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  1. I love watching Richard. I dislike facial hair in general, his is no exception. I enjoy the realtors who are legit, know what they’re talking about and exhibit good humor dealing with these HHs.
  2. 'Expert' indeed. Also, I'm late to the Jamie Otis wrap party (didn't see her season and haven't watched much of Unfiltered), but damn, she's awful. Zack--it's a shame he isn't more articulate, but on this show, not sure if it would help. He's got history with the unbalanced, so he's got Mikaela's number and wants it deleted from his life. He's also a bit of a case, what with the urgent urgency to being married by a certain age. But from her inappropriate reaction to his COVID to her M-Fing to her hypocrisy (I'd never leave/bye), he's out.
  3. It will make you stand out from the rest of the tired bunch!
  4. Oh, Alert! On Unfiltered, sorry-NOT-sorry Jose just admits that his mother gave him one piece of advice: Don't let it get to that (referencing his explosion in which he screams at his wife to GTFO, bleep bleep). So not the first time. Please, Rachel, let it be the last. Leave now.
  5. Tonight's episode was a PSA to the women (and gay men) in Houston. Jose is an unhinged putz and should be avoided at all costs. He's stupid, too. Lying and gaslighting his way through telling the story. It's recorded. And aired, dolt. Some sign that a production person was sitting with Rachel when he went off. Sign that they have a better legal team.
  6. Yeah, with that nice bonus room in house #3, I noticed the older boy playing his video games, which I'm sure made him almost as happy as his sister. Small town Germany? Parks galore. I was fine with the daughter getting her own bathroom--couldn't be easy to leave your friends at that age--she didn't seem spoiled and if she was whining about leaving, it would have been included. Of course, living in Europe is a great opportunity for her, but at 16? Sure it didn't seem like it back in Kansas. The realtor was okay, but I miss Kevin, too.
  7. Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay "Tournament" reruns: The Finale just turned into a testosterone fest to see who would lose to Bobby. I'm out.
  8. Jose in his fantasy future: See kids, instead of buying you video games, I can put that money into this column on my finance board! Kids:
  9. It'd be a BFD to her. Possibly followed by a police report. When Gil says he'll divorce Myrla if they haven't kissed by decision day, Myrla has all she needs to exit. Gil looks like a catch and, as many of us have been saying, will likely meet lots of potential next Mrs. Gils pretty soon. And Myrla can go back to looking for the man she told the experts she wanted.
  10. LOL! I missed most of this, but saw the termite damage and the reveal. They were short of funds? You'd never know it from the dark stainless, fixtures and TV cover. I expected them to burst into tears when they saw the yellow piano. I would have.
  11. That was multi-colored Goldfish or some such, with spices? Oh and you could add nuts, if there are no allergies! It's a remedial cooking show. Sorry, an annoying remedial cooking show (everyone starts somewhere). For awhile, I thought I could find enough comic value in it--but the dumb jabber isn't even funny.
  12. I can't tell if she was told to dial it back or if she's been told to dial it up in her kitchen. They reran Saturday's episode this morning as I was passing by. Jeff was rattling on and I couldn't get to the remote fast enough. Trying to decide if it's time to just follow the show via this thread😂
  13. It's not. And, unlike Giada, Molly's smile extends up to her eyes.
  14. I thought they were on it -- soon as she said her mother was moving to town😉 ETA: February😂
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