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  1. I got cowl, Baltimore, and begone, as well as FJ. I like John. He won me over with his sense of humor during the interview.
  2. I had to google The Three Stooges+Niagara Falls to see what you were talking about. I wondered why Dennis said that so strangely. I didn't pay close attention tonight. The only TS I got was dissident. FJ came quickly to me. I used to have a book about several movies from 1939, a big year for great movies.
  3. I was rooting for Traci. Oh well. I got Claire Foy, Ash Wednesday, and Alan Alda. I didn't get FJ, guessing Sec of State and of the Interior.
  4. Yes, it's "bahblahblah," but Alex said it like, "bababa," I believe. Anyway, it's such a hilarious name. Also, it makes me think of the movie referenced on 30 Rock, "The Rural Juror."
  5. Heck, I thought they were all related, and I figured any one of the royal family would have sufficed, so it came down to who wanted to do it. I said Prince Charles because I thought he was a science-y guy. I got troth, Extras, whorl, the barrel, and South Africa. Saying "Bob Loblaw" cracks me up every time, but I did not like the way Alex said it. I don't see Dennis lasting long. I'll miss Veronica. Triple V!
  6. That's the second capital I've googled in the last couple of minutes -- first Tegucigalpa, now Belmopan. I got Satchel Paige, Balboa Park, fog, Nor'easters, mango, Johnson, and Texas Rangers, but I didn't get FJ. I said San Salvador. I felt so bad for Priscilla, though I did wonder if she was going to break Stephanie's record.
  7. ✋ I thought that way, too. I'm not laughing because I considered "In the Night Kitchen," too! I ended up going with "The Phantom Tollbooth." 🤷‍♀️
  8. Good interview. I liked learning that she and Kristin created that FB page for female contestants.
  9. It took me a while to stop thinking of L&O when I see/hear the Congressman.
  10. Me, too. I've now put Polar on my list of things to watch. We have them around here (though I think they look a little different from that pic), so I got that easily. The other TSs I got were Adam Schiff and skeleton. I would have gotten The Prince of Tides/Great Santini but I lapsed back into thinking they wanted the author. I confidently said Conroy, then ashamedly said Doh! Instead of Scalise, I said Scalia, though I knew that wasn't right. I didn't know AMBER stood for anything but the girl's name.
  11. I know next to nothing about Kanye. I said Yeezus. Sounds like he's done this before. My brain was all "Uhhhhhhhhhhh" with the Math to Roman Numerals to Initials to Names category. However, I did get Maya Lin without doing the math. 🙂 I had nothing for the Shakespeare FJ and took a wild stab with Polonius. I was 99% sure that was wrong. And I was right! When Iago was revealed, I was all DUH! Such a fun tournament. Congratulations to Ken.
  12. I got bobble and bobby socks, but I said Australia for FJ.
  13. I hope they do this one again. It was interesting and fun. I hope someone can help me remember which book I read about this in. Non-fiction. Was the Crystal Palace mentioned in 'Devil in the White City'?
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