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  1. That's so sick!! While there are times I can sympathize with Betty, no one in their right mind can condone what she did. Betty, Dan and Linda were all horrible people!! The only innocents in this are the kids! (Now adults)
  2. We had, the whole season on the DVR and binge watched it ,the last couple days with no clue it had already been cancelled! I will stay in my rose tinted world and believe that Larry didn't take the drink, the Crab Shack magically reopened. Robin and Sam got married and the whole world lived happily ever after!
  3. For someone who "doesn't allow relationships in his unit" there's more boinking going on than a singles group! Practically the only one not getting any is Voight!
  4. HAHAHA!! I could have sworn I posted the same thing! It actually did hurt my brain. Just as bad as "Suspect headed south on Fullerton" UGH!!
  5. SuzieQ

    The Chi

    Exactly! I even paused it a few times to see if I could see any kind of a bump on her and nope! This show started out so good and now seems to be falling apart a little. And I know he's a douche in real life, but I really miss Brandon and Jerrika! That was one of the better story lines.
  6. SuzieQ

    The Chi

    Wasn't Tiff pregnant?
  7. That's correct. I just paid $17 or so for the Stumbo book from Amazon and received today. Thanks to all who recommended reading it!
  8. SuzieQ

    The Chi

    Sorry folks, just catching up here!! What an awful person, but I loved Brandon!! dude ruined a good thing!
  9. SuzieQ

    The Chi

    I just binge watched up to the start of Season 3. Did they change the actors playing a few parts? Tiff looks like a different actress as of season 2. Kevin's mom's girlfriend/wife looks like a different actress too from season 1.
  10. Very true!! She was young enough to think she was................................"special" LOL!
  11. Interesting points! As I have stated, she'd already be out if she had any remorse. But can you imagine that poor daughter if she did get out and live with her?? She would talk nonstop about Dan and Linda like it was yesterday and not 30+ years ago! Does anyone know, if the daughter that offered to take her in is the same one whose graduation she ruined? Betty's kid graduated and all Betty could talk about was Linda there and wearing a tacky outfit! Guessing it's the other daughter because one is opposed to her being released ever.
  12. She would have already been out on parole now except she refuses to show any remorse for what she did. She is still trying to justify her actions. At this point she should probably be in a hospital as she is truly mentally ill.
  13. Well that's just it!! No issues with the monthly, but the fancy footwork with the Epstein credits and only getting 28K as a lump sum was total bullshit! She handled herself poorly but still! He could have given her $500k as a settlement and let her have some sense of security, but he wanted her under his thumb forever! He's saying he wanted to be rid of her, but in reality, he was setting it up so he could screw with her forever.
  14. This is actually hard to watch! Betty is batshit crazy but they way they've laid it out, you can totally get why and how this happened (Of course, not condoning what she did.) Betty representing herself against the president of the San Diego bar association was just asinine. Yes, she was losing her mind and not an attorney, but what was wrong with the judge to let her get screwed like that? You would think the one wearing a robe in the room would have some sense of fairness.
  15. If memory serves, he was just recounting his last words to her. Then he left early, was gone all day and the horse incident happened during the day, was my take on it.
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