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  1. This post is weeks old, but I get what you're saying about Stephanie. She's all heart, but I just don't think she thrives in the role of trophy wife. Isn't she a social worker? She went to school to help people, yet she lives the life of someone who does little but throw parties in her mansion, and she even has an assistant for that. I can't imagine living such a superficial life. Maybe Steph would feel more fulfilled by getting back to her profession. And I'm not discounting her depression, I've been in a slump for years now.
  2. Sorry about the multiple posts, I'm watching on DVR and keep pausing to post. I love James Spader and I finally watched Secretary a year ago, and I really loved it. It's not nearly as controversial as it's rumored to be. Sure there's S&M, but ultimately, it's a love story. Two damaged people finding they match each other perfectly.
  3. I've long suspected Meghan didn't consider her father's first three children as siblings, and she slipped and confirmed it. "Both of my brothers have fought in combat." Meghan has four brothers. And she's being too kind hearted, in my opinion. Parents of children go to prison every single day and no one worries about the impact on their children. It only seems to matter when it comes to the privileged.
  4. And I didn't say this was recent history. Their feud went on for a long time, as well as Shannen's feud with members of 90210.
  5. I like and respect Chelsea, too, but I just don't think it's her style to slyly insult someone and embarrass them in front of others. Seeing her responses to haters on SM, she's always polite, poised, and pure class in how she responds. It's why I don't think she would do well as a permanent co-host . . . not that I think she would ever even consider the job. Also, Meghan is always incredibly thin-skinned and sees slights where they don't exist. Meghan did not react negatively. Personally, I got the impression that Chelsea and Abby had already had this type of discussion back stage, or at a previous time, and that's why Chelsea only mentioned Abby.
  6. Is it really applaudable to be the grandmother of 57 children? Really? All it means is you are extremely fertile and chose to forego birth control (or sense). ETA: My grandmother had nine as well, but her children were wise enough to keep the grandkids to 23. I'm guessing Shannen Doherty? But then Shannen is known to be quite difficult on set herself.
  7. I hated the optics. This is where the men eat all their meals ... and here’s where you little ladies are going to cook. Immediate fast forward.
  8. That's an excellent point. I googled for a couple minutes to figure it out, but nothing jumped out at me. It seemed obvious it wasn't a producer or director, as she said the set handled the situation for her. Since she had the starring role in that movie, she would have had more clout than she would have otherwise.
  9. Something was up when they were discussing her abuser. Abby spoke as if she knew who he was, and it made me wonder if Alyssa had contemplated naming him on the show, or if she had shared the name with them and was regretting it.
  10. At some point, they should just label it The Music Hall of Fame. There are so many pop stars and even folk singers.
  11. Sorry Sunny, Hip Hop does not belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's an entirely different genre.
  12. I disagree with Meghan about Hunter Biden coming up tonight. Sure Kamala and Julian have taken some shots at Biden, but those are regarding policy and vote record. I would like to think that every Democratic candidate standing up there tonight would be smarter than to use Trump's technique. I will be sorely disappointed if it does come up, unless it's from the moderators. I think Meghan is so into the Republican mindset of attack everyone viciously and personally. And who would be stupid enough to give Joe another chance to talk about the trauma of losing his wife, daughter, and son?
  13. He’s also a ringer for Mia’s father.
  14. Nancy used the words “nonsense”, “silly” and “stupid” and was irritated with Mia because it was affecting Nancy’s children. She also said Frank would have laughed if Mia tried this when he was still alive. I don’t blame them for trying to disassociate from Woody, but teasing this suggestion, with bright blue contacts, was such a bad idea when he was striving to be a serious journalist. He’s now very successful and has seemed to drop it.
  15. Frank’s kids shut that down even with Ronan wearing those Frank-colored contacts.
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