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  1. I wondered that same thing. And according to NBC - yes. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ex-husband-of-real-housewives-of-nj-star-hired-mob-figure-to-assault-her-boyfriend-feds-allege/2492657/ I also wonder if Dina cutting herself off from Caroline, and Jacqueline had to do with the Manzo factor and wasn't just about business, as they led us to believe.
  2. Just in case anybody actually believed Caroline's insistence that her fambily was a squeaky clean italian family, that the alleged mob ties were ignorance at best, and that her father-in-law was a murder victim, not a mob hit...this just happened: https://www.google.com/amp/s/pagesix.com/2020/06/30/ex-hubby-of-rhonjs-dina-manza-hired-hitman-to-attack-her-husband/amp/ I can hear her now. "Horrible. He was stupid. Just stupid. But his HEART was in the right place."
  3. BrindaWalsh


    Just finished Athlete A. It is a LOT to process, all over again. And I am horrified.
  4. There's been talk of divorce since the day they got married. I will believe it when the filing happens. Kanye taking the kids to Wyoming to give Kim a break and space doesn't mean conflict. My husband takes the kids for a few days a couple of times each year, and divorce has never crossed my mind. On the contrary, it could also be viewed as a nice thing that a father takes his kids for few days for kid/dad time together. The kids probably loved it as did Kanye, and it seemed to work for Kim too. And who isn't arguing during this time, or who doesn't argue from time to time, for that matter? Arguing is healthy. And a global pandemic is really fucking stressful.
  5. I think Kourtney has something hormonal going on. She does not look good, physically or emotionally. She looks pale, thin to the point of looking gaunt, and she looks like she is going to have a nervous breakdown. It is probably too early for menopause for her (although not impossible), but I legitimately think there is something more than "I don't want to anymore" going on. Scott saying something "don't push her to a breakdown" was another clue that something isn't quite right. Because if you are at that point where that comes out as a legitimate statement? Something has already gone too far. Now, don't get me wrong. I think Kourtney is in it for the perks and always has been. And she could walk away easily and chooses not to because of that. But i think that is only a small piece of the puzzle. I kind of wish that we could see a convo with her and Scott. I feel like he would tell her exactly what she needed to hear. A lot of stuff happens at 40. They make it sound like it is gradual, but nope, the changes that start to happen are practically immediate - the metabolism slow down, the body changes, the changes to your cycle, a lot starts (or can start) to happen at once. Hence why I think there is something hormonal going on. I also think she is deeply lonely and hiding it with the 25 year old boy toys.
  6. I meant the emotional relief that comes when you are no longer having the day to day anxiety and concerns about that 1 parent (Am I there enough? Doing enough to help and support and just be there? Is he/she doing enough or is he/she lonely? Is that smile genuine? Why does he/she still seem so lonely when we are all right here? Am i doing enough?) I don't think Tre avoided that. In my experience, it unavoidable.
  7. Teresa might discover, as this passes, an element of relief. It may sound horrible, but when you are the "primary-caregiver" in the so-called-sandwich generation, as Teresa was with her father, simply due to the fact that he lived with her, there are levels of stress and anxiety that exist as a result that you don't even realize. It is an odd feeking. Losing the "last" parent is awful, losing any parent is awful, but her father is now at peace. And Tre may find some peace now as well.
  8. That is so sad. I truly believe that man was just lonely and died of a broken heart. The Giudice family has been through a lot in recent years. Yes, plenty as a result of their own doing, but this is a lot for anybody. I don't even think they can come together and grieve and celebrate his life as they normally would and that makes it even harder. I especially feel for Audrianna. She is only 10? My own parents died within 3 years of each other and my oldest is Audriannas age. One is hard enough, but three grandparents is gutwrenching as a child.
  9. People seem to think that "experience gifts" somehow pamper a child less than "stuff." So people have really latched on to that not really realizing that it is just as tone deaf and comes from a place of privelege, and gets more and more extravagant as people go on. Does Jackie think that hopping on a plane to Colorado for a weekend, courtside seats, staying at the Four Seasons is somehow less frivolous than an extravagant party? Probably, so many people do nowadays. But it is ultimately the same animal, different stripes. Evan was talking about how they don't spoil their kids and give them what they need. Well - what do they think kids need? That is really the distinction, not just statements about experience and not spoiling. I guarantee those kids are just as spoiled as every other kid in the upscale towns of Bergen County, NJ. So people have to put aside the stuff and the experiences as some kind of marker of who spoils their kids less and look at something else. Attitude and behavior. Right now, Jackie's kids, after 2 seasons, have been seemingly well behaved and respectful kids. So there you have it. Evan and his low sodium diet comment was disgusting. And also something you know he was just dying to say. I know a lot of people think he is hot, etc. He strikes me as a bit of a douchey frat boy. Jen came off as desperate but she is not going anywhere, the show would be pretty boring without her. But the staged eye narrowing glares, head shakes and jaw drops were a bit over the top staged. But I won't lie, I agree that Melissa is too self-absorbed for another kid.
