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  1. Did they love it or list it, MerBearStare?
  2. Royal Oak is a Detroit suburb, like Ferndale, Birmingham, etc. RO (to a lesser degree) and Birmingham were/are one of the few that developed walkable "downtowns" with several blocks of shops and restaurants, not a collection of strip malls. But $600K?? Living with mom saves a bundle. Looks like the median house value is $210,200.
  3. Thank you, this site is a great treat. Love the musical annotations (followed a link to another site that has every one from Morse;-)!
  4. From RV to cash sale house in CA: I don’t get it. Four girls have to share a room because Dad needs a big room with a tiny table as his desk? How ‘bout using your 26-foot RV parked next to the house. You paid 20k over asking? You can afford a modem or hot spot.
  5. Right, my impression was that while a steak can be considered fancy or not, depending on the cut, quality and preparation, Vivian's objection seemed to be that steak is straightforward, not the kind of dish she felt challenged by—or the types of dishes she was trying to spotlight as a chef.
  6. Last night's ep was the first I've seen. Can I have that lakefront cabin? And the bunker? And the doggie palace? It was all very welcoming and well thought through. Nice work, Scott.
  7. Not to rag on people's looks, that is, the ones they're born with. But the ones they paid good money for? Or do to themselves? Sure. Alex, back off the makeup a bit. People are watching in HD. Then stop with the passive-aggressive ideas. Not sure who you were sending a signal to, but slicing berries and laying them in concentric circles? I know this isn't Top Chef, but that's so 10 years ago.
  8. Who do I have to fuc, er, bake brownies for to get MM off this thing? Also, gonna pass on Sara on reading MM's cue cards. Do better, Show.
  9. At the end, she and her boyfriend were walking two dogs.
  10. The minute that Vienna HH saw that tile, I knew that the lovely patio with planters and furniture wasn’t already hers. But she, her boyfriend (sorry, realtor, you don’t get to know his name) and their two dogs seem happy in their tree house. Watch your heads! And how much did I love it when her reaction to a 30–40 minute commute was basically, cool.
  11. I’ve made something very similar, but turned them into thumbprint cookies and filled that space with lemon curd.
  12. Hot time at the ranch this morning when Ree was making a buttermilk dip and Paige called it ranch. Man, mom clapped back—no, it’s a creamy buttermilk! Cause, buttermilk! And dill, not dill and three other herbs! Maybe the people who like her do because, on camera, especially without stylists and support, she’s just so very, very average in the kitchen. Giveaway? The mess o’ veggies she “arranged” on a tacky platter around her dip. I know a six-year-old with a better eye for that.
  13. I'm old enough to remember a M-F afternoon show called Queen for a Day (that old?!) in which several women told their sad stories and the audience voted for the biggest tearjerker--who won new appliances (after she got her crown, robe and scepter). Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. There's a pandemic and these are feel-good stories. Of course I watched them. Wedding porn is right. I was missing Jeremiah or Jer, as CC labeled him, and Gabe and Thai seemed nice and did good work. Noticed after a bit that one of the three of them could identify with the drama of a couple. If you thought the Queer Eye guys did that, we're on steroids here, especially Thai in the last episode. Not a problem for me because empathy is in short supply these days. Lots of people were made very happy. And, come to think of it, they were queens for more than a day.
  14. I believe being creeped out by a bathroom is on page 42 of the producers’ Guide To Producing Faux Drama.
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