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  1. Maybe Tamra never made it through high school or gone to classes. She’s not exactly scholarly material. She and her ferret faced malcreants need to go, though I think I’d much rather have a conversation with Ryan than that sophomaniac, Spencer.
  2. I wonder if Olivia’s parents are subsidizing their lifestyle. I don’t see how an underbooked photographer and junior grease monkey can afford all their trips, dinners out, etc
  3. WTH? They’re STILL in Thailand! I guess there’s the scenery. Interesting tidbit about Leanne never having a job. Guess the carnival isn’t hiring.
  4. It will be interesting to see how much they compromise their values as time goes on for more fame and exposure.
  5. Isn’t this the same elephant sanctuary that the real housewives of Dallas went to? Good it’s getting exposure and bravo gets a twofer!
  6. Although I generally like Kate I’m looking forward to her getting upbraided
  7. Oh Julianna understood what a prenup was she just wasn’t expecting to be hit with one. Whomp whomp.
  8. Wait, wIt, wait, you mean to tell me Blake lives with his parents? I’d be outta there. Weak sauce.
  9. Time for a well timed break when Angela comes on. She’s such a twat.
  10. I’m not seeing any chemistry between Blake and Jasmine. It’s hard for me to believe when he said they had a great sex life unless she was faking it until she got to the US since she hasn’t been affectionate towards him at all.
  11. I just can’t imagine feeling any sexual chemistry with someone who is such a derpy babe in the woods. He’d be more like a dorky kid brother. I don’t know about those two.
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