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  1. Why do none of the cheftestants ever seem to wear a beardnet? I know they exist, I've seen men wearing them in professional food environments. I've never been a fan of abundant facial hair, and in fairness, I think many of the male and female cheftestants on TC should wear hats or hairnets (but they don't) (example" Leanne with her long ponytail hanging over her shoulder while she cooks). I just don't want head hair or beard hair or hair from any other source in my food - it's one of the things that is so gross to me that it literally makes me feel nauseated. For some reason, I seem to be a magnet for hair in my food from take-out restaurants (not fast food, "real" food). Why? WHYYYYYYYYY?
  2. IDK, Alex Guarnaschelli seems to be on every show now. She's playing the long game LOL. Pickled Fresnos! Or Anchos. Or... too many to name.
  3. Right! Haysbert will always be Mr. President to me! But keep an eye out for the Allstate ad I mentioned, I swear the secondary character is meant to be a riff on Liberty Mutual's Doug. I haven't noticed a new Doug in the actual Liberty Mutual ads.
  4. I think you may be thinking of an Allstate ad that has Dennis Haysbert and a character who is dressed and looks exactly like "Doug" filming a TV show -- but instead of doing his line, the Doug character starts talking about Allstate insurance.
  5. Also the Downy Unstoppables ads. Same weird song, same suggestive dance moves, different actress.
  6. I loathed Guy Fieri for years and found him unwatchable after he won Next Food Network Star (I still think he was a ringer) - remember Guy's Big Bite? UGH! It wasn't helped by the takeover of Food Network by DDD and his incessant shouting. But as time has gone by and he and I have evolved, I have grown to appreciate him and enjoy his shows more than I would ever have thought possible. His support for independently owned local restaurants, his devotion to promoting the international and regional cuisines that are made by those restaurateurs, and his support of charitable causes are laudable. And his shows are fun to watch! I especially enjoy Guy's Grocery Games and Guy's Ranch Kitchen. I think they've re-recorded a lot of the old DDD openings and closings to mellow the yelling, which helps with the all too frequent DDD marathons. This is a man who has used his good fortune to help others - not everyone does that. Is it possible that he is giving my hero Chef Jose Andres a run for his money? Maybe!
  7. But... who is the guy in the shower with Steve? Is that the real surprise?
  8. Food Network is now "enhancing" its awful Supermarket Stakeout show with episodes called "What Would Alex Do?" in which she cooks using the worst ingredients that contestants got. How... original.
  9. I never really noticed the pointing before, but now I do! Every single day. And it bugs. Thanks a lot, @Lifesabeach! heh.
  10. I'm pretty jealous that you have the whole season to watch, because this was, imo, one of the best TC seasons ever. And you made me laugh about Malarkey, but dang it, I like him. Can't help myself. I felt that he brought both *entertainment!* and excellent, serious work this season (I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil you).
  11. It's been a couple of months since I watched this. My recollection (could be wrong) is that the song was "Don't Leave Me This Way" with, of course, the insertion of "Burt" at any given opportunity. Thelma Hopkins! She is a treasure. Who remembers Tony Orlando and Dawn (she was one of the "Dawn" duo)? Good on her for taking that opportunity and rising above and beyond it!
  12. Plus, at this point Gregory is part of the Top Chef family and apparently well-liked by all. If not for his back problem, he may well have competed in the finale. He was already in Italy; I think it would have been strange and kind of shitty to leave him out of the final congratulatory group.
  13. I don't think anyone ever accused Marcel of being hip. 🤣
  14. Really, Kevin? Come on, now. It's okay to be driven to win, just own it.
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