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  1. Looks great! Hate the hair color though they ended up going with.
  2. Candiace doesnt seem to do many styles with her hair even when it was long but she could still get box braids....but I'd be shocked for them to explore Iris with different hairtyles on The Flash this late in the game. Anissa seems to be one of the very few Arrowverse characters who actually gets to do anything with her hair outside of the safe styles that tv has conformed to. Extensions can make ANYTHING possible lol.
  3. I hope this translates well to screen because this overall look really screams Starfire. Especially making the eyes more alien, which should've been a default the entire time.
  4. They really treated Gar badly practically since the word go. Im not sure why they had him as a full time character when their budget barely supports his powers and all they do is turn him into a tiger. Just let the actor dye his hair black and give him Tim Drake to play.
  5. Id be surprised if they did. Creators rarely get to end it if the cast doesn't support the decision.
  6. Im wondering if the contracts were up and CW doesnt want to give any raises so to stay cheap, they just cancel it and create a new show to take its place.
  7. It was a good episode! The upgrades they got...whew! The future is REAL. Though I think its time that they upgrade (even though it'd be a downgrade) their uniforms to the future ones since Im assuming we're sticking with the future for the remainder of the series.
  8. I bet you that if Painkiller goes through it will shoot in Vancouver and a younger lead is probably more attractive to the network. But now I am pissed because Thunder/Lightning deserve a spin off before Painkiller of all characters do. Or make an Outsiders series where Thunder is a main character.
  9. The core 4 are boring imo as a core. Donna and Garth (if he hadnt been killed) were a lot more interesting and would be a better focus with Dick/Kory.
  10. I was actually expecting a Nubia as Wonder Woman series so this surprised me. Just as long as the Themiscryans arent forgotten about and are able to feature, I'll be less annoyed. It's already a bit of overkill that Yara is an Amazon demi goddess like Diana (and Cassie). DC really should've stuck with Dianas clay origin.
  11. I pray this doesnt shoot in Vancouver but I have a feeling it will so they can use the ever popular forest/beach that half the shows use as the homebase for the Amazons. They better allow her to have a good connection to Wonder Woman/Diana. No reason for her to be Wonder Girl without WWs influence.
  12. They make it to comics but some dont last that long. Barbara Gordon and Harley are the biggest successes. Felicity/Diggle are rarely seen. But original characters are just easier for them to write due to the fans having zero expectations to hold them to. And they dont have to pay any royalities to anyone. Half of Supergirls cast are original characters, Legends of Tomorrow is becoming more and more original characters, half of Flashs characters are original now, and Arrows longest running characters were original.
  13. I just saw more of her Tamron Hall interview and lord...she really tried to act and make RHOA into a victim with (not word for word) "Bravo went out of their way to get rid of all of the OGs until it was only me while other franchises keep their OGs a lot longer"
  14. Didn't excite me one bit....and talk about missed opportunity to give the intro a makeover. The most tenured HW is Shannon from s9. They should've given the show a fresh makeover like RHONY did when they had a major cast overhaul
  15. I feel like they've made it seem that passing on that genetic code is hard to do since they were all injected. Being a natural born its been with him since he was conceived. For me it makes enough sense.
  16. He wasn't holding back and since he is one of the first to be born with powers i can only imagine he'd be more powerful.
  17. I do feel that everything that transpired in this episode could've taken place in 2 episodes. The Stormfront storyline alone could've been an episode in itself.
  18. Starlight had hers removed, did the kid/mom have chips? I dont remember it being mentioned.
  19. I thought overall it was a good finale but they seemed to hold back in some areas. It almost felt like a series finale with how everything was wrapped up. The big fight, while i enjoyed it, i was wanting to see more choreography and use of powers to get the upper hand when it came to making Stormfront flee. But at the same time... what they did is also how the show likes to flip the expectation. Still wanted to see Starlight have a major glow up moment though. During the day she should be at her prime, i wanted her to blind Stormfront or go all burts of light....same with Maeve. She's the "warrior" of the group, let the girl have a major fight. There was a lot of "oh i magically" found you going on in this episode. How did Stormfront find anyone in this episode? Same with Homelander.
  20. They saw each other at the cast photo shoot but as far as speaking to one another? Reunion will be the first time. Ive seen some of the wives say that Candiace and Monique cant come back from this situation as far as any type of relationship. Im just like....they do know (esp Gizelle) of Porsha/Kenya, Sheree/Kim, Kim/Nene...it's a bad situation but it isnt anything that horrible that fences cant be mended. I doubt they will since how Candiace spews off on twitter and Monique could care less for her but im sure the two can get back to a space of interacting with one another.
  21. The intro is the same as season 4, only Wendy and Monique filmed new looks. Im talking about the cast photo.
  22. Bravo isnt a big fan of fights but its also part of the reality so they go with it. Porsha was almost fired, Danielle was fired, Nene was on a "suspension", Miami was cancelled regardless lol Monique knows that Candiace pops off at the mouth and on twitter, making dirty jabs and if she isnt ready to be near her again then thats understandable. And if she isnt ready to apologize then...at least it isnt a fake one. But they did shoot their promotional photos 10 days after the altercation so they saw each other during their photoshoot.
  23. Gizelle and Robyn were so annoying tonight, especially Gizelle. I know she is extra but a bodyguard? Because Monique is some wild animal that will just attack anyone now? Girl calm down. She had 1 altertaction. And now they are trying to use her past words against her as some type of evidence that this will happen again? Gizelle was saying that she and her ex-husband have a reputation to upkeep so she has to stay away from someone violent like Monique? So I guess him being a cheater is fine in the church world? Impregnating multiple women outside of wedlock is fine for them? At the end of the day, should have Monique pulled Candiaces hair? No. But the altercation could've been a lot worse. Part of the issue with Candiace is that it appears that Monique believes that Candiace was part of the plan to spread the allegation that one of her children is not Chris's. This is why she is so pissed which is totally justifiable. And while yeah, constantly egging someone on doesnt mean you give in but also don't try to be a badass by egging someone on constantly and then be surprised that something happens. As shown in the replay, Candiace grabbing Moniques jacket (instead of the brushing it) set Monique into defense mode.
  24. It's on Peacock now. Worth the switch since they have the HD remastered version.
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