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  1. I have to say I never miss Whoopi . And I will always listen to Joy, Sunny and Ana.
  2. I think Nicolle always has considered herself the only expert.
  3. I think this was Ana's first appearance this season - after a month of hiatus. I imagine Joy and Sunny were thrilled she was back today, and even Abby. But not MM. Meghan dislikes Ana and MM's husband has even attacked Ana. Pure jealousy.
  4. Abby is driving me crazy as well as MM. Abby thinks we shouldn't talk about the whistleblower until we have all the facts. I find that amazingly naive under this administration and the point of the whole discussion was he/she was doing their job and going through the appropriate channels but stopped by the self proclaimed most transparent POTUS ever.
  5. TV Diva - they showed the shocked faces in the audience.
  6. Yikes - they did not show MM walking out in my area.....
  7. I can't wait for Hot Topics tomorrow!
  8. I think MM is as boring as Abby now- especially in her rehab on the show......good grief, even SH is acknowledging MM now.
  9. Can't imagine what Kelly's doctor thinks of her now. Too many wth's.
  10. I happen to have a smaller Tibetian Singing Bowl. I tapped it like Kelly and it rings loudly. Can't imagine a larger one being tapped (a tad harder by Kelly) with it on my head. Kelly's goal was to ruin the trip, imo. It was certainly not to find peace within the group. Which, btw will never happen with any Housewife franchise.
  11. LOL - I never see Ree as feminine - so all the flowery stuff is odd to me.
  12. For someone that loves FOX so much Abby sure hates the media.
  13. Joy, Sunny and Abby can state their opinions easily in a few sentences. Then there is MM and WG that spew on and on and on.
  14. I don't watch the Kardashian's so I have no idea how much they talk about grief on their show. But I loved Kim's response to MM - basically celebrate his life with family, place of worship (if you do), and read this book. MM, imo, makes her grief so much worse by counting the days and trying to make grief one of her causes.
  15. I just love Whoopi will be gone filming.
  16. Hey - a magnum serves 10 5 oz. Think about the number of crew there.
  17. I think the point is even a guest can be challenged - but not in a nasty MM way.
  18. LOL - MM was so flustered she could not rattle PSA she snapped at the audience twice. Then started to cross her arms in defense, no - reach for her coffee cup, nope - cross her arms - bingo - jab her pointed finger at PSA.
  19. No Thousand - I did not express myself well. I don't really think Abby or her husband went for long. More than they did. As far as MM bonding with William over the break - MM was no where near him......and I wonder why not why his sister too.
  20. Even WashingtonPost - that takes a lot to get there - and it is not good.
  21. No one can really say when one can be a member of the NRA. It is a secret evidently so I guess MM could be a lifetime member. I googled it. so.......
  22. OMG- A big bowl is a bowl, cupcake stand???? But, but, but she loves the drainer insert in her big pot....now a colander? Measuring "bowls" need a handle LOL - and fluted. She very, very, very rarely bakes anything golden brown let alone cooks anything carmelized. Nevertheless - the comments were the worst of it.
  23. Perhaps for that. But not her little babies - that are alone. Although I am sure the nannies are very loved. A month or so is a very long time......good grief.
  24. Good grief - Jon's last day is 10/3. Were recently here for the twins birth. Yet Abby and her husband can't resist flying to Moscow to play pool with the Marines all night?
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