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  1. Thank you so much! And in Sept we got a Trader Joe’s! What are the odds! Thank you!
  2. I need a wonderful pot roast with veggies. I know the internet has a million but I want a really good one! I’ve never cared for it but a recent widow who is going blind and is special to me loves it. I didn’t grow up with a mom who made one so if any of you have one please let me know and thank you!
  3. Indeed! This was a true snooze fest. I find Jen S reactions so hard to watch- it’s just bad tv for me. Her at the boiling point time and time again is now tiresome…in Season Two. I’m a nobody on all levels with 52 followers on Twitter and I never “like” anything that somehow could negatively get back to my employer. I can’t stand Brooks but tell your “team” if they exist- hands off on anyone that is a dependent. It’s not going to end well- fair or not. I kept thinking Sarah Paulson was onscreen she looked so much like her! Let’s keep her around- she is some good tv. Holy shit at
  4. 100% agree in normal times. If you TM Vicki “brought me a casserole” I’d let you know in person and call/text how much I enjoyed it. But Rinna calculated that move. She will hurt Garcelle every chance she gets and G isn’t dumb. That sauce was to mitigate any past wrong doings. Be it Harry Hamlins sauce or a King Ranch Chicken casserole it was a- I reversed the truck, asked you to own why you’d say Tom calls Ericka, put it into drive and ran over you- here’s some Ragu!
  5. I understand- we are in horrific times. However this episode was really good. If you’re a fan I think you’d be ok watching it. It’s not delightful but PK brings the truth and Garcelle hosts a really nice dinner. I wouldn’t recommend NY but I think you could watch this one. I can’t see an Erika redemption happening. It seems impossible. But if for some insane reason that happens we will let you know and scream “don’t watch!”.
  6. Hell yes! In the past most of just had fun- now it’s victims. No matter how I play it in mind I can never get to where I would “show teeth and threaten”. Even if I didn’t give a fuck about humanity (which I very much do)) I’d play it “I was blindsided- I’ve started benefits for the victims”- she’s a stealth bitch I realize for legal reasons that may not possible but compassion could go a long way- we have seen none
  7. This season will go down as one of the best across all franchises. It was gold. I will be drinking English tea with Lisa V watching Kyle, Lisa R and no name Crystal realizing they were on the wrong side of history. Garcelle and Dorit I think have played a good season (shout out to PK!). Sutton for complete MVP and I am here for it. Let’s go ladies!
  8. If you haven’t yet read the interview with Mike White on Vulture. Wallpaper comes up! This show was a weird one for me bc it’s getting so much praise and adoration in the world and I was…meh. People who I admire and typically agree with are like “Hand all the Emmys over to Jennifer Coolidge now!” And similar sentiments and I feel like I watched a different show. I never hated Shane or the Mossbacher’s like I was supposed to. I didn’t love them but mostly I didn’t care. I felt it took an eternity for Rachel to say anything and when she finally did the long, dramatic pauses had no
  9. I have gum issues and I am trying to stay out of the periodontist and got a Water Pik ultra plus. I got mine from Sams and it comes with a baby one for travel. I have never been a good flosser and this has been a game changer for me. At the risk of TMI it’s very gratifying to see what it’s getting in the sink. Learning curve was easy. (I watched a YouTube vid prior just to see a person use it). This is not a paid endorsement but has made my dental visits much better since purchase! To stay on topic I have a pet peeve of the phrase “Help me understand”. My experience has shown it’s a
  10. I’ve complained about it before and likely I will but Knox and her nails! She’s like a master manicurist on the right- short and perfect. She neglects the left. (I’m left handed so even more upsetting :) The vet and past nail trim attempts terrifies her so I’ve held off as she has to have minor sedation to get this done. I’m still holding out. Is that dumb and get the girl trimmed? She walks fine, no pain but whew they are long! I fear she might offer me an Apple (did not capitalize that iPhone did lol) like the witch in Snow White! I am not in the medical field but each ti
  11. @icemiser69 You are 100% correct. And I hate you had to deal with that! There is a moderately sound safe basement and I take Knox and we watch TV loud and all is ok. It’s innate- while I did get her from a shelter she was a little bit and nothing with loud noises have happened to her directly she shakes and hates thunder etc.
  12. I posted quite a while ago a beautiful horse ran solo I’m happy to announce a beautiful white horse has joined the game. They’re living amongst each other like friends. Signed- a person who actually has an innate fear of horses but struggled more than necessary with Brown Beauty living alone
  13. For me, this is the correct answer. They were amazing and indeed such a pleasure to watch. I think Dawn could have shouted from the hilltops her dishes and another step up to be Master of the House a la Les Mis and Kokoson wins every time. They were smart, executed well and made some of the best food judges can recall on RW.
  14. Ebonie is one of the most beautiful people I can recall on these shows. I’m not sure what her angle was with the up/down look with Sonja but I would be guilty as charged in a “wait- your face looks like that and your body is a 10 too!” And I thought she expressed herself so well during the healing. I’m digging her. I like her a lot so far- too bad Leah was her intro. Leah reads so fake. I fully acknowledge Andy Cohen and team at better than this than I am but how can they not see the fake, try hard? It is so weird. She sucks on so many levels. She’s to me the kiss of death of rea
  15. Oh I know- it’s so weird how my eyes only focused on the thighs. I was transfixed and repulsed and couldn’t stop.
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