that means Holt has seen that movie.
  5. I think that was the biggest laugh for me, too. I laughed when we first see the blue everywhere, and then I laughed harder when we cut back to when they were blindfolded and doing the worst job ever, esp Jake hitting his grandfather in the head with the mop. That was the second biggest laugh for me, the quick cut to Charles all wet-faced. I missed this. When was it said and why? Loved when he said he was 25 yrs old.
  6. I said Hearst, even though I really didn't think that was correct. Rats. The only TS I got was amour.
  7. I knew the movie but couldn't recall the title. For one thing, I kept thinking it began with "The." I'm saying that's what threw me off. I got a giggle out of Alex describing how difficult it was to walk in one, as if from first-hand experience. As Alex said, Close but no cigar. Likewise. A couple of years ago there was a lot of hype around "Alien vs. Predator," so I knew what the creature looked like.
  8. Instaget on FJ. I have read The Sun Also Rises, but I also remembering hearing that Lady Brett was based on an actual person, so easy peasy. I got The Snowy Day and mini-skirt. Why did Alex say about 'idolization' "We'll accept that." Was there another answer they were going for?
  9. True. Besides the subject/verb agreement, giving the answer out of order is one of my pet peeves. I know it's not incorrect; it just grates on my ear. I alphabetized ours. I live with my sister, so they're actually hers. I first tried to group them by savory, sweets, etc., but that didn't work. I wrote the name on top with a sharpie. The Underwear Bomber. What an alias to live with. "They call me the Hacksaw Murderer." "I'm known as The Slasher." "I'm The Underwear Bomber!"
  10. The way Trump has his hair done, it looks out of focus. I think it's great that Trevor is having such long, serious interviews.
  11. I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- that I got FJ right. I have to admit it was a guess. But! an asterisk is an asterisk. I also got Jaws, Australia, thou, Heart of Darkness, tennis, and Swarovski. After I guessed The Shoe Bomber, I then figured the answer was the Underwear Bomber.
  12. Lydia told Gus he wasn't feeling well. I presumed he's not completely happy with being in the drug business, let alone having spent so much money on the super lab, which is on hold indefinitely. I'm thinking is illness is more mental than physical. He sure enjoys sampling the food. That looks like where his real passion is, not in drugs. As Dev F said, Gus is manipulating him, though I think Gus's affection for him is real. Seems to me that we'll be seeing more of Schuler and his mental state this season.
  13. Well, yeah, if you're going to get all knowledgeable on us.
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