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  1. Now, I know, MM has tens of thousand friends. Hey - they ask her for gun advice and COVID advice for wanting to be or get pregnant. How does she manage that as a mother, working, taking selfies, as a wife? She, after all, has the most friends anyone ever had.
  2. Gee -what a short season... Andy - did you wake up? Where did the fun go and why the crap now?
  3. Yes, yes she is unreasonable. Her own kids and nephew did the same kind of work that Ladd did. Anyone of them could have been kicked in the head etc. I don't watch her show anymore...can't stand the food and mash ups with more heat, or believe any of the photos of weight loss. I just see massive greed, and fandom imo.
  4. I am so over MM. Calling VP Harris a moron and then today's outburst about Biden? She was never, imo, so vicious about Trump even when he maligned her father as she was today. Cindy McCain has been on the show repeatedly, supported Biden. Up for (or was) and ambassadorship which Cindy kinda dismissed on the show. Whatever, Cindy knows Biden and they were great family friends. It makes me sick how vile MM was today when she had no problem crying on Biden's shoulder as he consoled her on the show. The "woman" can't control herself. And acted like a spoiled 8 year old brat mi
  5. I find Andy odd with his fascination with women tearing each other apart and degrading themselves. But I do think he is good enough to have given Leah time off for her grandmother's last days and grieving.
  6. Eboni's resume is impressive. Media personality and lawyer. Yet she chose to be a housewife. I think Andy is crazy these days, Leah and Eboni - racism and anger and no fun on the show.... What is his point? I would like to thing he could have given Leah time off for her dying grandmother except neither seemed to discuss that.
  7. Isn't this the time for contract re-negotiations?
  8. I find it very odd an attorney and former cable host would become a "Housewife." Seems fishy to me because the former jobs would take her forward and not to this nonsense show. OTOH her temper might indicate something that got her to this stage.
  9. Exactly - never ever some guests that followed his advice and became successful in their lives, or at least turned them around. Been that way for all too many years. Whether chewing their food with their mouths open or druggy kids having babies.
  10. I think there was a little animosity between Joy and MM today. Seems to me that MM is too concerned with what she will talk regarding topics in pre-meetings and the other co-hosts are willing to talk about anything. But then I always wonder why MM gets so much time off...or is angry from the get-go. And her recent attempts at a pleasant face, or laughs is not natural. A lot of us have noticed this is not typical for her.
  11. I love how Joy, Sunny, Whoopi and Ana know so many people in so many fields....Sara not so much but fine. She is a young mother of 3 toddlers. And constantly working...even 2 jobs at once. I love how informed and balanced she is and her humor and glee at life. And her coodles to her husband.
  12. I've decided to call this show "The Commercial."
  13. It is so odd MM gets so much time off. And for that I am thankful.
  14. Not seeing why Bishop went rogue. And we always knew why Ziva was who she was.
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