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  1. I'm still stuck on the post from last week comparing Juicy's calls to" Charlie" on Charlie's Angels.. ROFL... How controlled is ICE when it comes to communications? Jail gets a call or two... Prison gets scheduled earned time.. I mean surely people in an ICE facility aren't spending all day talking to whomever whenever the mood hits them.. In this day of technological progressions - I wouldn't be surprised if there was an "actor" doing the voice-over with the calling. Joe communicates what he would say by email (which would make more sense to have more email privileges than phone calls) for a certain situation, and then the actor places the call, right on queue and topic for Tre to answer.
  2. Which football player was rumored... and I am saying rumor.... was intrested in Jana ? was it Tim Tebow ? If so, he is officially off of the market... beautiful wedding picture "The former NFL quarterback, 32, and the Miss Universe 2017 said “I do” in an intimate sunset ceremony at La Paris Estate in Cape Town, South Africa on Monday" https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/details-tim-tebow-perfect-wedding-130000316.html
  3. going out on a limb here... maybe.. just maybe... "frump" is what turns Brandon on... We do know this crowd lives to please their husbands - hence blond Jinger.. I mean surely in all 3-4 years of marriage, where the #1 hobby is baby making, he's said, "honey you sure look pretty today" , " that dress really looks good on you...", " that color really brings out your eyes.."... something to that effect..
  4. one of my DRs outlawed children too and as a patient, who had flu symptoms I was grateful. with my luck - one of my offspring would tell all of my business at the wrong time to the wrong person - so they got left behind.... all it takes is one innocent adult sole to ask " what did you and mommy do today"... Out would have came a 5- 7yr version of words/procedure/gesture, that didn't need to be repeated.
  5. having an offspring who just went though this... it doesn't take an entire day . Many DMVs to take appointments as well as being open on Saturday. Surrender your out of state licence, show ID/residency-address (IE utility bill), take picture, pay $$, and out the door you go. As long as you're in the facility before closing time - they will serve you. My offspring showed up like at 4:50 pm... before the car can be registered that means getting an ins agent in that state, which is a phone call and/or internet transaction. Done on lunch hour.... Then to get the new registration and plates, that sometimes is a different line (section) of the DMV which tends not to be a long winded thing . its like checking out at the grocery store - if one comes with all of your paperwork in order - some of which too can be filled out online.
  6. Is the Jackie "Hamptons" the same "Hamptons" that the food network personality Barefoot Contessa film location ?
  7. sorry for naming specific animals.. I made the correction. didn't mean to offend.
  8. Hunting (small/large game) is in a very specific season of year. Usually in the fall. Going to class in May doesn't line up. Plus the gun is different. Shouldn't need a high power scope military rifle do to something you can get put of a sporting goods store.
  9. Yeah.. I mentioned that earlier..doesn't really fit..regular gun training for self protection /carry permit, sure... I really wish Dolores dad, a former Marine, and chief of police, would have been part of this "sniper school " conversation
  10. that was the strangest dialog I have heard among supposedly adult love-birds. I'm still stuck on why the avg person ( a person who brings life into the world at that) want to attend sniper school... Local gun range -fine, gun convention, sure.. but "sniper" - for what exactly? Seems a little overkill for self-protection. Then the man says " he cannot wait to go back". And he said it quick. Odd response w/o giving any supporting details. Delores at once up a time can shoot a firearm - given she was a police officer. She knows basic "gun language". No comments like "I hit the bull's eye ,1000 yrds away, in 3 different positions, at night with my M-16"... Delores should have asked, "what was so great about it, that you want to go back " - as opposed to going on about housewives bullsh*t. Then I would have asked "why do you need to go back?" -" is there some certification/license he's trying to keep up?" That made me too think he didn't go to "sniper school". I just did a quick google, and yes there are millions of courses, but the first couple I selected are M-F ( link ). most likely the fashion show would have been on a late Friday night (ie get on a early fight), Saturday/Sunday to get kids/Frankie Jr. there. I would have dragged his ass to the gun range for him to show off he newly learned skills. Miss too many targets - that would have been the last straw.
  11. What does Jackie's husband do for a living?
  12. On WHHL - Andy asked Jackie which of the housewives (and I guess he just meant on RHONJ) who had the most money. Jackie didn't answer directly - said something like "I don't want to say..".. then they played a game of which had the most money b/c two stars.. But that is a good question.. Now that we've seen Jackie's parents live in two separate houses, she has a nice decent one (what does Evan do for a living ? ) and now the Hampton's House.. I will start the guessing from who has the least $$ ... 1. Marge - b/c of the bankruptcy 2. Delores - what does she exactly have ? A house that is hopefully paid for by Frank 3. Gorgas 4-5. Debating b/w Dr. Evil/Jennifer & Jackie/Evan 6. Tre . Gotta admit she paid back a ton of $$ and been on the show the longest. She must own that house outright.
  13. I'm a little hungry (missed dinner) so I too was drooling at the food tables. This show really can fill up a table with usually good looking food. it was sweet to see all of girls cook for Tre. I think it is a new way of eating pancakes - esp on TV. No syrup or butter - use fruit or nutella . I did see a big bowl of fruit. I love pancakes but they can be a little dry without something on them.. I see Gabriela is getting more comfortable on camera. Or she tolerates it better. Tre - going to the gym - 1st thing on Mother's Day ? hmmm I know she likes to get her workout on, but I guess that would be one day I thought she would sleep in. Or maybe it was a way for her to be alone and grieve privately about her own mom. Foolish me for thinking the reason Tre didn't come to the brunch b/c she would be the only one w/o her mom. That would have been a tough event to go to. I had to go back and re-play to find out she wasn't invited. The only entertainment they could think of was a drag queen show ? talk about not knowing your audience... the only mom I would even think would have enjoyed the performance would have been Marge Sr. I would have been embarrassed for my mom.
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