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  1. Not sure if it would have helped in the Busby's case due to the length and how widespread the storm was - but I am surprised they didn't have a backup generator. As Danielle puts it with "six kids" who probably have their share of time on electronics and eats close-to-ready-made food, a hubby that needs to charge a million gadgets, the hot/cold Texas climate, and house size that probably can accommodate it, a generator probably isn't a bad idea.
  2. Does her room double as the guest room? I'm all for trying to compromise in getting a bed set that you don;t have to change out from child-to-teen, but this is over the top. something you would see on RHO* rooms.. RE: name "blankie" - aren't they at or past the age where they need to be weaned off of them - ie lessen their appearance/use ?
  3. I think it depends on where a DR is in their career ... A new doctor isn't going to have the training/experience/staff to be pushing extras. A doctor who is comfortable in their profession, already has a stable patient base and don't need the extras. I also think specialists (internist vs. GP/PA/NP) doesn't push extras as much. Same is true for eye DRs. It also depends on the base patient ins level. If most of the patients have insurance (ie stable payment) from medicaid/medicare to private ins, they aren't going to push a bunch of extras that is not covered by ins. But if the Dr pe
  4. I just don't get if Contessa and Scott are barely making/faking it as an happily married couple outside of working hours - why go into a business practice with him ? Especially a new one? And looks like that practice decorator put all of the money and style into their office...
  5. How come he can make an appearance on this show but its hit or miss on RHOP ?
  6. At first read.. I was going to say be more specific... If its the Wal-Mart teen father maybe he can get one of his side-ladies to part it and twist it...Or braid it.. I've never seen a guy twist his natural hair that much and accomplish nothing...there is a salon in most Wal-Mart
  7. I am wondering too..can. some one recap for us ? I had a list of questions ..were any of these couples lovey-dovey before the pregnancy? The dad who works at Walmart..I mean he cares less than a damm..and the teen mom moved in with granny being the sitter..girl-you need to wake up..or stay there until you are able to provide on you own.
  8. Why did they have go out so deep to do the 1st snorkeling experience?. Maybe if they stayed a little closer to shore.. And they needed to have a clear discussion about where the sharks are and are not..usually on boat tours they have picked area where they know where/when the latest shark sighting was....if any
  9. Dale must have been on heaven visiting a fresh seafood market. I think he is the head cook / chef for the crab boil. I kinda thought about that when Hazel claimed pet shrimp in a ziplock bag. Her favorite uncle might grab some butter, seasoning and some garlic, only to invite her pets for a "swim"...
  10. Baby????? Wow I had no idea..a pregnancy or adoption??? Just how old was Opie when all this happened ? I guess I didn't think Andy wanted children and well Helen, was put of business .... boy or girl?
  11. What the hell was mimi drinking when she told the sister octopus/calamari was cheese? And what the hell is the sister still drinking that she didn't investigate that answer for herself as an adult? What meds/home remedy is Danielle taking that she keeps forgetting Hazel needs special protective eye wear for the sun? They are in FLORIDA. The $1 store doesn't sell eye patches? I.m sure the chain retail drug stores do. FYI Danielle- not being able to do a handstand isn't a medical condition..have you been working out training lately to do one? Sweetie some things happen, or no
  12. hmmm ....I guess I didn't feel that way last year.. maybe it was the first in a line of shows that was trending toward the bottom.
  13. Count me in on hiring the detective...Bonus if a certified financial planner
  14. CMT could do like some other networks and spawn off a "+" version...
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