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  1. I think part of the reason Katie tears Derrick down is so he thinks he can’t get anyone better than her because he keeps being told how much of a “loser” he is. Jessica reminds me of an RA I had in college.
  2. What does Lisa do for a living that she has money to sink into Usman’s ill fated music career. Hope that wasn’t her retirement fund.
  3. Ed just comes across as her pervy uncle. If I saw my future in that guy I would cry myself to sleep every night and then asking her to shave her legs in the preview. Yesh, how bout you lose 100 lbs, stop putting crisco in your hair and grow a neck. What a troll. Patrick not having the decency to stop and get her mother something? And then laughing it off? I hope her mother tells him to fuck off. And Stephanie thinking she gets to call all the shots. Glad Ericka pushed back on that. She needs to stop playing bi and go be sexual at a distance on her channel. She’s one entitled princess
  4. Maybe on the third, but second? What kinda girl I look like?
  5. I want to know what Ed was propositioning Rose for? He learned a new word for the occasion. She looked completely grossed out when he was massaging her feet.
  6. It does seem that they make do with the top of the bottom of the barrel. If there aren’t enough suitable applicants than maybe that’s a sign they need to close up shop. Of course, I would be bummed but you have to wonder after so many seasons of terrible matches if fewer people want to subject themselves to the constant scrutiny of the public and being haphazardly matched unless they’re in the “wrong reasons” category.
  7. That’s a great question. We don’t get it in our package so I just follow along here and watch the older episodes online.
  8. I wonder why he brought the virus into another home. I thought you were supposed to self quarantine. Yikes. I hope her mom and dad and I think they still have kids there too. Seems a bit irresponsible.
  9. I just assumed demand was up because a lot of delivery places here have been hiring a lot lately, not just grocery delivery. It’s the only way I can get a piece of chicken at the moment since it’s sold out at grocery stores.
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