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  1. Good to know and thank you. Carrots and apples qre bought!
  2. Is anyone here a horse person? While I don’t live in the country there is pasture area behind the house and a horse is there (appeared? I guess horse owners know these things). He/she is wonderful and grazes nearly all day. It does have a barn if it needs shelter. Do horses get lonely? I talk to it everyday and it’s like it listens and likes it. I am actually somewhat scared of horses and their size but it’s such a gentle giant. Knox even likes it. Beautiful and brown.
  3. @GHScorpiosRule that is heartbreaking I am so sorry.
  4. An ex boyfriend I had said I would always cut him off. In my defense I think I get excited about a conversation and interject. But it stayed with me and I actively try not to. The guy I am with is the type who talks to someone for an hour (I am not kidding) like at a hardware store and I think “they have got to want to get away” but it happens frequently enough I guess Im the weird one.
  5. You’re speaking my language! Knox was so easy to housetrain but when she paws I interpret like a human like “I really gotta go”. More often it’s wonderful weather and she wants to sniff and explore. I took this dog on a great day hike today in case that reads she’s not out. I often wonder if we lived in San Diego if we It would be 12 months of “I really gotta to” haha- too hot, too cold, too wet=no dice. Sunny and 72 is game on. Sending Piper the best pup love ever! Thank you for saving P!
  6. I’m in no way professing to have some insider Bravo knowledge and could be wrong but based on podcasts I’ve listened to yes, she is very well liked. I felt Andy’s reaction and Paulson/Oliver quotes support that theory. Which all of that comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Didn’t Ramona say something along the lines of (I need to take notes- my memory!) that Mario doesn’t stimulate her? Come the fuck on, R. You’d take him back in a New York minute. Really wish she’d just have sold out with a lame “it’s complicated” over that garbage. Luanne’s legs are incredible. Her body in general is. I too didn’t sit quite right with Tinsley’s talk of her relationship. While pickings do get harder as we get older (I speak from experience) I would like to hear more of a natural ease at how they are doing during the lockdown instead of....what we got. I do want to be wrong on that- I want her to have happiness.
  7. Yes to Mary and her body movements! They seem very camera aware to me. Like I’m not sure she really does them in real life. They’re kind of a jerky “I’m super adorable and engaged in what you’re saying with huge eyes” yet reads so odd onscreen. I just binged this show and liked it quite a bit. I am also a Laguna and Hills fan from day one so makes sense I would. I buy Christine and Christian as a couple. While she’s a villain I mostly enjoyed her onscreen. I loved that navy/white getup she had on when she was in her kitchen with him and the event planner. I never watched the show Tarek and his wife were on but watch enough HGTV I know who they are and was always kind of taken aback how pretty she is in commercials. In keeping with the show if his ex is Versace In looks, Heather is the Kohl’s version. And very dull. I listen to Danny Pellegrino’s podcast and she was on there and my opinion didn’t change. She did let us know she’s very humble. Staying shallow and talking looks I find Chrishell beautiful in nearly every scene she’s in. What an example of today’s world/social media bc if you watched this show she was a gorgeous agent who married her (smoking hot) “person”. I really don’t think she would have said such things if she saw the writing on the wall. I think it was a blindside and that sucks no matter how many sides to the story. Had I been the daughter of her sister I would have been ok with them editing the GED attempts. We get their roots aren’t Beverly Hills a myriad other ways. My parents still have a Cutco knife they bought decades ago from a door to door seller- still does great! It’s a good show. It captures the nostalgia of the shows from the past in a way I didn’t know I needed.
  8. I thought Ramona looked great at that party. And by that I mean I think she dressed up for an Upper East Side gig she wanted to go to. Eliyse made it easy (and the goofy encouragement by Leah helped) but I suspect she would have found a way to get out of there one way or another. She and Coco didn’t dress for that party. Though we learn she went to MTTM and paid retail ( no friend perks!). She’s like this nice person who just can’t be nice- it’s great tv. She slights Leahs mother (who LOVES the camera) as quickly as she compliments her. She’s good.
  9. I woke up in the middle of the night and watched this so I likely have words wrong but Dorinda said in a TH something along the lines of “Its my party and I’ll phone if I want to” and I laughed out loud. You will be missed (by me) Dorinda.
  10. If I was your SO there would be no takeout on my birthday. That’s like dating Emeril and he orders takeout haha! @biakbak I want 4 cheese stuffed hand made ravioli in a Gorgonzola sauce, homemade garlic bread, a salad with brioche croutons and something chocolate and divine. I kid- I love you got him that but I am amazed at your skill.
  11. I know theirs is more of the thin and crispy variety but if you also like a thin and kind of folds when you a hold a slice I have to say the Shaq-a roni from Papa Johns is pretty solid for it being from one of the major 3 for 12 bucks. I’m making linguine and meatballs with the recipe from Gimme Some Oven site for best meatballs- they are divine! And a Caesar salad.
  12. I would hire Cat #3 10/10 times and wish you the best! On an interview I’m cat #5 so you’re ahead of the curve! Good luck!
  13. What strange times we are living in. One upside to mine is I have a conference call type job. Have for years- no one has ever used a camera you just call into the number etc. By the grace of dogs that has not changed nor even been mentioned once. In these trying times everyone is talking about teams and zoom and whatever and I’ve used them all but never been asked to share my camera. So that’s a win! A few other things- I cannot read a book and I’m a huge reader but can’t do it. Also every single day I vow to be amazing and eat very lean and exercise and fail.
  14. I am so desperate to get back into the office but also would not enjoy what you describe. The latest email I got asked if I needed anything additional to work from home and I read that as it will be a long time, If ever. The Groundhog Day effect is really wearing on me. I’ve thought about taking a second job as a server or something (I did that when I was younger) just to have something to do. The only positives I can derive from this (without giving it major thought) is I hang out with my dog 24/7 and learned to cook pork chops. Something I never attempted pre-pandemic bc I grew up eating chops of rubber and didn’t know they can be quite tasty. You have to switch it up when you’re cooking all the time. And I bought an Instant Pot- turned out it to be a good buy- would never have done that otherwise. I miss live music.
  15. I know! And you know what could make the most d list character of all time be more boring? Having a kid! Beau- you have been horrible at a famewhore. Only thing lower than that is getting your mom and brother to get on IG and demand you come back. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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