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  1. Back when I was in high school, the same thing applied. For instate it was fine. It had a stronger out of state reputation. However, I think that's changed and it's gotten more competitive instate. It used to be that Trenton State (now TCNJ was considered the best and most competitive of the state schools. I think it all goes to Rutgers now, and if you look at overall college rankings, it comes in #2 after Princeton (yes, there's a big gap). But my point about Gia staying and choosing Rutgers to be close to home in case her father gets out being pure convenience is me saying that I don't think she sacrificed her education for the sake of staying in NJ. She could have just as easily been at Rutgers if Juicy wasn't in jail. When comparing it to Quinnipiac and Bama, it's the stronger of the three. I can't remember which other schools she applied to, those two stand out. It's not like Victoria turning down UMD for Caldwell (which I actually took as code to mean she didn't get in to UMD or that mommy and daddy wouldn't let her move away), or Gia turning down Bama and Quinnipiac and going to CCM. There's nothing wrong with Caldwell or with a community college system, but they are different.
  2. It seems like Gia visited and was accepted by a lot of the popular schools in the area for those students who are carrying around a high B+ GPA and decent SAT scores, probably a couple of honors/AP courses, etc. She could have very easily chosen Rutgers without Joe going to prison and it would have been a perfectly sound academic choice for her. Yes, she's not as far away from home to keep Tre from popping up on her doorstep whenever she wants to, but I don't get the impression that's what's happening. Speaking of Gia, OMG I wanted to smack her. Are all 18 year olds that "know it all" and irritating? That Gia thinks that somehow she's the one that's been impacted the most by all of this is incredibly self-centered, insensitive, and egotistical. How about sweet little Audriana whose memories of her father when she will get older will be him in prison and most likely in Italy, as opposed to the childhood of memories that Gia has, for example? Joe has been gone for 3 years. He has missed milestones that are big deals for all of the girls. Yes, Gia wanted him there for her high school graduation. I'm sure Gabriella wanted him there for her middle school graduation or her drivers test or some such thing. I hate people who think that their grief and struggles are somehow greater and more deserving of sympathy than others who are impacted by the exact same things. Shut up, Gia. I really want to like Jackie. I mean, I really do. She's clearly the one on the show with a legitimate brain. Her 4 kids seems normal enough. Her husband seems like a decent person who isn't breaking the law in his day to day life. She's boring, but whatever, not more boring than Dolores. I don't like her mean-girl-you-can't-sit-with-us vibe she puts out there, but the rest of them probably do the same, except perhaps for Dolores. But I noticed two things. One is very shallow and that's about the obvious "season 2" work done (happens to most reality people!). I know she says she got lips, but something else is going on there, it looked like she was having trouble moving her face. Or perhaps the makeup was that caked on. Or maybe it is something with her eyes. But the other thing I noticed was how clearly calculating she became and the total hypocrisy. Jackie is just as bad as the rest of these people. For example, if she was that upset about the video, and truly felt like she and Jennifer had gotten close, then call her and talk about it. Don't save it for the party and the cameras. Another example, if you think that accusing somebody of infidelity over wine at the dinner table with two close friends while the cameras role is somehow acceptable behavior and not as sleazy and trashy as Jen in that video, try again. Just because you're less "expressive" about it than Jennifer doesn't make it innocent. Just ask Melissa how she feels about such statements. And 3rd, calling Jennifer Teresa's soldier only proves that she's watched the show more closely than she admits and doesn't know her audience - nobody wants to revisit the "Teresa's army trying to bring us down!" bullshit of a few years ago.
  3. How is it that they are already filming the interview? This is still an active case, and to our knowledge the final ruling is expected in Nov (thank god). They won't be able to comment on anything other than hypotheticals.
  4. Prison aged him significantly. The parted and smoothed down hair also makes him look older. The weight loss has made his nose more pronounced. But the smile and facial symmetry and eyes are the same. I'm assuming it's Thanksgiving in Italy for the Giudice family. And quite honestly, I'm not convinced he and Tre are going to split. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that he's coming back to the US, but I don't know. Now that he's out, I'm not sure she would go through with the divorce. Her mother is gone. I honestly don't think her father has that much time left. She has her brother, but you know, he has commitments to Melissa's family and I don't think Teresa particularly cares for any of them. She is SO intertwined with the Giudice family, I think when push comes to shove she wouldn't go through with it as it would become incredibly isolating for her. I think she will stay married to him, visit on holidays with the family, 2 weeks in the summer or some such thing, but will ultimately live separate lives. At least until Milania gets to college.
  5. Agree, but I can suspend a bit of reality in this case to say that I think the children of Gilead have been terrorized into being completely obedient. Somebody says quiet, you be quiet. Somebody says run, you run. Somebody says pray, you pray. Don't put a toe out of line. Otherwise, you may find a body swinging from your chandelier or some such thing. Again, I can get behind this one as according to the Gilead law, there is no before. You don't talk about it. Period. The little girl didn't know who June was, just that she was asking about the time before that the girl has been trained/terrorized into stating she has no memory of because it didn't exist. Now - the rest of the show doesn't adhere to that. But the kids probably would under the current regime. AND...That's all I've got.
