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  1. It was a decent episode. Dick/Barbara are still on track. Blackfire/Kon are....a thing sexually now though the writers are just ignoring that she's using someone elses body. Starfire is still single and has random visions that still make no sense. It was nice that they kept Tims aspect of figuring out the Batfam identity but him going out so recklessly and almost dying...I wouldnt choose him to be a future Robin. I cant see Dick taking him in and forming him into Robin. Whenever Bruce returns and he has a new kid to look after....would be very Titans.
  2. So Lena's a witch.......what a tragic turn for the character. They really needed to find a way to get everyone on this show to be on the battlefield didnt they?
  3. That was a great episode and definitely worth most of the build up. Pat getting beat up in the shop was brutal as hell. The IJS-Teens vs. The JS-teens was definitely great my only compliments is that everyone came out virtually unscathed and that Artemis should be dead with all the damage she took yet she was able to go toe2toe with Hourman and ran away without a broken bone. Im glad that The Shade didn't get killed off as he's a great character. Ecilpso is scary as hell and can't wait to see how they deal with him though Cindy looked AWESOME when she was briefly taken over.
  4. It's funny that Alison blames Camille for her behavior at TDPFH as if Camille poured the drinks down her throat and possessed her to be rude.
  5. Was there ever any doubt that she wouldnt be sitting next to him? Majority of the season literally surrounds her.
  6. Kandi has been touring but they did a song in Greggs honor. It's great to see so many former HWs put past grudges aside for a day and just honor him at the Linnethia Lounge.
  7. If they arent allowed to have Crane suit up as Scarecrow....it's getting a little boring having these characters that are very much active but arent allowed to suit up on screen.
  8. Blackfires costume is a lot more sleek and streamlined compared to Korys....they should've rethought the Starfire costume. This someone also wasnt a threat to Kory. They easily could've dropped her off at the cops and let Barbara handle it. It wasn't a kill or be killed situation. If she in general is fine with killing baddies off the bat then yeah thats just her but they have seemed to be working with authorities in the past. She's standing next to her sister who has killed multiple people and she knows it.
  9. Season 2 was a soft reboot of Season 1 and now they will do a soft reboot again for S4.
  10. I think Barbara built it after she couldnt be Batgirl anymore?
  11. This show..... they made Oracle into a glorified Big Brother. Barbara IS Oracle. She runs things. It isn't a giant machine in a fancy room. Starfire just burns a criminal to ashes....ok. looked good but you're a celebrity whose supposed to save people, probably shouldn't be doing that. They could've had Blackfire manipulate her throughout the episode but nope. And are they just going to ignore that Blackfire stole a woman's body who had a family? Or are they doing what they do best? Retconning it. Im always here for some Dick/Babs though so at least we have that.
  12. Apart from Dreamer and the last 3min this episode was yet another after school special and a waste towards a last season of a show. Stargirl is more mature than Supergirl as a whole
  13. She could work for Iris's little blog that somehow has somehow topped Catco and is like 3 spots down from The Dailey Planet lol.
  14. That has always been something I felt has held Supergirl back from being the best show it could possibly be. The writers have always felt that because she is Supergirl and a woman that she needs to deliver a message to everyone and that message has to be loud and clear. If only they were good enough writers to weave those topics in like Buffy was able to throughout its run.
  15. This feels like another after school special episode. this backhalf of the season doesnt seem to have a tight direction for something that is in the final season and in the process of wrapping up.
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