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  1. Oh boy! Awesome! I've not been at PrimeTime for a while, but thought I'd check in today. Good for me.
  2. It's a completely different mindset, isn't it. I can imagine her saying to whoever filmed it, "I want to project elegance," or "This is a beautiful setting," or even, "I look good surrounded by gold." I am just so sickened by where we are now.
  3. I was just thinking that. When I noticed my DVR wasn't recording, I recalled that the shows are in reruns. Maybe I should watch just in I remember all the right answers.
  4. I don't think his anger was any different from millions of other people.
  5. Loved both of these lines. Yes, I always think of that ep whenever this particular issue comes up. (What a great show.) I'm on FB but rarely-close-to-never post. I just use it occasionally to keep up with friends/family. Still, I'm tempted to quit it. I really don't use it that much -- and don't use Instagram -- but I suppose there's the feeling of FOMO.
  6. If I can bring a laugh to your day, I am happy. I first said aviator, then when that was ruled incorrect, I said mirrored sunglasses. When the category was revealed, I said to myself, "At least I know it's not a woman." I immediately came up with Morrison, though right afterwards I thought, Maybe it's Maya Angelou. I stuck with Morrison. I got mixed metaphor and lungs.
  7. St Sebastian. He occurred to me, but I figured he didn't have THAT many arrows shot into him, and that led me to the famous scene from Throne of Blood:
  8. For FJ, I first thought, It's not Jesus, is it? Then I pretty quickly landed on Julius Caesar. Other TSs: Joy Luck Club, The Big Bang Theory, Mork and Mindy, Hawaii Five-0, purl, St Elmo, Koko, Tilda Swinton, and Sean Penn.
  9. I hate to say it, but I FFd thru much of the Biden interview. I will vote for him even if he fell into a coma, but I don't find him a very compelling speaker.
  10. I may be wrong, but I think the idea is to abolish the police and start from scratch. I think the jobs that police do now would be dissected and divvied out to other people, like social workers, for instance, who would get more funding. Once the various duties are analyzed and reassigned, what's left would be handled by a new police department.
  11. I should have concentrated on the time period rather than trying to come up with a vegetation guy. I got Marie Kondo, USSR, The Avengers, and Got To Get You Into My Life. I love both the Beatles version and EW&F version. Steve sure reminded me strongly of someone.
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