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  1. justspiffy

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Ok, my bad. U2 performed at the Joyce Center, not the football stadium. I guess Garth’s press release was accurate. Really, though, who cares?
  2. justspiffy

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    U2 performed there on their Elevation tour back in 2001.
  3. justspiffy

    Discontinued Foods You Miss

    I miss the Pepperidge Farms sesame crackers that used to come with the four pack of crackers. We used to get them for the holidays. Now they just have the trios. The sesame crackers went so well with my clam and shrimp dip. I haven’t found a replacement.
  4. justspiffy

    Sous Vide

    I have made steaks, salmon, crème brûlée, hollandaise sauce, boiled eggs, and poached eggs. I have a Joule. It was very successful. The hollandaise sauce actually kept in the refrigerator for a day. Crème brûlée was delicious.
  5. justspiffy

    What New Foods Have You Tried?: Like It? Hate It? Share Here!

    I agree! It’s delicious! My husband even orders it.
  6. justspiffy

    Molto Mario Batali

    Ugh, to think that I used to admire this guy. In the earlier days of food Network, I used to watch Molto Mario, along with Ina Garten and Giada. I really only have admiration for only one now. Guess who?
  7. justspiffy

    The Chew

    They really need at least one other permanent co-host.
  8. justspiffy

    Molto Mario Batali

    Thanks for reminding me about this book! I read it many years ago - I’m going to reread it now!
  9. justspiffy

    Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    I am tempted to buy the https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8MMLBI/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1RKT9I7JAX4MC&colid=39AWHTCO21JR&psc=1 (joule Sous vide) implement. Serious Eats gave it a good review, and it will fit in a drawer. I have no room for any more counter top appliances. Has anyone tried at home Sous vide?
  10. justspiffy

    Dream Co-Hosts

    How about Kenji Lopez Alt? He’s been on a few times, and is clearly knowledgeable about food and cooking techniques. I also love Sarah Moulton.
  11. justspiffy

    The Chew

    I was beginning to think they were grooming her for more air time. She seems to have a lot of cooking chops. She’s a natural on television, too, which helps.
  12. justspiffy

    S10.E10: A Fine Finale

    Jesse Palmer was quarterback for the Florida Gators(chomp chomp, go Gators), then played in the NFL. He has co-hosted The Chew many times, before his morning talk-show gig. I think he is a foodie. He was also on the Bachelor. Whether or not any of that qualifies him to be a judge on this show, I don't know, but I'm not sure about the other two, either. Maybe they have a hard time finding judges because the show is so lame?
  13. Has anyone else read Clinton's book? There are some funny stories, but you definitely should read the chapter "Turd in a Punch Bowl" about Paula Deen's guest visit. Seriously, just go to a library and read that chapter.
  14. That's how I prepare my Thanksgiving turkey. Try it! It works!
  15. justspiffy

    The Kitchen

    It's not a craft corner without Clinton Kelly.