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  1. Speaking of moles, the most offending moles were on Colt’s mom, Debbie on 90 day fiancé. I would rather have a small scar than a raised mole that just hangs there.
  2. Not only did Doug have unsightly moles he lived with his parents, couldn’t keep a steady job was deep in debt and going bald.
  3. I think Zach is attracting per MAFS standards where we get a lot of ordinary looking people, but I don’t find the “trying too hard” persona and appearance attractive. Mindy is thin and apparently active but she doesn’t look fit to me. Probably poor nutrition. She looks like she smokes but I’m sure that would be a dealbreaker to Zach. Dem veins be popping, that’s for sure..
  4. I don’t think Zach likes Mindy but at least he’s at least putting up a good act. Sounds like both families have issues.
  5. Ay, yi, yi, the previews don’t bode well for the couples though it’s selective what they show. If my husband or wife was saying fuck you to me, like Katie was, I’d be out of there. She is way too immature to be married. She’s better off with her fuckboi’s. She just doesn’t have much substance. Meka and Michael seemed cold to each other. If it’s just that she’s still upset about the dress I worry how she’ll deal with other obstacles. Finally, next week, we get to see some wedding nights. That’s always interesting to me to see who dives right in. The only couple I think that has a prayer of working out is Austin and Jessica.
  6. Isn’t Hannanne a model? Definite advantage on the runway. I applaud y'all's ability to remember more than a few names. I swear, almost every scene I saw someone I did right recognize or remember. Peter’s mom sure likes the spotlight. The previews of her crying, saying “bring her home” while stroking Peter’s face looks like she’s auditioning for a Lifetime movie. I’m already tired of Jack Sprat and his wife.
  7. It looks like Kelsey’s nose got into a fight with a plastic surgeon. Victoria F can F off with her threats to leave. Just go. I can’t believe she even made it to the first round of cuts with her attempt at being provocative saying only her humor is dry alluding to her steamy vagina. This chick had weeks to prepare for her entrance and this is what she comes up with? Madison needs to close her mouth. Somebody must have told her it was cute one time and she just kept doing it. Hannah Anne saying she was crying all night and her eyes look perfectly normal? More like crocodile tears. Previews show the ubiquitous Demi returning next week. It’s a tour de force I tell ya! At least we’ve been spared the bachelor handshake so far unless I blocked it out of my mind.
  8. I don’t go to work with my husband either so I get that about Jasmine. What I don’t get is why someone who’s into clean living and health food is able to reconcile that with having a face full of chemicals and neurotoxin, not to mention implants.
  9. Mursel looks like a thalidomide baby
  10. After watching Mursel every week this season, I’m not convinced he has the mental faculties to even consent to an adult relationship at this point. Please, in the name of all things holy, please be on the next flight to mama. Anna is a sucky parent and her moles are retch worthy.
  11. I’m still hung up on the fact that Sarah is paying for Michael’s cell phone, health and car insurance. Have Megan pay for all that shit. I don’t see her ever divorcing him.
  12. When did D’andra get a facelift? I guess I’m always surprised when people not even in their 50s get one! And here I was thinking maybe this skincare of hers was doing it all. Completely petty but I hate her name.
  13. Katie looks like a turtle and I think way too much was made of the diabetes. I wouldn’t want to be defined by my illness and there’s time to talk about it after. Anyway, Katie is a mess.
  14. I’m kind of feeling Amber vibes with Diabetic Katie as well though she is certainly less effusive and he seems smitten with her but then I remember she was hung up on a two week tinder booty call so it seems she attaches herself quite quickly and feels like a sexual relationship has been her basis for feeling “loved”. She reads very immature to me. They had some truly tender moments though that melted my heart and Derek was a Prince Charming to her. I’m curious as to his upbringing overseas and why his mom lives in Uruguay. I must have missed that during the introductions. Brandon is not going to like not being top dog in the relationship. I think Taylor has way more earning potential and ambition, looks and poise than he does. He went from Mr. Personality to charmless as soon as he got to the altar. Meka looked like she was miserable and I think if asked at that moment she’d probably back out I was telling her on the tv, honey, you don’t have to do this! But maybe it was just nerves along with the dress not fitting right on top. Maybe a different bra would help fill it out better. She deserves to feel pretty on her wedding day I would love to see how a Taylor Michael pairing would go. Too bad she couldn’t get a do over if Meka backs out. Hopefully this painful version of Brandon is just nerves and he is back on track next week. Austin and Jessica look like brother and sister and I don’t know if the initial spark will last and they will go I to friend zone mode.
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