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  1. Whoopi drives me absolutely crazy
  2. Meghan would never miss a chance to prove her bona fides
  3. Sometimes this show makes me wish it gets canceled
  4. Cori Bush will put Meg in her place
  5. That sounds like a very Meghan phrase
  6. This question will put Missy in a really tough situation
  7. He’s on the game show Sara is hosting.
  8. I wonder if any of the other ladies lurk around on here
  9. Monday, Jan. 11 – Ken Jennings (ABC’s “The Chase”; “Jeopardy!”) Tuesday, Jan. 12 – Lil Nas X (author, “C is for Country”); Ralph Macchio and William Zabka (“Cobra Kai”) Wednesday, Jan. 13 – James Comey (author, “Saving Justice”) Thursday, Jan. 14 – Rob Lowe (“9-1-1: Lone Star”); Dondré Whitfield (author, “Male vs. Man”) Friday, Jan. 15 – George Lopez (“No Man’s Land”)
  10. Meg never ceases to amaze me with her horrific takes
  11. I cringed so hard today at the fight.
  12. What is it with Meghan and People?
  13. Tomorrow is making me cringe just thinking about her return
  14. They got the boobs right! And it captures Meghan perfectly.
  15. She'll be just as obnoxious as ever come January 4.
  16. Monday's guest will be a snooze
  17. Only a month until Meghan is back! I'm scared.
  18. I want Julian Fellowes' script to be polished by someone else
  19. I hope she's softer when she returns
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