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  1. I wonder why we never got to see the two other bedrooms and the original bathroom? I supposed they were restored also.
  2. I agree that the furniture used make the room looked pretty weird (I actually thought at first it had become the dining room) but as a whole I think the house has a much better flow now. I didn't like the outside paint job, my first reaction when I saw it whole was "haunted house", but it seemed to suit the owners. I love how excited Brett gets over period tile and fireplace surround. It's really special to have real period pieces in a house, I'm always happy to see these parts being given a new life.
  3. Thank you all for the mysteries of Netflix revealed 😉
  4. Is that the first time Season 4 is on Netflix in the US? Because I'm in France and I've binge-watched all 4 seasons during lockdown in the spring. I didn't realize the offer was so vastly different.
  5. Great that there is a topic for this show! I also really like the couple, and the houses they restore are gorgeous. I really enjoy how sympathetic they are to the history of the houses and how they care about period details.
  6. It's my dream team of design shows : real estate agent Andrew Winter (from Selling House Australia, if you don't know this one try to look for it) and designer Neale Whitaker (also a judge on The Block AU, he's much more relatable on LIOLI). LIOLI AU is a fun light show and there are indeed some interesting properties.
  7. Hey isn't that Dr Melendez from the Good Doctor? I like the actor but yeah, Kevin Alejandro is just perfect for the role. This one is just too "clean" (it may also be the suit).
  8. I didn't know it was a place in Canada 😀 I chose this user name because it's the roman name of the island of Guernsey (Channel Islands in Europe), a place I really like. Now I really have to visit Canada!
  9. I agree with all this, which means that basically they should pull the plug on the show now, as there are pretty much no character with interesting stories left.
  10. I have to confess I had never heard of The Golden Girls before (I grew up in Europe in a non-English speaking country, so maybe that's why). I looked it up when I saw it won GOAT, and it still rings zero bells for me.
  11. I'm also interested in The Good Place winning "saddest death scene" as I found these scenes of the main characters turning into light butterflies and getting back down to Earth very comforting and actually full of hope. But I can understand that some people found it sad, I was not expecting it to win the category though. I also feel like a proud mama because it's the first year I have made submissions, and several of those went to the finals (some even won!), and it feels all warm and fuzzy to be part of this family!
  12. I've been watching three HGTV shows lately which seem new (I get them through unspeakable ways, so not sure when they were actually on): - Scott's vacation house rules (I believe from HGTV Canada). Eye-candy Scott McGillivray helps owners that want to turn their (usually very dated) vacation home into a profitable vacation rental. Most houses are in absolutely stunning lakeside locations (makes me want to visit Canada) and the makeovers are usually well-done, although the whole thing becomes a little gimmicky after a while. I've seen 10 episodes, don't know if there is more - Design at Your Door (or "how can we still make TV shows during lockdown?") from HGTV US. Homeowners are helped remotely by some of HGTV "star" designers to makeover a problematic room in their house. The designers interact with the homeowners by video and send them items through home delivery. Everything is supposed to be self-filmed by the homeowners, but I have some doubts sometimes. I have found 5 episodes, watched only two. There is a lot of fake enthusiasm but it's interesting to see what can be done by people in their own home, assuming they really don't get any outside help for the work (they shouldn't). - Hot Mess House (lockdown show, take 2), also HGTV US. Cassandra Aarssen, an "organizational expert" (hello, Mary Kondo) helps people to declutter and organize some of their messy spaces. Advice is also given remotely and people do the work themselves. I have found .3 episodes and watched one. Being a messy person myself this is somewhat inspirational and more relatable than Mary Kondo, the basement clean-up in the first episode was truly spectacular. A bit of a change from House Hunters!
  13. It has started! As usual I have no idea who these people are 😄 but I really enjoy the challenges and the pace of the episodes (look at this, Masterchef AU! No wasted time here). I really want to try John's dumpling platter.
  14. Oops sorry I missed your post and see that I've posted pretty much the same thing! (so that's not just me 😉 ).
  15. If it's not an issue for you, it's not an issue 😉 I for one really don't like that it blocks the light, and that you cannot open the window. I also feel that when staging a house if you have to put the bed in front of the window it says that the room has a weird configuration and is complicated to furnish. But that's just me.
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