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  1. I can add myself to the list who can draw comparisons to 22 year old Monica and things they did in their 20s and cringe (at the very least). It stems from a severe lack of self-esteem, a "history" of unreciprocated relationships - the kind where he throws the bone, gets what he enjoys, and you develop feelings qnd desperately want him to feel the same so you keep coming back for more - loneliness, and other issues that will eventually get worked out in therapy. So when somebody comes along who gives you even a glimpse of feeling worthwhile, attractive, sexy, intelligent, it knocks your world
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/09/17/melissa-and-joe-gorga-list-3-homes-downgrade-to-900k-nj-pad/amp/ Is the money catching up with the Gorgas?
  3. Hey! My 12 year old wore nearly that exact outfit for Halloween a couple of years ago. PIcture from halloweencostumes.com where you can order a Kim's outfit for a mere $39.99
  4. Remember this Kim and Kanye? They got so heavy and dragged down and dark. Now even literally. We have a blacked out kim with capes deagging on the ground.
  5. I don't know, maybe I'm not "fashionable" enough but I find the Met Gala to be a giant bore when it comes to fashion - and I'm not sure why. I love the glamour that comes with the Oscars, but the Met always leaves me feeling uninspired or rolling my eyes or bored. How many times can somebody dress 80% naked on the red carpet and be considered daring? How many times can we see some dominatrix look on the red carpet and claim that it's bold and fashion forward? There is this article in vogue saying that this year Kim kept people guessing, it was inventive and new. People didn't know who it
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh, Kimmy. Why do you let Kanye do this shit to you?
  7. I am just a few years younger than Monica Lewinsky and find myself more sympathetic to her now than I was back then.. She was 22 at the time - her frontal cortex hadn't even finished developing at the time. That lovely part of the brain that is involved with "motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior." But I also now find myself more interested in all of the different players around the impeachment of Bill Clinton than I was back then. I love Washington politics in TV drama so I enjoyed this episo
  8. Jonathan has always reminded me of the desperate high school kid. The one who wanted so badly to be part of the popular group that he just inserted himself and tagged along even though they didn't treat him well. That kid was desperate, insecure, cared way too much, fake, and while he tried so hard to be "cool," he made himself into a douchebag. Jonathan is that kid. I so so so want Kim to be all "you can't sit with us" one day and film it for E.
  9. LOL I remember that. Shannon vs. Kim. Then there was little Dominique just happily flipping all over the place with a big ass smile on her face. I also remember when suddenly everybody had to dress and do their hair like Shannon. I'm not sure how that happened, because the Karolyis were certainly still on the scene. It was when Kerri Strugg was coming on up and after Kim had retired, so the time between 92 and 96 I guess? I read some click bait article today about some Olympic gold medalist (I think a Russian wrestler?) saying that Simone needed some tough love or some such t
  10. I personally am loving that we are seeing a variety of countries on the medal podium - USA, ROC, Brazil, Belgium, Great Britain, now China. How fantastic for this sport during this games. I know Simone was "supposed" to sweep it all, but if she had, in the GOAT way, we most likely wouldn't have Rebecca winning the first medal ever for Brazil and the first gold for an event final. Jade wouldn't have had her gold on bars. We we wouldn't be celebrating the first asian american to win individual gold. There's bright and shiny gold/silver/bronze lining here. That said I am THRILLED for
  11. I think they also need to consider the 4 gymnast rule and how they score. And somebody please correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding of either: I've long said that the scoring is messed up - somebody as good as Simone can basically fall and still win gold because the degree of difficulty is so high. And as good as somebody like Simone may be, I've never agreed with that because it just seemed odd. If I fall in competition, how am I on top of the medal podium next to somebody who is flawless, but had one less half twist or whatever? But there's another side to that. If people are
  12. AA selection is only based on performance in the qualifying round. I remember this being a big point of discussion when Aly beat Jordan, everybody kept hammering home that unless Aly or Gabby dropped out or were pulled for "injury", there was no way to get Jordan in there even though she placed easily in the top 8 because of the 2 gymnast rule. The team final doesn't impact who goes to AA at all.
  13. My least favorite is the weird side ariel with bent legs on the beam (I don't know the official name). We hear all about clean lines, straight legs, pointed toes, yet somehow we have this clunky thing that looks like a mistake. Speaking of the beam, the Russian who fell, her mount and leap series was beautiful.
  14. I have never understood wolf turns. Are the arms supposed to do something specific? I feel like everybody waves their arms around differently.
  15. But that's not what they did, at least not IMO. The switch is really clear - they lead up to her vault, without real explanation but instead false "prediction," then switch back to the original commentary where you can tell that they are somewhat stunned and confused by what was going on. Yes, they can draw on past examples of the mental game and pressure gone wrong in the olympic games and draw conclusions about what happened, but they were quite finite in their mental game analysis, the "lost in the air" statements, the Simone blooper reel, the warmup predictions, etc. Then they switch to
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