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  1. The actor playing the youth minister is Dan Byrd - he played Courtney Cox's son Travis on Cougar Town
  2. N & J gave the couple an entry way closet...looking at you Mina(Good Bones)๐Ÿคจ
  3. The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project, the design duos help families who are moving and transitioning into a new house plan strategically to create their ideal dream home. HGTV Premiere โ€” Oct. 5! Nice to see the guys back again Pleasant show
  4. No that was Nicole Sullivan Salen Morrison is being played by Rachel Bay Jones
  5. Re Demo addict I kind of wondered if I was being gaslighted by the couple shown on tonight's show.
  6. Just to clarify, the actor who played Jake left of his own accord In November 2012, Jones said that he had been baptized and no longer wanted to appear on Two and a Half Men, calling the show "filth" and saying it conflicted with his religious views. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angus_T._Jones
  7. Trivia: In the old days, the escorts of wealthy married women used to be called 'walkers'
  8. Because they wanted to demonstrate the shou sugi ban technique. BTW - I first saw the technique demonstrated sever yrs ago on Fixer Upper. Joanna did the exterior siding on one of their projects....,she also burned them to have an all black finish I'm sure they went into it with the burned woodgrain showing in mind as the desired finish - held one up against the ombre and said nope, doesn't work - and at that point pivoted to, just do them in all black and be done with it Personally, I like the shou sugi ban w/woodgrain showing the most on beams, posts/columns, o
  9. My take, I think if they'd left the wood grain showing on the shelves it would have looked really 'busy' w/the ombre circle. Also, the decoupaged floor didn't bother me as I thought it would - but I think I would have added a painted border around the perimeter of the room to make it more sophisticated. I know it was a budget issue, but sad this house didn't get the Good Bones treatment/experience--i.e., tearing it down to the studs, adding insulation and repairing anything hidden.....this house was more of a generic flip you see on all the other reno shows. I think Mina
  10. Curious - featured house with lower-level/basement ...how is it done? I believe basements aren't common in California homes, When they do have one, is there an excavation like here in the Midwest, do they raise the lot land up around a LL/basement - or are they carved out of a slopped lot for a walkout?
  11. Curious, I wonder if those 'made in Italy' pizzas will come back to bite Axe in the ass for fraud?
  12. Yes, same kind of pacing, - you'll probably get to know everybody in town too Represented feeling trapped and hopelessness quite well
  13. Well Bill certainly stepped into it with Lift Every Voice and Sing --aka Black National Anthem, comment not knowing the song's history. He'll yell it's 'woke' but he was just asleep I still don't care for George Will.
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