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  1. Re: the corncob If memory serves, I think it was in 70's porn actor/legend, Harry Reems book where he talks about a scene in a comedic porn, where a corncob was inserted-- and because she was so hot....popcorn started popping out.
  2. Greg err Gregory(Nicholas Braun) is 6'5". Tom(Matther Macfayden) is 6'3" and Logan(Brian Cox) is 5'9"
  3. It seems I learn something new watching her shows - I've never heard of microwaving flour if using raw as Molly did in the no-bake cookie dough, to kill the bacteria..
  4. Also add in the bldg supers too....Oy! Become a fan of this YouTuber, Paula, who renos NYC apartments - if you watch her videos and hear how she has to jump through hoops--between the co-ops. supers, NYC, and other restrictions.... I don't know how she stays so sane A good example:
  5. In the Oct issue of Food Network magazine, they have a spread featuring Molly's kitchen and the updating done after they moved in. The house was formerly owned by Nick's grandparents. Her fridge is a Smeg, electric stove is vintage, coutertops are butcher block and cabinets were swapped for open shelves
  6. Re Ryan crying On WWH, Ryane said on that particular day last Dec, there was a major downturn in the stockmarket-- and 12 or so of his clients panicked, called to back out of their deals. Something else major happened too that I can't recall what it was. BTW - Ryan also mentioned that Brooklyn house right near the BQE - he said the buyers visited it several times before purchasing so they were well aware of the noise levels
  7. Interesting read about filming in LA: https://www.filmindependent.org/blog/need-know-shooting-la-permitting-primer/
  8. I read HGTV plans to keep it for the foreseeable future and have already done 2 Christmas specials for HGTV and Food Network there. It may be also used for corporate events
  9. What's funny, many people today dislike 3 camera comedies and prefer the one camera ones
  10. HHR tonight - Valley Village, CA What a concept.... double ovens in the brick wall, I guess she never watched The Brady Bunch. It took me until the end of the episode when I realized the SIL's hats/caps were worn for religious reasons
  11. I wondered the same - maybe the area they were in was more like Austin TX--i,e, more liberal. Didn't mind the black ceiling myself - I think white would be too stark with the white wall. Frankly, I would have just left the industrial toilet which I believe had rge tank in the wall to save $$
  12. Bravo, Tues 10/9c About the Show Following former boyfriend/girlfriend Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure who turned their breakup into a business flipping homes. The series follows Nina and Michael’s rollercoaster relationship in Carmel, Indiana, nicknamed “the Beverly Hills of the Midwest,” as they work together to buy, renovate and sell high-end properties. Like seeing the homes in central IN - but a little of Nina goes a really long way.
  13. Good point about screen doors - same for not having screened porches. I used to like the show - then I noticed how dark the houses always are - where you're lucky if you get one kitchen window and it's hung pretty high at that. One thing that always got to me is when the flip was being done on the lot, they rarely included dishwashers.
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