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  1. Both plot lines were good. I liked that when Teddy walked into the restaurant, Gene said, "Hey, you." Bob: I don't want to impose on Teddy. Teddy: Impose. Listen to this guy. Linda: I know. Mr. Fancy Words. Gene: Nerd. Teddy would definitely be annoying to spend a lot of time with, but it's funny watching someone else go thru it. "It all started when I was a kid. I lost one of my socks. But that was just the beginning." "So long story short, my butt is apparently lopsided. That's why I had to return the pants." "Hot dogs and burgers are enemies, right?"
  2. OMG! That was awesome! I just started grinning ear to ear when John said that the commercial was made. I loved it. I love when companies have a sense of humor. Maybe they really ARE people!
  3. I liked Rami in this, but Aidy was outstanding. Like you said, her line deliveries were hilarious. The whole sketch was great. Yes. A+++ joke. I really liked the sketch and Aristotle, but I'm curious what his other characters will be like. In the CO, my favorite part was Alex walking out as Mark Davis. His expression cracked me up. I enjoyed Rami's monologue. He made what he was saying funnier than it was. The Bug Assembly sketch didn't really work for me. I keep debating whether or not to watch Squid Game. From the audience's reaction, I tho
  4. We recently moved here to Colorado, about an hour's drive from the Rockies, and the thing to do is drive to Estes Park to look at the foliage. No way would we go on the weekend -- Too many "leaf peepers" -- but with our recent move and settling in we didn't have time to go. However, there are plenty of trees around us changing color. We're getting our fix.
  5. That's bonkers. Seems you'd want a governor and lt gov working as a team.
  6. For me, that counts as chocolate. As long as it's not chocolate and fruit, I'm happy. Yeah, so many products changed. It's despicable.
  7. Loved the kids' costumes. I noticed the stores as Linda and Gayle walked to Terry's grooming place. "Smell You Later Perfume Shop," "Gluefoot's Shoe Repair," "You Buy It You Bake It Baking Supplies," and "Nice Cans! Recycling Center." And of course there was "To Groom It May Concern." Easy jokes, but I loved Terry treating Gayle like a dog. "Gayle, come. Come. Come come come." Then cutting her hair with the cone of shame as a hairdresser's cape. I liked Linda commenting on the old school friend's house. "The house hasn't changed a bit. They still have the cute little bars on th
  8. Me, neither. I didn't plan on watching this but thought I'd read comments here afterward and then decide whether to watch parts on Hulu. That's what I did with the Elon Musk ep. But nothing anyone has said here piques my interest at all. I can't say I hate KK or any of the Kardashians, but I have minus zero interest in seeing them anywhere. I'm not into candid reality shows, and I have no desire to see or hear about any of the inhabitants of that world.
  9. In that "It fits" TikTok, do her viewers/followers submit videos? That was my impression, rather than her just finding random videos online. And what was up with her eyebrows?
  10. How crazy that the lt gov of Idaho can take charge whenever the gov is out of the state. That law should probably be changed, y'think? And was she in a tank? It looked like some kind of military tactical vehicle. I read recently about AT&T requesting a conservative network. At least this lead to John's legally approved trashing of AT&T. I had no idea about the various social apps that non-US/non-English people use. I'd only heard of WhatsApp. However, I didn't know about the rampant, unpoliced misinformation on them. The whole thing just makes me despair (yet again,
  11. You've made me google... He was the newsstand seller who was harassed to a tragic end.
  12. I need to get new winter boots. On the site I was looking at was 'waterproof leather boots.' I feel sick as I think of buying them.
  13. Ahhh, I see. I went to the site, entered my address, and waited. It was just a map of my neighborhood. I didn't realize I was looking for dots. But since my neighborhood is fairly new, I wonder how accurate the PFA info is. That whole story is depressing. I liked John saying that corporations ARE people: sociopaths. Sinema and Manchin are so frustrating, esp Sinema. She's out of her depth and doesn't know what she wants. I guess I could google, but on what platform did she run? Loved the guy on the horse singing the little song. "I'm on a horse. I don't need petrol 'cause he run
  14. I thought his nervousness was obvious. I don't have anything against him -- I've always enjoyed him in movies -- but he didn't bring anything to the sketches imo. It's been a while since I saw that movie, but I assume there was a scene with Robin Wright sitting naked? If so, what's the point of the homage?
  15. That was excellent, the best thing Owen did last night. Other than this sketch, I thought he was not too good. His constant staring at cue cards or other places where his lines were written was an issue for me, but the bigger problem was that he was the same in everything. No characterizations, except in that cut sketch. I didn't like the new guy's Biden. For one thing, there were several times when I couldn't understand him. I thought he might have been talking too fast, or maybe he slurred. Was he wearing fake teeth? If so, that could have been the reason. However, Cecily's Sinema was
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