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  1. I loved when RE said you don't have a plan without a plan B.
  2. I am so thrilled this show is now on Hallmark - I am binging out after all these years missing it. I love the photography, the characters, the loyalty and angst among them. I've tried the new one - Magnum is not Magnum. Higgins is assuredly not Higgins. TC and Rick are not themselves.
  3. Right or wrong.....I am as distressed as Joy is now.
  4. Well - the therapist said Theo did not like change.....and even Theo can sense danger.
  5. IMO the adoptive parents should never be so involved in the mother.
  6. I was a travel agent for 30 years - never had a contract for cancellations except for those of the airline, tour company or crusie company.....etc. There was never a signed contract with this jerk.
  7. Sigh, I get what many of you are saying - especially of the rehashes. (is that a word?) But I blame MM because she seemingly, imo, to be controling hot topics. Hey, let's not upset Meggie. And let's get uninteresting b and C listers on more, especially on a given day. And sell, sell, sell. Oh - and tell us what we are going to see, what is coming up, rah rah for the show, who will be on tomorrow - and sell, sell, sell. Personally I like several hot topics over the first half hour without so many commercials (for so long). This might be a political year but it is boring to me with the repetiveness of their opinions.
  8. MM may hate age discrimination - and there she goes telling a woman "OK Boomer."
  9. The husky did look like a very nice dog.....however the muzzle on the seat next to her witness was concerning.
  10. It is odd MM never mentions the service her perceived bad guys gave to their country......like Buttigieg and Vintman.
  11. Gee - I thought I would see her on the after show as an ABC political analysis (or commentator or whatever) tonight. But - not.
  12. I am so confused - wouldn't a parent know who her deceased son gave his heart to? (Chad to Chloe, not Eric.)
  13. Thinking the title of the book should be "Are you Hungry?" Or "Your entrance is Perfect Timing."
  14. Being on the West Coast I have only seen 2 shows from 3 weeks. Did not feel the need to go on Hula etc. Yikes - this is my favorite show.......must see. Yet MM is pouty, mad, screaming, or so very silent. OTOH - from the shows and clips I have seen she is .......nothing. Not an ABC political whatever, when we saw her on George's things.....no more. She is not a strong woman and constantly complains and yet is "ride or die" or something stupid like that? I can't imagine not watching the show anymore, I love it. Why ABC can't let her go, or get away from the endless commercials and promotions is sooooo tiresome. A quiet MM is very disturbing. She is unreal.
  15. Seems to me that Abby was all so concerned and, yes, confused. S.E Cupp is not confused, and is concerned. Doubt MM can tolerate this....especially since she is no longer a pundint and just and educator to R women.
  16. It's always sugary b-fast, lunch (with dessert), snack, dessert for Ree.....and over the top to boot. And the more over the top the better - caramel, chocolate sauce, foam in a can, sprinkles, nuts, and a cherry on top. Whether in a trough or bowl. We had cookies growing up on occassion.....even made them. One desserts on occassion and later ice cream when teens. LOL - the person that scooped it in the bowls got last pick. Saved a lot of arguing and angst. And taught us to share evenly.
  17. Meghan removed her ABC political analysis job from her twitter weeks ago. Now she thinks it is her job to educate (help) women decide if they can vote for Trump? S.E. Cupp has her own show on CNN and is occassionally on panels there. Not thinking she would go to this show......and hope not. She would piss off Meghan more than Abby or Ana does, lol.
  18. My father was cremated and has a grave site at a National Cemetery. No need to be on the mantle or spread or in a Mausoleum.
  19. To think about staging that photo is scary 512 days later. Notice no one except herself were in the photos on instagram on her first visit "home." 512 days, and all. The Lone Wolf.
  20. MM is posting on twitter - 512 days....and the lonely photo sitting alone on "their" bench......with a huge American Flag beside it.....which was never there before. Sigh
  21. Great to know Iusinia - I thought MM wouldn't go to Sedona for a pity party for 2 days when it could be 3 days. After all, it. is. the. very, first. time. back to Az. And the trauma of it all.
  22. The dash out of MM was totally not MM.....she was doing real damage control and looked the fool. IMO. Especially since her friendship with Abby is not Live Free or Die..... I am glad Abby is surrounded by great people that suggested she grow up, ditch the negativity with MM and stand up for herself over the past few weeks. And is moving on - on her own terms - no bridges burned. She is a mother of very young children and a real family member. Odd MM has not gone "home" all these counting (over 500) days. I wonder if Mon is pre-recorded.
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