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  1. firefly

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Ask Darcy. She worked in a restaurant you know.
  2. Questions I was hoping would be answered tonight....what was the reaction of Kalani’s dad when he heard about pregnancy number 2? Why did Eric only buy one sandwich in Philadelphia for four people to share?
  3. firefly

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    But the Hazmat team would have been wearing white!
  4. firefly

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    Thanks for the welcome! It’s great to be among like minded people who truly want to see these people do well. Who am I kidding? Bring on the train wrecks.
  5. firefly

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    To top it all off, I live less than 10 miles away from Taycheedah, the women’s correctional facility here in Wisconsin!
  6. firefly

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    That’s the same reason I came here Pepper! Still get to see inappropriate wedding dress try-ons, disapproving family members, plus the bonus feature of possible parole violation.
  7. Eric lost his pants! Brilliant!!!!
  8. They all need a Debbie in their life!
  9. Maybe she appears in parades with the Shriners on the weekend?
  10. firefly

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Leida’s real dream is to become a doctor in America and she is willing (but not eager) to marry Eric to help move her plan along. She has some qualifications from Indonesia but cannot practice as a full-fledged doctor. Baraboo has no medical schools (surprise, I know!). So Leida would have to travel to Madison or Milwaukee to take additional courses. Minimum of 50 miles one way for either choice. Buy an additional car? Plus gas and insurance. Classes are not free, so there’s that cost. Books, additional money. May have to stay overnight on occasion, so hotel room fees. Where is this money coming from? It worries me that I have thought about this more than Leida or Eric. Since Larissa has disinvited Cousin John and his family from the wedding, subtract them from the total of 10 expected for the wedding. You don’t really need a $2400 dress for a handful of people.
  11. In the latest batch of bith phtew?
  12. Can anyone arrange for a cage fight between Ceci, Jon’s mom, and Leida, Miss Dr. Indonesia? I think we could charge enough to pay for flannel house dresses for all of us.
  13. You all gave away the secret. That’s the dress the Debbie is wearing to Coltee’s wedding.
  14. Kalini only became a mom 5 months ago and pawns the baby off whenever she can. I think that Asuelu is doing pretty well for only having been around a baby for a few weeks. How would he know about not taking a baby out of a car seat while the car is moving? The country is new to him. Hey Eric, there’s a little airport in Chicago that rich doctor daddy and the family could have flown out of.
  15. Complete with discreet condom pocket!