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  1. I found his voice really gravely and unpleasant, it was distracting.
  2. Emily looks a lot better without clothes then with them. She should just wear a bathing suit. Did I see a hang tag in Heather’s closet with her name on it? Is she hawking fashion too or maybe getting ready to?! These two would sell their turds if they thought they could make any money.
  3. God giveth and god taketh away, like they say.
  4. They need to take the “ex” out of Olajuwon’s “ex-playboy” title because as soon as she doesn’t bend to his will, he’ll be down at the club getting lap dances. Michael and Jasmina seem good together though he seems like he’d shut down easily. I didn’t see him smile much. I don’t like Alyssa but I would have some concerns if my groom’s friends said he can be a condescending asshole, but I don’t get why she got her back up when Chris said he was her side piece though I don’t know what he meant by that.
  5. Maybe Steve Can trade up the ring pop when he gets a job! I like them so far too and think they may just have a shot, at least more than the others.
  6. Heather sure knows how to take advantage of an opportunity by having Max’s book featured predominantly on the season. She just can’t stop selling! Poor Sophie, her book idea about divorce never got off the ground, a fact that makes Shannon feel inferior (not that it should). Sophie is headed for heartbreak although Christian colleges are notorious for having early bird marriages so sex is ordained, so she may get her wish (not that she should).
  7. Yeah, I think it’s just a matter of time though. I wouldn’t fly anywhere with them even if you paid me.
  8. Kiss my mutt


    I use a broom, sweep in piles and then use a dust buster to vacuum up. I haven’t touched a dust pan in years and the suction area on the broom looked small and you’d have to go over it again unless you can make a precise dust line. Rompers are so 1972 for me. Certainly not new but just as dorky. The frozen treats didn’t sound good to me unless they can cover up the banana taste which I don’t care for. I can see the knit cap/head lamp being useful. She might do well overseas where biking is a more common mode of transportation too. I felt bad for her being the brunt of the crazy chicke
  9. I thought maybe they had Katina and Jasmina back on since they didn’t get a word in edgewise with Lindsay on last week. I’m not seeing much difference with Keshia as a host including the same hair style and short dresses. I’m really curious how she came to replace Jamie in the first place.
  10. Finally, Anna can get some non-sexual attention from Josh.
  11. Heather probably had all this outlined in her contract as a condition for returning to the show. She’s a control freak who’s super paranoid about her image yet she’s far from a fan favorite now.
  12. That’s definitely popular with me, FWIW!
  13. That’s definitely what I’m thinking, like they were doing damage control to make him more likeable since he wasn’t a popular choice, but it sure doesn’t carry over into the show. Maybe that’s why there is so much kissing so he doesn’t have to open his mouth…to talk, that is.
  14. Noi’s skin looks rough with all that makeup caked on. Steve has a very intense nose.
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