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  1. Indeed. But very frequent trips when you have school-age kids aren't as likely to happen. So sacrificing space and location for the travel fund makes more sense. Same for empty nesters, to your point.
  2. Or after Jonathan Scott. HGTV 101.
  3. Agree. Seems like an opportunity for a big brand win. Guy's* tournament is giving $$ to a winner's choice of restaurants, this seems like an opportunity to help those who viewers have gotten to know during the episode. Guess they'd rather bring in Martha. I'm assuming the judges are well-paid. *Guy's fundraising for chefs and restaurants is a reason I can even watch him.
  4. Not sure the fork even makes up for the BS. Get chefs. Let them cook. Eliminate the least tasty thing until there's one (champ) left. It wasn't broke. The handicaps are in the basket ingredients--more aren't needed!
  5. If a young couple plans to go off on regular weekend adventures, they might compromise this way. Otherwise, trope city.
  6. Watched Molly make a hot dish with curly fries today. As she went on and on about how great it smelled and how good it would taste I realized the limitation of my just accepting her word for something.😆
  7. I think that last scene was more about Randall finally being able to see his ghost kingdom with his real parents, instead of the librarian and the meteorologist. It's a term coined by a therapist working with adopted patients. In the group, someone said she'd moved on from hers. Perhaps now that Randall can see his real parents in his fantasy, he'll be able to move beyond it, too. I also hope that this isn't a one-and-done about the bros reconciling their past. I think the emphasis was on Randall getting what he needed here, but there's plenty more than saying Jack was proud of Kevin that he can (and hopefully will) give to Kevin.
  8. I'll take a screened-in porch, which is covered, over an open porch with a closed pergola any day in that area. But I'm sure the bugs will appreciate the shade. N&J's ensuite bathroom may have been my favorite room. I can't remember what the shower looked like, but opening those door handles and seeing the floor, lighting and double vanity never got old!
  9. I suppose you can seal it, but that brick was everywhere near the burners. As someone who makes her red sauce from scratch, that kitchen was a no-go for me. The double bedroom closets and the air filtration system were the only things I liked in that house. Not enough to win. And if the show comes back, the return of Alison would be an ongoing comedy bit.
  10. Well, there was that home gym we were talking about😄 Mika and Brian winning was, as noted earlier, predictable. For whatever reasons the appraising team had to give. Quick question: Is there a way to program your TV so that whenever screaming Ty or wailing Guy open their mouths, the mute button automatically activates?
  11. If Ty says one more time that any team can win, even if they've never won a week, perhaps this will be the end of this anyway. Looking at you, Jasmine, Mika and Brian.
  12. Dehillerin is cooking/baking heaven. I had already filled my carryon from a China outlet (back in the day of the franc and generous carryons), but managed a knife and a bowl scraper. Seeing Dick’s haul made me a bit envious. And their kitchens!
  13. Over on Twitter, Sunny is answering the usual questions, not at all confrontationally. Still saying she wants to be outside because the studio is so small (so that Easter Basket studio is large?). I’m glad she’s not back there because coming back has unleashed some of the more annoying traits of the others. Except (literally;-) Alex. By comparison.
  14. Or, in my case, I don’t listen as soon as Jeff opens his mouth. Geoffrey, sadly, has no one in his life who will tell him orange is not a good complexion color. How has he allowed himself to appear on the air like this?
  15. Sad about Roscoe, I would love to have seen what else he would have made. Low country, yum. But Sasha's dish impressed Tom like few have done. There are going to be some great battles here this season.
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