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  1. So basically "We wanted HBO Max to foot the start up costs, and then we'd have taken it back from them for cheaper"
  2. Nothing against Javicia but it is annoying how the women over at Black Lightning are constantly ignored. They may not be in the title but they are just as important as BL and Thunder was the first lesbian Superhero for the network.
  3. I think MG meant more towards the height of COVID. Once shows had to shut down and werent coming back for 7 months. Though either way it doesnt make sense that COVID would be the reason when you're starting brand new shows and still ordering shows. Oh well, that's just more step out of the Arrowverse door for me.
  4. It was an ok finale..I'm just glad The Burn storyline is over...it ended up not being that interesting. Tillys small arc as captain also served to be rather useless. Of course Burnham gets her praise for being rebellious and being in the right. But Im glad that she is FINALLY captain. Perhaps now the series will start evening out since they dont have to show us how great she is at everything. And everyone finally got new outfits! The whole Stamets/Adira/Culber family thing just feels so forced to me. I cant enjoy it like they want me to.
  5. Took over a year to announce what we already knew lol. Shame. But I knew if itd likely not get picked up, Laurel isnt that lucky of a character lol
  6. They made Salem so unimportant that I doubt he's tied to Sabrina anymore.
  7. The whole Lilth/Caliban/Lucifer/baby storyline...HATED IT. Why would Lucifer be fine with Caliban trying to kill his kid? Why didnt Lilith ever think of going to Lucifer to say "hey, this clay freak and this ugly king tried to kill us". Lucifer is a dick. WE KNOW. But even I couldnt get over him just being like "I could care less if he tried to kill you, im going to kill you anyway cause all I cares about is the baby"
  8. I hated this Caliban storyline that was statrted in this episode. It is just so poorly done and the end result was stupid.
  9. It was great seeing the OG aunties and an even uglier and cheaper looking Salem. I just wish they had really gone full in with this. They could've easily set it in a version of the OG Sabrinas world and gone full 90s on it for majority of the episode before its all destroyed. But Im glad that the OGs got plenty of material to work with and it wasnt just a 1 scene cameo.
  10. While the overall season was decent...this last episode was a mess. The Void just ended up being a letdown. Sabrina having to die and Nick killing himself to be with her...messy. They may have tried to pull a Buffy but they failed. I believe this wasnt filmed with it being the end of the series though? So killing her was again, stupid.
  11. I can't take Gizelle anymore. Her constant antics trying to depict the Samuels as these two people who go around attacking people is disgusting. What Chris said was wrong but he clearly stated (again, in a horrible way) that if he were a woman, he'd slap them. She knew damn well he wasn't going to step to her and to act scared when he got out of his seat and stood behind his wife talking to brown dick was laughable. Usually I'm able to tolerate Andy but this was his worst reunion yet. He clearly sat down as a fan and not a host Nah. She totally was asked back full time. I believe it.
  12. If anything Screech likely wouldve become the Principal of Bayside. He went to highschool there then came back and spent 7 years working there. Lark and Elizabeth along with the showrunners didnt shut down the possibility so Id say there's a 40% chance. What really was sad that we didnt get to see Belding anywhere or any mention of him I think. They need to show him some love next season. Make him the Superintendent.
  13. Watching the first 2 episodes and it isn't that bad. I think it is trying a little to hard to be self aware that the Bayside kids dont feel like actual people and are to hammy. Jesses son....there is no way she would raise an airhead jock. That is just totally unrealistic. Daisy is easily the best character and seems the realist. Zach 2.0.....missing the charm of his father and definitely not being the audience surrogate hurts him.
  14. Looks great! Hate the hair color though they ended up going with.
  15. Candiace doesnt seem to do many styles with her hair even when it was long but she could still get box braids....but I'd be shocked for them to explore Iris with different hairtyles on The Flash this late in the game. Anissa seems to be one of the very few Arrowverse characters who actually gets to do anything with her hair outside of the safe styles that tv has conformed to. Extensions can make ANYTHING possible lol.
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