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  1. I just finished watching the series and I have... some issues with it. I don't think that the storyline was bad in itself. In fact it was the most intriguing part of the show. The questions surrounding it, what are the burnt ones? Why are they there? Who is Rosalind? Those were interesting and engaging. I found all of the adult characters engaging actually. The weakness of this show is the writing and the younger cast members (though they were given some of the worst material to work with). It's clear the writers don't actually know what 'mansplaining' is, haven't realised that no o
  2. I think that if Jackie went further with the Canadian thing it would have worked better. She could have started off making references to Canada, and then ended by heavily implying that she's part of some Canadian taskforce to take over America one step at a time. She wasn't great, but I don't believe she should have been in the bottom.
  3. The judging was very... nice this week. Especially on the refashioning challenge. That skirt was horrible and did not deserve second place. I find that as I become better and better at sewing, the things that wouldn't bother me a few years ago bother me a lot more now. And the timing also bothers me. For example, Therese's tea dress looked beautiful, but if she were making it IRL it would be a bad idea to do the hem as soon as she finished the dress without letting it 'drop' first. So in a few days time, the hem of her dress would look wonky and she's have to redo it, which feels a bit like a
  4. The thing about The Tiger King is that it's pretty much built to keep you watching. Every episode there's a new bombshell which makes you want to watch the next episode. There's so much crazy shit going on that you can't help but keep watching. It's as popular as it is because people will watch one episode to see what it's about and be drawn in to the batshit crazy story. It's a Netflix documentary through and through, and by that I mean that it's sole purpose is to make you binge watch it. It's incredibly biased, it's obvious that the film makers lied to people about the story they were actua
  5. The BBC is going to do a sort of Eurovision replacement on the 16th, which I'm looking forward to. It's not Eurovision, but it will be fun!
  6. Am in the UK, where it's released on Netflix. I don't think we did get a different version. I can't remember any Sherry Pie talking heads, and I don't think that anyone got a winners edit or any extra focus in fact. That's probably why it was such a boring episode.
  7. I just want to emphasise what you said. Obviously, this case is horrible because it has potentially lead to someone taking their own life, but other cases are horrible because it leads to people being murdered. To frame the pursuit of an assualt charge as something clear cut is so purposefully obtuse it frustrates me. Flack previously stated that she had a difficult time a few years ago. Pointing fingers and saying 'It was the media' or 'It was the CPS' that lead to her death is so lacking in understanding of mental health. It's never just one thing. It's something that I saw some celebr
  8. I loved it! It was fun, and I was sure that the reveal was going to be Cybermen ala Army of Ghosts but I was pretty shocked that it was the Master. Looking forward to Sunday!
  9. I've read her book and honestly, she's been through so much shit even before Hollywood. She grew up in a peodophilic cult for starters, and I don't think she fully started to comprehend and deal with everything until recently. Some of the stuff she's been through will haunt her for the rest of her life and whilst obviously it's important to be discerning about who you associate with, she is a vulnerable person so I can see that playing a part in her choice of partners. I only state my opinion because I see the tide turning against her (not here, but in general) in ways that I don't think are n
  10. But what does her weight have anything to do with it? I don't understand, her weight was never pointed out at any point throughout the ad. Excercise isn't just done for weightloss, it's done for heart health, it's done for mental health, it's done to gain strength, it's done to develop habits, it's done to have time for yourself, it's done to challenge you and give you goals. It's totally fair to say that adding excercise in your routine has changed your life for things other than losing weight. Why is there any need to focus on her weight if this is not a weightloss ad?
  11. The series is on the BBC which is Tax Payer funded so no big cash prizes are allowed (unless they're being paid for by someone else), if you watched Bake Off the winner only got a cake stand and some flowers. Also no advertising or sponsorships. I don't understand all of the moaning about it to be honest, I don't think that there needs to be money or grand prizes for the show to be better or more competitive, and half of the prizes on the US versions couldn't be even claimed because of various reasons like the companies going bust. The badges are a reference to a children's TV show here, it's
  12. I'm a little bit disappointed about Lenny Henry just because it was my dream to have him play the doctor at some point, and now obviously that's not happening any more. For everyone who doesn't know who he is, he's a British comedian who's been around for ages. He set up the Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) charity with Richard Curtis, which I think now has an American faction, but we see him on tv at least every other year because of that. He's an interesting guy because one of his first ever gigs was on a The Black and White Minstrel Show, where he was the black kid who did impressions of w
  13. Blue Peter is a national institution here, the badges are pretty cool and important. For those of you who don't know, Blue Peter is a childrens 'magazine' show that airs on the Children's BBC. It does loads of things, but it's probably most famous for it's craft stuff and it's garden. It's been running for 60 years now. If you're a cool person (or you send in a peice of work that they show on the show), you get a Blue Peter Badge which a) gives you street cred and b) gives you free entry into a bunch of attractions across the UK. If you're a really cool person (aka The Queen or JK Rowlin
  14. I loved it! The best episode of drag race in a while IMO, but I am British so I understood all of the references. Ru was definitely more engaged and I thought that the queens were really strong. I get why some people might not like it, it was definitely a British show, and not just an American show with British contestants. I thought that the prizes were great considering it's on the BBC, I burst out lauging at the Ru-Peter Badge! I'm glad that they're having a lot of fun with it.
  15. The judging was thankfully back to sanity this week. I feel a bit sorry for Mike Bushell, I get that he's not a great dancer but he should have the opportunity to actually dance rather than... whatever that was this week. I'm going to be rooting for Alex Scott, because I like Alex Scott. I think she has potential and out of everyone is most likely to have a 'journey', as opposed to the people who are already great (Karim and Kelvin) and people who aren't very good and might not get the opportunity to grow.
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