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  1. This is my first go with Potomac- I think the pandemic worked for it bc there was so much visible push for this show that I can’t recall seeing before. I think it’s a helluva good cast and I like all of them. And my word- most attractive cast hands down. As another poster up thread said so well- Wendy’s need for approval diminishes her achievements. There’s nothing cooler when you befriend or even have a peripheral relationship and THEN you learn they are xyz. She started with that and seemingly won’t let up. I feel like Ashley using breastfeeding as her multiple degrees and seemingly won’t let up. We get it!! its an entirely different HW show too bc when they were at the hotel dinner after it was over they all soberly got up (even after the portu poon lol) and put on PJs. Jet lag or not most would have a “later that night” where shenanigans ensue. I like it.
  2. Janelle’s posts make me think of when I procrastinated on a paper and was desperate for minimum word count. ”From what I can see it has lots of good herbs” is beyond fluff- it’s worthless.
  3. Ha! True. Still frustrating when kind people give you step by steps and I still cant do it Also hilarious she’s a 10 year old gray beard lady and you’d think I’ve got exclusive rights on a supermodel.
  4. Well I have made such a fool of myself which is embarrassing. I Guess IAm complete idiot bc I keep resizing and getting too big pic
  5. Well I tried everything you guys mentioned. I have an 11- not sure if that matters but I never saw options mentioned. I wish you guys could see a good pic of Knox thanks so much to all who tried to help me
  6. It’s user error/- I’m good at some stuff in life but not all!
  7. No- from an iPhone tho and I tried to do what you said. I feel very silly it didn’t work.
  8. I feel 100 but how do I upload a photo? I finally have a good one of Knox but it doesn’t like the size when I try to do from my photos I did go to main page and looked around
  9. Yes! And I would want it to feel safe. Like, you may be my friend but maybe you don’t need to know x. Her getting sober is more exhausting than me opening the Grigio to watch the shit show
  10. I’ll sit with you. I like her too. I don’t think she even cares about the “sad” comment. Also her boyfriend isn’t bad looking and I think she’s happy. I have watched quite a few Interventions and the standard is after people abstain they look immensely better Somehow Brownstone looks 15 years older getting off the sauce. I felt for her very weird daughter in that very weird scene. I don’t know why but the new one divorcing a billionaire reminds me a bit of Charlize Theron. I find CT a total 10 so I find myself wondering if it is from the time when she portrayed the serial killer in Monster? It’s a strange connection nonetheless
  11. She’s addicted to pot only - she’s told us! She otherwise makes healthy, adult decisions. See- two kids with T Rav.
  12. I suspect bc he meant it real. While I hate Brawynyn and him I think it was exactly what he said . I mean, we are adults you do the next line “so...I’m bored. “ While she has every right to feel skeeved at that text she also has to remember he helped her get an Uber-the easiest thing of all time and Fuck if you have a DUI in background easier. Non story to me- and the sad house- bring on the goods.
  13. All of these sweet babies are so cute! Happy Halloween!
  14. Jim Morrison/The Doors. With a VIP pass please.
  15. @LibertarianSlut your quote “Madison is like the girl with two faces from Seinfeld—in some lights she looks absolutely gorgeous and in some she looks just like a generically attractive person. It’s not just her face, it’s her body that also looks completely different in different scenes” I so agree. I have never found her necessarily attractive and thought she was gorgeous at the party. A sentence I didn’t think I’d ever say. One of my real life friends forewarned it was a heavy Madison episode and I said “pass” and she was like “Oh I love her so much”. I guess she’s ok but I find Austen so boring and lacking of anything cool that her being with him kills any goodwill I can muster. The robe was a fail and FFS Bravo please never show the video of him grabbing his gross crotch again. I don’t really like Patricia but I’m with her on Austen brings nothing. I’m even hesitant to give frat boy status as I see him the guy at the frat door house like “I know was I was hosed- but but I have a keg- and a bathrobe!”
  16. And this is why you are my people on the forums. I actually laughed at my non descript sentence and refusal to Google and haha- you knew! You know, I’m glad they’re still together in a way.
  17. Yes and most surprising to me is that Bravo aired it. I kind of took interest when that story broke months ago bc Cam is such a golden, perfect child so the adultery allegations peaked the gossip part of me. As said above the alleged mistress made a public denial. And the way Kathryn did it at the restaurant with her smug, dull affect manner was gross. Still surprised they aired bc until now Bravo only have near angelic footage of her. They treat Patricia with the same kid gloves. I’m not skilled enough to describe the why but Shep’s hair made him look quite a bit uglier in a few scenes- the party being one of them. I’ve always find Shep kind of hot though he lost me last season but this season he’s losing me on looks. While I’m wading in the shallow pool good grief Taylor is downright average looking. With looks like that (and knowing Shep) I anticipated learning she was a Vanderbilt. But she’s a dental assistant so Shep falling hard for her makes me skeptical. I recall a gag inducing lunch he had with his mom where the takeaway was (paraphrased) “I need to meet a blue blood who can move in our circle”. Sure, people change, but does Shep? I did kind of find the Pringle dude hot. He had a manliness about him most of these guys lack. He reminded me a tad of some guy I actually want to say is on that non-New Orleans Southern Charm. The one where the dark haired girl was always sad about the guy who sold socks.
  18. I mean this more in jest than true logistics but didn’t this all start bc Sean helped Gina get an Uber? I can attest- you can be three sheets and hit “Request UberX” so that part cracks me up too. What help is needed! To the “sad” condo- Gina doesn’t even seem that it really bothers her so they need to stop giving that story time. I think I’m easier to please these days on these shit shows due to work from home/Covid so I enjoyed this episode and appreciate the escape.
  19. Good to know and thank you. Carrots and apples qre bought!
  20. Is anyone here a horse person? While I don’t live in the country there is pasture area behind the house and a horse is there (appeared? I guess horse owners know these things). He/she is wonderful and grazes nearly all day. It does have a barn if it needs shelter. Do horses get lonely? I talk to it everyday and it’s like it listens and likes it. I am actually somewhat scared of horses and their size but it’s such a gentle giant. Knox even likes it. Beautiful and brown.
  21. @GHScorpiosRule that is heartbreaking I am so sorry.
  22. An ex boyfriend I had said I would always cut him off. In my defense I think I get excited about a conversation and interject. But it stayed with me and I actively try not to. The guy I am with is the type who talks to someone for an hour (I am not kidding) like at a hardware store and I think “they have got to want to get away” but it happens frequently enough I guess Im the weird one.
  23. You’re speaking my language! Knox was so easy to housetrain but when she paws I interpret like a human like “I really gotta go”. More often it’s wonderful weather and she wants to sniff and explore. I took this dog on a great day hike today in case that reads she’s not out. I often wonder if we lived in San Diego if we It would be 12 months of “I really gotta to” haha- too hot, too cold, too wet=no dice. Sunny and 72 is game on. Sending Piper the best pup love ever! Thank you for saving P!
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