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  1. Dawn, agree that Melissa's congee was a good call (it's in my list) but the salami was non buono. Was super surprised, too, when Melissa won. Big Melissa fan here, I guess the judge who hated the salami said he'd loved her congee. Or Tom really liked it. 😉
  2. Just checked the cable guide for the next 90 minutes--three eps in which the wife wants a move-in ready house and the husband wants a fixer. G'night!
  3. Not to sound like Kevin "Meatball" Gillespie, but I've eaten white truffles in Italy during their harvest season. Night after night, because it was years ago and they just grated them on top of what you ordered. Point is, Bryan is the only one who understood that no flavor should fight the truffle--e.g., simple pastas, polenta, congee🙂, meat/game/poultry. Bravo, Bryan. Please be the one Padma looks at with tears in her eyes at the end of the finale (because she's so happy for you). Or, you know, Melissa. Sorry, Gregory, hope your back feels better.
  4. There’s a marathon today. This show is mis-named, these fixers are far from fabulous. Also, kinda dumb. They overdid the crap out of the coffee bar (yes, her parents helped with the not-new idea—an organizer/designer set up a beverage corner up in my kitchen years ago). Then they screwed the pooch when it came to her bathroom. The shower head is going to wet the entire room and there wasn’t any storage or area for cosmetics/hair care. Good luck, honey. As noted, they butchered the inside of the turret house. Two dining rooms? Hello, these people. Goodbye, unique charm. Do better, HGTV. (Yeah, good luck with that, saw a preview for Renovation Island or some such nonsense. Back to YouTube for some British remodel shows.)
  5. Interesting to see something they've worked on besides a home. Or an airstream😉 Made that money go far in the apartment, for sure. And I'd have to look again to make sure, but the kitchen seemed to have stations for what they'd need and enough room for a team. Restaurant kitchens can be super small (I was shocked to get a look at some tiny kitchens in Paris that serviced full--and tasty--menus). Found the Bird Dog Cafe website. They're selling t-shirts. They're stating their mission and passion for farm-to-table food. There's a review by Mayor MacGee (we've seen him in at least one episode). But there's no menu. Oh, I see. Their Facebook page says they're planning on opening (with a menu) in July. Whole lotta posts about last night's ep. And they thank Ben and Erin for helping to make their dream come true.
  6. After some re-re-watching, I’ll go for Bertie not forgiving Edith, as not only did she lie to him by omission, not trust him with her not-so secret, let’s say he learns how she treated Mrs. Drue.
  7. I was referring to the title, not the QF.
  8. The Italian iced coffee is made with espresso for a reason. Their oohing over that weak version was sweet, but no sale. Otoh, a crispy skinless fried chicken sandwich? Genius.
  9. PSA: Costco sells Biscoff biscuits! (Frequently.) For this reason, and others, arguably less objective, Kevin’s win, assuming Tom makes it happen, will always be tainted. Tom, that will stick with you, too, sadly. P.S. I made bacon jam years ago. Straightforward, a bit time consuming, but it was a huge hit. So not new.
  10. The Chicago episode is okay, but he ate a Chicago hotdog at the wrong place. Instead of the very upscale Chicago Athletic Club, Phil should have gone to the Weiner’s Circle. The food comes with a side of sass/grief/tease from the famously hilarious ladies who work there. Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. Conan at the Weiner’s Circle. Meanwhile, where’s Phil’s mom? I gotta bad feeling (dad’s not in their old place and looks frail).😢
  11. Bye, Malarkey. Your plate had the dreaded deadly duo with 45 freaking ingredients--your desire to go home was telegraphed by your decision about what to make. Leave Gregory the hell out of it and you thinking you could disrespect him says it all. None of it good. A little part of me wondered what he'd said to the servers that resulted in those plates going to another table. I feel that I'm watching Tom telegraph that he wants a Kevin win. I'd be much happier with Melissa, as I would be with her food. His doesn't appeal to me and he is insufferable this season. Sorry, I'm never going to be over plantation food. Very happy for everyone (except "your rules don't apply to my meatballs" Kevin) who's going to Italy. Voltaggio, Italy! Gregory is going to love the vegetables. And brava, Stephanie, the most surprised chef there. I'd love to eat her food. I watched her poor face during LCK when she was afraid Kevin would pick her so he could beat her.
  12. When Malarkey first rolled his eyes—we are all MALARKEY!
  13. Their lawyers and marketing people need to step up, too. So much horrible press exposing her terrible business practices and lawsuits, and by extension, bad news for her show, and by extension their network. Bad bad bad for the brand, folks.
  14. Does Meghan look towards her off-camera, horrible husband holding garbage cue cards?
  15. I didn’t recall the Johannesburg couple, but thought it was pretty clear the burb house was a herring. Nice try telling me the big-ass bedroom with plenty of room for a desk was a no-go. But the biggest tell was their fantastic dining table, being “left behind” that they “could never afford.” 😂
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