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  1. I know I called the writers hacks from the beginning. Allow me to amend that to infuckingsufferable hacks.
  2. It’s hard to imagine me cutting meat on wood, but it is called butcher block.😂
  3. My expectations are pretty low and it’s too early to say for some of these couples (heh, Alyssa), but tonight’s brides looked beautiful at the altar.
  4. Different strokes makes the site go ‘round.
  5. Samantha was too good for them. A dozen reminders why I’m not bothering with the three stooges or the producers.
  6. What was it about Alyssa and Chris that PepperPastorPochahontas thought would flourish? LOL! How's the pool for 0/5?
  7. That's nice for them. However, they're being paid to do a TV show and, imo, being annoying to the viewer would be a reason to stfu when someone else is blabbering.
  8. Kamaro elevated his role this season, his contributions seemed more important, integral to many of the makeovers than some of his shenanigans in his past. Tan had his usual impact, although not all of them were striking—thinking of the baker, who looked good after but wasn’t a train wreck before. Didn’t love the wardrobe for the rescue woman, either, but I think Tans good with people, so points for that. Bobby did good work as usual. I, too, wish rescue woman’s house got more help. So that leaves Antoni. Does his role make the same impact as the others? No, but is that on Antoni
  9. I saw five seconds of it. The five seconds in which Ree said it was time for her mom to go (home). Mom's face was ... not sure how to describe it. Yikes.
  10. “You can’t just hop in your Porsche after a couple of cocktails.” Thanks, Geoffrey. Should you also file bankruptcy to dodge servers’ class action lawsuit? Infuckingsufferable. Note to producers: Mandatory meeting with makeup and lighting departments to review HDTV. Wow. All of them.
  11. Works like a charm. Although when you get there, meh. So much meh. Green is big, albeit, not that green. The island was insane and without the overhang, uncomfortable at best--but before I saw the shot with the chairs, it was obvious there wasn't enough space to put an overhang and chairs. Because the island was too fucking big. Of course it would. And, in true AV-style, What, your honor, that was his fault! (Sadly, there's now probably a clause in any HGTV-homeowner contract having to do with AV stipulating that the network can't be sued.) When the Scott bros run a fake
  12. Besides craving gumbo, Todd’s episode had another effect—teared me right up. That was a drastic change on almost every level. He must have been so ready to receive. Heh, poor Todd, though, when he first saw that haircut, trying hard to keep it positive. I could hear his brain screaming, it’ll grow! I think he said a quick something about having it a bit longer. 😂
  13. Oh. Well. Maybe I can run my blockade and just watch him.
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