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  1. Julia kinda looks like Anna Paquin to me. Looks like all hell cuts loose when Brandon finds his balls next week. Zaed looks cute with his glasses.
  2. I’m having a screwdriver. Breakfast for dinner, yo!
  3. Momma Mike needs to talk to all the couples. I feel like that’s the first sane person I’ve seen on this show in awhile. Ryan will probably sell Stephanie’s ring the second she turns her back. She is ridiculously stupid and talks to him like he’s her little boy. Gross. I thought she was more like 62 which goes to show you, fillers don’t necessarily make you look younger. Natalie’s pupils always look alien enough which is probably why Mike likes her. She’s a lizard person.
  4. Becca sounds like she might be positioning herself for a Becca 2.0 with the “if I had to do it all over again” I’m so woke now article. She must not have heard me yelling through the tv not to pick that pos meathead.
  5. Well, I guess Kathryn and Leva can “bond” over having a biracial child. I hope this wasn’t a stunt if she is pregnant. Your kid isn’t a prop.
  6. I’m sure the rest of the men that Claire left on the show are having their own little moment of schadenfreude right now.
  7. Shannon saying she doesn’t have an alcohol problem, she’s just fun? Like in what universe is Shannon considered fun? Brownie looks like a meth addict.
  8. I’m curious as to why Cameron has distanced herself from Leva.
  9. The only reason Patricia “likes” Madison is because she doesn’t like Kathryn.
  10. I’m not sure when the reunion was filmed but Kathryn doesn’t lookpreggers there. Good lord, I hope it’s a false alarm. She needs another kid like she needs another drink or fix.
  11. Madison is a c-u-n-t. Go Dani! Trying to get Kathryn to meaningfully apologize is like “getting blood from a turnip” to use a southern colloquialism.
  12. Virginia looks like she just rolled in from an all-night rave.
  13. Unless the editing monkey are at work, it sure seemed like it or at least a groan or sigh. Maybe neither groom next week will be happy initially.
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