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  1. I was watching some eps and bursting out laughing. Drew takes the people on a tour of somebody's really nice, really expensive home to gauge their taste level. Then he comes back to Cinder, er Jonathan with his breakthrough insights and some samples. Here are a couple of combinations I think would work for the kitchen: white, light grey, light wood floor OR white, dark grey, white oak floor. Whaddya think, Bro?
  2. Ended up watching some old eps, but not for too long. Instantly reminded why I hated their in-studio antics, loud (Katie + nails on chalkboard) voices, laughing too loudly, trying to up each other, mugging for the damn camera--or whoever was in the "audience." Painful. Stay home. Cook. Make recipes I want to try (Katie's meatloaf, not kidding). Thanks.
  3. So the wine couple in Spain and Norman: Poster in HH forum said they'd already moved to DC. Also Norman's IG page is gone? I'm either a little nervous about Norman or she'd had it living in a tiny place with his bike and skis and who knows what other things that gave him So Much Happiness to look at.
  4. After they moved to Manhattan and fixed that place up, I’d read they got a large place on Long Island, big house, lotta land and were redoing it. Which smelled like another show, but who knows now?
  5. Oh good Lord, Delaware, it’s worst than I imagined. Tuned in just in time for a freaking pity party. Still torturing vendors, last minute ideas, it costs him more “but he does it for free for me.“ 🤮 Countertop screwups, not right, big problem people! FU. I can’t watch a singIng lesson. Or another minute.
  6. Perhaps Brittany is banking on shooting to reality TV stardom and leaving the real estate business, with its nasty and inconvenient truth/trust requirements behind!
  7. The Hancock is a landmark building on the Magnificent Mile. Heh, back door is in Streeterville, I guess;-) Currently open units are going from 500K to 2.2MM. Lincolnwood is a suburb 10 miles north of downtown. Average housing price is currently 380K, so some more, some less. It's nice, but not on par. Otoh, her parents saved a bundle not having to pay for private schools. As noted, she lives in Chicago proper now, close by a lot of the homes she trashed/failed to sell/was sued over.
  8. Her family moved to Lincolnwood when she was a young child. Mike I'll Make It Right Holmes is going to work with Lawsuit Alison? WTAF?
  9. Molly made some pretty cute cakes--a big one and a little smash cake for Bernie. I've watched babies go after their little cakes. Still not quite getting the point. There was a ricotta/beet dip that I'd like to make and a kale Caesar salad with avocado and pretzel-incrusted chicken nuggets. I'd make a version of that (not a kale eater). Molly was perky, Bernie was adorable and Nick looked super happy about the whole deal.
  10. Made aioli back when I first got my immersion blender (and a deep plastic beaker). With the ingredients in place, the blender head is placed on the bottom and then dragged up slowly until an emulsion is formed. Pretty cool. Also delicious. And I'd do it again if company were coming that I wanted to impress, LOL, when will that be?! Otherwise, shortcut aioli using Ina-Likes-It Hellman's and a whole lot of garlic works a treat (vigorous whisking helps after you add the garlic and other ingredients you'd like). Company and pasteurized eggs!
  11. That seems ambitious. I wonder if it comes with a cute captain?
  12. As soon as I saw that big apartment outside of Paris (by 15 minutes on the RER), I thought, Dude, your protesting to remain inside the ring road is almost adorable. Did he own that camera shop or is her business pretty robust? Or both! Their budget seemed more than decent. Loved the trip to that store--gorgeous stuff. Although, as Adrian has told us for years, buying space in the City Center est tres cher! Wondering if the Pigalle place was one of her company's or a friend's place😶
  13. Fun interview with Ina about being sick of cooking in quarantine. Ha, temporarily, of course, rescued by a good-quality PB&J sandwich. Plus, four recipes from her new book!
  14. Most if not all HOAs in downtown Chicago area require 12-month leases to avoid owners becoming AirBnB hosts. Funny story: homeowner did it anyway, claimed it was a friend, got busted, paid huge fine. Allison's just not successful, but HGTV doesn't seem to care about all the bad publicity.
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