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  1. Thanks to all who have read the book and are explaining some things that aren't clear to the rest of us. I like the show and want to keep watching but for those of us who haven't read the book, it's a little hard to follow.
  2. Exactly!! For a guy who "doesn't allow relationships in his unit" There's more screwing going on in his unit than in a sex club, lol. He's the only one not getting any.😂
  3. Agree with all those posting about all the relationship drama in that squad. They are all practically paired off. In a unit where Voight "doesn't allow for relationship's in his unit" It's a total joke! When are they going to give Voight a love interest? He could use some lightening up and it would do wonders for his mood!
  4. That is frighteningly true. 😂I never understood what any of these women saw in him, but I have to admit, he has grown on me in the last season or 2. Seems like he's matured, at least a little and managed some compassion. I would guess Burgess is endgame, but she's been brutal to him lately.
  5. Does anyone else think Burgess is really mean to Ruzek over this? While it's true that a marriage would fail, at least now, he's really trying to be supportive and has grown a lot since the early days.
  6. I hear ya! My mom had bad dementia for 7 years before she passed. I am really dreading this storyline.
  7. So Sophia Bush is just a one episode guest star?? I thought she'd be his baby mama!
  8. Thank you!! Now that you laid it out I do vaguely recall something like that.
  9. I've seen all the episodes, but kind of half watch this while multitasking. When did Danny & LDP, aka, the guy who got his wife killed, become buddies?? I rewound, but something major must have happened before this episode.
  10. SuzieQ

    S07.E10: Mercy

    THIS 100%^ That would have been some good TV! I'm sure things like that do happen and I found it so disturbing, so if they wanted to make a statement, showing some consequences or at least some remorse from someone besides Jay would have been appropriate. Big bad Voight threatening people has gotten so old. I love the actor which is probably the only reason I'm still watching, but they've taken an interesting character and made him into a one dimensional joke.
  11. I get that. I've said it myself too. I just think it's a weird thing for a man to say about his own. Seems more like a woman/ kid thing.
  12. What grown dude says underpants ?? That's as gross as saying moist! No...........................just no!
  13. I didn't read all the comments, so I'm sure it's been said repeatedly and more eloquently than I but bears repeating: WHAT A BRIGHT IDEA TO RUN INTO A FLOATING STAPH INFECTION!!! I was literally sick to my stomach. I can almost understand a 17 year old thinking it was funny, but WTF was Kody thinking? I don't know what was more nauseating, Kody in his underwear or stepping into that filth. And since when does a man call his underwear "underpants"?? I've never heard a man use that word, only women or kids.
  14. SuzieQ

    The Oval

    We are binge watching this tonight. The show is bad but addicting. Even hubby is getting sucked in!! The first lady is cartoonishly horrific, but I did burst out laughing when she tasered her lying ass bitch daughter. It's one of those "so bad it's good"
  15. Decent episode but I still have trouble with Bell being a "good guy" They really need to pick a lane for him and stick to it. I do love him telling Red Rock guy to eff off in so many words.
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