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  1. If they want last or first, they’ll type as needed or direct you that way if it’s truly necessary. If the characters beginning of an account number are meaningless to the rep they’ll not let you know and just type what matters. You’re being almost too accommodating, Just say I’m Kelly Smith and account number is Qse157 when asked. If it really matters they should prompt you (last 4 of acct-# listed under address eg) but if not there’s no expectation you should know a system. They often have to do all of that validation process before determining if they can even help you- so save details of issue until asked to make sure you’re sent to correct dept it’s not the same to the previous Rock Wilder etc but similar. I read a posting (not here) where someone said in disgust to an unjust situation “it really is a doggie doggie world” and that has never sounded so innocent.
  2. You all are prolific and I am behind the times so sorry if repeat. But there is a commercial where the opening music sounds like the music used in podcast Serial, season one and for some reason I have such a reaction to it each time. I have no idea who it’s for making this a worse post but it’s so weird my reaction. I suppose at the time I had excitement each time a new installment? Guess the marketing didn’t work since I don’t even know the brand.
  3. I love those commercials so much. He’s like this cool LL Bean environment turkey living a simple life. I’d be his friend and not judge if he lit one up while we wore plaid and talked about our pets.
  4. I think we (greatly including myself) assign human properties to pets. She may not be a good fit with a female. Why? We don’t know bc you’re nice and wonderful and would give her the best life. But she is an animal. It breaks my heart her story- for the dog and her owner. If she’s not the best fit for you- that is because she’s a dog and can’t say those thoughts to herself (this person is awesome and even close to my old stomping ground!). I wish they could. I love your spirit and just overall niceness. I can’t imagine how happy your next pet will be in such a great home. @bosawks What is your car setup? Knox is a frequent traveler in a 4-runner and I’ve got her in a dog bed in the back. That looks secure and intriguing.
  5. When Amber the victim was onscreen in I guess episode two I was like, she kid of reminds me of the victim in Silence of the Lambs. Then the therapist showed up and my mind was like !
  6. I am encouraged by your post @Suzy Rhapsody! Sending nothing but positive and loving thoughts your way!
  7. Absolutely. If we all had the gift of future. Even today at work I had an issue where I’ll never do x again. Now I know But I think that’s it. For people like me and @Suzy Rhapsody daughter we need a swift kick in the ass of the real world variety to see. Parents loving sometimes just isn’t enough. So much ego.
  8. No easy answers here and I’m sorry. Wise minds have given you great advice. Under the heading of easier said than done I wonder if not looking at call and text logs would be helpful. There isn’t much to gain for your happiness (which matters!) to see if she talked to her dad or was at the wrong part of town at a late hour. I was raised by any definition wonderful parents who would then and now do anything for me. Around 18 I started hanging out with a less than desirable crowd. I got into trouble, my grades fell and I had zero fucks to give for anyone but myself and a good time. I don’t know specifics, maybe from selective forgetfulness or substance driven but I was horrible to them and absolutely blew off and ruined occasions like birthdays. Or maybe I’d show up acting like I was doing them a favor, massively hungover, and leave early. They aren’t the tough love variety, and cell phones weren’t like they are today, so they’d just not hear from me. Had it been today on a call no doubt I’d hit the ignore button. While they weren’t tough love and always had a warm bed and meal when I like a loser showed up, that’s not what got me. My poor decision making finally caught up with me and I dealt with true consequences around my mid 20s. Of nearly every aspect of my life. And I turned around. I was still a jerk I feel until around my mid 30s. Something changed and I really don’t know what- late maturity?. No doubt my wonderful parents (which you by all readings a wonderful mom) were a backbone for me and I knew better. But it took life knocking me down to get my act together. I say that to say our paths often go a way our parents never intended but it can and I believe often works out. My sister was raised by same parents and I think her worst infraction might have been she said “damn” once. Sometimes I wonder if they wished they had stopped at her!
  9. Who knew we are along so many hotties! I was told I look like Roz from Frazier one time. That seems so lower level @JTMacc99 I have some very important things to talk you about. Just work. I kid but damn!
  10. Yes! Thankfully I haven’t been jacked so much but yes! Please be careful. Look for the lock sign when you input anything. Heck Ive pretty much told myself I’d use only credit cards and only known sites to order. I didn’t fight this because what do you do say I was an idiot and fell for a scam? But they are so good! Please make sure you buy from only reputable sites. I feel like an idiot but worse wish I had got my pops the shoes he wanted. I hate thieves.
  11. -This is a PSA. I consider myself a very good online shopper. My father loves and does well with Brooks Beast (he’s 72). He has neuropathy so they treat him well. I ordered him the latest model from Nordstrom and sadly they didn’t work for his inserts. I googled the previous model and found a site where I could get 2 price for the price (not as crazy as it sounds- model before he wears an 8.5m). I order from Brooks.com....and then. I’m charged 140 - it was Brookeae.com. charged by a Chinese character site. I go to my bank. They say that’s normal. This week I got a bracelet from China that can’t be worth more than 2 dollars that says “i love you”. I chalk it up as shame on my I was stupid. Please make sure you’re always on a secure site. Sorry if double post. Make sure you buy from secure site
  12. I drove a vehicle today to a shop and guy followed. While we were there he had to talk and I saw a wonderful calico kitten walk by, then a grey, then another calico! Next I saw a more adult grey cat. I had to ask. They said they have cats come on and they take them as their own shop cats. Clearly loved. I wanted to ask- does anyone get them spayed or neutered and my guy said it would be overstepping. Question- would it? What if I offered to?
  13. Well I’m 40 so I could be wrong here but I thought he in rose petals asked if she’d take it in the ass and she complied. So you might need to step away from this mess and delete it from your DVR. Austen just isn’t sexy. Like I think he would be a horrible kisser. As another poster said I too would get the charcuterie but that mussel he ate looked dripping in wonderfulness. Side note- for a landlocked person like I am Bonefish has some pretty solid mussels. I felt this about Princess Kate this week photographed sailing but sometimes I am taken aback how attractive these people are. Cameran on the trailer with her big hat was insanely gorgeous. Chelsea in her hat with her dad at lunch- man these people are pretty. As others have said better than I could- Ashley is terrible. It’s like filming goes screech! And it gets fake. She’s a non entity we don’t care about. Boot her Bravo! Naomie can stay for me ONLY because I want more insight to how big of a dick Metul is. I don’t like her but I don’t want her to be miserable and fear she makes bad guy choices. There are many wonderful doctors and lawyers but the title alone shouldn’t sway her to delusion.
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