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  1. First time I heard of him was when Get Shorty came out. Well, I don't get you either. 😛 That's the first thing that occurred to me, too, but I knew that couldn't be it unless it was founded by Bob Sonic.
  2. I got Morpheus, Elmore Leonard, and You, which I've never watched, but had heard of. I guess I'd forgotten that McDonald's wasn't originally owned by Ray Kroc, so I didn't have an answer for FJ.
  3. I said Gertrude Stein, but I think I was trying to think of Lillian Hellman. 🤔 The only TS I got was CSI. Jennifer sure is impressive.
  4. There were a couple of times when Amy said to one of the contestants, "That's something I could make!" and it sounded kind of insulting. I mean, it's good to show things that are doable to people at home who aren't too crafty, in order to get them to try it, but something about the way Amy said it seemed a bit backhanded. Anyway, I agree with everyone else that Jessie's shed should have won. It was a big wow. That floor. Those periscopes. Wow. I didn't care for Rebecca's shed at all, so I had no problem with her being the one to go. Lilly's Cuban house was great. The wall tiles turned out beautifully. My favorite invitation was Lilly's. I was sure that was going to win. I also thought her party would win. I didn't really care for Justine's. I thought the records on the metal poles looked like drum cymbals. Jessie's Souls-on-Fire party was ok, I guess. I liked all the paper work she did for the table. I didn't like the look of the wall flames. And although I appreciated the craftsmanship of the invitation, I didn't really get it. What was the point of the matches inside? I suppose each one represented the three friends, but it didn't really work. I wonder if the judges et al try to make sure that everyone has at least one badge. Maybe that's why some of the winners seem like strange choices. However, everyone is so talented. I'm in awe of them all. Loved when Amy and Nick played Name That Noise. Name That Noise Jimmy: Hello, Nick. Nick: Hell-LO! Amy: OK. Get a room.
  5. Hey, I was thinking cannonball. 😄 I got was bowler and muslin. When Jennifer's answer of Oak Ridge was revealed, it was a big DUH moment for me.
  6. When she first started, I think she called it a coloring book/comic book room. Maybe the color part was the comic book? Or maybe it was representing what had already been colored. I loved everyone's piggy bank. The camper one was maybe my favorite, but I liked Justine's saltbox house. I also liked the carousel one because of the little paintings and the cute cutout animals. I wanted to like Floyd's more, but the inside didn't look like an art gallery to me. I know it was representing HIS art gallery, but it didn't go with the frame, imo. I agree with Jessie winning for the coloring book room. So fun and well executed. I figured when Simon told Floyd to incorporate more elements (and Floyd was so confident and unworried), that Floyd would be going. I sure like his stuff, though. And in his room, I loved the look of the wall outlet. Loved that game that Amy and Nick played where you take a piece of paper out of a bowl then make that out of clay for the other person to guess. I would love to play that game. Cracked me up the say that Nick said, "We had a comic book character called Super Man." Oh, and the fake pic of Simon as a Boy Scout was pretty funny.
  7. It's a short story, not a book. No A&Ps around where I lived, so I hadn't heard of them before reading the story.
  8. I only got Amnesty International and Patton. I don't think there were too many TSs. I like Jennifer, but I was kinda rooting for Ben.
  9. I thought Eagan's honey cake was better than Lily's cereal cake. Yes, it looked weird. Milk doesn't pour like that. This is why I think Eagan should have won. I didn't like Rebecca's rainbow cake. Kind of sloppy. I wasn't really crazy about any of the cubicles. Probably Justine's was my favorite because of all the paper flowers she created. However, I appreciated the skill that Floyd continually shows. Those big words were really cool. I also liked Jessie's extension cord portrait. I need to search out her Instagram page. Her talent amazes me. I was certain that Rebecca was going to go home. Color me shocked that she actually won. Although I wasn't a fan of Lily's Art Deco cubicle, I thought she was going to win. It was so funny when Barney's guy sarcastically said about Chippendale, "You mean there's a style I haven't heard of?" The British accents and comments were hilarious. "I'm afraid you've got a soggy bottom." I really like that we see each contestant at the end playing the song with Amy, Nick, and everyone else who has gone before. It makes me less sad about them being booted off.
  10. Childe Harold popped into my head, and I figured it was wrong.
  11. The only TS I got was A&P. I remember reading that in college. Did not get FJ.
  12. In the case of the Chad sketches, the joke is that he's so irresistible to women when he's just a lot of... nothing. I loved when he said, "Goodbye, Jello." Finally a Cold Open that I enjoyed. A little part that made me laugh out loud was when Macron (or Trudeau) says, "Romania, scram!" Anyway, I thought it was all pretty. BTW, there was a moment when James Corden with the white wig looked like Chris Farley to me. For some reason when JLo came out wearing the tux, I figured there'd be a costume change. Didn't really like the HGTV sketch. What Do You Figure Is Going On In That House, aka the B/W movie sketch, was pretty good. My favorite part was when Aidy and Kate were "slyly" trying to sabotage each other. Aidy: I made you a drink. Kate: That's a cup of pills. Aidy: Why, so it is! The Beck character was WU had some great lines. "A table with one person of every ethnicity. White, gay, wheelchair..." "Why are we even giving these holidays names? Instead of calling it Halloween, why don't we call it A Great Day for Women. And instead of Easter, why not call it Seester and celebrate our Latina sisters." Did not like the Hip Hop carolers sketch at all. The ending was a bad end to a bad sketch. Hoops was pretty good. The Hardware store sketch was very bad. I couldn't understand what JLo was saying half the time. Potty PM was ok then got good when Kyle showed how he knew nothing about women's anatomy. I liked Barry Bootcamp but not as much as the previous spin class one. I couldn't understand what DaBaby was singing, but I did enjoy the dancing.
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