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  1. Bazinga

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I don't see it that way, at all. It think it was a weak bet and the opposite of bold! She had $12,000; James had $28,000 pretty late in the game. She bets $7,000, which, true, is better then the typical $2,000 or something, but still not enough to matter. Assuming, as she did, she gets it wrong, she is left with $5,000, with no chance of catching the leader. What was the point of conserving $5,000 (yes, want to play in FJ, but still have time to answer something correct to end in the black)? This was her opportunity. Bet it all (or, leave over $500 for FJ), get it right, she has $24,000 to James' $28,000. Much closer then $19,000 she was aiming for (with additional clues still left on the board for James to increase his lead). My issue is what is the point of holding back $5,000? It serves no purpose. She was "saving for a rainy day" in the middle of a torrential downpour. Just my opinion. That was Laura's opportunity to put herself into real contention and she let it pass. James look-alike suggestion: the young Wayne Newton.
  2. Bazinga

    The People's Court

    With the champagne refund, why didn't he just take it up with his credit card company? He was being charged for something he didn't authorize. Contact the cc provider and it is their job to straighten it out and he doesn't have to fight with the restaurant and complain about how many people it took to handle the situation. I think his whole beef was really over the cake charge and he was angling to get that refunded by the restaurant. He didn't deserve a written apology, as mistakes happen and I am sure he was told they were sorry and it wasn't that big a deal, an honor situation, to necessitate a written mea culpa. He didn't deserve court costs, as he was the reason this went to court, not the defendant. He did not mitigate his damages by filing suit when defendant was willing to settle the matter for what he was out. He did not deserve a cash refund; the refund should be in the same manner as the way he paid. Again, I think it all goes back to the cake charge. He wanted that refunded too, and that would not have happened if he just had the charge reversed. That is why he refused the first refund amount offered by check and tried to up the amount to include the cake charge. He kept going back to the cake charge in his testimony and with Doug in the hall, as a problem though it really had nothing to do with this situation. His award should have been offset by rewarding the defendant for having to deal with his utter nonsense for no reason, when they went above and beyond to rectify the matter. Another jerk who undeservedly got catered to by JM. He needed to be told off not come out a victor.
  3. Bazinga


    Yes, I have heard her called "Kourt" but not a regular thing as it was on "Poosh." I wasn't accusing Kourtney of plagiarism. The non-Kourtney content is plainly credited to the nebulous "Poosh." My point was that as it is her site, she gets credit for the whole thing without much of it being actually her. As it usually seems to be the case with the Kardashians, they put their brand on the work of others. It is like she is just endorsing her own website is how it feels to me. If it is Kourtney's lifestyle blog and her new lifestyle brand, then most of the content, especially in the establishing months, should be from her not others. I read Lauren Conrad's blog and I know she is not writing every post but she has a presence. I didn't see that with Poosh, though I think the fans are supposed to think it is all her even if credited to others. As evidenced in my earlier post, I had to realize that Kourtney wasn't the one writing as it was being written about her; I assumed it was Kourtney writing until the context suggested it wasn't and then I saw the byline and realized it wasn't her and then that she did have actual posts of her own. Just think if it is supposed to be her blog/site/whatever, she should do most of the writing. Just another in a long line of Kardashian slap their name on it to attract fans to advertise and sell product as a money grab with little to no actual effort on their part. Again, just my opinion. Maybe if I liked her more or trusted her/them, I would feel differently about it as you do.
  4. Bazinga


    Is "Poosh's" content really by Kourtney? I read a few posts, Kourt's salad and cool coffee table books in particular, and they were written by "Poosh" and use "Kourt's" likes as an example, but are not written in the first person. It is not "I like this or I do that." Appears to be someone else writing ABOUT Kourtney, not Kourtney writing about herself. So, much like Kylie, she hired a team to do the actual work, but will get the credit. In my opinion, at least at the outset, most content should be written by Kourtney, not others following her "lifestyle." JMO. ETA, I found a total of eight posts written by Kourtney. Still think most of the content should be by Kourtney at this early stage. Would it have been so hard to write a lot of posts, especially in the run-up to the debut? My opinion. I don't like Poosh calling her "Kourt." It comes off as phony nonchalantness and self-branding, as she has not previously been called "Kourt" to my knowledge. I don't want that to become a thing. Just no!
  5. Bazinga

    Girl Meets Farm

    Reminder: Season 3 premieres this Sunday, March 31st. Looking forward to another season. I think Molly is so sweet and likeable. Wish her good luck with the delivery.
  6. Bazinga

    The People's Court

    Nope, repeat from April 24, 2018. This is what you thought back then, from Page 104. You did not change your opinion of these litigants. The cases were not memorable and the episode did not need to be repeated.
  7. Bazinga

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    What Timmy missed: John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, September 1972 (would have been Labor Day Weekend). John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Jerry Lewis Telethon Background Story: When John and Yoko Helped Jerry Lewis Background Story: John, Yoko and Jerry Lewis play reggae on the MDA Telethon
  8. Bazinga

    The People's Court

    Note that he was recording the car as it was being brought out to him and immediately was screaming about the damage as if he somehow knew already that there would be damage after being recorded saying he would get the $200 fee back. Curious.
  9. Bazinga

