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  1. I'm thinking how odd it is for MM to talk to AZ politicians but not the citizens of AZ.
  2. Yes - Meghan's family can afford to send a private plane for her and Ben......or even one they own. To go back to the ranch for the time being. She tweeted today "am I the asshole with 3 inches of grey hair..... going on our hit show every morning?" And that was in reaction to Kayleigh McEnany. LOL Hmmm - no - she is missing shows left and right and I doubt has morning sickness this far along. I don't think she can face pregnancy, her "roots", the COVID, reality or the ranch. There is no comfort for her.
  3. I haven't seen this show yet. But I think Dorinda is not well at all. In a lot of ways. But one is her posture....she is hunched over in the past epidodes. She needs help in a lot of ways.
  4. Good grief MMM - talk to your doctor about a healthy diet now and a diet later after the birth. Not sure I've ever known someone so self absorbed.
  5. It is so odd this season seeing Dorinda hunched over......
  6. Penn is very active in the COVID fight......visitited the Navajo Nation, has his own nonprofit for virus testing sites, etc.
  7. I thought it was pretty exciting today - a Fri and no VYD! But alas, no Ana either.
  8. I had to laugh when she called Mauricio Paige's (?) friend and was corrected by one of the kids saying boyfriend.
  9. Then she continued using the blackened wooden spoon that was now charred!
  10. Interestingly MM's Bastard Uncle didn't wish her congrats on the baby today.
  11. Thanks Blondie! I'm doing fine but still still under stay at home warning since 2/28 and through the rest of April, for now. Just happy I finally got some TP and masks....hope you and all here are safe as well.
  12. Sigh - why do huge glasses and masks accentuate the bags under the eyes?
  13. IMO, Sarah is loyal to ABC, a good thing.
  14. Sunny does not bother me at all - she was happy to enter her house and see her daughter practicing the piano with her virtual teacher. Sunny's family is very priviledged but it is always Sunny understanding paycheck to paycheck people. She has never forgotten her roots.
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