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  1. Wiesbaden, Germany - no surprise which house they chose when her Red Chevy was already in the driveway...
  2. Perfect end to a shit season. The women should be thankful Kathryn gave them a storyline. They quite literally talked of nothing else. Is the Gwynn's chick also named Madison? There was a guy listed as Madison's fiance, never seen him before. Or is Madison #2 the woman who just met Kathryn at the beach party but has been talking about her for weeks and expects an apology? There was another random guy at the dinner table who didn't even warrant a name flash/title. Madison#1 did herself no favors this season, what a shrew. Preview of the reunion, looks like Shep & Craig are rocking the same hairstyle, a comb over. Not hot.
  3. Because they didn't pick a side (vets vs. rookies)? Or they picked the wrong side? Or because they won a competition? :) I agree with CT, all the anger is comical. It's a competition for money, of course people are going to be deviously self-serving. That said, neither Theresa or Jay helped themselves by directly lying to people. There was no need for Theresa to tell Kam she wouldn't send her in without her permission or for Jay to tell Corey that he was safe on the bus ride to elimination.
  4. I find James harmless. He's far less problematic than some others we've seen like Bobby, Bryan, Ashton, etc. The ones that get angry when a women isn't interested or respond the way they'd like them to. James was up-front that he's looking for fun. Yes, he flirted with all the women, Elizabeth was the one who reciprocated with interest. He's been respectful towards her. If anything, she's the one we see telling everyone their business. I also don't blame him for freaking out a bit when she started talking marriage or for being a bit hurt that she didn't defend him to Rachel. Finally, I think his friendship with Izzy shows that he doesn't see all women as potential sexual conquests unlike some (see Bobby, Bryan & Ashton). Rachel is a mess. I think she's drinking a lot more than we realize. Hoping that being on this show helps her see that. I understand why hearing about her behavior was triggering for Captain Lee. They did a nice job with the montage.
  5. Chloe absent from season 4, claims she "took a step back from filming"
  6. Interesting decision by Netflix. I just watched that season and I remember them ridiculing Tonya for sleeping naked and accusing her of masterbating. They didn't cut out that episode.
  7. The fact that Kathryn's an asshole doesn't obsolve Leva from being criticized for her own behavior. She's made the situation all about her and we've every right to question her motives & judge her actions, just we do everyone else on this insipid TV show.
  8. Ok, so call her up and tell her you're ready to discuss it now. You don't bring other people into it and chase her around with a camera crew in tow. Your message gets lost when you act like a divisive bully starting "let's hate Kathryn" group. Unless, of course, it's less about your feelings and all about being a TV star...
  9. Fantastic, and the time & place for that discussion was when Kathryn reached out to Leva for advice after the emoji incident. Leva told her she had no interest in a friendship and sent Kathryn on her way. So why is she now so charged up, chasing Kathryn around at every social event and rallying people against her?
  10. This. Really trying to understand where Leva is coming from (hypocritical chiquita banana comment aside). Kathryn did reach out to her after the emoji incident and Leva said that didn't care to be friends with with her. So what exactly is she looking for from Kathryn? Gwynn's chick fired Kathryn immediately following the incident, seemingly without talking to her. So what does she want Kathryn to do and why does she wait to talk to her at parties instead of calling her? New chick (who's not in the credits but now part of every event) just met Kathryn last week. Why is she jumping in demanding apologies? The coven is so fixated on Kathryn. do they have anything in common without her? They're angry they haven't been able to get a reaction out of her so now they're targeting her friends, trying to get them to turn on her. What the hell? Not seeing how that's any better than Kathryn fighting with people on social media. It's not fun to watch and it makes me want to defend Kathryn who is so incredibly flawed. At least she's learned to keep her emotions in check and to walk away from situations like these women are continually trying to put her in. Sick to death of Leva's voice. Make it stop. I kinda loved Pringle a bit for not buying it and continuing to question their motives. Craig & Shep folded a bit not wanting to be made out to be racist. At the end of the day, the women are doing this for screentime and to get their name in the credits so they can miss me with the sanctimonious crap.
  11. Julia & Bobby were both from Med as well. I also like the show. I actually wish they'd talk more about their current lives than the episodes at times.
  12. Tori talks a lot of shit for someone who's won a whooping $15k after four Challenges...oops, now five.
  13. Bravo drops the first look at season 11 Premieres Feb 17th
  14. Izzy is not jealous, James is most definitely not her type. She just wanted to sleep in her own bed, not too much to ask really. Don't forget that James & Elizabeth avoided Delores watch entirely yet still managed to further affect others with their selfishness. Manky & feral, yuck. As if Elizabeth was already bad enough as a stew, now she wanders around in a love sick haze. Rachel is annoying, I don't blame Eddie for being embarrassed by her antics. After watching Francesca try to talk her off the stage, I understand a but more why Rachel was such a bitter shrew on WWHL. She doesn't like anyone who points out her messiness.
  15. Re-watching The Duel and yeah, I hated Diem from the jump. Hate to say it with what she battled, but she was an entitled brat. How she turned on Aneesa for daring to send her into the duel once (when everyone else had already been in twice) was awful, & I was never an Aneesa fan.
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