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  1. Thank you for the vote of confidence but I don't have more insight than you do into this. 😃 But I also don't think they get help, at least in the kitchen. But clearly they have the briefs in advance (at least some of them) as they say throughout the episodes that they have rehearsed their dish at home. I think that is more or less true for all the versions, except for the "invention test" challenge where they have to think of a dish on the spot. They often have all the ingredients they need for their dishes so they are clearly planned in advance. So I don't know how much of the recipes
  2. Lucky you to have a new world to discover! 😃 Masterchef UK is really enjoyable to watch (amateurs, professionnals and celebrity series alike). I'm very happy with the winner also, but any of the final 3 would have been fine with me. I really loved once again following their journey into cooking and their sheer happiness at discovering that they can actually be good at this.
  3. But the kiss in the rain was indeed at the end of the Boyle episode...
  4. Overall last week's constestants were more solid I think. I was very moved by Melissa saying that she had always left the cooking management to others because of her arm, and that she was discovering new things in herself by being the decision-maker. I have a friend who remained hemiplegic at a young age due to a stroke and it is always a fine line between helping and taking charge. It can be easier for the helper to just do their thing and a lot of communication is needed so that the helped person does not feel put aside.
  5. Ep 4-5 Apparently getting from being a judge on one competition to being a contestant on another one Surprisingly good batch of contestants this week (and hey, I've heard of one! Well, of one's husband, but that's a start). I was sad for I had a look at the constestants line-up for next episodes and OMG, Will Kirk will be there! (fan-girling moment). And I also know Dion Dublin! Finally my time spent watching UK TV shows is paying off!
  6. "Beach Bungalow" Really liked the new design, light and fresh, and the living area was so much better laid out. I laughed that about all the discussion about which direction to lay the scale tiles in the bathroom (including a dad joke from Scott), they were actually put upside down! The toilet seat, just no. Not even for fun (and those things are expensive too). It makes the bathroom look so tacky. The metal firepit on the other hand was gorgeous!
  7. I thought there was a specific forum for Celebrity Masterchef but I can't find it (maybe I'm mixing it up with Professionals). Anyway the new season has arrived, yay! Watched the first episode, as always I don't know the people but there are some new challenges and they are fun. I really liked the street food challenge where they had to guess the ingredients from, and then recreate, a popular international street food dish (Danish meatballs this time, it would be fun if they were more adventurous next time). Masterchef UK is always fun to watch but I like the Celebrity version becaus
  8. So much this. I absolutely loved the early seasons of MC AU (I think that's how I discovered the MC franchise) but unfortunately now they have fallen more into drama and over-the-top ooing and aaaing over the dishes, cliffhangers with the flame logo before each commercial break, contestants explaining us the task again after each break, and so on. The season is long, which could be OK, but the episodes are long as well. I really enjoy the rythm of the UK episodes, the absence of drama and the honesty of the comments. I wouldn't mind a longer season of this.
  9. Ep 16. Indeed what a great group of finalists, but Tom was clearly above the rest. His dish was restaurant worthy. I think the right person went home. I would love to taste
  10. Really enjoyed the all-feminine quarter final this week. These women are strong! I'm very happy they
  11. My thoughts exactly! When I saw it I had a "cheap 80s Italian restaurant" vibe.
  12. That was a decent start to this new season (anything new is welcome to me! 🙂 ) but I would also like to see more work and less talk. The view from the Design Stars home was gorgeous so it was really disappointing to see the windows reduced to half their original size and barred with shelves! Why? Did something happen to Ty Pennington? His voice is really grating, has he been ill?
  13. Yes! So glad it's back. I've watched the first episode, it looks like a pretty strong start!
  14. I would be interested to watch their shows only for the real estate. I don't need to know how cute their kids are and how special it makes them feel to do good deeds while renovating. I had quit watching the show because of Chip's goofiness and because of Johanna same old-same old design style. I went back again after reading here that her style had change, which indeed it has (good for her) but there is definitely too much Gaines and not enough real estate in their show for me. Their show (and their brand) is completely based around their personal life and personalities, so it does matter wh
  15. I watched that episode, it was very weird. I also was surprised that so much focus was given on the blond woman Jenny (not sure she's Jo's sister or a friend). At least the organisation women were there for the reveal, and appropriate distancing was observed (not as in previous episodes with hugs galore...). Everything Chip said about the organisation and the women felt empty of any real feelings, the inspirational mottos in every room sounded like fake concern. I felt uneasy watching.
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