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  1. Does the Safe Third Country rule apply to South Americans, too?
  2. He's been so inspiring in his interviews. BTW, I have a question about this: Was Jeopardy off the air until 1984? That's NOT before my time, but I don't remember.
  3. Thanks! Found it (two, actually). I used to be bothered by contestants starting at the bottom of the categories, but either I'm used to it now or I see the advantage. Probably both.
  4. I clicked on your link but couldn't find a comment from Jason. However, I did appreciate this info: I always wondered about that. The only TS I got was Wilson. I nearly got Nanette (great show), but instead came up with Natalie. Close, no cigar. I also got FJ. I'm surprised Jason didn't get it since he often comes up with answers that I've never even heard of. Tonight there were at least two that were new to me.
  5. I didn't read her lips, but she may have simply said dick. I'm glad both contestants won in the second half of the game. I always like when that happens. Both contestants won at least some money in the first half, too. It's a win win win win. I was getting nervous, though, when the contestant was giving clues for People Who Kneel. I was worried she was going to get too descriptive and get buzzed. Not that I thought of it at the time, but maybe jury is a good clue for things you pack. A biased jury? I get what the guy was going for with an empty vacation suitcase, but that seemed to leave Rosie thinking it was staying empty. Hard to get her mind away from that. Maybe just start with a suitcase or luggage or, as others said, your bags. Also, your lunchbox. Rose O'Donnell was practically flawless, maybe simply flawless. Leslie Jones is good, but she had a couple of brain freezes. I was surprised that saying London was too close to Wimbledon. I never thought of the "don" in Wimbledon as coming from LonDON. I thought it was adorable when Leslie said she might need another kiss from Strahan, then her partner got up and kissed her on the cheek. Awwww.
  6. I absolutely LOVE the image of John waving at us in the opening. It's such a happy little start to often maddening stories. Does the president care? I'd say no. He's the center of his world. Gosh, mine too. I wonder how many people actually work on the applications. The show was very informative. There was a lot I didn't know, except for the pulling-names-out-of-a-bowl Trump story, which I knew wasn't so. How can he be so ignorant? And the bit about the refugee telling him (again) about her family being killed and his not remembering? Unfuckingbelievable. He doesn't retain information, like the whole thing about category 5 hurricanes. I really think each time he said he'd never heard of it, he did not recall hearing of it... because he doesn't listen to anything unless it directly pertains to what his current interest is, like himself. About the John Oliver bear doll -- Do you think they bought that or did the prop dept make it? Oh, and I enjoyed the bit with the Bottomless Pinocchio being a strip club for wooden boys (was it boys?).
  7. He was also a character in Boardwalk Empire. Interesting life she's had. I said crossbow and wondered if that would have been accepted. Seems like they would have accepted the stringy thing with the pointy stick. I missed it, though I remembered it was a recent answer. Mnemonic time! Saber5055 --> sabertooth tiger --> lion --> Leonidas! Well, that may get me to remember you got it right (all by your lonesome).
  8. Ah, now I have an excuse for why I didn't get it. I thought and thought then took a wild stab at 1960. Ha! I said Stalag 19! BTW, in yesterday's game, I was sure that Jeff, when picking a clue, said the category name as "Anamotomical." I replayed it twice and am pretty sure that's what he said, not that it would make any difference in scoring.
  9. I don't know. I actually FF'd thru the celeb interviews and musical bits.
  10. Not to mention Romulus and Remus.
  11. Instead of Charlie Pride, I said Charlie Rich. I always do that even though I really do know who's who. I didn't get any TSs. I knew Orphan Black but had to pause my recording to go thru the alphabet in my head until I reached the O's and jogged my memory. Got FJ, too. I felt sorry for Jeff. He was a great player but up against an excellent player who lucked out getting both DDs.
  12. Another lackluster episode. It really makes a difference (to me) if the celebrities are fun. I thought I would love Lamorne Morris here since I loved him on New Girl, but he annoyed me when he kept telling the other team during Block This Way which block they should pick.
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