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  1. That ending was barf worthy. I forgot what the case was about.
  2. I love Dylan McDermott and was so glad he would have a recurring role this season. BUT, he is over the top in a cartoon villain way, like you said. But I still like to watch him.
  3. I thought it was a great episode before that. There is no need for Her to ever be mentioned again!
  4. WTH was that vomit provoking speech by Wheatley at the end??? If he is talking about Benson, I'm going to puke up everything I've eaten since 2016!!!
  5. Oh, FFS! That little scene with Jay and Upton, literally made me gag! They need to pick a lane for Upton's character. She was going to the dark side for 2 seasons. Then she turns into Polly Purebred in her scene with Voight. And her asking Jay to get married was pukeworthy. It's like there are new people writing for her every week with no clue who she is. UGH!
  6. Of all 3 Chicago shows, this was the best finale. But, as much as I don't want any of them to die, it's pretty farfetched that they all survive. If it's wrapped up in the first 5 minutes of the new season, that's pretty lame.
  7. Kind of a snooze-fest for a season finale!
  8. I wonder if it's like when you kill someone in the commission of another crime, like a robbery, it's felony murder? She wanted him to suffer so even if she didn't want him to die, she knew there would be an illegal act committed? But I agree, it seems weak. I hope we get to see Dylan and Steve together!! I always though SH was so talented. LOVED Eugene! I got such a 90's flashback when I saw him. Maybe other Practice cast members will show up!
  9. I'm really enjoying this show. But I'm done with the old Benson/Stabler crap crossovers. Hope those are over! They need to let it sink or swim on it's own. I didn't think Richie would actually kill Gina. She was a good character and I'm bummed that her run is over. Dylan McDermott is a good villain and nice to see Steve Harris from The Practice show up!
  10. I actually enjoyed this episode. It wasn't perfect but at least entertaining. I rarely watch this show live, so I can fast forward through the silly crap, but glad I did. It's interesting to see what happened to an old case. But as someone said, it looks like this guy is the William Lewis in Rollin's life. More drama to come I'm sure....................
  11. I actually enjoyed this episode and seeing Miller break was heartbreaking. She was determined to do things the right way without realizing the possible consequences. In hindsight, she would have probably been ok with Voigt doing things his way, but who knew? Surprised at the ending which was a nice change from a roll in the sack with Voight Jr. and Jay. Very little Upton which is always nice!
  12. OK, that proposal was gag worthy! Flames all around and he gets on one knee?🤢
  13. Love this show, but Bell is operating as a top notch surgeon again. What happened to his tremors and almost killing people? Was that resolved and I missed it?
  14. SuzieQ

    Media for Rebel

    I'm shocked they didn't give it more of a chance! Thy had some heavy hitters on that show.
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