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  1. https://ew.com/tv/batwoman-season-2-episode-13-preview/ Stephanie Brown is here...and she's a red head? And seems the same age as the rest of the Bat gang? Guess Barbara doesnt exist.
  2. It was a good premiere! This is the tone that I wish they'd keep majority of the season. Legends tends to lose me when they go to far into the goofy. They remember that the DEO exists and could help which was great. I wonder if Alex would've shown up if COVID hadnt happened (though I feel like it shouldn't stop since they film right next to each other but whatever). Why did Legends put the last 6 seasons of Supergirl to shame in the alien department? Supergirl makes 99% of their aliens boring humans, J'onn is a Martian for 5 seconds an episode but here we got 2 different types of ali
  3. Wow took majority of the season before some type of interview was given by someone on the cast. We got a recast.....silence. Thunder gets a new outfit...silence. It's the last season...silence.
  4. Wow this was the best episode of the season! Everything clicked, all the storylines ran together smoothly, all of the "team ups" were very delightful. Alice/Ryan were funny as hell to watch together, loved their dynamic. Batmobile scene was gold. Mary/Sophie were fun, when Mary goes to the Crows office, pure gold. Mary finally gets a good storyline and plenty to do once she knows who Batwoman is. What they are doing with Kate is EXACTLY what they should've done with Sara back in S4 of Arrow instead of the ridiculous Laurel lazarus pit storyline. It was nice to see how formidable
  5. Yeah they began filming in October. Melissa filmed her scenes in march?
  6. Did you know that Meghan is the only conservative voice on mainstream television?
  7. They have lost their minds. We have every network besides TheCW who is airing their seasons normally and are already at season finales....is because TheCW is cheap? How is it every network is doing fine but CW has all of their shows airing all over the place? Months on months apart from that?
  8. Crisis. I dont know how J'onn is able to give back Pre-COIE memories but the guy cant even get up to date with post-COIE timeline. How do they not end up with both set of memories? It makes no sense. It was stupid then and stupid now.
  9. It was one of the better episodes of the season. Dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing lol. The casting was A+, all of them looked like their adult counterparts. I hate connecting Cat to Kara in anyway before the S1 premiere so wasnt fan of the storyline, Arrow did the same thing with Oliver/Felicity and I hated that as well. But the actress was great. It took them 6 seasons and a flashback to FINALLY give Kara a good love interest! Where has this guy been all of our lives? It's to bad that the actor is likely 5years younger than Melissa and we dont know how their chemistry co
  10. It's a shame that this is the last season because...this is one of the rare DC CW shows where I genuinely love the entire cast. I wish we could just get a new show runner who is able to be good with a mixture of mainstream stories and tackling the issues the show has taken since day one. This has been such a dark and miserable season and I dont want it to go out like this. With that said...it was an ok episode. Thunder finally gets a new suit, love when that happens but I miss her old one already lol. Hate the straps on her mask, hate the boots, and wish there was some more yellow in ther
  11. I dont think they will. They even brought back OG Wally in the comics. I think Iris will be like Etta Candy where her race continues to flip flop depending on whose in charge.
  12. Im 50/50 on it. Needs a bit more yellow and it appears they put her in heeled boots this time which is weird.
  13. We only have so many episodes left and so little time....we need to see more of Black Lightning himself!
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