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  1. Lol at least we'll have a nice little duet going on!
  2. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!
  3. Frozen meatballs are the least of my worries about Kim.
  4. Seems like they’ve reverted to their old formula of picking vanilla ice white. Hopefully, he’ll have a personality.
  5. I’m late watching this season. My watchlist is unmanageable these days so just watched the first episode tonight. Barry bugs me putting on his jersey that he wore in high school and making a big deal out of playing football in high school. If high school is so great that you’re bragging about your glory days, why not let your kids go too? It just pisses me off that they’re denied a reasonably normal childhood. I’m glad the older ones are seeing the light and can at least be an example for the younger ones that you have options. Olivia is so aloof. She comes home from being ou
  6. Jamie O’s voice get higher pitched and more shrill every week! Is she hooked up to a helium tank?
  7. I hope next season it’s Kyle’s turn to be in the hot seat. I’m tired of her vileness and hypocrisy.
  8. Maybe he and Natasha should give it a whirl. He’s not my type but I think he a nice looking guy and seems like a decent sort to me.
  9. Great, a football player. Noticed he from Minnesota same as Michelle. Wonder if they knew of other.
  10. I’m still stuck back in Zack’s bee analogy! Seriously though, Jose is pissing me off with his whole “I don’t listen” so you have to tell me twice. I can’t believe he would be that woman with kids for four years. Thinking only of the kids, if he knows he can never accept them as his kids and doesn’t want to be a parental figure then he should have ditched long ago. So far, this episode is a yawn. ETA: the only yoga I’d want to try is with baby goats. That looks so fun.
  11. I’m still waiting for Manny Jacinto to break character and give a “JACKSONVILLE!” shoutout. (The Good Place reference)
  12. I don’t think Jinger is smart enough to even think about the implications of predestination.
  13. With Pieper’s masters degree in marketing, she should be hitting 100 thou in no time!
  14. Argh!! How in the world did those two bro it up?
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