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  1. That little smirk he gave at the end when he said "we're all a family" said exactly what he really thought of that!
  2. I kind of am too. The longer it goes on, even when one or both get on my nerves, it's apparent they will be a family. And a cute one! Burgess surprised me being so cool with him sleeping with that bartender. Even though it's obvious he's massively hung up on her, she seemed like the type that would still think she was in her rights to torture him about it, even though she knows shes #1. Lots of good scenes between them in this episode.
  3. Such a tease to mention Catherine if they're not going to ride off into the sunset together.....................Looks like he'll be riding off with Danny! OOOPS!! So glad to be wrong!
  4. SuzieQ


    You probably wouldn't really want her!
  5. SuzieQ


    Upton was such a witch in the first 10 minutes. She was way out of line! For those of you that watch CPD, they have ruined her character.
  6. SuzieQ

    S07.E18: Lines

    I don't disagree with any of that, but there is something I find fascinating about him. That doesn't mean he's someone to be admired. This show from the begining has been about cops going into Intelligence and turning to the dark side. Burgess used to be all bright eyed and idealistic and she's a whole different character now. Haley started out with some balls but also with some ethics and she's literally Hank Jr. now. If they plan out the series finale correctly ( I know it's been renewed for 3 years) the series should end with Voight back in jail where he started, along with all or most of his team. A good twist would be someone in his unit getting promoted over him and being the one who puts him away.
  7. That would be awful and would really piss me off, but they would absolutely do that!! There has to be a reason he was featured so prominently with his daughter.
  8. Thank You Thank Tou Thank You!! That makes so much more sense to me!! Then it would absolutely be age appropriate. It also tells me that Kevin goes on to have more than one set of twins!
  9. Thanks!! I was thinking she was more like 65 now. But even if she was 82, if she looks that good now, I still thik she looks way older than 82. But my Mom had dementia and when she stopped caring about her appearance, we knew there was a problem because she never had a hair out of place before. So I guess it could be somewhat accurate. Did you think Kevin and Randall looked more than 12 years past the present? I did, especially with Kevin being an actor. But I guess this isn't an exact science and overall they do a good job aging them.
  10. Both Kevin and Randall looked wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy older than 10 years from present. Same with Rebecca. In 10 years, she would be 75 tops. She looked 102!
  11. You raise a really good point. As a white chick and someone who is adopted, I never even thought of the color thing but have always had a soft spot for Randall because of him being adopted. That said, I still stand on THEY WERE BOTH SO FREAKING HORRIBLE TO EACH OTHER! I just don't get how anyone could say one was worse than the other. Family just needs to suck it up sometimes.
  12. SuzieQ

    S07.E18: Lines

    Hailey is going to be on next weeks episode of FBI on CBS.
  13. I'm really shocked at all the people siding with either Randall or Kevin. They were both so unbelievably out of line with each other. It's like trying to decide if someone who stabs or strangles is better. WTH? They are BOTH full of themselves and arrogant.
  14. SuzieQ

    S07.E18: Lines

    Agree but only because she works for Voight. That will be interesting!! Before I read about the crossover, I thought she might have been written out!
  15. SuzieQ

    S07.E18: Lines

    Hey I know there's not a lot of Voight fans here, but I get what his point was. Haley is turning into Voight Jr, but she doesn't have the stripes or the connections that he has. His whole point was *You come to me and I get dirty and live with it. Not saying he isn't a total hypocrite, but he has a much better chance of getting away with it than she does.
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