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  1. Go Gators! (Ahem). That is all. ; )
  2. I ordered from Oui lids online - they were $3.99 for 4 lids, and the shipping price was small, via USPS. They came quickly, too.
  3. And their jars are so cute! I even ordered the lids for them!
  4. We had one briefly. It made small cubes, and not a lot, but maybe better than your fridge ice maker, if you have to keep defrosting it.
  5. I no longer have a Sam’s membership, and rarely go to Walmart (Target is closer), but maybe I’ll check them out sometime. I just miss those sesame seed Pepperidge Farm crackers. They used to also come in a trio package, I believe.
  6. I loved these, can’t find a decent substitute.
  7. Thank you! I’m really enjoying this show!
  8. Michael, Carla, and Clinton are all employees of the Food Network now in various capacities. Even “Sparkles”, aka Jackie Rothong has some live cooking classes on the Food Network subscription app. I keep hoping that if the app is successful, they could put together some type of “Chew” type show on the app, perhaps once a month or as a seasonal special. I guess I can dream. Not to compete with The Kitchen “ on the network.
  9. Well, their new streaming service, which had a 3 month free trial I took advantage of, has actual cooking classes! I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but now I kind of do, and I have to decide by Feb. 5 if I want to pay for it. Michael Symon has 3 live shows every Thursday. Other food Network personalities have classes throughout the week. Most are simple recipes, but if you enjoy the “chefs” (some are, some are not), it is a nice way to kill some time.
  10. Ok, my bad. U2 performed at the Joyce Center, not the football stadium. I guess Garth’s press release was accurate. Really, though, who cares?
  11. I miss the Pepperidge Farms sesame crackers that used to come with the four pack of crackers. We used to get them for the holidays. Now they just have the trios. The sesame crackers went so well with my clam and shrimp dip. I haven’t found a replacement.
  12. I have made steaks, salmon, crème brûlée, hollandaise sauce, boiled eggs, and poached eggs. I have a Joule. It was very successful. The hollandaise sauce actually kept in the refrigerator for a day. Crème brûlée was delicious.
  13. Ugh, to think that I used to admire this guy. In the earlier days of food Network, I used to watch Molto Mario, along with Ina Garten and Giada. I really only have admiration for only one now. Guess who?
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