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  1. I'm confused: If you have been home schooling since 1919 and you don't work outside of the home - what routine couldn't you keep during quarantine? Michelle cutting a roll of paper towel in half, then pouring liquid cleaner to make wipes ----so what hack site did she get that from? If it was her original idea we would have seen it before and Josie wouldn't looked so puzzled John D - your first priority during this time was to clear land for a garden, when your family is living in a trailer? Jessa - how come you don't own a sewing machine? I thought that was a Duggar woman requirement - sewing skills Jessa - I guess potty training spurgon is harder during a quarantine than scurrying around trying to find his size diapers. Michelle - you already had a hoard in your house with food.. and yet you needed more canned goods? I know its a sore spot - but I guess we were supposed to forget about JoAnna's miscarriage. Surprised there was no funeral flashback. Unless she didn't want to upstage her SIL mourning baby "A" {reserving the right to add to this list later}
  2. I missed the argument point out the vegan pho - other than how Jasmin pronounced it... It's not considered healthy? I guess it is probably a little high in sodium.. is there something else that makes it a no-no ? serving size maybe? Good business move Jasmin - no friends as clients.. And Jas - I saw that eye roll as the designer dinner when your ex-client ordered filet minion and bone marrow (which does sound rich and fattening)
  3. whose label was Britten promoting ? I'm not a designer person (outside of purses) so I wouldn't have known unless someone said. re: all clothing worn - what I also want to try to understand - what kind of weather was Palm springs having ? at the breakfast with the biscuts - Britten had on winter woollies and Jazmi barely can keep clothes on..
  4. My 2 cents.. People get married for different reasons - money, love, sex, wanting children/family, social or professional status, companionship , just to name a few. Sorry. The reasons people marry does change where the couple is in life. Yes - younger horny people might marry to have XXX-rated sex 24/7, older people might marry for not wanting to die alone. I am going back on what Imani said about her childhood: MIA father,, mom cold as ice, wanting to be a doctor, and then became pregnant while an intern working crazy hours by someone who went missing ( by his or her choice) on the quick while the child was a toddler. So in walks into her life Phil. Good guy, who probably has his own laundry list of back-story personal issues -starting with a music career that is-was a has-never been. However , a wonderful prospect to raise the son, so he got the job of "husband". For all we know, sex, with each other might was never part of the deal. I don't think ole Phil was celibate for the last 4-6 years... Is her book an autobiography? If so - what does it say ?
  5. I think this is the case. He doesn't want to be on the show and BRAVO can keep the mystery "schitck" going that he doesn't appear on camera. A feature of the franchise - married to a medical professional that we don't see. There has been a few tv series where a character is frequently mentioned and doesn't appear. Also - he might believe that the show is his wife "business" and just want to stay out of it... which also mean he doesn't want her in his business
  6. Many fine points in this episode... but let me first pick on Dr Robert for a quick minute 😁. Just how not-so-tall is he?? First holding the pool que raised my eyebrow..next when he greeted Mack and last when the server appeared with the drinks ... seeing all 4 men in the same view.... I take it the men are not hard drinkers..."sprite and cranberry", 'Rum and coke", "coke zero" ?? Now I guess they probably all drove and are not beer drinkers, but they went waaayyy back to barely legal days,, Let me rewind for the 3rd time to attempt to focus on what the men were actually saying....while wishing I had enough flour to make biscuits in the morning... damm no buttermilk in the fridge.
  7. Yet there whine was for the obstacle course of field day games that didn't come in the mail on time.... and how many UPS, USPS, Amazon, Fed Ex workers were just trying to get PPE to various hospitals... I mean the Patriots sent a plane overseas to get PPE.. later (which was around Easter time) semi trucks were crossing the country just to get food to those in need... and yet we hear about the add-on toys that didn't deliver as quick as expected... Each season Danielle always did something for/with the NICU.. did she spend time outside ( 6 ft away from others) of the hospital with those parents who might not was able to get INTO the hospital to see their baby ?
  8. Yeah... he saying were funny.... The clothes looked like school uniforms. A welcome change from what they normally wear. On the serious side - I know it meant alot for the Grands to have all six in their care. I still would have offered for a friend to at least stop to offer assistance, if only to drop off dinner / breakfast casserole, take back a load of laundry, load/unload dishwasher, etc.
  9. Did I hear Eric mention he has (perhaps had) a brother ??? He was reminiscing about ruff-housing as a child .... Was it slip of the tongue of my imagination ???
  10. I think Adam said it best at the end - he wants to look at the quarantine as a positive thing where they did things together as a family. an immediate family. I hope Adam can continue to find that voice when quarantine is over. Develop family memories with just those in the household. I think Adam has mentioned being overloaded with extended family before. We all have missed running to/from a boatload of events - but in the end, I too can't say quarantine was a negative affair. Every day I wake up ( and let's remember those 127,000+ of those who passed in the US), I am very thankful/grateful of the good little and big memories, new memories, that have been made during quarantine. I think D&A also really fully realized that they have six individual different personality children that they have to raise - 100% of the time. I don't think that set in before - because they always had help of some kind - from day 1. especially from extended family. And Danielle speaks about the kids as quints plus 1. Remember the poor sister who left her bed (and her husband and children) to drive in the middle of the night for infant feedings?
  11. 22 minutes in... Danielle - ".. you want to give your kids the world, and right now we can give them a cupcake."... That comment didn't sit well with me... sorry Maybe this quarantine will teach D&A to keep things in a perspective - both in dollars and expectations . Not every birthday, every event needs to be a mega-deep extended family affair. Danielle even had a whine how she ordered a bunch of stuff and it didn't come in time for the actual date on the calendar. Hell - play with it if/when it does come in.. I was glad Adam said we put the cameras down, spent time as a family/household and watched movies with the girls. I'm missing why that is a bad thing - focus on what is important.
  12. COVID - specifically the shut down of nail salons - might have helped decreased the need for the talon claw look.
  13. I know every family and each person within the family is different. And some families practice the custom that the families are marrying , as opposed marrying just the person. My siblings would say something real quick, if I borrowed their spouse to go grocery shopping. And by Danielle's comment - the grocery trips with Dale to the store are a routine event - ie pre-covid.
  14. Nickname Sidenote from her bio: I really wish she would cut out the "one of the highest paid specialties in the medical field". It's kinda tacky. Her job and education are inspirational enough - don't need to encourage the next generation to pick a field because of $$ - that might be made.
  15. Spiritual colonic ?? Imani must have been a barrel of laughs in her earlier years - post college, pre baby Britt and the bright red hat/scarf, red earrings, candy stripe onesie....I'm not liking it.. too much red Outside of a bridal shower - I don't know how I would feel about someone buying sex jock strap/undies for my man.. TMI. was it at least a matching his/her set ?
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