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  1. Emily needs to get a clue about Shane, and wise up. Just because she is a lawyer....we never see that. We see her event/s on occasion. Which are amateur. If my husband said he would not go to Vegas to see me (not) dancing - I would not. Emily is a mess.....and so is her husband.
  2. I rarely hear TVYD, or what ever they are called. Usually start doing something else. Nevertheless - when one finds a line of cosmetics they love, why would they mess it up with others? How many totes does one need?
  3. Plus Joy said she wasn't feeling well and normally gets sick after a flight.
  4. True - like family is everything for Abby but not getting the news and being on the show talking about what has happened in the past 24 hours.
  5. Thanks The View - I am so not shocked about this. Even if it fence sitting Abby, a not critical thinker. She never has anything to offer except shiny hair.
  6. It really bothered me when Rand Paul told the audience their kids would be going to war.....he has 3 sons....married 29 years. Did not mention his kids and military service.
  7. Good grief - take a look at who Abby follows on twitter (her recommendations). They are mostly FOX people. I sure wish she could go back their and be her bland self.
  8. OK - so MM mentioned Volker last week and today. But does not reveal he was the executive director of the McCain Institute. Well, until he resigned about 2 days ago..... ABC - this is a huge conflict of interest.....thinking MM can call him for his testimony about UKraine that she hasn't evidently heard about despite being all over the news.
  9. OMG, LOL, I was confused this morning with the peach cake rather than an orange one of Trump. Took me all day to see it at the end of Erin Burnett to get im-peach-ment!
  10. It seems to me having two politician's kids on the show is a huge conflict of interest for the show.
  11. I've never understood selfies. Or posting photos of yourself. Hey - a friend or family gathering - sure! Having universities and possible employers check out your socoal media has been a topic for years. Leave it to MM to jump in with both feet and show us her decadent life in her 20's - in LA. First off she was at Columbia in NYC - oh and on the campaign. But she wants to rewrite history and show her rebellious late teen years and years. What a serious pundint.
  12. Meghan was having a tantrum in her head....sputtering at the end of the first segment on the topic and holding her breath during the second segment. LOL
  13. Good grief - that burger for one person had 1 1/4 # beef. I can't stand her and that was totally stupid.
  14. Thinking this is going to be a very uncomfortable week for MM. LOL. Love it. Could care less about SH,MS and Keke. Too manic. Plus he gets his last name on the title but the "girls" their firsts. Can't blame Sarah not wanting a thing to do with MM.
  15. That Abby is not able to open her mind politically and relies on MM is very disturbing. OTOH - I never care what her opinion is anyway. Just shiny hair, mother and kumbaya.
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