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  1. So I predict that Haqqani will be overthrown thus nullifying the ceasefire just in time for the President's visit further casting suspicion on Carrie. Why the heck would Saul stick around the compound after being released?
  2. Alyssa's knocked up? Awesome, scored her meal ticket. Is Alex still in law school or did he drop out? The Kampo's must be so proud.
  3. Tom & Ariana waited to bring it up ON CAMERA so that they could portray themselves as morally superior and look down on everyone else from their self-righteous perch, Which is exactly why I dislike both of them so much. They're constantly trying to show us how deep, interesting, amazing and awesome they are as compared to everyone else, and they don't mind stepping on their "friends" to do so. Also, you lose the right to make fun of anyone for purchasing a builder grade furniture package when you're sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
  4. Not seeing this at all. Are you watching the show? Justin, Pip, Biegs have all been close friends of Kristin's for 10+ years. She also gets back together with her friends in LA often, some of them, like Britney Field, date back to high school. Kelly was in that circle. She & Kristin had been friends since Kristin moved to Nashville. Probably one of her closest friends because of that proximity so I understand why Kristin is hurt by the fallout. Watching how poorly Kelly handled it on camera, leads me to believe she's said worse off. Maybe she thought the show would make her a star? Who knows, I certainly don't miss her. In terms of employees, no surprise there, especially with a growing company in the retail industry. Besides, I think that drama was what the show originally designed to be based around. It's proved far less interesting than than the lives of Kristin & Jay.
  5. Agree, Don't forget that she's still a senior designer at L'Occitane en Provence. The drink brand is Kyle's baby, maybe he should pony up and hire a creative director rather than expecting Amenda to do it on top of her other job. As for the wedding planning. It's obvious she got cold feet after moving in together. By all means, keep pressuring her, I'm sure that will work. Surprised that I don't hate the thought of Carl & Lindsey as much as I thought I would. They really do seem a little smitten, Also digging the new guy a lot. He's interesting.
  6. No, the fishnet wearer is Danica, she's a manager (Peter's equivalent) at SUR. Dayna's the blonder, taller, paler one who was a TomTom hostess and is now a SUR server. She's the one who causes Scheana such discomfort, not because Scheana's is jealous or anything :) Can't wait to watch her head explode at the news that Max & Dayna are exclusive. The best friend flashback was epic. Good job, editors. I five side-eye to every issue Ariana uses to get screen time. If you''re depressed, please seek out help, don't use it to face to face time with Lisa Vanderpump.
  7. I really wish someone had asked Simone how she felt about her previous Chief Stew(s). She alluded to it a bit on the first episode when she mentioned spending so much time in the laundry room (hello, life of a 3rd stew)t I think her answer to that question would be quite telling. Simone came across to me as someone who quickly complains no one is teaching/mentoring her, yet sees no fault in her own (lack of) initiative. Practice pouring a beer or opening a wine bottle. Watch how Kate & Courtney interact with the guests. Nope, instead she'd rather hang out with Tanner and complain. Shocked that Kevin came in a bit humbled. He's definitely getting kicked out of the bru cru.
  8. ^microblading, her eyebrows
  9. The summer starts off with a bang when Carl takes his friendship with Lindsay to the next level; while the returning housemates savor the juicy gossip, newbies Luke and Jules wonder what they've signed up for.
  10. Glad that Kortni left, she obviously needed help. I did watch her interview with Dr, Drew (shudder, I guess MTV has him retainer). She admitted to abusing adderall, xanax, valium and obviously alcohol to mask pain from sexual assault that occurred in high school. It appears she's been in counseling and seemed much more clear headed and articulate than we've ever seen her on the show. She also looked clean, which was a plus. I love Aimee. Although I couldn't understand must of what her boyfriend was saying, they were cute together. The beach house desperately needs a hunch room.
  11. I get it, but sales are sales and even Teresa Giudice (RHONJ) had a book signings for her cookbooks. Maybe Ariana should re-focus on her deadly serious comedy career.
  12. The whole situation screams of Ariana/Sandoval jealousy. They are the biggest bitter bettys whenever someone else from the cast has any success or screentime. I don't see either of them on a book tour or on the bestseller list. From my cursory investigation, Fancy AF Cocktails was released in December, Tom & Ariana have a co-author, Danny Pellegrino . It's #1,023 on the Amazon sales charts. While Next Level Basic was released in April with Stassi the sole author. It's #138 on the Amazon charts and is sold out in hardcover with a paperback release scheduled for April 2020. From social media, it seems like Stassi is also working on book #2 and has tour dates across the country for her live show.
  13. Have you seen him? He's a revolting troll. Yeah, I'd have gone to Greece too. Unpacking 100+ boxes, steaming clothes and fetching coffee at a friend's boutique seems like a job that doesn't require any specialized skill or degree.
  14. On the advice of her her attorney in order to avoid a prison sentence, I'd argue most people would do the same. Hell, I'd put on a habit and present myself as a nun to keep my ass out of jail.
  15. Wish I would've started counting in episode 1 but how many Apple watch mentions will there be? Will it surpass the "Rob can mount a TV in 7 minutes or less" count? Sandoval is seething with jealousy and it's only going to get worse.
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