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  1. Oh I know- it’s so weird how my eyes only focused on the thighs. I was transfixed and repulsed and couldn’t stop.
  2. For me those questions weren’t asked or answered on the show. What we were shown was for whatever reason the surgery will be in NJ. To me it’s less the details and more the reaction. He suggested postponing her pain for an arbitrary six months and if not that then she go alone. He could have said “why New Jersey!” I would have liked to hear the answer. But his words were mean. Hell at a minimum say “Christine let’s have this conversation among the two of us and figure out the best plan for Y”. That’s not what he did. It’s not his take on COVID-which I too took and take seriously -it’s
  3. Kody saying the family was an obstacle to his end goals was one of the cruelest things I could imagine saying to his wives....then Ysabels scene happened and I see there is no limit to his cruelty. When the sweet, physically hurting girl said “I’m not needed anymore” it felt larger than not needed on the porch. Much like her mom she’s treated like a write off....:by her father. For all the never ending babble about communication Christine communities well- she did all episode. When she told us “I don’t need the mountains”....damn straight you don’t. It was set up beautifully
  4. @Scarlett45 I use upcountryinc.com. They wear like iron and great when she’s rolled around in stuff not so great they come out looking brand new. Knox has one with clouds and a dog with a scarf in a convertible repeating- I’ve bought a lot of collars and like them the best. I use a retractable leash. If retractable isn’t allowed I have 2 heavy duty.- just bought at pet smart type places. Non related- Knox is 10 and is quite gray. The attention she now gets is 100X what she once did. People are like “a sweet grandmother” and used to be “I suspect there is pit in that mutt”. She’s
  5. Janelle is so bizarre. Her posts are never relatable they are just weird. The way she writes never has any humor or upbeat feel. When I see a story claiming female empowerment I’m like cool- let’s hear it. She got a mat for her knees? If Janelle had the ability (which I don’t think she does) she could write a pretty engaging post about a bigger girl hitting the gym but that just was lead balloon level. I assume one can hire a ghostwriter to handle this kind of stuff- why in the world does she not? I’m grateful for the choice bc the snark is endless but what in the hell? Her bre
  6. Haha- yes it did! And she mentioned one of her “communication styles” was she’d get so excited and I guess laser focused? J- I can think of some words for you and excited isn’t one. And I was irritated Christine took the conversation bait and agreed that would fix all things. She was “communicating” with no vagueness she felt unimportant and was met with utter bullshit by Janelle. I wanted a real bonding moment- maybe Janelle goes “I used to feel that way and then I shut it all down and tell myself I don’t care”. I’d like to think when they watch this and see Robyn (and I find h
  7. 1. I’ve got small hands so I guess I’ll stick with it. 2. Proctologist. Loathe all dentistry and assume majority of my patients will be under anesthesia while I fix their bum ailments 3. Skunk all day long. Sweating honey would be a nightmare! And skunk would appeal to a demographic so I’d chill with them we would listen to Widespread all day and feel glorious. Bonus- I can fund it- I’m an ass doctor!
  8. Yes I agree! Thank goodness I didn’t bet on this bc I was confident this was going to be a bloodbath with Brian as the winner. Still in disbelief. I didn’t even know Christian had street cred until I saw him on here- I assumed he was a joke. I still view him that way. For me as a viewer, this show was a smart move for FN bc I love Top Chef but have never given a damn about FN competition cooking shows. I am really enjoying this one. I didn’t know the middle contenders but thought they both did a good job- would have been fine with either winning. I wanted both Volts to win
  9. Oh sweet baby cosmo! People like you are the best! I find I really like the drop off vet routine. Both Knox and I get nervous at the vet and me not having that energy in the room I think is good. She’s been twice through pandemic- once for a nail clip (sadly she has to be sedated for that) and this was her annual this week. I pulled up at 7:55 for her 8 appt. They come to get her out and take her back. Around 8:12 she comes running out I said “oh no! Is something wrong!!” No- she’s just exceptionally terrified of the vet and we thought she’d enjoy being in your car waiting on
  10. I think she is smart. And she has verbalized she wants to know what’s going on with the house. She’s met with “you don’t want to know how sausage is made” type comments complete with “your mom/my wife is so obtuse ” interactions with their daughter. That dynamic bothers me. She seems to be a punch line. It’s not the children’s fault but her husband needs to stop. We all have strengths and weaknesses and even if she plays into the dynamic it could be changed with Court treating her as an equal - which she is.
