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  1. that's one way to cut costs ... off day of the week for a wedding
  2. wonder if someone thought far enough to put $$ aside for Jud & Jed ? Ole Jackson- are you still friends with the military recruiting office? Steady paycheck twice a month , plus benefits ..
  3. ok. so what is the inside real tea on the cancellation of the show ? the pandemic ? the relationship with the duggers? low ratings? too many adults now that they have to cut separate checks too? Want to do a adult-spinoff featuring the marrieds ?
  4. sATL

    The Waltons

    Boy I sure would love to see her face if someone presented that role opportunity to Judy..๐Ÿ˜‚. You can't executive produce, write, historian, etc, but you can be Granny๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. sATL

    The Waltons

    Huh? Which episode did they make Mary Ellen older than Jason? I think she grew up faster because: 1- her strong willful personality, 2- she married, had a baby and widowed, in a short period of time. Took Jason most of a world war and to be overseas to find a woman. I wish they would have let Erin marry when Chad came along the 2nd time - when they tried to elope. That seems to be all she wanted to do "be in love" and a married person could have finished school in a one room rural schoolhouse.
  6. sATL

    The Waltons

    Is this the same forum to talk about the CW reboot/premier/special that aired November 28? If so, I didn't like it ; too far from the original version of the special & series which I watch closely on INSP (2 hours Mon - Thur) and MeTV at noon EST , mon-fri. I had minor issues with the original Homecoming special that airs during holiday time, but at least that made sense for the time period ( rural 1930s VA) and the economics (ie lack thereof) of the family. The special hit me wrong from the beginning- starting with Ike's superstore, the grand master bedroom John Boy was in,
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-cowboys-head-coach-mike-mc-carthy-wont-coach-thursday-vs-saints-160030363.html
  8. ok, while I am a little sad that it wasn't a dance group outside of TX who did the move (I am getting tired of the perception that TX/DCC has the lock on the jump split and high kick move), I am glad that the viewers got to see another group, on a large stage do the move. Outside +/- 40 degrees , on concrete - as opposed to a football field or stage. Hopefully somewhere, there is an advanced dance studio and/or college/university team , that will teach and perform it, using all safety procedures possible. It's getting old that candidates show up to tryouts, or even in camp and never have
  9. thanks for sharing the photos. I guess I was thinking the Christmas show was later - like the last regular season home game.
  10. Is it possible that Lexi is doing something that starts in the spring/late-spring so it makes transitioning to her next chapter easier ( on SM) if it is announced now? Like starting grad school in January. getting married in the spring, big move/job upcoming ? Or she could be someone who likes "long goodbyes" - ie " I can't believe this is the last time I will do/see/experience xxx" - for days until the end.. {sidenote: I had a former co-worker that ran the 2 week notice thing into the ground...} BTW- Just glanced up at the Macy's parade and the featured ladies just did a jump spl
  11. Its a little early to be asking publicly who is going to retire... Still alot of dancing and the show group events to attend.. On that note - just how much dancing did they do in the 2020-2021 season ? Yes they are 3-4 year vets on paper, but they couldn't dance a year. Some might still have the itch and the stamina to do another year to make up for last year
  12. say what - now ?huh? what has she been doing dance-wise to be competitive ? It will be hard to imagine her as a rookie... and people treating her as one someone will point her out ; MTT or Kelli... esp if the other 2 injured vets come back as well... "The Return of the Vets".. Season 17, Episode 1.
  13. speaking of games... a former cowboy lost his job : https://www.yahoo.com/sports/giants-fire-offensive-coordinator-jason-garrett-after-26-games-cowboys-185219633.html
  14. the season is over? the cowboys don't have any more home games after Thursday?
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