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  1. Daycare $5.50 an hour for two children?😳Not in New England. High school aged sitters make 3xs that rate!
  2. Madison was 18 and Ali was 16. An innocent parent would’ve stepped in to be there for their children.
  3. Jeffrey has an older son Brian who is a doctor. Who is his Mom? (first wife?) How old was he at the time of murder? Would they have lost money due to Barbara’s court case?
  4. Conway seemed to be taking care of Ali after the murder (as she finished high school) She probably felt abandoned when Ali left.
  5. I understood that after her Mom died, Ali stayed in Madison to complete high school. News articles say she was a Sophomore at the time of her Mom’s murder (and a quick search has her listed on the honor roll in 2011) Seems Conway took her in and made sure she had counseling. With college funds depleted and no parenting from her father, Ali chose to travel after graduation.
  6. Anyone else notice that the documents showing income from the table scheme had a line item with the name of his Dad’s attorney on it.
  7. Any mention of Meghan this morning? (we had a virus update at the top of the hour)
  8. As 2020 arrives and ABC focuses on Barbara Walters saying “Welcome to 2020” over the years - one would think they would share s bit about her.
  9. (I’m not a regular viewer) Whoopi’s Birthday Show- Whoopi's voice is not sounding healthy - Is it residual from her bout with pneumonia?
  10. I hope Meghan is using a device like Alexa when she posts the number of days since her Dad has passed (and that she's not keeping track day by day)!
  11. Is a necklace bearing your last name a thing or Meghan specific? Some surnames presented alone (mine is lynch) would not be a welcome sight!
  12. Too bad she didn't have to miss today's show to head to Boston. Hopefully she'll stay overnight to give viewers a break tomorrow!
  13. Meghan and Cindy McCain on Firing Line (PBS) tonight.
  14. Dad was all about the son following the rules- Dad needs to work on his life first (Do as I say, not as I do)
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