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  1. The actual clothes are interesting (although I'm not quite sure where they would be worn, and I get the costume-y comment, but they are nice to look at). The text/statement is ridiculous and I think bring the clothes down. I won't comment on the prices, even though I'm 47 I'm clearly not in the target audience.
  2. I come here to read, but I've stopped watching! 😁
  3. I didn't get the top three at all. OK for Sergio's dress which looked really good for a dress made of wrapping paper, that was serious craftsmanship (I say that in a good way). But Shavi's dress was so unflatering to the model. The top was terrible, and the mid-section looked like a kindergarden's project. Ugh. And come on, Victoria's dress was pretty much all made of fabric! And just as Christian warned her, her model did look like she was wearing a wreath around her neck. I did like Dayoung's dress and her model looked so whimsical with the head piece. The bottom three were the right ones (I may have put Shavi's dress in there, but not sure which other one to take out) but I wished Tyler had been auf'ed (is that still a thing?) rather than Alan. Not so much because Alan's dress was better (they were both just as bad) but because Alan is more fun to have around.
  4. That's a very strong final 4, I'd be good with any one of them winning
  5. I found quite funny that the eliminated design was one that guest judge Marnie had given high marks to. Seems like they totally disregarded her input and I felt the other judges did not have a high regard for her (can't blame them). I feel that parrot jacket would have won if the garment did not have to be mass-produced and sold on line. It was stunning.
  6. Ep 14. That was an great episode with very solid cooking. I really enjoyed the pop-up restaurant challenge. I wanted to reach into the screen and grab that bannoffee pie-inspired dessert. It looked exactly like my kind of dessert (I mean the ones I like, not the ones I cook unfortunately). I think all my favorite chefs were in that round. Seeing one leave was very sad but on the basis of the second round I feel they made the right choice. You really can't have a bad day in the kitchen.
  7. I have not seen the previews for next episode (and honestly, I wish they would not be discussed here, or maybe with spoilers, but I don't know what the requirements are about this on this particular forum). But this is also pretty much what I felt from what was shown in this episode. I did not have at all a romantic vibe about Lea comforting Shaun. I felt that she was just trying to provide reassurance, to put him in a safe place. It could have been someone else than Lea, if there was someone else in Shaun's life that was there and understood what he needed at that time. It could have been Glassman if he was capable of such gestures, it could have been his mom if she had motherly feelings, it could have been his brother if he wasn't dead. Since none of them could be there for Shaun, Lea was. I don't know much about autism so apologies if I'm off the mark, but I felt that being held tightly like this was just what he needed when his body was acting up.
  8. It's not exactly beans, it's chick peas (which are sort of beans I suppose). You can use the water in which chick peas have cooked to replace eggs (especially egg white) so that you can make egg recipe for people who are intolerant to eggs (or vegan). It's the first time I see it used for mayonnaise, but I've seen (and tasted) chocolate mousse made with it and it's very effective (and good). That bottle-opening scene was indeed so funny! Go Monica!
  9. Aaron, Missy and Elisabeth all publicly reacted to Kellee's boot episode while they were still on the show just as much as Dan, so he could speak if he wanted to.
  10. I don't feel the same way, so let's agree to disagree. Yes, but my point is not that it's a problem with the relationship. My point is that it's a problem with the show.
  11. Carly is not "trying to find ways to bed Shaun". They are both adults in a relationship and they both want it. Shaun has expressed it several times. If one was pushing the other into something they don't want that would be a whole different story, whatever genre they are, but it's not shown to be the case here. If Shaun changes his mind about wanting it, and Carly still pursues it against his wishes, then it would be a problem, but that's not the case for now. So I'm fine with Carly and Shaun wanting to have sex together and exploring ways to get there. But I'm not so sure I want to watch it, or at least I would like to be also shown other aspects of their relationship as well. I think centering their relationship around the physical aspect may be what is putting some viewers off because we don't really see what else they might be sharing or why they enjoy each other's company.
  12. I know! It looked heavenly! I'm also happy with the three that got through. It's a solid competition so far.
  13. Oh, that baby is so doomed. On another note, I'm not familiar with Safe Haven. Can somebody explain what exactly is a Safe Haven volunteer and what was Jo's role supposed to be at the station? Was she there to give human interaction and reassurance to the baby, or was she there as a doctor? Why did she remain so long at the station instead of getting the baby to the hospital, or was she just waiting for the social worker? Shouldn't that baby be checked by a doctor?
  14. So what happened to Jeff's "I will always bring it up" to Dan last week?
  15. This was not "some sort of valid complaint", it all happened under the cameras and TPTB were witness to it all. They should have stepped up. The message that should have been sent (and not only to women) is "this behavior is not appropriate, we don't want it in our show and we are putting a stop to it now". As Kellee said, if Dan had behaved appropriately, none of this would have happened. The pressure to think before acting should be on the man in this situation, not on the woman. If an assaulter suffers consequences for their actions it's not the victim's fault, and it's not up to the victim to decide what they want the consequences to be. There are rules and laws, and if Survivor producers don't have rules about this type of assault and are OK to let it happen on their show, I'm not sure I want to watch that show any more. Disclaimer : I'm not from the US, so not sure of how things work out there, but in my country (France) a magistrate can initiate an investigation when they have knowledge of the occurence of a crime even if the victim does not want to press charges. Just recently an actress has spoken up about being assaulted by a movie director when she was a teenager, and even though she says she would not press charges, the French justice system has opened an official investigation.
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