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  1. I like her, too. I think she's great at creating distinct characters. As he walked out I too thought it was Jim Carrey, but he also looked new and improved. I thought it was the makeup. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was Alex. I think he did great. Loved the Willy Wonka homage. As far as the rest of the show, overall I liked it. I wasn't crazy about the Cold Open except for Pence saying, "Eyes off my elbows." The monologue was fine. The lyrics were weird and funny. Secret Word was predictable, but I still like Wiig's character. I didn't like Kate's. If I was motivated I would look up some of her early sketches and compare them to more recent ones. My thought is that she's not as crisp and defined in her characters as she used to be. I LOVED the Christmas Morning sketch. Wiig was great, as was everyone else. Very funny. "It really really hurt, but I didn't scream because I keep the pain inside of me." The Christmas Eve 1944 sketch was pretty good. I liked the old timey talk, and Bowen is fun to watch. A Teacher was fantastic. Ego is fantastic. Andrew was good, too. I thought Melissa did a great job as Macauley Culkin. The sketch was dark but funny. I hadn't heard about the Smokey Robinson thing, but that was hilarious. I love Chris Redd anyway. I don't think I've seen him do anything that disappointed me. And it was great seeing Willie again. "But did that stop me from beat-boxing at the nursing home?" Has Kenan lost weight? The Grinch sketch was funny to me at first, but then I just got uncomfortable and felt it couldn't end fast enuf. I FF'd thru the music bits. I guess I'm not a fan of Dua Lipa. Is that her name? I think I've heard a song by her that I liked, but I didn't hear one on this show.
  2. I do think the cast is too big. Maybe at this point it would be hard to pare it down, but I think the show would benefit from having fewer cast members.
  3. I miss you guys, too. 😞 I'm still drinking though. 🍷
  4. Yacht club employee: This side is for members only. Gene: Members as in wieners?
  5. I don't mind product placement as long as the sketch works. This Lexus sketch was funny and was well-written and acted. Like you said, Peace 47, with DVRs and online viewing, revenue raising has to be creative.
  6. I didn't get the joke. Maybe he flubbed the delivery, or maybe I was distracted for a split second, but I didn't follow what exactly happened with the car. Me too. It's so obvious to me that I can't really appreciate any other comparison. I actually enjoyed Kate as Fauci. She looked a lot like him, and the jokes worked. I also liked Heidi as Birx. The one criticism I have is re the bra tossing. The thing about Fauci being a surprising sex symbol is old news. It was weird bringing that up at this point. At first I wasn't sure about the Rona Family Christmas sketch, but I was soon converted. I thought it was perfectly executed. All the performances were fantastic. But, boy, when Andrew Dismukes entered, for a moment I thought it was John Mulaney. The Lexus commercial was also a winner. Again, everyone was great in it, and the joke progressed nicely. Loved the Dionne Warwick Talk Show. Ego did a wonderful Dionne. I couldn't help but think of Lil Sebastian during the Tiny Horse sketch. But I appreciated the randomness of the whole thing. WU didn't do much for me. First off, I don't care for Dr Weknowdis. And this is the second time that Colin ends up asking Kate if she's all right. I can't remember if the previous time she was also doing Weknowdis. I thought Melissa's Dolly Parton impression was pretty good, but at first all I could see was Parker Posey. Please, no more Holiday Baking Championship. That was too gross. The only thing I like is the pointless comments the judges make. "I like your hat." The rap roundtable was ok. Best part was Questlove slapping Pete. Very well done. I thought Timothee did a good job.
  7. I don't get the title of the movie. "Ham and Egger"?
  8. I'm certainly old enough to remember, but I'm also old enuf to forget stuff -- Can someone remind me about the Stan music video? Even not remembering it, I really enjoyed this Stu sketch. I thought it was a pretty good show. Jason Bateman is a great comedic actor. Even if the material wasn't always hilarious, he was good. I didn't care for the menstruation sketch. First off, the show did a similar one before. Second, once you see Kate come down the stairs covered in suds, obviously guilty, the writing doesn't go anywhere. Loved seeing Cecily again. She was great in the Cold Open -- I mean, come on, that woman was made for a Cecily reenactment -- and wonderful as the Garland/Minelli singer. I enjoy when the show does sketches centered on distinctive characters. The Christmas Conversation was perfect. Everyone was good, and it ended on a good note. I liked the Morgan Wallen sketch. The future Morgans coming back to warn him was funny. Again, Jason was great. WU was great. Absolutely loved Colin doing the "You is smart" speech to Trump. I liked the mall Santa sketch more than audience did. It could have been better, but the slapstick was pretty good. Kyle's Kill the Bit sketch was great.
  9. Thanks for the good wishes. We may get an antenna. I don't know. Kinda last on our list right now. We probably won't be moving to Colorado until March. Hopefully we'll catch things betw snowfalls. 🙂 I won't get into details, but it was a horrendous move. We have so much stuff, and this temp house we're in is packed with the owner's own stuff and that of his family's. We will be sorting and organizing today. Hopefully we'll make a dent.
  10. Belated birthday wishes to you, SABER5055. Sorry you had to spend it alone. As for me, we're in the middle of moving, so I haven't watched Jeopardy for a couple of days, I guess. IT'S ALL A BLUR!!! So hectic, so stressful, just ACKKKKKKK!!!! We'll be moving from here (Southern California) to Colorado, but right now we're temporarily at a friend's rental house for a few months until I'm thru with PT for my arm. Right now we don't have antenna or access to regular channels, so it's looks like no Jeopardy for me for a few months unless we find a solution. 😞
  11. I got Pirandello, The Terror, snake, and The Flying Dutchman. I did say The English Channel for FJ though I was pretty sure it wasn't that big.
  12. I was disappointed I didn't get FJ. When the category came up, I would have bet it all if I'd actually been on the show. And then I would have lost it all. I got Zane, shrinking violet, schmiel/schmalzel, noshing, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, encyclical, and Juan Carlos. What did Ben mime at the very beginning? Opening a door?
  13. Ahhh. I forgot about the land-locked part of the clue.
  14. I never thought the explosion looked like CGI, but I didn't get into the discussion about whether or not it was. Anyway, great interview. Love when Seth brings up people saying how much fun it must have been for comedy shows to write about Trump and isn't he going to be missed, then John says that you don't ask the people of Elm Street if they're going to miss Freddy Krueger. "What are you going to dream about?" 😄
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