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  1. Leftover tacos was tonight, but I'm super excited for lunch at work tomorrow. We're doing an office lunch and ordering out from a local mexican place that I recommended: shredded chicken with rice and black beans, fried pork chops with yellow rice and red beans, beef empanadas (& chicken but I'm all about the beef baby), and churros. I am definitely sneaking leftovers home!!!
  2. I think I got it at Sally's beauty supply. I definitely would not have gotten it at a department store. I was at grad school and that wouldn't have been in my price range.
  3. I used a brand called d:fi. They had both heavy and light versions.
  4. Wait they have lids??!! I need to get those as I use the jars when I'm cooking or need small jars for lunches at work.
  5. I liked Moseley. She was like a breath of fresh air. I'd take her any day over Hetty.
  6. When I used to flat iron the crap out of my hair I used to use a smidge of wax heavily mixed in my hands with smoothng creme.
  7. I picked up beef stroganoff from a very nice restaurant on the way home tonight. I like it and I don't get it a lot (oddly I don't like mushrooms though) so I was very excited. It was not good. So I'm having a bowl (or two) of Peeps cereal. Paired with a very nice Russian River pinot noir.
  8. Manchego cheese and wine that came from a cat labelled bottle. It's been a day.
  9. If you're going to screw around with tummy grapes you should make wine. It's the only acceptable alternative. (Who am I kidding, I love me some wine.)
  10. @MargeGunderson, my fellow (early) Virgo!! Have the two pieces of cake!! And the pasta.
  11. Yesterday, I picked up 1lb of smoked salmon from a local fish guy at the farmer's market next door to my office. I think I'm going to make a cream cheese/sour cream spread (capers, red onion, lemon) and spread it on some crackers with chunks of the salmon on top. I will also try to not eat all 1 lb of the salmon. (It is SO GOOD y''all!!!!!)
  12. Pre dinner is smoked salmon on a crostini with onion/chive/lemon cream cheese. Dinner will be cheesy corn chowder. I am very excited by my evening meal(s)!!!
  13. Sigh, I'm having the pork lo mien I got at lunch and didn't get to eat.
  14. I think everything I saw Anthony Bourdain in he came across like a condescending asshole.
  15. Ooh, thanks. I may have to try this. Papa's John's in across the street from my work.
  16. I'm going to miss this little show! Seeing everyone testing up (& most of the guys just flat out crying) at the Undercover Boss got me.
  17. And if Blackberry would like to share with Callie Lee and the kittens, they are here to offer any support needed.
  18. Back to the EveryPlate big: linguine carbonara. It was fine. Mine’s better. 😊
  19. Macadamia nut crusted grouper, roasted squash & zucchini and coconut sticky rice.
  20. Wednesday dinner: thin and crispy Dominoes pizza. Thursday dinner: leftover thin and crispy Dominoes pizza.
  21. Lol, I didn't even notice that!! Beef. I meant beef. But bees would be interesting...
  22. I’m still pissed they got rid of my beef meximelt. Luckily a wonderful shift manager told me to order a cheesy roll up with bees and pico de gallo.
  23. I always liked Beatrice and Eugenie glad to see they both seem so happy. Personally I think that the petticoats underneath would not work with the daytime setting. I believe the Queen wore the dress to some evening events (a movie premiere and a state dinner) and a more voluptuous skirt would make it more formal. And I like that she wore her hair down (though that may be more a personal bias that people over estimate that updo's look good on everyone). All in all it seems like it was perhaps a more casual wedding, which makes sense.
  24. My lunch was a meatball and extra cheese sub with light mayo (reminds me of miracle whip) from subway. Dinner is risotto with roasted shallots and zucchini.
  25. Ahh, now I understand Aisha Tyler's instagram post recently.
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