  11. When I was young we went to a beach with 4 other families (no wife swapping) and it was so much fun. I was on an air mattress but we beached it and watched Adventures in Babysitting, Troop Beverly Hills etc. The moms would alter cooking. Some of of the best times of my life- esp since it was just at me and my sis and others had 4 kids (boys!) As people get richer and families get bigger it’s nothing like it once was. And I- now 41! Pretty much don’t go bc well- you see why. But every single time these people look back on times gone by I feel it had to have felt like that a bit in
  12. Bling Empire this show is not. We have Kody and Robyn looking haggard in a U Haul talking finances and where are kids clothes amongst the bullshit in the ‘haul. Til then we will keep on renting them bc....smart money making decisions. God doesn’t like waffling- or does he? Deep thoughts. This was one clusterfuck of an opening And I was here for it The “fancy” water glasses never used deserve MVP. In all seriousness and she didn’t describe it in a way I followed Christine seems very broken and I don’t want that. Meri is checked out- shit with a quasi friend much less a sister
  13. Hey Brooks pick your fancy ass jacket up too if you know your dog is doing what we are all thinking! By the way- he was aiming for the track suits. I actually found this a solid episode. I thought the disengaging was wonderful while I found the reasoning sad she said it in a way I really felt for her instead of traditional HW moves People seem to think alcohol is a problem for Jen and while I don’t disagree I just find her an extremely angry person and able to be set off at any time. She is not good tv and needs to be gone- Mary too. Mar bc she is stuck in a closet. There a
  14. I think you look beautiful. I don’t think Buddy makes for good television. He’s very restrained and awkward and it makes me feel the same. With that said if I tried on clothes for my guy it would be boring tv so I’m not necessarily putting Buddy at fault. But if I, a person in insurance, recognize he’s not good tv how do TPTB not know? She needs a fun sounding board if this is going to work. A spunky girlfriend bc honestly those clothes did make her look 100x better which is a great jump right there to a good conversation. And they’ve all hung out with COVID out so that could ha
  15. I saw it as a pop up store. Like when Vicky presented Breanna in the OC with a BMW and told her she’d assume the payments. When Whitney put the onus on Heather during that racing car scene I was done with her. Then when her dad said they should be thankful for the addiction- what kind of Mary-esque owned crack pot Rehab is he in?
  16. But I was so damn proud of Danni she said she was about to put Madison off the dock! Yes Danni- more of that! And Danni’s conversation on that dock as said above was one of the best of all season. I’ve never liked Kathryn but in that scene I did not hate her. Madison is one of the meanest people we’ve seen on these trash shows. I don’t remember the words but when Shep and Taylor were in the pool minding their own biz she was like “know what doesn’t float - a turd” or something equally stupid and made an evil face. She’s like the mean kid on A Christmas Story- just a total piece of s
  17. I HATE this commercial! And while it very well may be a waltz I see it as a weird almost slo-mo walk of a lumbering ogre. It took me aback when I first saw it bc while I don’t really know her or watch her shows I gather she’s a person who personifies “perfection” and I can’t believe she green lit that promo it’s so bad.
  18. Yes she had a new vehicle and maybe more courtesy of a partner at her law firm- pretty sure he was married.
  19. In my city they raised it to 75+ and the line to get one became so long they had to turn others away. I’m in the Southern US. I don’t think the people you describe are the norm.
  20. I love Sebastian and Jake (and the site I think? Sebastian is from) My mom got me a cute pillow from LL Bean that had a black dog that “looks” like Knox once did before she became gray. She promptly de- knitted (if that’s a word) the upper right hand corner at 10 years old.
  21. I loved this series. I thought they did such a good job of showing human strength and weakness which is so rare these days. Bolded above are mine-I felt the opposite. And I don’t write this to sound antagonistic but differing. I hated both scenes. When the “team” called her I feared I had switched to a Disney film. When she looked up- I didn’t need that- she’s a master chess player- this viewer didn’t need a throwback to the orphanage/looking up scenes. It felt very cheesy in such a non cheesy series. And I recognize and since talking to friends and family I’m in a minority and I’
  22. Reporting back (74 and 73 parents- both positive for new readers) are doing well! My dad dealt with a pretty high fever over a week and my mom has head cold type stuff but overall things are ok. Whew!
  23. I am so sorry for your dad. Words are so lacking and I feel very inadequate to express my sadness- fuck this disease. With that said while it was not easy to read this it was good to. I called my dad and said you have to be brutally honest with us how you’re feeling. He admitted he has had a cough (never said that before) but he has not had confusion, overall not feeling bad. Posting things like you did- while very scary to read will save lives and I thank you. I wish I had the words to say how sad I feel for you and your dad. Just know. I do. I hate all of this.
  24. Thank you all - and yes, I have always loved that saying- true words to live by. One thing I failed to mention is my mom prior to pandemic had a pulse oximeter for her asthma. Their numbers have thankfully been good but it’s a handy tool to have should you find yourself in this situation. Not only does it help the sick person kind of status check (per an MD you want it 90 or above- theirs has been running 95-97 range) it provides the loved ones who feel very helpless a level of comfort when the numbers are ok. They continue to be doing quite well considering. Mom said she felt a l
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