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  1. Many of us grew up in a world without pool fences and we survived. We had a summer cottage, so swimming lessons at the YMCA were mandatory starting at six months old. The Houston mom was not afraid of the stairs for her kids but rather her dog.
  2. Houston wife: I watch a ton of reality TV yet I couldn't place her. I was also so shocked to see her overly tweezed pencil thin eyebrows that I double checked to episode description to make sure it wasn't a re-run. Agree that something was off in their interactions.
  3. ^She's also acts as narrator. I often wondered why they don't make her have some type of love interest. The rest of them are not allowed to be single for more than a week. How many of them are actually together in real life? Garrett has to be the worst actor of the bunch. Whenever he has to say something dramatic, you can always see him trying not to crack a smile. Alex did too, when we were allowed to see his face :) The bad thing about editing him out of the show is that we didn't get to see his family's reaction to pregnancy. "You knocked up a hairstylist?!?" I'm bored by BG and his ex-Camilla, too much of the episode was spent on them.
  4. After reading about Dina's ex-husband's arrest, I have to wonder if the home invasion back in 2017 is somehow related to her ex as well? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/real-housewives-star-dina-manzo-attacked-in-brutal-home-invasion_n_591a124ae4b07d5f6ba545c3
  5. My point is, no one is forcing Captain Sandy into being a micromanaging camera seeker. It's who she is. To quote Heather B (The Real World S1) "they use what you gave them"
  6. Not everything is producer manipulation. We don't see Captain Lee or Captain Glen hovering around talking about table settings or questioning the menu. We also don't see them running up to the table during every meal asking guests about the food, Only Captain Sandy. Why? Because she's micromanager camera chaser who always wants to be in the middle of the drama. I posted a screenshot last season of her hovering in a doorway, trying to find a reason to join a conversation that had nothing to do with her, sums up her personality in a nutshell. It's also why she so quickly undermined Malia's authority and called the deck meeting. Rather than give advice on how to handle the situation, she wanted to be the center of attention. So sad. That meeting should've been a 1:1 between Malia & Pete. Not only did Captain Sandy make Malia look weak, she also demoralized the other two deckhands by including them in a verbal lashing when they'd done nothing wrong. The laundry located in the crew quarters, guests don't see it. However, I agree she should've mentioned it to Hannah or at least acknowledged that they were understaffed but she'd like to see the laundry room clean & organized. If it wasn't cleaned up, then she could be "pissed".
  7. While I agree that the producers ultimately decided to let Bugsy come back, it was for a 2nd stew role, which makes me wonder why Bugs would return for a 2nd stew role years later??
  8. The issue was that Bugsy fancied herself a chief stew yet took the 2nd stew role and then complained about it the entire season. Now it's years later and she's still accepting 2nd stew roles? Either she really wants to be on TV, she sucks at her job, or Also, what the fuck was she wearing? She looked like a 60 year old grandma with her floral jumpsuit & vera bradley bags.
  9. Sandy can't keep her mouth shut. https://www.eonline.com/news/1156729/captain-sandy-teases-drug-bust-more-on-explosive-new-season-of-below-deck-mediterranean
  10. Hannah & Jessica are on WWHL Monday.
  11. Yeah,, but this supposedly happened "years ago" & Luann was divorced after season 1. The interior designer thought all was well, but more drama ensued. “Then her husband calls and her husband’s like, ‘No, you just really need to do this for free,’ and tried to bully me into doing it for free." “They said, ‘You know what? Then let’s go to court. This’ll be good TV. It’s easier for us just to have our lawyer deal with it than it would be to actually pay you.’” From his manner of speaking, it was obviously a couple. Who was married? Ramona/Mario, Jill/Bobby, Alex/Simon, Heather/her husband, Aviva/her husband. That's it, right? Oh, and no thanks, Tamra
  12. Not ruling out other work, but I think the fact that her eyebrows are now much thicker changes her look a bit. While I've never found her particularly attractive, I've thought she's looked stunningly beautiful at times this season. Agree that Kyle looked way better just a few years ago than she does now.
  13. Yes, but they're not allowed to have their phones. They only get 10 minutes each week to video chat on a production supplied line.
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