  6. So, how does this work? Does he get placed on a plane? Does he get to go pack a bag? Does Tre file for divorce now or later? Inquiring minds...
  7. I'm going with Jamie Walters- the stop acting like I'm not even here is a direct line from his character during one of the most famous scenes in the show. Furthermore, the character of Ray Pruitt kind of ruined Jamie's career, didn't it? One of those bizarre cases of where the fans couldn't distinguish fiction and reality. If they are playing heightened versions of themselves, perhaps Jamie Walter's is playing a character who went on to exact revenge on a cast/show that ruined his life, when in reality I think he went on to be this really upstanding guy. Just my theory.
  8. Conspiracy theory: I always thought Jim was gay and just never came out.
  9. I'm going to guess that the pilot radioed ahead that he was arriving with women and children. When Moira was helping with the organization, she said "we don't know what we're dealing with" which was pretty vague - but they could have added a simple sentence of "we have a plane with refugees, but we don't know who or how many, so let's be prepared for anything!" and still have her go onboard and be stunned by the number of women and children on there. Or perhaps the Canadian authorities had the pilot land and stay out on the runway, took him in for questioning, and then towed the plane in and in the chaos there were gaps of communication to the volunteers in the hangar? But you're right, there's still a gap. Somehow the volunteers got to the airport and got organized. They could have shot a simple scene of Emily, Moira and Luke sleeping when they got a call that a plane had radioed ahead and see them run out the door to get to the airport. I have no idea how close the Toronto airport is to downtown. In NYC it takes a while to get out to the airports, I remember being shocked one time being in boston for work and it only took me about 15 mins to get to Logan. But we'll never know.
  10. Re: the kids and their memories, I think you would get a mixed bag of kids who remember and who don't (of those who are in that 10/11 range). I lost my mom a few years ago, and my son was only 3 at the time and he still has memories and brings up things I assume he's long forgotten, even stuff that he hasn't heard us talk about, so it is legitimate memory (not things he thinks he remembers). So I can buy that girl remembering that her name was Rebecca and recognizing her dad, even if she doesn't remember "life" fully before. I'd imagine that kids remember flashes and blips. Not to mention, they are probably conditioned not to talk about before because in Gilead, you aren't supposed to talk about before. Does Serena's plea deal include actions BEFORE gilead? I can assume that it must because otherwise, they could nail her on treason, easily.
  11. I have a tough time seeing how these Martha's and handmaids can go back to their stations in Gilead after all of these women and children are discovered missing, so I'm kind of wondering if we are seeing the start of the We know it exists, according to the book, it would fit the progression of what we know is June's story, and it would get us out of the Gilead rut. It could give us an insider look at how the resistance works, perhaps open some kind of line of communication between these women and Canada, keeping our favorite characters relevant to the story, bring Nick back into the story, and honestly doesn't seem to compromise marvel-June while opening up storyline potential for the other handmaids.
  12. I liked it. Table for 1. We left Atwood's Gilead and writing a long time ago. Even before season 3. The book was brilliant, the story was brilliant, but I decided to stop expecting Atwood and it makes the show significantly more enjoyable. Even the opening scene didn't have her subtlety. Those guards herding the women into trucks and cages wouldn't have been cursing and yelling bitch at them. They would have been doing their job with a stone cold precision and barking military like orders without the profanity. Speaking of that opening scene, seeing them separate those women with special needs literally made my stomach turn. My favorite part of the episode was Rita arriving in Canada, especially her excitement to meet Luke. I'm still processing a lot of the show but I just wanted to say that I liked it. And shout out to Stone Harbor - the best shore town in NJ! Oh. And was anybody besides me irritated by the eastern university ads in the commercials? I don't need a real ad for highly conservative university with courses "rooted in christianity" when I'm watching tv show based on what happens when a twisted brand of christianity takes ahold of and brings down the US.
  13. Season 1 Aunt Lydia never would have given permission for her handmaid to go stand with the widowed husband. She is to serve as a vessel, and then move on, that is it. The idea that these handmaids are part of a family unit with relationships with the commanders and their wives that would afford such a closeness is bizarre and never the intention in the book, if memory serves. Even if Lawrence is the "exception", Lydia doesn't know that and would have forced her into her handmaid lineup at such an emotionally intimate request. Do the directors know that they do a zoom-in closeup at the end of nearly EVERY single episode? They have forever killed the impact of that shot. I mean, all I thought last night was that it looked like Moss needs a deep pore facial cleanser. Somehow I don't think that's what they were going for. So. What's the plan for saving these kids? Get them on a bus and then just drive over the border? A plane? How does this work exactly? What do they say at the checkpoints, that they are going on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History? Once they are over, are Lawrence and June going back in for round 2? I know people are frustrated that Luke just hauled off and punched Fred, when he could have talked. But honestly, talk about what? In what world should Luke ever trust anything that Fred had to say? Luke punching Fred and Moira's verbal attack on Serena joy were the only 2 satisfying parts of this episode.
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