    Very Cavallari

    I hate that Uncommon James is apparently doing well. From what we see on the show of Kristin's business acumen, just seems extremely undeserved. Kristin doesn't appear to be a hard worker, in any way innovative or creative design-wise, to have a great business sense or be a competent boss. It took her a long time to fire incompetent Shannon. True, probably kept her around for the reality show drama, but it is what she is showing and having Shannon stay on makes Kristin look bad. Shannon, as an employee who made many mistakes at her job, didn't appear to work very hard and was disrespectful, should have been fired immediately. That it took so much time makes Kristin look weak. Once she fired Shannon, her informing of the rest of the workers was awful as well. Should have been used as a teaching moment not to put fear into competent workers. In addition, as the whole company advertising seems to be free social media based, wouldn't it make sense to have more than one lone individual in charge of social media in the first place, so that you weren't dependent on one person? What are those other 50 some odd people doing besides sitting in front of computer screens looking like zombies? If, as Kristin suggests, her brand is dependent on Facebook and Pinterest etc., maybe devoting an employee solely to each platform would be a good idea once the company grew. I was online at Nordstom and saw UJ available there. Browsed through the whole brand and saw nothing particularly special about any of it. Her success has to be based on her name/fame; I see nothing else positive about UJ that should lead to any real success. Kelly is full of herself and thinks she is a way better catch then she comes off on the show at least. Stone is just yuck. He actually came off worse in this episode, not better then last season. Loved the name dropping/appearances of actual famous people-Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan in particular Still don't like Kristin. Think she is very smug and full of herself; someone who thinks too highly of her worth and looks down on others, including her own spouse and her employees (i.e. anyone not Kelly). Her attitude toward others does not make her very likeable. She is ultimately a successful mean girl. Still hate watching every episode though.
  10. Bazinga

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Also because female doctors were rare back in 1972. In medical situations people routinely mistook them for nurses. In an October 1972 episode of All in the Family called "Gloria and the Riddle," Gloria posed a riddle to Archie, Edith and Meathead. A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies immediately, but the son gets taken to the hospital for surgery. Once in the operating room, the surgeon takes one look at the boy and says: "I can’t operate on him. He’s my son." Who is the surgeon? Most of the characters, especially men, had trouble figuring out that the surgeon was the boy’s mother. Due to gender stereotypes, the idea of a female surgeon never came to mind. Note 1: The riddle was also done in a 1988 episode of The Cosby Show with the same results. Note 2: The riddle also could work with the mother dying and a nurse saying this is my son, with the nurse ending up being the father.
  11. Bazinga

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    Those are reasons why Billy is the incorrect response not why Billy Ripken is a possible alternative incorrect response that necessitates the request that the Ripken response be more specific. As long as there was another baseball player named Ripken, the response needs to differentiate between the two with a first name. "Hepburn" alone would not be an appropriate response, even if the clue asks about a film actress in the 1930s that could only be Katharine Hepburn. The alternative not fitting the clue is not why there should not be a be more specific request. Again, just my opinion and not worth arguing over.
  12. Bazinga

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    Not to be disagreeable, I am not sure what you mean by "major enuf" or really why that should be the criteria for needing a BMS? Yes, the right responses are more important then the alternative responses. But the alternatives are known and could be confused with the correct choices. Yes, Cal is the bigger star and the right response, but Billy was a baseball player of the same era. No one is going to ask about Billy, but he does exist, is famous in his own right (does commentary on MLB network and Sirius radio) and someone could confuse the two. Would Roger know the right answer if asked to be more specific? I would say yes, but that doesn't mean it should not be asked. In short, there are two baseball paying Ripkens. As for Loman, there are various Lomans in the play. Yes, Willie Loman is the lead but Biff Loman is important to the play. Alex Jacob seemed hesitant in his response (probably running through Arthur Miller plays and characters). I do think he was intentionally being non-specific in saying just Loman. To add another, Gordie Howe had sons who played hockey. Yes, he is the major one (as evidenced by "Mr. Hockey") but there are other hockey players in the same family named Howe. All three needed first names, IMO. Is Wynton Marsalis major enuf for a bare Marsalis response? Think Branford and maybe a few other family members might disagree. I don't think major is the correct criteria. If there is another viable response, though wrong and maybe lesser known, need to be asked to be more specific, IMO.
  13. Bazinga

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    Agreed. Also "Loman" and "Ripken" needed to BMS. There are a number of Lomans in 'Death of A Salesman.' George C. Scott could have played Biff perhaps. Also Cal Ripken's brother Billy was a baseball player.
  14. Bazinga

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Would have made more sense, and been more Peggy-like, if it had been shown that Peggy just latched on to some random "Cleary" gravestone at the cemetery with the name being Lynn to represent her lost "daughter" that never was. Maybe panning to an inscription covered by flowers with Lynn's actual date of birth and date of death and her being someone's wife and mother. The "daughter" would have a grave for Peggy to mourn at (and to hold over Eddie) that wouldn't cost anything and would not need anything to bury, as there was nothing to bury. Somewhat like Beatles fans making a memorial out of the grave of a real Eleanor Rigby, as if it were the Eleanor Rigby from the song. This episode would work better on a rewatch.
  15. Bazinga

    Made in Staten Island

    I was embarrassed for myself when I realized I watched all three of these gems. Question: There was a show from around the same time about guys living at home and being pampered by their moms like Vinny from JS. It came and went quickly but I can't remember the name. Any shot you remember the name?