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  1. Chills came down my back when he said that... Just how does one do that as a parent ? Just tell them as they are growing up, from day one, that you are not allowed to leave the state ? And keep telling them until you're not able to tell them no more? I mean of all of the things we parents do and try to remember to tell them, I would admit telling not to leave the state, as a high priority parental lesson... wow... BTW: Texas is so geographically large , one could move from Dallas to El Paso, and be just as far away as if they moved to another state..
  2. Speaking of the newly married and their new honeymoon home, I do wonder why Gil & Kelly, as well as JB& Michelle won't start sub-diving all of that acreage . It's not like they are farmers, raising crops or cattle. They got all of the land to keep to themselves, so build accommodations so more can live there as married adults. Hell - at the rate the kid-adults are getting married, build an apt style or duplex homes.
  3. ITA. I know sometimes one can't help who they love and a good man/woman is hard to find, but I do wonder about someone who lives in NJ/NY/CT ( I forgot where Chaney is from) moving all the way to rural TN. Yes - same religious background but that is a major jump in living lifestyle. Not to mention there is nothing wrong with future Bates-DIL wanting to stay close to her family - after all the Bates daughters, with the exception of Alyssa and Michela's 2 yr hitch, are pretty close to the nest. Maybe Trace and Nathan need to keep searching for their bride at least in the state of TN. Or the states that border TN. I'm still a little boggled as to why Lawson couldn't find someone ( at least get to the stage Nathan and Trace did) in all of Nashville..
  4. now I am wondering did Gil sub-contract out his tree jobs ?
  5. Does he have his nurse in the room during examinations? I thought it was a "law" when the Dr is a male, doing a female examination
  6. This is why I don't understand why Amy is carrying on so. Who wants to continue living in a dead marriage? I know there has been women to resolve to "stand by your man" - but they find a way to be happy. Amy can't seem to fake-it-until-she-makes-it. I too think the marriage was dead before side-piece came along. And Caryn was the only side-piece we know about, as she stayed around and was (and still is) and employee. Were there other temporaries ?
  7. "she is simply too busy to get married in 2020" https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/a31136896/amy-roloff-chris-marek-wedding-date/ Chris - you might want to consider growing a pair... you proposed to a grown-ass woman who publicly states "she is too busy" to marry you??? Damn man ?? It's one thing to be considerate/a gentleman... but another to be made a fool of..
  8. Good Points.. I wonder about the house bidding to . If you get outbid - can't you submit another offer? RE: happy go luckily Chris - I do wonder if Amy also indecisive in bed, and that is what turns him on? I need to understand the attraction he has for her long term. She's a great friend and dinner date, but ... when that "I can't make a decision" mind creeps in, that's hard to deal with when you need an adult to be by your side.
  9. I agree. I was watching a women who needs to 1st seek professional help... then a house... Sad Granted life (ok - Matt) dealt her some sh*tty cards but her anger/bitterness/sadness, along with taking forever to make a decision (I am not sure if she was that way before), has broken her down. It's been said and probably proven if one doesn't resolve issues from a prior relationship, they can carry into the next. Chris' saintly attitude towards all of this is amazing..all most too good to be true. He waited all his life to get married... and Amy was "the one"? Now, I feel sorry for his Ex-es. RE: the home inspection. Unless one is selling a house "as-is" isn't it customary to get an inspection? esp. if one has to get a loan? I know they mean well, but most inspectors can work a sellers' nerve...why was Amy there in the 1st place? Just read the report later and cuss like everyone else.. RE: Amy looking for a new house: it as as if she is looking for a house to accommodate everyone, all the time, as big has she has now. Granted, she wants what she wants/likes, but it was beginning to sound like she is expecting the kid-adults and the grands to be there almost 24/7. what if one or both of the sons, move ? Wonder if she pondered the idea to rent first, while she looks for the perfect home.
  10. And I am thinking they kinda plan the wedding or wedding night (which ever is later) during ovulation.
  11. for business requests ?? what business ? he didn't list a business... at least say he's a 3rd year law student..and doesn't have have an accounting degree? is he a CPA ?
  12. And does this mean that Andy's medical team was able to get their hands on a test ? hmmm..
  13. How many name-dropping chefs does one need to judge a elimination challenge dish in eposide 1?
  14. sATL


    Margret and Hawkeye had sex ?? when? I didn't think they actually did the "deed" in the episode where they were traveling to another MASH to show-and-tell an operation and got stranded when the jeep broke down, in an abandoned shack. They were drunk and kissed but I thought later , they both said nothing happened.
  15. sATL


    I wonder how Hawkeye would have fared running though women back home in Crab Apple Cove Maine. Most would have probably been married, or aware of his love-them-leave-them ways. Charles would have been alright. As long he would have been in the running for some top job at the hospital. His family money and lifestyle would still have been there. Potter was plotting for his return-retirement since he arrived. I think he would have adjusted the most - once Mrs Potter got used to having him home 24/7.
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