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  1. She’s in her 60s and after a while, unless you have Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon, you end up looking like a clown. I understand women want to plump up their lips as they thin with age but it seems like they have not perfected the optimal amount of injections yet. She has joined the plastic surgery victims club. Her entire face is now literally plastic. It’s making her crooked teeth more noticeable for some reason.
  2. Omg. The only magic on the show is that the writers think we are enjoying it. Now we are supposed to believe that Cassie‘s husband was in a rock band. I guess the escapism in watching these super wealthy people just live in splendor, don’t have any real problems, takeoff to Luxurious vacations on the spur of the moment or are within reach of precious jewels on a whim. I think I’m getting too old for this nonsensical fantasy stuff I’ve lived in reality too long.
  3. Just started watching the Aurora Teagarden mysteries. I can only find the first 3 then it skips to about 8 up to the wedding. Not even complete on the Hallmark app. I just finished the one where they were at the resort with the police couple ( what a bitch, don’t get me started) and the actress in the play was murdered with a real knife. Anyway, my question is why is Candace (in the previous movie I watched where she was a bridesmaid also) now wearing hideous cheap looking wigs? It looked like her natural hair in the first few movies but now it is obviously fake.
  4. Something is off with Sami & EJ. Besides finding out that they haven’t had sex in a while, there is more wrong with their relationship. She seems scared of him. Also, didn’t Sami get a shit load of Dimera money? Why did she have to ask EJ to wire money in the first place? Doesn’t she have access to her own money? How 1960’s.
  5. Yes. He was hot!! And he looks even better with a beard. They really make him look undesirable here! Get rid of Jackee Harris. Not a good actress really, pretty much one note. And hope she takes her daughter with her. I think they are both scheming to rip off Salem big time.
  6. Does someone that beautiful & thin really believe they are fat & ugly?! I like this show. I should have waited till more episodes were out, I hate waiting. hate the dirtbag husband.
  7. Just watched the one where Regina‘s husband steals her college money. I don’t know what she sees in this piece of shit. He acts like he belongs in the ghetto not in a beautiful home with a loving wife and awesome kids. It really seems so far at the left field but she married this scum
  8. I was thinking the same thing. A man his age who has a super rich mother and probably money of his own, doesn’t have a home or an apartment of his own?
  9. I have to question the wisdom of bringing children into the world who have these sorts of physical problems. Tori knew this so she should not be surprised that she has turned into a worry wart. These kids are going to take up all of her time and cause a lot of anxiety and the rest of your life😞 I felt really bad for Matt climbing the stairs with his crutches. One false move and he would’ve tumbled over backwards to his death possibly. I don’t get these women buying these houses with steps when they live with dwarf mates. Looks like an Internet router on the floor too.
  10. Just watched the one with the Asian woman who spoke multiple languages & almost became a lawyer. I found her situation particularly sad because she was so intelligent but so very mentally ill. She was delusional. This show is do unsatisfying in that way. The expert said she was living in a fantasy world & she was worried about her. Then we never find out if this woman is getting help. She is able to buy back her house even though she was fired from her job. What bank gave her a loan?! And how Luis it going to take for her to turn that house back into a rats nest? I feel for these peopl
  11. Agree. I hope this gets better because I miss the broom closet more mature Colbert. WTF with the juvenile opening. And WTF!!! With John Stewart?😳 I turned it off & missed Rita Moreno. I don’t think my shit Spectrum app info had her listed.
  12. Kate has had great plastic surgery! Can’t believe her actual age. Maybe chock full of hormones too, that makes a big difference. Hair and make are good too. Nose job is iffy. But surprised she never fixed her messed up teeth. They are becoming more crooked as she ages.
  13. Don’t like him as being played by this actor, at all. That house looks worse than it did before the redo! It is fugly!!🤮🤮 Is that Abbies doing? What is that style called? Thrift shop Dracula’s castle?
  14. Jesus, This show had potential and it really abused it. It’s absolutely horrible. I actually fell asleep a few times watching it. I think it also has to do with that I don’t like the two main actors.
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