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  1. I am really hooked on this show. For once, it made sense that SVU was involved, although they didn't need to be. I just wish the shows were more separated, but I know that's never going to happen. I like the premise of an ongoing case that lasts a whole season instead of the oversimplified, done in an episode cases. Stabler's home life doesn't bother me. Since he has so much history in the L&O world, it seems to work better than Noah drama. Wonder if Flutura suspects "Eddie." She's no dummy and just as involved as her hubby. She could have hit on him because she's playing him.
  2. He was awesome last night! Kind of makes the incumbents look like cardboard cut outs. Except for Dr. Charles. I have a soft spot for him.
  3. I like the 2 new doctors! That's all I've got🤣
  4. Exactly!! She slept like a baby after getting Darius killed, who was no threat to her at all. Crap writing for "this" to be the reason she's melting down. What happened to "Give me time Sarge, I'll get there"
  5. I'm totally torn on being excited it's someone I can't stand and being sad on if it's someone I enjoy watching.
  6. Agree. My only point is they are keeping Voight true to character. Hailey's spiral is a big snoozefest for me!
  7. Tracy Spiradokos (Spelling probably wrong) is ruining her career with this drivel! Nothing against the actress, but this character is a trainwreck and they are writing her into a corner. I have to believe that she's leaving the show. Not a spoiler, just my opinion as I have nothing to back it up. On a lighter note, it was pretty satisfying when Halstead punched Voight. I know Voight gets no love here, but at least they keep him true to character. I like that Voight just took it in stride. Halstead can't decide if he's a boy scout or a vigilante.
  8. I'm starting to wonder if it's SVU that needs the ratings boost, hence the tie-ins, instead of Organized Crime. I'm loving OC much more than SVU!
  9. I love her and think she is perfect in that role. He is playing with fire. Banging the bosses wife when he could have gotten killed earlier in the day? Elliot, you're smarter than that! This is a decent show and I am really enjoying it except for the Benson/Stable shit. That just seems like a cheap subplot to hook SVU watchers and pretty gagworthy. I'd be happy if there was no tie in to SVU again. If he calls LD, Olivia, I think I will projectile vomit!
  10. So the whole rest of the season will be Crusader Benson fighting with McGrath. 🤢
  11. Agree, but Kevin Costner is the exception rather than the rule. But to your point, yes he looks more like 75ish to me.
  12. Hope he's a better cop than he is a doctor!
  13. It's been a lot of years since he was playboy Arnie Becker on LA Law🤣
  14. While the flashbacks are tedious and not really telling us anything we haven't already figured out, this was a much better season finale than last year. Heist was sloppy, but still a good watch. We see the start of Julia's substance issues, but for Christ" sake, hope they do a huge time jump with them next season to go full circle. With how dragged out the flashbacks have been, they have a lot of ground to cover.
  15. The letter BS was unnecessary and puke worthy, but I actually like that Stabler's mother made an appearance. As soon as Stabler said his mother was dead, I had a feeling she would show up. I'm enjoying this show but just wish it would sink or swim on it's own without the Olivia drama. It feels like the writers think it's necessary in order to hook the SVU audience, when it's actually a much better show than SVU.
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