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  1. Maybe Joy can dress as Meghan
  2. Monday, Oct. 26 – The Political View with vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Oct. 27 – Bari Weiss guest co-hosts; Jon Meacham (“The Soul of America”) Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Chelsea Handler Thursday, Oct. 29 – Samuel L. Jackson Friday, Oct. 30 – “The View” celebrates with a Halloween treat, annual Hot Topics kids costumes and a performance from James Monroe Iglehart
  3. It was a refreshing show today
  4. Tuesday should be interesting.
  5. Friday would've been torture for Meghan. HAHA
  6. I love snarking about Meghan on here
  7. Meghan is exhausting in EVERY possible way
  8. I hope this is Meg's last week
  9. Can we rename this page? I'm thinking Meghan McCain: Hardcore "Meat and Potatoes" Wannabe Tough Gal
  10. Thanks to Princess, I never want to see or hear about "Meat and Potatoes" EVER AGAIN
  11. Meghan should be fired during her maternity leave. I can't handle her anymore.
  12. Meghan was off the rails today
  13. I hope this is NutMeg's last week
  14. Maternity leave can't come soon enough for her. GET HER OFF
  15. Her maternity leave can't come soon enough
  17. She should sleep in the crib herself.
  18. I had a feeling Sara would return.
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