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  1. I feel alone is this, but I find Travis extremely unappealing. From his lists that treat his wife as a child or servant, to his constant appeals for "butt sex", including in front of Steph's parents, to his "new money" style of living in ornate, marbled mansions, I just can't like him. In fact, when they showed the flashback of Travis floating in his dumb bathroom pool, I thought he looked absolutely repugnant. I also think part of Steph's struggle is the lifestyle of conspicuous consumption, where she doesn't have to trouble her mind for anything other than yet another hundred thou dropped on a party, and how to decorate Travis's mansions. She trained to be a social worker, which is not a career people go into lightly. They are dedicated to helping those in need. How can she not notice the emptiness of her trophy wife status?
  2. Tre does nothing out of her own self-interest. She's backing Danielle because Danielle is her attack dog. Tre could care less if there were a friendless person on the show.
  3. I'm sort of glad she hasn't. At least two of her daughters have inherited her 2-head, and would be made self-conscious if Tre were embarrassed by her own hairline.
  4. I like Bill, but he's a notorious Islamophobe. He also got in trouble for dropping the N word a couple of years ago. I haven't seen this question answered, but I'm embarrassed that I only know the vagaries. It has to do with honoring a Russian's foundation. Meghan said it should be of interest for all those who hate Putin, so I'm guessing the man was a victim of Putin's. Whoopi is a very generous person . . . when it involves not spending a penny of her own money or ceding any control of "her" show.
  5. I found Gia to be a bit obnoxious when she was younger, but she was forced to mature when Tre "went away". I typically like Gia now, but it was very selfish to hog Joe during the phone call, and they didn't even bother calling poor Audriana down so she could at least hear her father's voice. Why the hell wasn't the call on speaker?
  6. I'll admit I never thought much of Ava's mother, but since said mother fled from a threatening Ryan with her three eldest, leaving baby Ava alone with him, I feel she's trash. I thought she was a gun nut with dozens of guns, yet she can't properly defend herself or her children when danger presents itself. As long as Shannon doesn't spend half a million to get Sophie on a team for a sport she doesn't play, or bribe someone to get Sophie extra time on her SATs, I don't have a problem with her college prep. People with money spend unnecessarily all the time.
  7. I went through a very dark time about eight years ago, and I found watching horror films helped. It sounds counterintuitive, but it made me feel better. Best wishes. I can't stand Eddie. Never could. I used to give him credit for that amazing pittie, but that was Ryan's dog, not his.
  8. I'm pretty much over old men marrying women half their age, but Jeff Goldblum can be irresistible.
  9. How about her statement yesterday about how ambitious Nikki Haley is, and how she hasn't seen this level of ambition since . . . Hillary Clinton. Seriously? You haven't seen any ambitious men out there? Abby doesn't even realize she has internalized sexism.
  10. Sounds like a lot of weddings I attended as a child. Engagement rings didn’t cost a year’s salary, bachelorette parties were not three days out of town, and the honeymoon wasn’t paid for by boldly asking your guests to sponsor it. People saved up money for a house, and you know, the actual marriage.
  11. I’m in no way implying this about Travis’s father, but Thailand and Vietnam cater to rich men who like underaged girls.
  12. Guilfoyle came to prominence as a prosecutor during the Dog Mauling trial in San Francisco. Of course, the defense attorney was bat-shit crazy (flailing and crawling on the ground) and this made Guilfoyle look even better.
  13. But they sure look like twins, don't they? When Joe was drunk off his ass and broke his tooth trying to be a tumbler, I thought he pulled it together to comfort a sobbing Gia. Someone had to tell me that it was Joe's brother.
  14. It does seem they're setting up that story line, and it's a shame since Brandi admitted, on camera, that she's really struggling with the three she already has. Combined with the fact that they're openly talking of her eldest's behavioral issues and showing this on camera, leads me to believe that these are private adoptions. The first adoption, sure, you can possibly slide by as portraying yourself on national TV day drinking while caring for your children, and your children mouthing off and disobeying. Now we're to believe, if this is the way it's going, that Brandi would be approved for another infant, within a year of the prior, whilst crying on camera talking about not even handling what she currently has? I just don't see that being approved by the system. I know there were posters trying to float the belief that redheaded babies are especially hard to adopt out, but I'm telling you, white babies of any hair shade or health condition, are in desperate demand. That's not it. When the Bruin adoption happened, I thought it was probably a teenaged relative of Brandi or Brian, and that's why they look so similar. I don't really know what to think now. But I really don't understand why this bio mom is setting up a baby factory of infants she doesn't want.
  15. This scene is from the episode called, "The Bells", and I wanted to go full on Drogon every time someone rang that fucking bell! It does not help! Dracarys! You know, I wouldn't mind Whoopi being held accountable for that despicable "rape-rape" comment, but not by this scumbag, and especially not from someone whose own father is a serial sexual predator. The lack of self-awareness shows stunning levels of delusion.
  16. But where does it stop? The bio mom seems to have no concept of birth control and is pregnant again less than a year later. Same time next year ... hello Brandi, little Bruin and Banker are getting another sibling. 😬 I just find it hard to believe that there is no financial incentive for this girl to keep having babies and giving them away.
  17. At last year’s reunion, I don’t remember the topic, Dolores said something like “Oh no, I don’t like that” at Teresa. I think Tre was going in dirty against someone.
  18. There was a moment today that made we wonder if Joy and Meghan really get along offset, as they keeping insisting. It was when Joy asked Meghan if she sent Joy's regards to Lindsay Graham, and they both burst out laughing. Joy reached out warmly to Meghan and ended up clasping her hand. Joy isn't usually so touchy-feely.
  19. I don't really agree with this, at this time. Why in the world would she set Matt up and cause him to lose such a lucrative job? There went her child support. She does not make enough money from the show to decorate half of her house. I'll see how it all plays out and see what I think in the end.
  20. The Browns are from the TLC show Sister Wives. They are polygamist Mormons who layer several tops for modesty. Often the result is rather immodest.
  21. And her therapist sucks. Gina is expressing fear at the ex discovering she’s going on a date, even hinting at his anger issues, and the therapist says she owes it to him to tell him the truth.
  22. If you compare how the Seewald family live their lives as compared to the Vuolos, I can understand how they can give a generous gift. Now show-off designer clothing and eating out daily.
  23. The fakeness of the top pic makes me laugh. Both adults are in the middle of step, Babe’s particularly big, and yet tiny Felicity is standing still with feet planted. I wonder how long it took to perfectly choreograph it. But she’s got Daddy’s hairline.
  24. As a Scorpio, I hope this litter of Scorpio girls will bring about the downfall of Duggar Gothardism. They don’t know who they’re giving birth to.
  25. Abby's outfit today really confused me, and she seemed uncomfortable in it, repeatedly tugging at the straps of the tank top. It looked like one of those ridiculous outfits the Brown family wears, which piles unnecessary layers on top of each other to appear "modest".
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