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  1. I still watch and its fine that each sister has their own plot but we dont need all 3 to focus on some supernatural element, especially if they dont all come together by the end to unite as one. The witch hunter storyline or whatever couldve been expanded upon and they did a good job of making it creepy.
  2. So Kate has a doppelganger sister who she would do anything for...how Sara/E2 Laurel of her. I like how the writers thoughts on Crisis are just "We created a new Earth that is practically the same as the one the audience has been watching so we'll just throw in doppelgangers to show the fallout from having so many universes" Surely Beth/Alice arent having the migraines because both can't inhabit the same Earth....right? Cause if that's so...Arrowverse writers need to make up a rule book.
  3. Supergirl had a whole slew of Doppelgangers survive who managed to "slip through the cracks" so it seems like even though they merged Earths, if you were already on E1 when it became Earth Prime you just "exist" as you originally were. Going to guess she didnt need J'onns help to remember Pre-Crisis.
  4. Either way it is still feels weird to not bring her to the funeral regardless of her not remembering any of it. I'd expect her to have someone there that can still help her watch Mia as she does various things but....I'd still expect her to have the baby there.
  5. Felicity wouldnt bring her own child to her fathers funeral? That's even more ridiculous than Sara picking up Mia from 20 years in the future (which is....stupid) And it is so Arrow to have Laurel find happiness off screen and we see none of it. I loved Tommy/Laurel together so im bitter we cant see them. Are we sure that all of this is Olivers "rewriting" since there are a lot of things that happen on this new E-Prime that he shouldn't have direct involvement in. And I wonder how "Prime" Oliver died.
  6. Well damn, even rebooting the universe cant save E1 Laurel. I see you MG. Still hate how they didn't just do a merge of some sort and E2 Laurel is still a doppelganger who is somehow on E1.
  7. Arrow spent the last 8 years teasing GL....let's see if they come through finally. And how funny DC has done nothing with Ted kord but keeps him off limits to people who want to use him.
  8. Nice to know that Crisis has changed SO much....let me guess...due to COIE a bunch of different Wells were dumped onto Earth Prime?
  9. She was Ravager...which Rose is...but they are still really different. Plus with Rose being a meta herself, it would come in handy.
  10. Not allowing Helen to come back as Supergirl/Superwoman...such a waste! And I'd love it if Alex became Superwoman and in term the big bad ala Evil Willow. But they already did that with whatshername last season.
  11. DC should be at the point after COIE where multiple versions can exist of some characters on different shows. Rose would be a good fit. This show also shouldn't be afraid of using meta's, it should be the in between and utilize the universe they are in.
  12. I would hate if they had Lady Shiva be in charge of the Deathstrokes when she is so above that.
  13. No to the belt and no to keeping the ugly cape clasps.
  14. Is it really any different from techies magically being able to do anything with alien tech? Though she didn't do anything really fancy, I'd imagine in the future it is even easier to use.
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