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  1. Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti gave Mika a mouthful today. It was glorious.
  2. Christina Ricci as Rosie
  3. Maybe Casey Rose Wilson can play Michelle and Gina Torres can play Sunny
  4. I hope the events in the book are all portrayed chronologically.
  5. I wonder how they'll do Rosie vs. Whoopi
  6. I hope they go into Star's wedding madness
  7. Good one, but she has nine now.
  8. I hope they include the Bitsy backstage meltdown.
  9. What about some of the people who tried out for the show, like Rachel Campos-Duffy?
  10. Complete with all the language
  11. Marisa Tomei as Joy
  12. Since there's a miniseries based on Ladies Who Punch being developed, let's talk about it here.
  13. Ladies Who Punch is being developed into a TV miniseries. https://decider.com/2020/05/14/the-view-scripted-miniseries-ladies-who-punch/
  14. Yep. That's her name.
  15. The Hill's morning show with Krystal Ball went after The View for the talk about the expensive ice cream.
  16. Meghan will probably respond to her
  17. Bernie is on tomorrow.
  18. Meghan will be hosting from home this week.
  19. Sara is guest co-hosting tomorrow
  20. They actually offered Elisabeth a permanent return after Sara left before they picked Abby.
  21. Rachel Campos-Duffy should bring Puck along.
  22. Monday, March 16 – Day of Hot Topics Tuesday, March 17 – Day of Hot Topics Wednesday, March 18 — ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams guest co-hosts; Dana Loesch (author, “Grace Canceled”) Thursday, March 19 — ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams guest co-hosts; Justin Hartley (“This Is Us”) Friday, March 20 — Day of Hot Topics
  23. She did resign. Meghan will have a field day with her.
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