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  1. My dream cast from the possibilities, using the same 11 men/11 women as season 1. Men: Blair Herter, Chadwick Pelletier, Dan Renzi, Danny Roberts, David Burns, James Orlando, Jamie Murray, Kefla Hare, Landon Lueck, Norman Korpi, Timmy Beggy Women: Anne Wharton, Ayiiia Elizarras, Casey Cooper, Coral Smith, Elka Walker, Gladys Sanabria, Jodi Weatherton, Melissa Howard, Piggy Thomas, Roni Martin, Svetlana Shusterman But come on, where's Emily Bailey??
  2. From all accounts, JL did not participate in the virtual reunion, Andy filmed a separate conversation with him. He seems to have avoided publicly acknowledging or taking any responsibility until now, which is the issue his castmates seem have with him. I'm curious what he's said/done throughout her pregnancy and what he said when he found out she was pregnant vs. now.
  3. Same. I'll watch whatever they give me, but there are some people on the list that I really hope to see. I'm basically hoping that they try to get the people who've been away for awhile. That means no Wes, Jemmye, Darrell, Bananas, etc. Would love to see a 100% entirely new cast for S2. Also would like to see separate male/female prizewinners and better pacing on the eliminations.
  4. Jamie sealed her own fate by volunteering to go home in place of Maria last week. As soon as she fell in the bottom two, I knew she was gone. No way they'd keep someone who offered to quit. Dale seems incredibly bitter. I mean, I get at this point that the judges all have their favorites, but like others have mentioned, his criticisms seem a bit over the top & personal. IMO, he lacks the accomplishments & personality to be that forthright with his opinion. Commenting on social media comments mean that we're not likely to see him again.
  5. It it makes anyone feel better, Directv is just as bad. Part 2 is still not available on demand. The intro to last week's episode basically spoiled the ending for me. Between the confusing episode numbering and the late availability, I might've watched 2-3 LCK episodes in the right sequence. It shouldn't be this hard.
  6. Baby drama. JL finally breaks his silence and tries to play the victim. His co-stars rightfully slam him. https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/below-deck-sailing-yacht-cast-drags-jean-luc-cerza-lanaux-after-his-dani-soares-baby-daddy-remarks/ Is it possible I now have even more love for Colin?
  7. Daisy & Alli are friends. I'd certainly tell my friend that the guy she likes is a douchebag too. Heck, Colin was so appalled by Gary's actions that he blabbed about it. I really enjoyed the season and adore Captain Glen. I found myself hoping there'd be a teaser at the end of the episode that they'd filmed the entire crossover. I'd watch Glen sail around the world, his cheesy grin is infectious. It was funny watching him keep an eye on the crew after giving permission for the one shot.
  8. Glen & Gary were still on the boat together during a recent WWHL, so maybe they're already filming another season of sailing? Google tells me that Greece may be season 3's location and Colin Macy-o'toole (BDM) is working as a casting agent on it.
  9. Chicago guy said he was first generation Portuguese immigrant. He was also the first in his family to own property. They chose the house with the best location, Logan Square > Humboldt Park, plus it was literally on the bike trail he uses to get to work. Speaking of, there was a lot of talk about him biking to work in the Winter. I'd be more concerned in the Summer, who wants a sweaty optician all up their face? Hoping he has a gym membership where he can shower.
  10. Am I misremembering or did the some time later shots show her a with a blonde woman? I thought that was likely her partner. Maybe she didn't join her in the Azores until after they'd filmed (or she did deliberately chose not to be part of the show)? Didn't feel that she was moving there to date, more to settle down in a more accepting place. In any case, the Azores are amazingly beautiful and I love seeing HHI episodes filmed there. Re: Christchurch. #1 did not look any smaller than #2 and it had a nice back courtyard area & normal bathrooms. I thought the kitchen was also mu
  11. snarts

    S10.E24: MIA

    Sorry, I had to, it's too good.
  12. snarts

    S10.E24: MIA

    Sorry, but you don't send a couple addicts to pick up your narcotics. Jade's lucky they stuck around long enough to drive her back to the house. They're on the mattress in the back of the minivan popping percocets. Apparently Kail was cut from the episode because she refused to show Chris beating on her? (According to Briana) it appears she returns next week.
  13. I very much enjoyed drunk Daisy. Would be happy to see both her & Colin return for another season. And, of course, Captain Glen. Sorry, I just adore him. Bored watching Dani & JL, although it was nice to see them treat each other respectfully. I also couldn't help but wonder if the baby making occurred on board. It was odd how baby crazy she was. Rumors that he skipped the reunion. Interesting. How can Sydney not be mortified watching Gary talk about banging her just to get back at Alli? He also asked her not to touch him twice, once at dinner and again in the hot tub. H
  14. High hopes for season 2. Mark had a huge 50th birthday bash earlier this week. Flipping through social media, so many old RW/RR peeps showed up: Montana, Genesis, Amaya, Casey, Jon Brennan, Sarah Greyson, Ayiia. Hope it gets renewed and hope they cast people we've not seen for awhile.
  15. Maybe I'm heartless but I never understand why the police/marshalls/govt/etc. go to such great lengths to protect the people on trial for heinous crimes. People like Wheatley. I get that they want the conviction, but the trial costs taxpayers money, housing them in prison costs taxpayers money, and often they get off on some technicality and there is no justice. I get innocent until proven guilty and I'm in no way recommending that the poilice/marshalls/govt should endanger the lives of the accused. I just mean in situations where Wheatley's own son took out a hit on his father, why is S
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