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  1. doesntworkonwood

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    I was a bit annoyed at all of the help Leah was getting too. It's the final, so I think that the judges should have taken more of a backseat. It was a tossup between Juliet and Riccardo for me, and Juliet had the much much better day. I loved her dress so much, I can't wait for next season. On a slightly related note, I'm currently making my own jeans, which is a bit of a challenge. I don't understand how they could have made jeans in the five hours they were given.
  2. doesntworkonwood

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Nope. In England and Wales the exams are called 'A-levels'*, and they're free for students. They're subject based, and you choose which subjects you want to do based on what you want to go to University for. Some colleges/sixth forms only teach certain subjects, so you apply to them based on what they teach. That said, we do have a thing called UCAT which you have to do if you're applying to study medicine, and that costs money. But for the vast majority of people who don't want to be doctors, you don't pay for exams (unless they're retakes.) *There are other non-exam routes to get to University, these are just the most popular.
  3. doesntworkonwood

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    That's not true at all. After you've applied to your Universities via UCAS, you get conditional offers depending on the results of your exams. If you don't get any offers, or if you do badly on your exams, you go through a process called clearing. There's a database on UCAS which shows all of the University courses with spaces left. You call up the University, and they check your UCAS profile and can give you an offer there and then. You could end up doing the same course at a different university, or the university you applied to might offer you a different course or you might end up doing a different course at a different university. Loads of students take gap years, or retake their exams if they want to get into a better University than their grades allow. Plus we have a thing called Open University which is an online university with accredited degrees if you don't have the time to go to actual University. One of my lecturers actually did his original degree with Open University, and then went onto do his masters at Oxford.
  4. doesntworkonwood

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    It's been a while since I applied to University, but in the UK you can apply to up to 5 'universities'* and it only costs £24 all together. You apply using a system called UCAS. All of our Univeristies cost the same for tuition, so it doesn't really matter if you're going to a prestigious University or a lower ranked one, you pay the same. *Our University system is a lot different than America as far as I'm aware. In the UK you apply to courses rather than Universities. I think (I may very well be wrong) in the US you chose a University, you have some basic modules and eventually you 'declare a major'. In the UK you know what you're going to be 'majoring' in when you apply, and spend three/four years just studying that subject and that subject only. For example, I'm in STEM and I haven't done any English courses since before I started Uni.
  5. doesntworkonwood

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    Neoprene and scuba are different fabrics. Neoprene, which is used in scuba suits has a layer of spongy foam in the middle of two fabrics. Scuba is a double knit and has no layer of foam. Because scuba tends to be synthetic, it is quite warm, but no where near as warm as neoprene would be.
  6. doesntworkonwood

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    I sew, so the show is always quite interesting to see and I'm very glad it's back. They've definitely upped the ante this year. The very first challenge was a 13 piece wiggle dress! If you compare that to the A-line skirts of season 1, which would have only had about 3 pattern pieces, then it's very obvious that they're challenging the contestants. I'm so glad that there wasn't any complaints of not knowing how to sew in an invisible zipper this year too. If you think you're good enough to compete, then there really is a set of basic skills you need to know how to do and an invisible zipper is one of them.
  7. doesntworkonwood

    S07.E12: Emerald Archer

    They should have had this be a plot-lite episode and had it entirely in documentary format with just the reveal at the end. Mixing the documentary bits with the 'normal Arrow' bits was a bit jarring. It went from fun to boring and back again.
  8. doesntworkonwood

    The Greatest Dancer

    I'm sorry but the 'Doctor Who' challenge dance had absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who. It's so obvious from the judges comments that none of them had ever seen. You can't wear a stripy outfit and a long coat and call yourself 'Doctor Who inspired'.
  9. doesntworkonwood

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    100% agree with this! The problem they had was that they got Rebecca and Greg together at the end of an episode, followed up with an episode entirely from Nathanial's point of view, followed by this episode where Rebecca is suddenly backsliding. There should have been an episode in between to a) show us the development of Greg and Rebecca's relationship and b) imply to us that Rebecca was avoiding therapy. I don't 'get' Rebecca and Greg. To me Greg is an entirely new character, so it's a bit jarring to watch Rebecca get into a relationship with him with very minimal development. And a few lines in a previous episode where Paula or Valencia asked Rebecca "don't you have group" with Rebecca saying not today or avoiding the question would have set this episode up quite nicely. The pacing for this season has really been off to me, with some episodes being really slow and some quick, and certain storylines coming too early in the season. I would have thought that, as it's their last season, they would have put a lot more thought into it. At the moment it feels like they're making it up as they go along.
  10. doesntworkonwood

