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  1. I HATE this commercial! And while it very well may be a waltz I see it as a weird almost slo-mo walk of a lumbering ogre. It took me aback when I first saw it bc while I don’t really know her or watch her shows I gather she’s a person who personifies “perfection” and I can’t believe she green lit that promo it’s so bad.
  2. Yes she had a new vehicle and maybe more courtesy of a partner at her law firm- pretty sure he was married.
  3. In my city they raised it to 75+ and the line to get one became so long they had to turn others away. I’m in the Southern US. I don’t think the people you describe are the norm.
  4. I love Sebastian and Jake (and the site I think? Sebastian is from) My mom got me a cute pillow from LL Bean that had a black dog that “looks” like Knox once did before she became gray. She promptly de- knitted (if that’s a word) the upper right hand corner at 10 years old.
  5. I loved this series. I thought they did such a good job of showing human strength and weakness which is so rare these days. Bolded above are mine-I felt the opposite. And I don’t write this to sound antagonistic but differing. I hated both scenes. When the “team” called her I feared I had switched to a Disney film. When she looked up- I didn’t need that- she’s a master chess player- this viewer didn’t need a throwback to the orphanage/looking up scenes. It felt very cheesy in such a non cheesy series. And I recognize and since talking to friends and family I’m in a minority and I’m ok with that. I loved the series- hell I marathoned it in one day with my loyal dog by my side but no to the ending. Just let her win- drop the sugar.
  6. Reporting back (74 and 73 parents- both positive for new readers) are doing well! My dad dealt with a pretty high fever over a week and my mom has head cold type stuff but overall things are ok. Whew!
  7. I am so sorry for your dad. Words are so lacking and I feel very inadequate to express my sadness- fuck this disease. With that said while it was not easy to read this it was good to. I called my dad and said you have to be brutally honest with us how you’re feeling. He admitted he has had a cough (never said that before) but he has not had confusion, overall not feeling bad. Posting things like you did- while very scary to read will save lives and I thank you. I wish I had the words to say how sad I feel for you and your dad. Just know. I do. I hate all of this.
  8. Thank you all - and yes, I have always loved that saying- true words to live by. One thing I failed to mention is my mom prior to pandemic had a pulse oximeter for her asthma. Their numbers have thankfully been good but it’s a handy tool to have should you find yourself in this situation. Not only does it help the sick person kind of status check (per an MD you want it 90 or above- theirs has been running 95-97 range) it provides the loved ones who feel very helpless a level of comfort when the numbers are ok. They continue to be doing quite well considering. Mom said she felt a little tired but that’s to be expected. Just wanted to post in case someone reading has a loved one- of any age but especially when it’s 70+ you have a bit of a freak out upon learning but so far (and please please let it continue) it’s going ok. I wish anyone dealing with this peace and swift and full recoveries.
  9. My mom and dad- 73 and 74 are both positive. My mom (74) is a librarian at a school where it got out of control. My mom has asthma and lymphoma and most certainly gave it to my dad before she knew. it’s very scary They have been as carful as anyone I know though she did go to work- and clearly got it- mask/distance etc My dad has gotten up to 101.6 temp and with Tylenol it’s gone down. My mom thus far has exhibited very mild symptoms. They both sound good when I talk on the phone- even though they’re both positive they were advised to still be apart due to chance one virus loading another. So for now they’re still apart. You just feel constantly “what if” but try your hardest not to and live in the moment.
  10. I thought it was funny when Pringle asked the kids if they wanted to see the big house on The Battery. I actually thought it was a setup for a scene since Patricia had alluded to it at the prior party and the cute kid exclaims. “it’s boring!” Immediately shutting down his screen time plan. I grow very tired of Madison types who shame significant others for behavior exactly how they presented themself when you met. It’s one thing if you date a hardworking go-getter who quits his job to play video games (which would be a different convo- likely of concern). But if you don’t want to date a bum do not enter into a relationship with said bum! Even if gets you on a going downhill reality show (I see you too Naomie!)
  11. I think you’re right but I can’t stand Kathryn and wonder why Bravo thinks she’s so important. I’ve found her annoying the whole time she’s been on this show and don’t believe she brings any value to it. Danni becoming unhinged while talking to Leva was disturbing. Wtf is wrong with her? Her alliance and allegiance with Kathryn is one sided and ridiculous. Her mannerisms, which I realize she likely has no control over, annoy the shit out of me. She’s like a constant weird “surprised” state of face and jolty. Fire her and Kathryn I say! While Craig sounded 16 years old I agree if I had a gig on HSN and they told me I had to do it remotely from home I wouldn’t want to either. When I had access I watched hours of those goofy programs like HSN and QVC (nothing bad happens and no chance of sad animal commercials) to go to sleep and I would want the on air good vibes with the hosts too. I’m just not buying Shep and his girl for some reason. I don’t see chemistry there and I feel like he got a girlfriend to offset that horrible video he posted where he mocked the homeless lady. Like he used his mailbox money to hire a PR agent who said “Shep! Hey bud! Get the most vanilla non-controversial person and get in a relationship!” And even if he goes to the altar with her I stand by my thought- it doesn’t feel real to me.
  12. This is my first go with Potomac- I think the pandemic worked for it bc there was so much visible push for this show that I can’t recall seeing before. I think it’s a helluva good cast and I like all of them. And my word- most attractive cast hands down. As another poster up thread said so well- Wendy’s need for approval diminishes her achievements. There’s nothing cooler when you befriend or even have a peripheral relationship and THEN you learn they are xyz. She started with that and seemingly won’t let up. I feel like Ashley using breastfeeding as her multiple degrees and seemingly won’t let up. We get it!! its an entirely different HW show too bc when they were at the hotel dinner after it was over they all soberly got up (even after the portu poon lol) and put on PJs. Jet lag or not most would have a “later that night” where shenanigans ensue. I like it.
  13. Janelle’s posts make me think of when I procrastinated on a paper and was desperate for minimum word count. ”From what I can see it has lots of good herbs” is beyond fluff- it’s worthless.
  14. Ha! True. Still frustrating when kind people give you step by steps and I still cant do it Also hilarious she’s a 10 year old gray beard lady and you’d think I’ve got exclusive rights on a supermodel.
  15. Well I have made such a fool of myself which is embarrassing. I Guess IAm complete idiot bc I keep resizing and getting too big pic
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