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  1. Logic? That's crazy talk! Now I'm going to reach into my Mary Poppins satchel for my evening gown and go to the town's (maybe last) Christmas festival, where I'll have an almost-kiss with the potential love interest who is secretly behind the plot to destroy all that is holy, before learning the lesson of love from my high school boyfriend so we can save the town together. Now THAT is logical.
  2. I'm watching On Strike for Christmas right now on Lifetime. It stars Daphne Zuniga as a married mom of teens. Her group of women friends are open about their frustration with the pressure to create the "perfect" Christmas experience with little to no help from spouses or kids. No hot cocoa in sight. The husband is actually - gasp - drinking a BEER during the day when she calls to call him out on not helping her. She and her friends take a stand and go on strike. I'm pretty sure I've seen this before and it of course will have a happy ending. But what a nice change of pace to have a grown woman as the lead character!
  3. Good point! Maybe that's what they're doing.
  4. I think she's just not a good actress. People magazine published a review of this series and gushed about how incredibly awesome her acting in it is. I know that their lifeblood is giving tongue baths to powerful celebrities, but did the reviewer watch the same show I did? If Kidman was still involved in Scientology I could see why she is still employed in so many projects despite her one-note performances over and over again. Maybe part of her long ago settlement with Tom Cruise was that the "church" would continue to push her as a great actress if she gave up her kids.
  5. I'm pretty sure that when Grace talked to Jonathan's former doctor colleague at the hospital, he said that Fernando had made the complaint that ultimately led to Jonathan being fired. He also said that Jonathan had entered into inappropriate relationships with the mothers of his patients in the past but that his relationship with Elena was so blatant that everyone knew about it. So there could have been complaints from the staff as well.
  6. This captures the weakness of the execution of this show. So much promise and so many possibilities wasted.
  7. I guess the only thing worse than a way too expensive Pnina fairy stripper gown would be a lookalike that your mom and aunt recreated from watching Say Yes to the Dress and doing online research of Pnina's oeuvre. On second thought, the lookalike is far more desirable.
  8. That would be a whole new show, or require several more episodes for this one. Not that I would mind that, but that’s not the point of this show. Shamelessly quoting myself. @MBayGal, I respectfully disagree. The murder of Elena is the whole point of this show. Elena should have been developed as a whole person. Cut out the interminable scenes of Grace's walks, the close-ups of her darting bloodshot eyes, and the loving attention to her wig: hanging in her face! Blowing in the wind! Draped over the shoulders of her expensive coats! and there would have been plenty of time to tell us who Elena was within the six episodes. Of course, that would require the tight storytelling that a mystery like this demands in order to be well done and satisfying to the audience. Instead we're getting a scattershot bunch of bullshit that seems unlikely to tie together in the end.
  9. Maybe if Anna Kendrick really ate some Frito-Lay products she wouldn't be so painfully thin.
  10. The actress who plays Elena is 25. I think that she has been exploited by this show because she was willing to do nudity. That's been pretty much the sole development of Elena's character. She was nekkid! I expect nothing more from David E. Kelley. To borrow a line from Fernando, he is vile. There was so much to explore with Elena. Was she a mother at 15? Were she and Fernando happy before Miguel's cancer diagnosis? How did her vulnerability because of her son's cancer throw her life out of kilter and lead to the affair with Jonathan? Did she become an obsessed stalker or was Jonathan assuring her that they would be together? Was she an up and coming artist? So much left on the table. That being said, perhaps Jonathan paid for the studio space for her from the $500K that Franklin gave to him. Wouldn't it be more likely that Jonathan would have refused to have children? Instead of hhaving a child but refusing to get a dog? Bingo. Again, so much fertile ground left unplowed. Why aren't you and I and our fellow posters in the writing rooms for this? Lawd, no. Not Grace.
  11. Gayle interrupted, then Anthony interrupted, then Gayle interrupted. Sigh. It's apparently a pissing contest at this point. Since Gayle has been anointed as the Queen of CBS This Morning, I guess it won't be long before Anthony is imprisoned in a castle tower, or moves to a more exciting opportunity at CBS with vastly less air time, or retires to "spend more time with family". Something like that.
  12. Ashforth

    This Is CNN

    I give kudos to CNN's on-scene reporters for the gauntlet they have run for the past few years. Through pepper spray/teargas, rubber bullets, hecklers, being verbally attacked and undermined by people in power, and more, they have done their jobs and reported the news. That's a cornerstone of our freedom as a nation and we forget it at our peril. CNN as a business isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good.
  13. I may have to watch this. John was a gifted comedian and comedic actor, but I think my favorite work of his is Continental Divide. It has drama, romance, and yes, humor. Many were surprised by what an appealing leading man he was. It's sad that his addiction made him miserable through much of his life. Sadder still that understanding of and treatment for addiction hasn't made many strides in all of the years since his death.
  14. Also from that very over the top website: "“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." I guess the 'God as Santa Claus' approach is appropriate given the focus on Christmas movies. 🙄 My view is that one doesn't present lists of demands or grievances or wishes to your higher power. YMMV.
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