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  1. Wow 😳 she made such a big deal about the bikini pic and she demanded it be removed from the internet. Yet, she approved this advertisement photo? Yikes!
  2. I used to think that...but not anymore. IMHO, she’s a dingbat. In one of the early episodes, with I spy Meghan King Edmonds, she stated that she “started charities” and I don’t recall any evidence of that. I guess I had sympathy for her because she was in a miserable relationship with a weird eyed-chip eating cheater. But look! He seems happy with a new (weirdo) wife and a new family. She’s still hysterical and flailing around drunk on vodka or tequila or tinctures (who really knows 🤦‍♀️.) She lost me along the way. Ymmv.
  3. Yep! I totally agree @sharwoods.
  4. I finally caught the first episode and I absolutely loved the house and food porn. Looking forward to more! 💖💖💖🥂🍾
  5. I thought she was trying to be Rinna for a moment! Don’t we have enough of that nonsense? Who the F@#% follows her and watches that shit? No offense if you do follow her.
  6. I’m sorry, I’m out of all the howives shows. I just can’t. They aren’t believable or real in any way anymore. My list also includes VPR ... I mean Vanderpump rules.
  7. I just tried watching this on DVR and it must be scripted right? Like a new kind of nightmare soap? They carry a ridiculous storyline all season. They all have parts they play and scripts to rehearse? I hope so because real life or reality is not like this, IMHO. I have friends and we have parties that are catered with bounce houses, ice sculptures, and other fun stuff. Sometimes it’s adults only and sometimes bring the kids. If we have Issue with each other we talk about it after the party (if is was even really important, sometimes people are just drunk and it’s not a big deal the next
  8. Love Lois ❤️ She saved the whole episode!
  9. I agree. She is gorgeous and I do love looking at her face (I’m an old straight grandma) but she is just so pretty to me. Plus, she seems secure in who she is and doesn’t appear thirsty for fame. She obviously has plenty of money; her own plus what her wealthy parents gift her. I also remember when she was on the model show with her mom Yo that her voice sounded very nervous and uncomfortable. I hope she finds happiness with her new life. And eats birthday cake on her and her child’s birthday 🎂. Pfft to an almond.
  10. They are Idiots. I have no desire to see them in masks...unless Kelly was gagged.
  11. I totally agree and have felt she should be in the OC cast from the beginning. While I’m not fond of her with the BH cast, she would shine in the OC. Ymmv.
  12. Well, the parents can’t lead by example, obviously. Sad really.
  13. Sutton acts like a spoiled entitled bitch. She’s mean and has not an ounce of class. I don’t even like Teddi, but I really felt for her. Sutton didn’t have to go where she did with her “truth” about Teddi.
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