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  1. In addition to the show: Kyle & Amanda - own Loverboy spiked tea & seltzers Lindsay - owns Hubb House PR firm Paige - Instagram influencer & podcaster Ciara - RN Luke - part time model/actor & youth hockey coach Craig - owns personal injury law firm and Sewing Down South (he did pass the bar, APK, just like Ciara does indeed have a degree in nursing) Austen - owns Kings Calling Brewing Co/Trop Hop beer Andrea - full time model Julia - model?? Gabby - model?? Jason - model?? The newcomers certainly seem like production
  2. Wondering for awhile if Kyle's drunk party persona is a character he plays on TV. First, because Amanda seems like a decent, intelligent woman who wouldn't be down for that behavior 24/7. Secondly, Loverboy is hugely successful and even before that Kyle was a well respected in the start-up/business development world. He has an MBA from Babson, a highly respected entrepreneurial program. That's not to say I like the part he plays on the show. If anything, his antics are getting worse and even more grating. But, I do think he's an entirely different person off-camera. Remember how disa
  3. Their tshirt business hasn't gone belly up. No idea how profitable it is, but it's been going for at least 5+ years now and the site is updated with new arrivals for October Breast Cancer awareness https://www.ttmlifestyle.com/ Some of the items Maci was going through in the garage were product samples.
  4. Not typically a fan of Carole but I'm going to have to side with her on this one.
  5. Wow, Kyle was a complete asshole, who appointed him king? I miss not having Carl there. Also strange that Lindsey arrives so late. The backstory on four newbies range false. Then again, there was that picture of young Paige & Julia, so maybe they've kept in touch? Still doesn't explain why Julia was able to invite three friends along. Why not have the main cast bring a plus one? Speaking of Paige, her friendship with Ciara is a definite upgrade, although I do find it odd that she always shares a room. If it were me, I'd be angling for alone time with Andrea, Now that's a beautiful
  6. You know Sandoval's lost it when even sanctimonious Ariana won't back him up. I feel like with Stassi gone, he's refocused all that vitriol at Katie. James will never not be an asshole. Ooh, what's the skinny on Brock? From the previews, it looks like Lala uncovered some dirt.
  7. As soon as Delaney stepped off the boat & out of the quarantine bubble, there was no way to bring her back. Curious as to the 3rd backup, or was that the sous/crew chef from the production boat that came aboard as "help" when Matt was MIA?
  8. Modesto, CA: there must've been other things in play because it didn't make sense why they chose the 3rd house. It was the most expensive, smallest (only 3 bedrooms), it had the longest commute, and it was not updated. House #1 was gorgeous and other than some minor updates (doors & vanities) was completely updated. Plus, it had 5 bedrooms. Maybe the pool was more important than she let on?
  9. It was not a NYT bestseller and they're being sued for breach of contract. The only Vanderpump Rules affiliated book to be a NYT bestseller was Stassi's. Reminds me, good on Charli for realizing this gravy train won't last forever and getting her esthetician license.
  10. Not surprised. Like most metropolitan areas, Cleveland has towns & neighborhoods with various price points. They have multi-million dollar homes and many under $100k, often very close to one another. The one good thing about the pandemic is the explosion of remote work opportunities in corporate America. Nice to see them able to move closer to their family/support system.
  11. How does finding Schwartz engaging have anything to do with Raquel? While I don't think Schwartz is dumb (he was actually pre-med at FSU) my interest in watching him on a reality TV show has very little to do with his perceived intelligence. Plus, lots of first hand experiences from those who've met him that he's super friendly & (surprise) engaging :) I find Raquel vapid & uninteresting and her deliberate manner of speaking lulls me to sleep. I also dislike James, so her connection to him gives me pause. Again, my opinion. sorry you find it suspect.. Now? Dude's always
  12. Charli can lose me the childhood food punishment excuse. Her comment last season about pasta was nothing more than an attempt to fat shame Dayna. Last night, it was obvious she was looking for sympathy & screen time. No idea why they kept her on, she's not friends with any of these people. Was it just so Raquel wouldn't be the only person actually working at SUR? Say what you want about Schwartz, but he's the only one I find engaging. Although Katie & Lala were pretty entertaining on WWHL. Katie's suggested name for the bar, Once Upon a Tom, is clever. I find Sandoval to be suc
  13. Re: Tampa. Totally made sense for them to buy. In addition to the Dr loan benefits, rental prices in that area are sky high. Plus, the husband had some corporate job & was able to work remotely. Add me to the list of those unimpressed with the home options. My favorite was the ranch but it was obviously in a less desirable location. The Tampa area is full of those. It's Florida. Re: New Jersey. I adored this mother/son combo. Great relationship, respectful of one another. He seemed quite mature for his age. In fact, I thought he was older until she mentioned him having 3 more years
  14. snarts


    I despise Tom Sandoval and wish Tom Schwartz would break up with him. Scheana remains exhausting. Curious to hear the backstory on Brock. James is an asshole, drunk or sober. I miss Stassi, Kristen & Jax. Yep, I said it.
  15. No! So her plan to be a Dr's wife fell through so now we're stuck her again?
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