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  1. KnoxForPres

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    Agree. And as can happen I’ve read many times about Janelle divorcing Meri’s brother but I actually thought that through today (to my chagrin) and have nearly vomited. Six degrees of separation is one thing, one degree oh blech! Respectfully disagree. I bet she was full of suggestions just zero assistance in making that happen. “Spaghetti and meatballs in Alfredo! A happy marriage! Quick someone run to the store”. I shouldn’t make fun of her- heavens knows I wake up daily going “today I will be healthy and amazing” and fail but I’m not obese but even more I don’t push that as a moneymaker so I view that where she’s open game. I love that Robyn isn’t a classic beauty. She views herself as a queen bee but she’s pathetically average looking. Christine has her beat at this point in looks. As much as I hate to admit Kody was, damn I hate typing this, good looking in youth. While his hair is a bigger sin than a Protestant views polygamy I think stress and the ridiculous behavior is why we now have an ugly Kody. He’s like a tightly wound ball of “ideas” that are fruitless. And yet he puts such importance on them as if the MEAN something. Maybe that’s why I can’t hate Meri. She never seems to play into this crap the way others do. She was like “eh, this land is fine and I’ll move there” and the rest are “if you didn’t hear angels singing I don’t even understand how you call yourself human”. I think I like her whatever I’ll sell my leggings attitude bc I hate this family and feel the same way.
  2. KnoxForPres

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    I would too but we aren’t married into this bullshit. If it were me I’d yell I was duped by a woman posing as a man I’m beaten down. I sent banana pics I reached such a low for fucks sake They all, man included, seem miserable. If this was the avenue to introduce us ignorants to polygamy I can’t imagine a worse platform. They don’t want to live together, they don’t like each other and they’re all dramatic and sad sacks at the same time. Even the kids suck. “They’re tall here”. Riveting. Other bursts into fake tears to where I had to look away it was so fake and poorly done. I hope he’s not holding out for his Emmy.
  3. KnoxForPres

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    I couldn’t get over how bad the lead was. She’d say bullshit like she was the greatest therapist of all time. It was like comedy. Who is this hack and how can I land this job? I’d ask real questions. Meri is excited because she got asked to dinner. That relationship is gone. I felt she was hurt by a few things he said (rightfully so). It was such a tell-nothing They are boring and deserve to be canceled.
  4. KnoxForPres

    I Need a Recipe!

    Bottom layer vegetarian refried beans mixed with a bit of Ortega taco sauce (if you’d never have use for that in real life you can use taco seasonings so no waste) guacamole (optional but you guys like) next sour cream mixed with some hidden valley ranch seasoning (redneck alert I know- but it really makes this good- when making a 9x13 I use about a 1/2 packet to 16 oz SC. This can be omitted as well but give it a try sometime) Now you go with what you like. I use fresh shredded cheddar, green onions and either chopped tomatoes but off season have used drained rotel. Olives popular - I’m not a fan. I find shredded lettuce doesn’t hold up well. I know this is a very common dip but the addition of the Ortega sauce and ranch packet changes it to something quite addictive. Traditional tortilla chips and Frito scoops both do well here. Even though it’s 2 people I’d still make an 8x8 or so bc it holds up nicely for a few days to snack on as long as you don’t use lettuce. Can absolutely be made ahead
  5. KnoxForPres

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    I had a similar thought amongst all this outrage at Lala. Didn’t Kristen Cavallari and The Hills teach us this all is bullshit anyway? They’re probably being fed lines. Both in the literal and cocaine sense. There is so much to be mad about at the world right now. Putting Lala on that list gives her too much power. I watch VP as an escape. There’s enough of that in real life. Id rather discuss Tom and his flat iron and Stassi and her boobs. And Katie losing her shit.
  6. KnoxForPres

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I take it seriously. Years ago I had lied to my mom about something. She said “you promise on Scout’s (amazing 65 lb black mutt- I miss her so much) life you’re telling me the truth” and I was a blubbering mess of honesty. I couldn’t do it.
  7. KnoxForPres

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    Since my name was mentioned I’ll agree if what she’s doing offends that is not ok. I don’t watch this show as closely as I watch a show with a compelling plot so can say while I think Lala is an idiot- I really didn’t know she was such a high offender. Also can’t recall Jenny McCarthy being on there so missed that but that is ridiculous of her to say. Where she has not offended but put me off is with her crassness and vulgarity. And I’m a sailor with a pretty dirty mind so that’s no small feat. Where at one time I was almost taken aback by her beauty I no longer see that beauty and see a real try hard trying to look like she has it all figured out. And it all reads fake to me. I think when she mimics a blowjob she thinks she looks sexy and wants the rest to feel so lousy in bed. It makes me think she’s probably a total bore in the sack. Thou doth protest too much. I hope one day she looks back and wishes she’d played this a little better. In the words of ole drunk Lu, she’s “not cool”. Speaking of being taken aback by beauty While I wish she had 99% less screen time on this show I find Lisa when she’s her version of casual so beautiful.
  8. KnoxForPres

