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  1. Is anyone tired of the cast treating Tre is supposed to be the "dutiful celebate wife/mother " until ___; when- immgriation takes Juicy to Italy? So damn what if Tre had a man touch her at a gala function? I.m sure tre/Juicy had a discussion about their "marriage" & seeing other people before Tre served her time. So now 4+ years later both are supposed to be pristine virginal saved for each other? To be honest- even if Juicy won the appeal- I don't see him and tre being all luvvy-duvvy with each other. It would have been 2 adults trying to stay together for the kids. 1st- I need Brother-Joe to again be the voice of reason and talk to Tre. Sex talk his is speciality. Tre needs to FIRST have a conversation with her girls that she wants other male companship/friends/lovers. They shouldn't have to hear it from elsewhere. And the girls need to start accepting the hard cold ugly fact: their parents are no longer physically and emotionally together. 2nd- back to Joe's advice at the end of eposide- Tre doesn't need to spend a fortune on divorce proceedings. Hopefully her lawyer will show some compassion and reduce his fees - he's been paid enough.
  2. Is anyone tired of the sole reason, given by the entire cast, is Juicy needs to stay in the US is because he is a father, the the 4 girls need their father? Its almost like they elevated fatherhood into sainthood. Fatherhood and motherhood is a wonderful journey .But that has nothing to do with leagalized citizenship. 2-3 eposides ago Nonno said he mentioned to Juicy years ago , probably when tre/juicy were dating, to become a citizen. I would really like to know what reason (s) Juicy has/had for not doing the process 20+ years ago- before the little money he was making, before marriage, and before Gia was born- let alone the other 3. Gia and audrianna are what- 8 yrs apart in age? To me if he wanted to always be "father" to US born children and wife - so no court could ever tell him to leave the country/his kids - something would have made him move in the direction of becoming a citizen . Just how difficult was it to become a citizen 20 years ago ? I thought one just took a semester long night class followed by a hard (but passable) u.s history test.
  3. Sorry for picking on sad and innocent children...why are all of the guidice girls hair so long? Is it theirs or a weave?. For a minute there, during the picture gathering scene, I thought I was watching an eposide from a family on TLC where the women all have breast length hair. With Gia off to college that's alot of hair to deal with. Gabriellla still is heavy into sports right? Melania uses her hair to hide from the world from, and poor audrianna had to get all if that in a bun 2-3 times a week.
  4. Yeah..he said what I was thinking and what the lawyer was trying politely not to say. Tre can't just keep throwing good hard earned money after bad. I know its wrong to compare a 20 yr marriage, where both vowed to God , church and family 'till death do you part, to common and simple business transaction. but brother Joe made good sense and gave good advice- financially in business you have to cut your losses. tre and juicy's marriage has come down to a business transaction.
  5. Looks like the Bates-2nd generation are pulling away from true home births. I kinda like how Alyssa does like a compromise- when labor starts naturally eventually go to an facility that looks like a cross b/w home master bedroom and an outpatient clinic. The place for her 2nd or 3rd child reminded me of the place you go to for colonoscopies - minus the master bedroom decor. That way medical help is there if you need it. Otherwise stay in the house-room setting you picked out. Leave when everyone is medically ready to do so. A home birth doesn't exclusively mean your "primary residence ".
  6. Speaking of nasty..was Michele in the same clothes flying and when she stepped into the hospital room to 1st see Jessa & the baby? I would had to have a long shower and a excellent dental routine before I went someplace after that ride. It's a wonder she didn't need an IV herself- I'm sure she was dehydrated.
  7. Curtis sounds like a disgruntled employee (ie whatever his title was on charge of the new office renovations) and a disgruntled husband.
  8. Speaking of "pushing" ' I guess this circle of women don't ask for or receive "push gifts " from their husbands?
  9. Nothing like a good furneral to up-tick the ratings and close out the season. 🍿 that's reality tv .
  10. And I guess there is no FAA law how many consecutive hours one can be tooling around in the sky piloting a small aircraft. Hence another reason for the fuel/bathroom ( ie #2)/vomiting breaks. Just file your flight plan and "peace out". Thank God it was may/June- longer sunlight. I'm with jana. Fly commercial. Or drive. Trying to be there for the push out of the 3rd baby was a losing time battle from the get-go. This excursion makes the Duggar 1919 RV, sound like 1st class comfort.
  11. Contessa - answer me this... 1. "Do you want to be married to Dr Scott, as he is" ? Ol' boy is a little to set in his ways to be major changing now.. 2. Are you having a mid-life crisis? I don't want to hear about : • the navy 15 yrs ago ( I think your too old to rejoin anyway)..let it go. Save the war stories for Veterans day.. • the speciality of medicine you want to practice. I'm not buying the underserved medical population. I'm sure Grady Hosp. will take your resume, if you are truly serious. • how many times you did PT while serving. many gyms are open 24/7 for you to get your workout on. • the schooling you need, want or can't be done locally and must be done before the children are older. • what was or was not said or implied to the kids.. Dr scott- don't tell the kids contessa dragged you from Michigan to Atlanta. and that she "drags" y'all to places. Wrong choice of words. Back then- you both were young and wanted "dragging" among other activities.
  12. I'm still back on this marathon plane ride...they actually have planes that are slower than cars? Just how long has Josiah been flying ? This is the first I heard of him flying. surprised fragile Lauren got on a plane with him given it sounded like a long turbulent ride.
  13. Who did the actual criticizing- Derrick or Jill ? Sad to say in a few years- TLC and some viewers will forget who said what about whom.
  14. Jessa allowed male paramedics to see and check her ??? Too bad the baby couldn't travel with Jessa in the ambulance... Michelle - guess what ??? your grown daughters can go though L&D without you getting a "stirrup" side view.
  15. Just how small was this plane that it took 6 hours plus to fly back from TN to Ark ? Actually they just showed 9 hrs after water broke...
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