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  1. A fairly meh conclusion. Really not Ryans finest moments in this episode with her acting like a teenaged girl with Sophie and then putting multiple people in danger trying to get to Mary. Ivy needing Mary as a battery was a storyline that just didnt make much sense, especially now that she magically discovers an island where plants are worshiped and she is off to live her happily ever after. The way they treat the trophies just are very weak, and now here we are again with the public just taking a random word that Batwoman is this big bad because she didnt do as good as Batman?
  2. It was an ok episode, very boring middle, and ok end. They introducing a lot of relationships and I could care less about any of them. Ivy/Renee? Meh. They are trying to make them this epic love but....I'm not feeling it. I was kind of wanting Ivy to just vine Renee and send her away and move on. Ivys entire storyline has been surrounded by Montoya since we've been physically introduced to her and I'm already tired of the drama. Ryan/Sophie? Hated it since they introduced Ryan. The writers dont know what to do with Sophie so they just continue with their original plan they had with
  3. Their mother died while they were children and their grandmother died when they were young adults, it's very believable that either you have major resentment (Prue) or you overlook the bad because you so desperately want that connection with your parent who is your last living relative outside of your sisters (Piper/Phoebe)
  4. Rewatched S2 which I really loved. S3....is so bad. It has its highlights here and there but anything involving the new kids on the block..so boring.
  5. Piper definitely became more bitter as the show went on, stepping into that new older sister/leader role wasnt the best for her. I do have to laugh that Piper was the only sister to never have gone blonde and how the show always had to write it in when they changed their hair. I know it was a major Spelling staple that he hated actresses changing their hair and they freaked out at Alyssa and Rose when they dyed theirs...its not THAT big of a deal. Both characters were established by then.
  6. David is like the new Katie or Bamford lol. I guess he's the best of both, gets to direct and act. I wonder if Bamford had a falling out with Berlanti productions....when was the last time he's directed anything for the Arrowverse? But of all the shows...they couldnt do an Argus show that is a light knock off of Suicide Squad and just called something else? Diggle playing teacher to a bunch of young 20somethings is not where the imagined the character going after Arrow.
  7. Should it go to series, David will direct the pilot. This is definitely a step down for The Arrowverse adaption's...
  8. For the most part I enjoyed it though for some reason while I watching this episode I was like "this show is so cheap" lol which I know but it just hit home for me in this episode. While they went a bit over the top with Joker Jr....they went to lowkey with Poison Ivy. I love me some Ivy, she looks great in the show, screams Poison Ivy but....our first introduction to her was a bit lackluster. I know it's a flashback but..having her walk out of the woods, do her vine gag, and then walk back into the woods was just cheap. Imagine if they had them go into the forest, calling for Ivy, she c
  9. That was Shannen though. This is about child actors portraying young Prue and the OG actress that played her in S1-2.
  10. If this goes through then I definitely foresee S&L moving to HBO Max in the future. The more info that comes out, the more it looks like TheCW as we know it is on a final countdown.
  11. She looks great. I hope she sticks around through end of the season. No need for replacements if you can use the real deal.
  12. The pilot was decent, I liked all the characters we were introduced to. The only thing I worry about....is...I dont know how smart it is to have Naomi be a total mystery to the general audience? I get that we are going along with her on this mystery but not really having any spectacular heroics really happen in majority of it may have been...not the right call? But overall I enjoyed it and I'll definitely stick around to see what comes of it all.
  13. Speaking of flashbacks, I know there have been rumors that Shannen owned 10% of Charmed and Prue as a whole....which may be the case but I always found it weird how they never used flashbacks to show child Prue. Obviously they cant use pictures of Shannen or flashbacks without paying her but were they really not creative enough to think "we could at least have child Prue and bring back the actress that played her to explore more of the girls childhood"
  14. It was a decent premiere. Didnt blow my head off like the pilot but it managed to maintain the status quo of the show. I'm not really here for the whole Lois/Natalie drama since we already went through this with her dad so....it's basically repeating itself and adjusting for a mother/daughter relationship vs. husband/wife. Superman vs. America being a storyline this season is sure to set twitter ablaze since there is a population that believes that Superman should be very America first vs. a gift to the world. But I'm here for it. I'm assuming that Doomsday was the hand we saw
  15. Everyone has reported that they have not made a profit on TheCW since it launched and with both CBS/WB having their own streaming services, they arent making the same type of money they made in past by selling the streaming rights. But Variety said it best https://variety.com/2022/biz/news/cw-sale-nexstar-streaming-walker-riverdale-shows-1235148174/
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