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  1. I’ve been 103lbs at 5’3 in my younger days & certainly not anorexic at all. She was a good weight. Sounds like she was not taking care of herself & her husband & her mother did not care. The very fishy thing is all the prescription drugs, the mold, the creepy husband, the drunk sounding flirty mother, the weird father. The cluttered, dirty, classless house. How did Simon get away with having prescriptions in all those different names? I know that is unlawful. I’d love to know the real dirt. So sad. He was awful & it seems her mother is too.
  2. Why did she need a ride home? I missed it. Did she tell her to walk? No bus?
  3. Yes. Being a farmer does not excuse you from cruelly letting your pet suffer until it dies “naturally”.
  4. Still in the bedroom right next to the bed! It would be handier be in the shop?!😆
  5. Why does Ben have a dirty greasy tool chest in his bedroom?!🤢
  6. Holy shit did anyone see the 1967 Nancy Sinatras special (brought to you by Royal crown cola and you won’t forget it) they had on the other night for some strange reason? I was intrigued to see the retro-ness of it and because they said it would have original commercials unfortunately all the commercials were royal crown cola. What a no talent she was, wow. I fast forwarded through most of it the only good thing and it was the car and the old Timey NBC peacock.
  7. I am enjoying it, watched two episodes so far. I’ve only seen Eugenio Derbez and a couple of things but he always makes me laugh. This is a good light easy thing to watch.
  8. Just imagine how much fun it would have been to have to deal with her as a cop! She liked to eat.
  9. And it was better. Some of the things that you are called out on, warned or banned for, are ridiculous. Well I never signed up for a different site. I just remember coming back a couple of times & the place had a different name and a different feel.
  10. Was she that size when she was a police officer? I always wonder about the efficacy of someone running someone down when they are in that type of shape. when very overweight people can’t stop talking about the kitchen the kitchen the kitchen in the house it really is just setting yourself up for a joke. it sounded to me like they were both in on slightly unlawfully arresting people as far as traffic stops go ? at least that’s how it sounded.
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