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  1. I haven’t read the whole thread but am I the only one who thinks Erika may really not have known? I have worked with plenty of high-powered, highly-sought after, extremely wealthy equity partners and (in my opinion) most of them are assholes at best and sociopaths at worst. The way they talk about and to their wives - like they are idiots who are here just for show…but in a playful “joking” “little woman” kind of way - tracks with Erika’s description of Tom. I have seen these men “playfully” hold money over their wives head, discuss giving their wives money like it was a favor, and refer to t
  2. I just thought it was funny that Kyle said Hannah was banging his dad. Kyle is closer in age to Des than Amanda. That said, I agree Des looks older than 44. He looks like a well-maintained, childless 50-53 year old to me. Hannah and Des are beyond gross. So rude and tacky. And very “17 and my parents are out of town.” Grow up.
  3. I just want to know how New Jersey cured COVID... why didn’t they share this info with the rest of us? I mean these parties. JFC.
  4. It’s a bunch of 20/30 somethings living in a summer share in the Hamptons. Normally it’s only on the weekend and they go back to NYC/during the week. But since this season was filmed during summer 2020 they are quarantining together. I feel like it’s the only show that doesn’t make me angry right now because at least they are actually quarantined. It seems like all the HoWives shows are just pretending COVID isn’t real, with lots of maskless parties, trips and in-home hugs and visits. This BD Sailing is even worse to me. Just because Croatia decided to ignore COVID doesn’t make it ri
  5. I’ve tried to watch these episodes three times each and just can’t make myself pay attention. No one is attractive. No one seems interesting. They all kind of look the same. Glen is dull as dirt. And the sailing boat is not that glamorous. There is no draw at all. Blah. Another one bites the dust. Bravo is taking hard for me in its pandemic filming. Summer House is the only show that is working for me.
  6. I was kind of grossed out at how quickly they all returned to their regularly scheduled bullshit after hearing about Carl’s brother. His pain was gut wrenching. It was hard to watch I felt so bad for him and his family. No one should ever have to go through that. But rather than realize their petty crap doesn’t matter, these yahoos are back to sniping at each other by sunset. I am Team Not Kyle. I enjoy watching him but he really is a bossy know-it-all with a hate hard on for Hannah. If you have beef with the cleanliness of the house address it fairly and without attacking. He came for
  7. YES! The hugs, the worthless plastic face shields, Drew dropping by Porshas and sharing some food INSIDE. And the hugs, the hugs kill me. This was around September right? No one has been inside our house (except a plummer) for a year. The neighbors did come by in the summer - on the deck with masks and/or socially distanced. It just feels like a slap in the dick. We did Christmas and Thanksgiving outside...in Chicago. (Thankfully my sister has a covered porch, the weather wasn’t frigid and she had heaters. My septuagenarian in-laws cleaned out their garage
  8. Is anyone else finding Bravo shows filmed during COVID hard to watch? I just can’t get past these people living like nothing is going on. They are going on their trips, having maskless, non-distant meet ups, throwing 200-person weddings ... all while half a million people are dying and responsible Americans have fundamentally altered their lives for months and months. I had high hopes for Atlanta being something different this season and was intrigued by Porsha’s BLM involvement. But this season has mostly been the same old shit but worse. It all makes me so uncomfortable and (almost) an
  9. Yikes, that was awkward. As someone who has been to many bachelorette parties, including ones with strippers, I have never seen anyone: (1) use sex toys on the bride to be; (2) put any devices in the bride’s underwear, (3) writhe around on the floor spread eagle in lingerie (or wear nothing but lingerie to the party), (4) engage in any sexual activity with the stripper or any guests. Maybe we are doing it wrong? But seriously, male stripper = him gyrating in a thong while everyone laughs uncomfortably. It’s much more Magic Mike (which still makes it seem way sexier than it
  10. I haven’t read the opinion (Cook County docs aren’t available online. You have to pull them in person), but my guess based on the quote about there not being irreparable harm is that The judge reasons that money damages would be sufficient if any wrong doing occurred. Irreparable harm means something money can’t fix...like tearing down a historical landmark. There are legal arguments you can make to get money from the individual behind a corporate entity or from one corporate entity to another in certain circumstances.
  11. Is it just me, or does Kelly’s water logo look like a pig nose?
  12. My beef with her designs is that they are wholly impractical especially at her price point. For a 1-2M house in the city, you need to be maximizing storage. Most of her kitchens barely have any storage. If they do, she manages to ruin it but doing something like open shelving or clear cabinets. (A glass cabinet or 2 is ok, but not ALL the upper cabinets. Sorry, but my toddler plates and sippy cups are not display worthy.) She wastes spaces that would be a functional and much-needed pantry by turning them into coffee bars and putting in defaced antiques. She doesn’t have coat closets...in Chica
  13. Gold Coast is expensive to be sure... but it’s mostly very old and very dated. Think of 80-year-old women who have lived in their homes for 50 years. The buildings are beautiful, but impractical and lacking in amenities that many younger buyers want and need. The floor plans are closed, the interiors are fussy and dated, and the units rarely have outdoor space or good light. Or they are full mansions like the one Governor Pritzker lives in (which is, quite frankly, hideous IMHO. The one Bill and Giuliana Rancic did was nice though.) Gold Coast is old money with old buildings and older people.
  14. I currently live in Streeterville a few blocks from this building. I have two young children and literally every family we know in our neighborhood (which is many through preschool) is looking for a house in the burbs thanks to COVID, Mayor Lightfoot’s abysmal and hypocritical handling of COVID as it pertains to children (particularly in Streeterville and Lakeshore East), and steadily increasing crime In the area. With most of us working from home indefinitely, proximity to the loop is no longer a draw, our kids have no where to play safely, and most activities we loved to do with them are cl
  15. Lol, ok, Bridgeport is NOT the Brooklyn of Chicago. Like at all. Also if they are going to do a house in Bridgeport maybe show some shots of Bridgeport. Every shot is of Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Wicker Park or Bucktown.
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