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  1. She TOTALLY will. While I still think it is stupid to do a complete recast...I'm cool with her casting and hope that she brings mroe to the role than Ruby was able to. Not surprised that they went with a black actress, I was expecting it. Glad that she is in her 30s and not another young 20 something.
  2. Wasnt TheCW trying to become year round with new shows? Stargirl proved that summer shows still do as well as regular shows so I think if they pick this up, it may do the same as Stargirl.
  3. IIn his defense though....idt he knew Courtney was suited up as he was calling her name? But wow, this was a GREAT episode. Each of their villains they've been able to give just enough depth to that they there is at least one aspect of them you can care about and they continued to do it here with Cindy. The revelation that she's dating Brainwave Jr. as part of a master plan was a nice reveal as was her just killing one of those clones or whatever she killed after she entered the ISA HQ. I love Courtney, I think she is probably my favorite DC lead of any of the DC tv shows. She's cocky but it doesnt annoy me. The training sequence with the team was good since Courtney needs a reminder not to be a show off and that...you have a team now. Stargirl vs. Cindy was so.freaking.good! Only part I didnt like was that Cindy was so nonchalant with her identity. Stargirl and co. have only had small wins thus far after the 1 major win (taking out Brainwave) and I'm glad they are doing it the way they are. Villains have to be good at their job instead of getting their butts kicked every round with the hero. The Janitors true identity was all but revealed with that sword. I'm interested to see his backstory since he isnt part of the JSA we knew.
  4. If very very soon isnt code for "next week" then does it matter MG?
  5. I want to forget COIE even existed, it was that bad so no thank you MG.
  6. Are you getting this from her actual twitter or just coming up with things? Someone came after her regarding her son. She responded about her son. Rinna is not her son, is not her daughter, is not her family.
  7. huh? Clearly you dont follow Erika and you dont know her life.
  8. That'd be the best thing in the world but I doubt it. They'll just have Bamford direct everything
  9. She's the resident "techy" though she's directly in the field instead of in the "office". Itll be interesting to see how they utilize her.
  10. Great episode, nice to see their first full time outting and getting their butts rightfully kicked. Ever since Young Justice made Sportsmaster almost on par with Deathstroke, I've wanted to see him adapted for live action so its great to see a more menacing Sportsmaster. Artemis, while I enjoyed her...seemed REALLY young compared to the others. I hope we get a life in the day of for Tigress/Sportsmaster just to see how they function as "normal" adults. We got to see a bit more of it in this episode but I do need a tiny bit more humanzing to them.
  11. I'm not that big of a fan of Rinnas as I was when she first joined the show. Nowadays she seems like she puts up a facade and is so far up Erikas ass it's embarrassing. As far as her costume, to me...it was 5 years ago, she apologized and I view it more as ignorance when they decided to dress up as Sid and Nancy. Of course everyone will have a different reaction and hold on to things longer for various reasons but imo it isn't something that should result in her being fired now.
  12. S2 really didnt have a serialized storyline going on apart from the sisters just continuing to come into their own and explore who they are. Serialized television was still fairly new I believe back then so it's not surprising. Charmed was never the greatest show bu the relationship between the sisters is what made it as successful as it was (rated #2 on TheWB) and why I can enjoy it so much. Shannen/Alyssa/Holly felt like sisters, even in S3 when Shannen/Alyssa were feuding they did (imo) a great job of not showing it on camera.
  13. I still doubt they will as well but on the off chance they do they could lose potential actors for waiting as long as they have.
  14. TheCW is playing with fire....they are gonna wait until the last minute to pick up the series and then all of the supporting actors will probably have moved on to new gigs.
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