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  1. Sergio acts cynical AF. He can leave next.
  2. Beverly, with her very successful, award-winning restaurant, recently opened a second place with her husband. I imagine she would have sent a busy signal.
  3. The John Legend you-can't-top-this-date-my-future-baby-mama was a swing and a miss. I enjoyed it, sitting at home, liking John Legend, but dudes, just no. Oh. Unless Kevin's alcoholism is manifesting itself in "drunken" escape-from-reality dating methods. Then, I stand corrected. I don't mind Jack flashbacks. I know where they started and where they ended, this is all filling in the blanks and I kind of like that. Otoh, Rebecca's (uh-oh, I couldn't remember her name) mother's little speech was all kind of bullshit from that character. And as much as I enjoy Jack and Rebecca's story (thanks, Milo and Mandy), they can jettison the "love for the ages" trope right now. Stop it. Seriously. The characters' flaws make relating to them deeper, you're doing a good job, writers, you don't need to create a Camelot here. Or a bad soap opera.
  4. Stephen retells the moment Elizabeth points out that she and Amy are the only candidates on stage who haven’t lost an election and his punchline paints her as emasculating. JFC, Stephen. WTF?
  5. Heh, “GZ” is trying so hard to be enthusiastic about what his cast mates make. I miss his pretending to taste stuff or feigning the yum.
  6. Biden appeared with Colbert in September, fwiw. Memorably, he allowed as how he's stumbled a bit telling stories on the campaign trail, but pointed out that is a different thing than getting things wrong like locking kids up in cages.
  7. Local station would also like you to know how extraordinary it would be for HGTV to continue with this sh*tshow. In keeping with Alison’s attempt to throw Donovan under a bus, train, heavy machinery, etc. #WindyCitySh*tShow
  8. Well, well, the Bangkok couple from Denver didn't go with the over-sized, Denver-transplant place, but rather, a more centrally located, smaller, but still nice spot. Considering the wife's "#1 worry" was snakes coming up her toilet, I thought she did fine. Sorry she's the mom of 3, though (spouse as #3). He seemed pretty reasonable once he stopped goofing to the camera. Or was I distracted getting dinner?😉
  9. I’ve made blintzes and they’re a treat. Absolutely make the crepe batter ahead. Filling, and Molly’s looked to be tasty, takes a few minutes and they wrap in seconds. Takes as much time to sauté as the frozen kind and are miles better. I’m always disappointed by restaurant versions. The error I saw was Molly pouring the berry liquid over the crisp blintzes. They were crisp no more. (Also, I’d them warm in a low temp oven or just use a very large frypan.)
  10. Re: finishes--file under: Make it our own, so much natural light, and this would be great for entertaining.
  11. Damn, he was overbearing. I haz house-building expertise! Attention Mallorca tradespeople: Get money up front and build changes into your budget! Also dude is doing as much of the work as Jonathan, Chip and Tarek do.
  12. South Haven! Loved going there as a kid. Yes, you’d live in town near the beach, not in the boonies, and I knew Angela would get what she wanted. Realtor was put off by their fake fighting, but not as much as I was put off by her voice.
  13. Oh yeah. It's this show's version of his ATK opinion that "weird" and spicy foods aren't as good as Ye Olde American fare. Until he needed a new spin for a mag, TV show and travel write-off.
  14. Read the whole sordid list of bs committed by Allison and the jettisoned Donovan. A wonder HGTV doesn’t get worse publicity for supporting these liars. Buyers beware!
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