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I didn't like the first two songs this week. They felt very out of place and I didn't get what they were trying to go for. Especially the second song (I'm not sad). I'm a brit so I feel like I should have understood the reference, but I really didn't. The last song was better, and fit in more with the episode, but it wasn't memorable. I'm curious what songs they'll sing on the live show, but to be honest I doubt any of them will be from this season. The music hasn't been nearly as good. I liked the concept of the episode, and it really was a necessary episode, but it felt a bit unearned and quick. I feel like it could have been executed better, and the seeds of Rebecca's backslide could have been planted earlier.
  11. I think that this comment goes here because it's about the crossover as a whole, and not the individual episodes. The crossover really didn't work for me at all for several reasons. First, I thought that the characterisation was non-sensical. I mostly noticed it with Arrow because that's the only show I watched, but I still don't think it's fair to any of the characters to effectively boil them down to a few personality traits that don't actually match their history. I thought it would have been a lot better if rather than saying that Oliver uses his 'darkness' and Barry uses his 'lightness' to actually do the opposite. Show that Oliver finding a family has made him a happier person, and that fighting for them makes him better. Show that Barry has had a tough time, and that he uses those experiences to become a better person. It would have been much more interesting for the characters, and this particular viewer, to make them confront the ideas and prejudices they've had about eachother rather than imply that those prejudices are correct even after years. I think that if you're going to keep the side characters on seperate shows, it would have been much more fun to lean into that more. We saw how Oliver reacted to Team Flash, and it would have been really fun to see how Barry reacts to Oliver's life. There was slight tinges, but things like him wondering about how the team works now that they're based at Argus and being utterly confused about the changes would have been fun. And also being easily recognised as former Mayor etc. Basically, since this is a smaller crossover than last years, they could have made the most out of it by showing the differences and similarities on both sides. It was also a blatant set up for Batwomen. I expected this, but I didn't expect them to go about it so badly. It was unfair to add this to an already bloated cross over. It made for really boring scenes since RR seems to have little charisma. It was mainly full of Easter Eggs that, as a non-comic reader and someone who isn't particularly interested in Batlore, just flew over my head. It reminded me of the previous cross over starring 'The Hawks' and Vandal Savage which was just used to set up LOT, and reminded me of just how bad it was. There's a reason I never watched LOT, that episode and a strong dislike of Ray Palmer. This episode is the reason I will not watch Batwoman (should it ever reach the air). Finally, as predicted, it was a dickfest. Even on her own show, Supergirl barely had anything to do. Last year was really fun because we had pairings like Iris/Felicity. We got to see how they'd work work together, and whilst I understand why we couldn't get that this year, I don't get why we couldn't see Kara work with the others on their individual shows. The whole cross over could have been much more tightly written. Instead it was bloated with the addition of Batwomen and fell on old stereotypes that don't even apply to the shows and characters any more. It had to be smaller than last years cross over, but they simultaneously tried to make it more 'epic' and that didn't work. They should have used the fact that it's a smaller cross over to show the more day to day aspects of Barry, Oliver and Kara. They could have shown how the shows have changed since that first cross over, but instead I'm left feeling like Barry is exactly the same as season 1 Barry, who is the reason I stopped watching the Flash. I doubt that that can be true 5 seasons later, but they squandered the opportunity to show me, and other people who gave up on one of their shows or who never started watching, just what has changed.
  12. doesntworkonwood

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I agree with everyone saying that the wedding was overly sponsored. I don't really get celebrities that give magazines/organisations access to their wedding. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't want to have to do an official interview straight after I got married and I don't think a 'dream wedding' is worth that. It's a bit tacky overall. That said a lot of the criticisms about them and their wedding from the western media have been aimed at Priyanka rather than at Nick or even both of them as a couple. This makes no sense to me because PC is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood. There's not a South Asian person on the planet that doesn't know her face. She's connected enough to the 'elite' that the Prime Minister of India went to her wedding. Even by qualitative metrics, she's bigger than him. Her net worth is bigger than his, she has almost twice as many instagram followers. Even if you don't like her, if someone is marrying up in that relationship it's not her. There's a slight tinge to the way the western media are talking about her that makes me quite uncomfortable.
  13. doesntworkonwood

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Yeah, they didn't learn their lessons from last year did they? It was pretty evident that the more the newbies doubled down on how much they hated Team Arrow, the more viewers hated them and the same thing is happening this year. The more people that treat Felicity like an incompetent idiot, the more I support her mission. It's a bit more 'off' this year though, because I didn't really care about the newbies. I do care about Diggle, and I've spent the past 6 years caring about Diggle and his story. I know Diggle, and this 'pod' Diggle isn't him. I don't expect him to fully support Felicity at all, in fact he should be the one to talk her down. Instead he's making up lies and ignoring facts (like her pushing him away and that Diaz tried and almost succeeded in murdering her). They're throwing him under a bus for 'plot' and 'shock' reasons, which shows that they're putting plot over character once more. I was hoping for more from Beth.
  14. doesntworkonwood

    Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    I really hate watching things on ITV but I might suck it up for John Barrowman
  15. doesntworkonwood

    Strictly Come Dancing

    I loved Graeme's Salsa. He's not the best dancer in the world, but he's willing to take the mick out of himself and I appreciate that. It gets really boring if all of the dances are quite 'serious'. I thought Joes samba was weird I suspect Charles and Danny to be in the bottom two. The public just doesn't like Charles (and neither do I).