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  1. I just saw in People magazine that the book this movie is based on has been re-published in the US, re-named "Women in Black."
  2. Ashforth


    Ehhh, I was going to make a comment about MSNBC's debate coverage while carefully leaving out anything that could lead to political discussion, and damn, that's hard. So in the immortal words of Emily Latella, "Nevermind."
  3. Elizabeth Taylor famously rocked many a caftan! IIRC, the winning looks were lined up on mannequins on one side of the workroom, and the losing looks on the other. Old times, good times.
  4. I'm much closer to Nancy's age than those of the other contestants. I don't think Nancy is awful, but I heartily agree that whatever dislike other contestants may have for her - if that is even what it is - is not based on age. You know that if these producers had any footage of anyone calling her an old lady or making derogatory comments about her age, we would have seen it already. Full disclosure: I'm kind of the type to go on a corporate retreat and find it educational and fun. *RUNS*
  5. YES. A level playing field that tests the designers' skills equally. I can't blame the judges for their bias toward the garments worn by tall, thin models: it's the fashion industry norm and what they are accustomed to seeing. But when only one or two of the designers have a model who doesn't conform to the industry standard while the rest do, it puts them at a (probably subconscious) disadvantage with the judges.
  6. I thought most of the models looked pissed off. Not like "fierce" model face, but literally angry. I kept imagining what kind of shitshow must be going on behind the scenes.
  7. Jim Varney did indeed die in 2000. I'm not watching 11 minutes of video to see how he is being exploited after his death. But really, this on top of the long dead Jimmy Dean? cue the harmonica...
  8. Like she would be attending the Oscars ever. More like a Hallmark channel Meet the "Stars" event. 🙄
  9. I can't "like" this comment because I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Thank you.
  10. I watched a charming movie today called "Ladies in Black". It's set in Australia in 1959 and has a very appealing cast. Julia Ormond is fabulous and looks naturally beautiful, so unlike the plastic-surgeried, emaciated American actresses her age. There is a fashion aspect that is fun. Let's just say that Sergio would feel right at home. For a while I was waiting for
  11. Oh, dear. If I could have gotten screengrabs to comment on, this would be a very, very long post. The short(ish) version if memory serves: the first dress has many of this PR season's tropes: asymmetry, a strap, one shoulder, a giant puffy sleeve, plus sheer (vaht is dis sheeearr?) around 2:30, a dress with a trail of some sort of applique that leads to the model's crotch at about minute 4, the fabric makes the model look like she has a horrific skin disease the sole token plus size model's dress is horribly ill-fitting, she looks like she's stuffed into a sausage casing the very next look had pasties that made the model's breasts look lopsided AND wall-eyed a couple of gowns after that, the sheer + whatever makes the model look like she sharted There's more but you get the idea. The whole thing seems pretty much a mess to me. Thanks @SuprSuprElevated for letting me see what I can't unsee. LOL
  12. "Squat" oh my goodness 🤣 But I think of you as a lovely petite.
  13. Sergio should have won, in my opinion. The need to be able to mass-produce it cheaply did him in. I disagree that any woman could wear Geoffrey's dress. It was a great look for the runway, but the idea that any woman could wear it is ridiculous - and if she could, where would she wear it? How often is there an occasion to wear a cut-down-to-here, slit-up-to-there gown? It looked fantastic on the razor slim model, but how would it look on me? Gawd, I don't want to tell you. I liked Nancy's look a lot and it was something that would be flattering to many body shapes. I thought it was interesting that the judges liked it more with the removal of the (very 60's-70's) headband. But it wasn't the winner. I have been rooting for Delvin, but he stalled in the shirtdress lane for far too long. It became the unforgivable yawn. He was the right designer to eliminate. Because... Victoria. She is such a pill. But when her look first hit the runway, before one realized there was a fucking diaper over the jeans, and later, the reveal of the atrocity of the pieces of the top, it kind of read as take on the ultra-cool tie dye peasant top with jeans look (yes, again from the 60's - 70's, because: tie dye). If she had the imagination and/or guts to make hip-hugger, flared jeans and embrace the off the shoulder top... maybe it would have looked dated, but it could have been fabulous. In any event, it was more interesting and certainly sparked more controversy than Delvin's. There should have been a bottom three that included Marquis' figure skating outfit.
  14. I don't dispute your facts on this particular issue, but I think that historically, women have been under-represented in clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and in studies of health problems like heart disease.
  15. Is this like a blind gossip item? Because it totally looks like Victoria's one design. Except that I am dumbstruck by the black tights and horrific thong sandals. 🤔
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