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  1. The kids were cute. I watched each family's initial greeting and then hit the fast forward 30 second button on the remote as soon as Jeff started talking. Worked like a charm.
  2. Except that he pronounced it wrong. Maybe not good gameplay, but I thought it was sweet of Parvati to share so that the six of them, many of whom, as she pointed out, had been there longer than she, could eat.
  3. I agree that both girls need to run very fast from that whole dysfunctional family dynamic. No matter what they feel for Peter (or may think they feel for the moment), that boy was not raised to have healthy relationships and is not good marriage material, period. Barb...OMG she was something else, but don't forget that it was dad that started it the minute Peter and Madi sat down on the couch: Madi: "We had an issue to discuss." Dad: "And what was that issue?" They already knew what the issue was, but to sit there in front of the cameras and make her describe it in detai
  4. I also took issue with Lis-a-beth (or Elizabeth, which might also be what was said) Salander being accepted. It's Lisbeth, no "a" in the middle. I was also curious about the judging decision to take away the money earned for Lord Greystoke but not penalize the contestant for a wrong answer.
  5. That party scene and the "replace the SIM card" mission reminded me of something from Chuck. All in all, I'm enjoying this. It is a big cast and a lot of story to juggle, but I'm mostly keeping track so far. I don't need to know everything now as long as it ties up in the end, but I do find if I blink, I miss things, like how Tara knew to find Kwon's daughter at the Palace of Versailles.
  6. My thought as well, since I've done the LAX to San Pedro thing myself. In fact, next week we need to get from Houston (Hobby) to Galveston for the same reason. Uber looks like the best bet for us, and should be easy enough in LA too. I like Elise. Hope she sticks around for a while.
  7. I do! I do! I was flipping through channels a couple of years ago, saw him on HW, and stuck around to watch. Yeah, he's very "hosty," and you can bet it's 99% scripted, but he's not any worse than most other competition show hosts. He bothers me less than, say, Jeff Probst or Nigel Lythgoe, for example.
  8. That whole thing between Chris and Katie was weird. She goes to bed crying, he says they'll talk tomorrow, and the next scene opens the next evening when Chris H announces there will be no cocktail party. Did I miss something? Chris and Katie had all day to either talk or awkwardly avoid each other and we saw or heard nothing of it? What happened during the day that the editors didn't want us to see? If it was awkward avoidance and gossip around the bar, I think we would have been shown that. If they talked and worked things out, there's no drama and it doesn't fit the narrative. So which
  9. I just happened to be reading one of those click-bait "exposés" today, this one about reality shows being fake. Shocking, I know, and it didn't really contain anything we don't already know, such as the home buyers in House Hunters are already in escrow before going on the show and things like that, but they had this to say about Masterchef: So not to say Micah didn't play along, but it wouldn't surprise me if the producers were 100% behind it, maybe turning something innocuous like his parents not showing up at his audition because they thought he was wasting his time and would ne
  10. I know this is petty, but the more I hear it, the more it bugs me, so I'm going to say it anyway: Does it drive anybody else up the wall when they announce a player's winnings ending in 001 as a singular dollar amount instead of plural? I've been noticing it for months, and sometimes I think I've heard wrong, but it happened twice on Friday. At the top of the show they announced that EJ had a two-day total of fifty-four thousand two hundred one dollar, and then in FJ that Eric had a total of eight thousand one dollar. Last I checked 54,201 and 8001 are both a lot more than one, and therefor
  11. Someone else said it earlier, but I also thought she was just extremely dehydrated. As for why is was all so abrupt, I assumed it hit her after the cameras were gone for the night, and that they only caught up with her when she got to the hospital, but probably weren't allowed into her room until the point we saw. Throw in some stock ambulance footage and we got all they had.
  12. Any time spent commenting on this episode is more than the episode deserves, but here goes anyway: It felt like I was watching a cheap, Trading Spaces version of Chopped, but where none of the food was remotely edible, and the judges were so lackluster it didn't seem they bothered to even phone it in. The painting projects turned out least bad of everything else on the show, but I'm shocked--shocked!--that Cayle (?) beat out the girl in round one with a "stool" that couldn't even handle the weight of someone sitting on it. At least his opponent made something that could stand on it
  13. I said L Train too, and I also knew it was wrong.
  14. I don't even think it was that--it looked more like thin set that is used to tile floors, although Hildi called it "self-leveling floor" something or other, so I think it was quick-set concrete. I've tiled floors before, and scraping thin set off the concrete slab is bad enough. It won't come off the walls without destroying them, so they will have to be taken down and drywalled again if the homeowners don't keep it. Which I imagine they won't. What a disappointing episode. Hildi sucks. The one thing I'll give Ty was that when the homeowners balked at putting straw on the floor, he sa
  15. LOL, 10s of acres of almonds in Sac County. Reminds me of Kevin O'Leary on Shark Tank telling an entrepreneur with a mediocre product, "You'll make hundreds!"
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