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  1. And a guy with any kind of objective judgment on how he is being treated would keep this woman at arm's length while he went along with this to the extent necessary to keep the peace if it was what he had to do. He wouldn't say, hey this is the gal for me to marry! If Hallmark continues to insist that marriage is the ultimate goal of all men and women, why won't they also model healthy relationships?
  2. I think these ads are for some kind of supplements or something. Who needs those? Give me a personal trainer, a full-on gym in my home, most likely a personal chef to whip up my strict diet, and a body double, and I too would look as bangin' as Anniston. And what's up with all of the winking in commercials lately? Joanna Gaines, Taylor Swift, Anniston, there are others - interestingly, all women. Is it supposed to make us feel like we're all just best girlfriends? Instead it makes them look like they have uncontrollable facial tics.
  3. But, but, Trelegy! As easy as one-two-three! Well so maybe number one isn't so easy 🤔
  4. I agree, Peaches, but selling it as sexy wanders toward some fringe fetishes... or so I've heard. Ahem.
  5. This x100. I have a friend named Mayra who is Latina, she she pronounces it "myda" with the "d" being a gently rolled "r". Not "Myra". I call her by her name as she pronounces it, because THAT IS HER NAME. If she pronounced it "Myra" I would call her "Myra". @Prevailing Wind, I assume that if your friend wanted you to call her "Sara" she would have said so. No need to feel as if you did something wrong. If Guy Fieri pronounces his name "Fietty" that is a-ok with me, and I don't think it's stupid for other people to use his preferred pronunciation.
  6. I liked Mix Up in the Mediterranean despite its flaws. The actor who played the twins did a good job and is super appealing. The storyline was different, and while I thought it should have gone more over the top with the comedy, I appreciated that it was basically a farce. That helped me forgive the amateurish supporting performances (those accents, lol, to explain them they should have revealed at the end that ALL of the contestants and judges were frauds and were really Canadian) and Loundes' distracting makeup.
  7. Growling or shouting it, and as you said not just during her segment, not just from her seat at the counter (back when she was in studio), but from OUTSDE. At times she seems like that obnoxious neighbor who just won't go away.
  8. We really are an advanced society, aren't we? 🤣🤣 Feeling so proud right now.
  9. Okay, THIS is what I was attempting to respond to. I am unable to insert it into my first post. 😞
  10. i know, I apologize for any misunderstanding - my comment was directed at the person who responded to your post. I'll try to fix it.
  11. [Please see my post several below to see what I was really responding to] I had a deep loathing for Guy Fieri for years, but I've actually come to appreciate him, particularly given his fundraising in support of restaurant owners and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that, I would never say that anyone should like a celebrity that they don't like, but I must say that I don't see how this episode of Hot Ones makes him look like an asshole. His final takeaway: teach your kids to cook. How is that objectionable?
  12. Embroidered into a sampler or a throw pillow. I'd love to see that Etsy commercial!
  13. We're probably close to the same age, and I remember ads for Massengill douche. Mom and daughter strolling down the beach. Daughter: Mom, sometimes I feel... not so fresh Mom extolls the virtues of injecting chemicals into one's vagina Ugh.
  14. It's never too early to teach tween, teen, and adult women that their natural state of being is gross. And stinky. And that we should strive to look like pre-pubescents. After all, how else would the makers of these products survive?
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