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  1. If Yosef is concerned about setting a good example for his daughter, speaking to a woman like an angry, raving lunatic is a funny way to go about it. That guy has anger issues and comes across as a misogynistic, aggressive, entitled fuckstick.
  2. Gross. Sorry, but her daughters and her marriage are a mess. I feel bad for Bruin and the baby to come.
  3. Yes and I think I alluded to that in my last sentence.
  4. I went from believing what the church told me about sin since I was forced as a child to go to church three times a week and my beliefs have done a complete 180 since then because as soon as I started to have agency over my own life, I began to grow and change from being conservative to being liberal and Jill’s upbringing was more indoctrinating than mine was as I was able to go to public school and secular college. My 80 year old mom has changed her beliefs to being more liberal which I though would never happen coming from a woman who refused to talk to me for months when she found out I had premarital sex. People’s capacity for growth shouldn’t be discounted. So who knows, as someone else said, we’re talking about what could happen but for now, obviously she has some problematic beliefs and attitudes that are backwards and bigoted.
  5. I’m surprised she wasn’t pregnant before now actually. I don’t even remember a time when she wasn’t. That photo of her looks rough and not like someone who wears $28 mascara.
  6. I’ve never seen someone look so damn happy to be wearing a taco costume! I’m dead now.
  7. I’ve gotten so accustomed to closed captioning that I’m starting to wonder if I’d understand anyone as well without it. I’m very visual instead of auditory in general and I often miss things regardless of who is speaking. Too bad people don’t come with them especially with everyone wearing masks now!
  8. I just busted a gut laughing! Thanks for posting
  9. I may tune in and check out the first episode but I’m having trouble even having enough fucks to even snark on them.
  10. I don’t have a problem with braunwyn’s getting sober story, I just have a problem with her.
  11. Well, I left a comment on their Facebook page but never heard back. Lol
  12. The difference is Jess is really a bitch. I don’t think laughing at her snark is throwing LGBTQ people under the bus. At least I don’t think my trans son and bisexual daughter would think so but I can ask.
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