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  1. Hot woman throwing herself at Ernie? Ernie is actually the only realistic character on this show, imo.
  2. I am also glad tomorrow is Sherri's last day. Her new found intellect does not compute with me regarding abortion, Joe Rogan, etc and just loves to be what she perceives to be the center of attention. Let alone her gun in her bedside table with her sex toys with her 16 year old son...like he is not aware of this now...and his friends or others? And, oh yes, where did her dogs go?
  3. I liked SE as well. More than ever before. What sealed it for me was she openly said she voted for Biden although basically a republican. Much like Cindy McCain did on the show. MM never had the guts to admit who she voted for either time.
  4. That is one thing about Sherri I have never liked at all - a joke about a gun in the house with a 16 year old? She was scared, now she isn't because she has a gun and the whole world knows about it now and where it is kept.
  5. Really - never liked Joelle or Anna. Enough of those relationships.
  6. Was that the wall we would occasionally see someone "lurking" in front of that was dark...like Fornell or Ducky?
  7. So Katherine comes to the surprise party after knowing about it and dresses in a masculine grey suit and blue shirt? Sure...we've seen that for 4 seasons.
  8. Where is the true leadership, the humor, the beauty of the islands.... Watching kids eating b-fast is boring.
  9. I think when Sunny is trying to make her points and dismiss a guest she needs to not do her pouty face. She is a grown woman and a lawyer. Not a 3 or 12 year old or a coy girlfriend later on.
  10. I am so confused. She said "at the close of the 2021-2022 academic year women made up 59.5% of college students. Aren't we in 2021? And did she not move away from NYC last year?
  11. I am binge watching Shark Tank and she has been on -and as annoying as ever. What a know it all.
  12. Ugh and blah. The characters are all so vanilla imo...I guess my favorite would be for tech guy for disarming the walking bomb. And of course the dog. No scenery, no humor (ok the nickname bomb bomb), no quirks. Not even a plot that I care about again. I am out.
  13. I thought GZ was very serious about loving Katie's chili. One thing I have noticed is GZ talks a lot about food growing up and when asked whether he makes it for his kids he vaguely says no.
  14. Ugh - I have no interest in what she thinks.
  15. Awful for Sunny and Ana, and actually Kamala as well. Huge kudos to Joy and Sara for continuing doing the show so well with humor. IMO - they will be in the studio on Mon. False alarm. Happens.
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