  10. Still working through this episode but what did Tre do to her eyes? I can't tell if she had surgery or it is a case of too much makeup
  11. I personally thought Jen looked the best, then Dolores. Show leg, cover the boobs. Show boobs, cover the leg. Buy a classic cut dress that makes you look amazing. Marge can and should dress better for her body and wear some good support undergarments. She doesnt need her boobs flapping in the wind to look amazing. I love Margaret. But that is in spite of her fashion and hair choices, not because of. Melissa tries too hard and has been fake since season 4. We got real melissa season 3 and she was much more entertaining from a reality TV standpoint. And i agree that the photos of Jackie at her wedding were really scary. I mean, it could be that people were begging her to get help. We haven't heard Evan say anything about it yet. It seems like her parents didnt notice, maybe they did that day? And to think, she didn't get help until after her children were born. Isn't that what she said? 6 years into recovery? Her youngest two are 8? Yikes. How did she carry a pregnancy???
  12. I can't say I disagree with Jen about Melissa and the fake storylines. But her swinging so hard in the 1st minute of the show was kind of desperate. But then again so was the eye rolling from the other couch about her surgery. Everybody there has had work done. Jackie has had a tummy tuck, her teeth whitened, lip fillers, and i would guess maybe cheek? Her face is definitely different. Subtle but different. All elective. Marge has had the facelift and I think botox? Elective. Melissa has had her boobs and nose done and anything else to morph her into JLo. These people need to stop picking and choosing their elective surgical proceedings. Going under is going under.
  13. I remember way back in season 2, on the long gone twop page, when dina left and it was clear that danielle wasn't coming back, the campaign to get Melissa ok the show. I remember posts there and elsewhere (maybe all about the tea? Did that exist back then?) about how "they should cast Melissa Gorga!" followed by "OMG Melissa Gorga would be so perfect." It wasn't constant but I read it enough to think "Who is this Melissa Gorga that everybody is praising and why don't i know who she is??" Later it became clear on FW, AATT, and elsewhere that the casting of Melissa and Joe wasn't quite as innocent as they liked to make it seem. There was a clear campaign and effort to get themselves on, and yes that included her sisters all over the internet promoting her while causing other problems. Somewhere along the way Melissa even admitted that they pissed off the network. But that was long after she was established as a vital part of the housewives drama. I have said before that I am doing a rewatch. It is fascinating to watch given all that we know now. You can see the stress and anxiety building in Joe Giudice. Melissa's innocent "Teresa is the problem" act is total b.s as she too caused so much trouble. The hypocrisy was amazing. The tackiness of the gorgas was loud and clear. Joe Gorgas attitude towards his wife and sex was just as disgusting as Juicy, just in a different way. The Manzo's and Lauritas did PLENTY wrong towards Tre. Jacq was a complete busybody and drama whore. And the "oh so nice and careful" Wakiles were anything but. The Giudice pile-on was kind of amazing and really quite obvious. I can only assume that because we as viewers were also reading the tabloids and press about Tre and Joe, that the became easy targets and everybody earned a buck off of that. And look, I get what Tre and Joe did. But that isn't a pass for anything goes. But there are clear scenes where Teresa is desparate for anybody to acknowledge her feelings, and gets nothing but hits about how awful she is. And to quote Kim Kardashian, teresa "bought them a fucking career." The ONLY OG on this show is Tre. Not Danielle. Not Melissa. Tre. A full housewife, every season, since season 1. And for more than half of it's lifetime, the show has revolved around the Giudices. I hate to say it but if the Giudices left the show now? Or in season 3? Or 6? It would maybe squeak out a season. Like her or hate her, these bitches are nothing without Teresa Giudice.
  14. @geauxaway Skip AC. People think one thing about AC and then are surprised at how seedy it is (at least for right now) If you want a quintessential Jersey Shore experience, with an element of yesteryear tossed into it, consider Cape May. If you want to go to where the Housewives spend their vacation, make your way further north to Point Pleasant and hang out at Jenkinson's Beach where they were this past episode, head to LBI to possibly spot Tre & the Gang or Seaside, not to far from Melissa's stomping grounds of Toms River.
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