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  1. Blue Peter is a national institution here, the badges are pretty cool and important. For those of you who don't know, Blue Peter is a childrens 'magazine' show that airs on the Children's BBC. It does loads of things, but it's probably most famous for it's craft stuff and it's garden. It's been running for 60 years now. If you're a cool person (or you send in a peice of work that they show on the show), you get a Blue Peter Badge which a) gives you street cred and b) gives you free entry into a bunch of attractions across the UK. If you're a really cool person (aka The Queen or JK Rowling), you get a gold badge.
  2. I loved it! The best episode of drag race in a while IMO, but I am British so I understood all of the references. Ru was definitely more engaged and I thought that the queens were really strong. I get why some people might not like it, it was definitely a British show, and not just an American show with British contestants. I thought that the prizes were great considering it's on the BBC, I burst out lauging at the Ru-Peter Badge! I'm glad that they're having a lot of fun with it.
  3. The judging was thankfully back to sanity this week. I feel a bit sorry for Mike Bushell, I get that he's not a great dancer but he should have the opportunity to actually dance rather than... whatever that was this week. I'm going to be rooting for Alex Scott, because I like Alex Scott. I think she has potential and out of everyone is most likely to have a 'journey', as opposed to the people who are already great (Karim and Kelvin) and people who aren't very good and might not get the opportunity to grow.
  4. Are we going to get 10s next week then? The scoring has been way too high, the dances didn't deserve the scores they get and I really can't understand why they got them. It's the first week, there's no need! Plus it ruins 'the journey'. What's there to look forward to if they're getting 8's in the first week?
  5. There have been some negative comments about the quality of European women's football, so I'm pretty proud to say that 7/8 remaining teams are European. Just goes to show how a bit of investment goes a long way, and the game is just getting bigger and bigger especially in the UK. In fact, the next England match will be shown on the big screen at Glastonbury, which will hopefully get a lot more people invested. It also makes the competition a bit more interesting. UEFA doesn't have a qualification tournament for the Olympics, they just send the top three European teams in the World Cup. That means that the team wont just be competing to win, they'll be competing to make sure that they get a spot at the Olympics which should make things much more interesting!
  6. Can't believe what happened to Scotland last night. I was watching both matches at the same time, but in the end it was the SCOARG match that was the most interesting, and ridiculous. The new rule for penaltys is so stupid and really disadvantages the already disadvantaged goal keeper. Plus, when you spend that much time on VAR and waiting for a penalty to be taken and retaken, the additional time should reflect that but the ref just ended the game way too early. Not fair.
  7. That game between England and Argentina was intense. There's no doubt that England were the better team, but Argentina's goal keeper Correa was absolutely fantastic!
  8. So am I! I'm just waiting for the BBC stream to start... should be a good one.
  9. The Norway vs France game was really good! Wendie Reynard's own goal was absolutely hilarious to me, and she seemed to get a kick out of it too. I'm not sure about the penalty though, I don't think it should have been awarded and it really changed the whole game for the worse in my opinion.
  10. I've watched every match so far besides the second half of Norway vs Nigeria, the last bit of Canada vs Cameroon and most of US v Thailand. My favourites were Germany vs China, because that was filled with opportunities, England vs Scotland because despite losing Scotland came out the better team and Argentina vs Japan because that was some truly amazing defense coming from a team that has gone through so much shit just to be there. They were all matches during which my heart was beating pretty fast because you never really knew which way it would end up.
  11. I don't think many people are happy with the new rules, myself included. The worst thing for me though is how slow it has taken the off-sides to be called. Even the really clear ones. It's really frustrating to watch especially as there have been so many goals scored and then (rightfully) decaled off-side. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for the players.
  12. Haha, the US haven't even played yet, they're playing tomorrow so you haven't missed any of their games. They're playing Thailand, so they should have a nice easy game. I'm not sure who's got the rights to the games in the US. We're very lucky in the UK because the BBC have got rights to all of the games, which means that they're available live on iplayer if they're not on TV. The Beeb also have Alex Scott and Hope Solo as pundits, which is a decision that a lot of people are loving. Yesterdays England v Scotland was very good and nerve wracking. England started off well, but Scotland definitely ended up the better team. I'm an England supporter though so I'm very glad they managed to win. Argentina just held Japan off very well, and Group D is pretty open now unless England get much better in my opinion.
  13. I realise that this may be a void during which I talk only to myself, but yesterday was quite fun. The games ended pretty predictably, but I was quite shocked at how many yellow cards were given out. I don't think that Spain deserved one of the penaltys they were given, but hey ho. Today it's Australia V Italy, Brazil v Jamaica and the one I can't wait for England v Scotland!
  14. Who else is paying attention? Who are your favourites to win? Which matches are you most looking forward to? That first match between France and South Korea was pretty... predictable. I think SK only made 2 or 3 attempts at the goal so there was no way the were going to win. I bet the French team were absolutely delighted to win their first match on home soil. I think they might be one of the favourites.
  15. I just watched Always Be My Maybe and it was okay. I think that the storyline worked quite well except the Keanu Reeves bit (which was pretty fun, but also came out of nowhere), but some of the jokes didn't land for me so it got a bit awkward at times.
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