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    And here I just thought she was a hot 20 something spewing whatever bullshit felt right bc she thought she looked cool. Not everything is multi faceted
  9. KnoxForPres

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    I had the same thought! I’m on twitter and play Fantasy Football and had a nearly identical response to my first draft killing it. I was I expecting amazing and then I was like, oh, I texted my friend similar today about Reese’s eggs. So yeah, Beau is ok on that one by me.
  10. KnoxForPres

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    This show is about having fun. I thought it was a great episode. I’m a child free 39 year old and can throw down so that part really doesn’t faze me. Though reading here I feel kinda bad about it 🙂 I took issue with Beau and his speech of how he treats her great and how he’s amazing and pretty much described himself perfect. That’s so frustrating to the person feeling slighted. I’ve been in Stassi’s shoes and being told “I’m a good guy- I don’t know why you’re doing this” is hard. I don’t mean it directly to this fight but if that in general is his comeback, fuck offf. Much less him saying he’s “battered”. I kind of felt for Schena this episode. Something I didn’t think was possible. She’s being played like a fiddle but sending that pic with no response. That does suck. Ariana (phones hate these casts names) is amazing drunk.
  11. KnoxForPres

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Exactly. It’s what families do. What is wrong with sharing a house? Their refusal to go back to that makes no sense to me. If I was a believer of polygamy and sister wife world I’d want to be under the same roof. Id retreat to my room when needed but I’d at least want to reap the rewards of having my “sisters” help me cook, clean,, parent. I’d be like “oh hell yes it’s Tuesday, I’ve just got salad duty tonight” (or whatever system was determined). What’s the point of living autonomously if your end game was polygamy? It’s not economical and it’s not how families live. While I’m sure that drafter, whatever her title is is good at her job I found the whole thing kind of hilarious. She really enjoyed tooting her own horn in super serious voice “I wanted to make the spaces were different too, it would be so easy to make them all the same”. One, I’m just an idiot who works in a cubicle and would have figured that out that but two, the whole tone of that scene felt more like they were curing cancer than making a home where a dude bangs multiples. Like it played out with a lot of honor and awe. At times I expected her and Kody to have tears and say “we did the impossible”. Even her “I call it the gallery because I envision family pictures” or some silly bullshit was so over the top. I liked the girl and am not knocking her at all but if we all glorified our job duties like that it would be damn near like an SNL skit.
  12. KnoxForPres

    Pet Peeves

    If you’re in the US @Brookside that’s going to be a tough one. I don't recall a person in TV saying an-ton-ee Bourdain and he was all over the world nor anyone I know with that name. Can we meet in the middle on Tony? 🙂 I went to the store today to get stuff for dinner. Taking up some decent real estate in front of the entrance were some lawn chairs. I spotted a poster board. The fat ass in me got excited I might score some Girl Scout Cookies. The reality was it was girls just wanting money for softball. No offer on their part in return just “can you please help out our softball team?”. That’s begging for money for a hobby. I need a new tennis racquet. Should I show up next week and ask shoppers for spare change? The fuck? That’s not a fundraiser. That’s begging.
  13. KnoxForPres

    S06.E13: Game Night

    You’re really making me go there @Brooklynista? Haha, I hadn’t gone that far but you bring up a good question. If ole Buddy is Tommy Lee this should be easier if not, oy vey!
  14. KnoxForPres

    Season 8 Discussion

    I can’t describe like my brain views it so it’s futile for me to try but I think Whit seems the fakest. She reads to me like someone playing a part. She’s married into this saccharine shit show and by golly has thrown her whole world into projecting “special and sweet”. Conversely I see Erin as really believing what she’s selling. It seems almost surreal to me but I actually believe her. I hope this doesn’t come off argumentative as is in no way intended. But I could almost see Whit in bed at night going “damn, I could use a strong drink but gotta keep up the facade” and Erin “farmhouse decorating is so mesmerizing and wonderful. Life is perfect”. I in general am in awe of the “ain’t this the greatest life and constant smiles” from this family. I grew up in a house filled with nothing but laughter and love but we aren’t so...perfect. I know it’s a show but I think this show would appeal to more if every now and then we saw Chad (or anyone) throw a hammer down (not at anyone) and say “dag nab it I feel a little overwhelmed and need a second”. The infinite perfection persona has got to be exhausting
  15. KnoxForPres

    S06.E13: Game Night

    Is this figurative or real question? My best guess doggy style. Ive reached new low. I thought about that.