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  1. There are stories online from the cast about what story lines were producer driven and manipulated which is no surprise for these kinds of shows if one is inclined, but I was surprised at the candidness if they were asked to sign NDAs like they do here.
  2. I hope the lawyer bleeds them dry and Josh still goes to prison for a long time.
  3. I doubt Josh can be rehabilitated at this point.
  4. Any mother that fails to protect her children from abuse is complicit and to continue to bring more children into this? My good will ran out a long time ago for Anna but I wish her and her children safety and security outside of this fold. I hope this isn’t what Josh was making money off of and her crowing about him being a “diligent provider”.
  5. Josh is an abscess that has infected the entire family in one way or another because JB and Michelle let it fester. I hope Josh tells the feds where JB buries the bodies and this abhorrent family gets taken off by it’s head. It’s the only chance to stop this generational plague.
  6. I seem to remember there was a tent involved in some capacity. 😂
  7. Martha gives me bad vibes and is thick as thieves with Jessika which is enough for her to be suspect. Michael should have been matched with someone like me, except not me, cause I’m married af lol.
  8. My balls shrivel whenever Susie starts talking and I don’t even have any.
  9. He looks like a reject from a 90s boy band
  10. I don’t think this show is anything more than a vanity project that he’s doing under the guise of “helping other people”. Hopefully a vanity project with very low viewership.
  11. I’ve got tattoos but hopefully they don’t require a filler injection at customs along with proof of COVID vaccination.
  12. Not that I know if unfortunately! I’ve done a search to see but I’ve only found them on the shvideo site which keeps reloading on me during the show which is a tad annoying. I wish they were on YouTube.
  13. I don’t think Dan is that into his bride other than in the biblical sense. Susie is a harpy. Billy is a bit of a dork (I ❤️ Dorks) but no way does he deserve that constant derision and condenscion. He’s a really sweet, decent bloke.
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