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  1. The visual of the Viking funeral sounds very entertaining
  2. The focus groups really need to make the producers remove Meghan
  3. I feel like I've more or less moved on from Downton in the time that elapsed between the end of the show and when the movie came out.
  4. Meghan's freakout just now is like when Bitsie tried quitting over the morning after pill
  5. Meghan needs to stop yelling
  6. I don't think we need a second movie
  7. Monday, March 1 – Day of Hot Topics; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, March 2 – H.E.R. (single, “Fight For You”) Wednesday, March 3 — Tim and Fred Williams (TwinsthenewTrend) Thursday, March 4 — Performance from Brad Paisley (single, “Off Road”) Friday, March 5— Kathryn Hahn (“WandaVision”); Guy Fieri (“Restaurant Hustle”)
  8. Monday, Jan. 11 – Ken Jennings (ABC’s “The Chase”; “Jeopardy!”) Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Lil Nas X (author, “C is for Country”); Ralph Macchio and William Zabka (“Cobra Kai”) Wednesday, Jan. 13 – James Comey (author, “Saving Justice”) Thursday, Jan. 14 – Rob Lowe (“9-1-1: Lone Star”); Dondré Whitfield (author, “Male vs. Man”) Friday, Jan. 15 – George Lopez (“No Man’s Land”)
  9. At least three script doctors
  10. I want Julian Fellowes' script to be polished by someone else
  11. I hope she's softer when she returns
  12. I cringed when Whoopi botched Ronna's name and gender
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