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  1. While Ive always had a love for the original Charmed, the reboot has definitely made me appreciate the original 4 seasons and how they dealt with the sisters relationship and powers even more. I definitely feel like had Prue stayed alive, S4 would've set up a human being a main drive in trying to out the sisters as a consequence of turning back time. I also loved Bucklands and I feel like they could've brought it back around for Prue though they seemd to being leaning towards trying to get the sisters more independent financially so they wouldnt have to come up with ways to get them out of work. Charmed and Dangerous was such a turning point for the show that it feels like it marked the true end of "classic Charmed". Vanquishing The Source so early in the season lead to the backhalf being so rushed and Phoebe becoming a totally different character immediately after the episode. I think it was a very Shannen thing as she wanted the show to grow up and become darker so it's believable that she'd use directing as her advantage to bring some of those elements out as much as she could.
  2. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on the OG in the other Charmed thread I do think these writers have had a problem since the beginning of making the supporting characters stronger than their "main" characters which are the sisters. They keep depriving them of any real sisterly moments....and I cant even get started with Macey getting a new power that was Mels......but at least the 3 of them are in the same scenes more which is a slight upgrade...
  3. Love the posters. Wildcats mask seems to round and not sure how I feel about teen Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite.
  4. I definitely wouldnt want "current day" Evelyn to appear in the future. Having 2 there is already a lot and should they get Colin back they'd have to do some sort of time travel to hook him up with Laurel and of course Sara. They'll have to find a way to kind of re-introduce everyone for the viewers who are new to the series which would be interesting.
  5. .....But why? They didnt even care to wrap up her storyline or even mention her after 5x23. Evelyn is best kept in the past unless they introduce a more DC accurate version who is her daughter and played by a different actress. I imagine that Charlie already signed a contract for GA&tC so if it were to get picked up he'd have to drop the other show. And if this does pick up....I think at least in the first season they should really limit the amount of established Arrowverse characters who show up and treat it as new to the audience.
  6. They love to give upgrades out of the blue and for no good reason. You'd think they were selling toys or something.
  7. Wow! This was the most Charmed episode of the reboot since it started! I enjoyed it for the most part. This is the most screentime the 3 sisters have had together in.....likely the entire series thus far and the episode actually ended on the 3 of them bonding! Writers....why havent you been doing this longer? I think when they do their "power of 3" spell, instead of an energy ball, they should've had it resemble a Triquetra. While I am glad that we are more of less done with "boring demons are killing witches", humans threatening the magic community probably could've waited another season or two.
  8. I loved Alex's Supergirl uniform, it's almost superior to Kara's with the way everything flows together and the collar. It's a little bit of a shame that they've done Alex as Supergirl storyline already since with Melissa pregnant they could've done an arc with Alex gaining Kara's powers and Kara being de-powered and thus not out in the field. Also nice of them to remember that Helen Slater still exists. She's been severely underused.
  9. Liked it enough, feel like it would've been a slightly stronger episode had Kate had a "sidekick" who she had to leave in the dark during this and it have more fallout. Rachel did an amazing job when she was betrayed and as much as I love her and her performance....I'm tired of this back/forth with Kate/Alice. I need a nice long break (remainder of the season) from the possible redemption of Alice or put Alice on ice for a couple of episodes.
  10. It was an ok opening to the show but not as good as I was hoping it'd be. We kind of just got thrown into this world instead of a proper build up. Abigail was far too serious and practically devoid of any personality. I was expecting the scene with her boyfriend to play more sad/bittersweet but she didnt care about letting him go. They already revealed a pretty big revelation, the blonde is already in a new relationship with the brunette witch only for them to reveal that the brunette is evil? I love the concept of the show but I'm worried that it'll be very lackluster.
  11. Their track record hasnt been the best either.
  12. I dont know....as Ray's last episode....I didnt enjoy it that much.
  13. People can come in but cant come out from the looks of it.
  14. I really like Sunshine...not sure why they always have the villains not caring about any kind of secret identity. Didnt pay 100% attention to the Wells storyline so.....all of the multiverse Wells are managing to use Nash as a conduit? And survive in their own way?
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