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  1. the only RN I remember is Lauren- who also stood up for her principals regarding the calendar photo shoot. Hope both RNs are now getting the support ( in all categories) they need during the pandemic. Hard times to be a RN..
  2. how about that breast cancer halftime with the hot young strong manly muscular guys flipping them in the air, while dressed in the pink polka dot tutu dresses, that had an exceptional amount of tulle for a skirt? has that been repeated ?
  3. Kelli in a boot ? what dance move was she demoing ? Or was it the stilettoes heels walking on the field ?
  4. I surely would never say "non existent" to Juan's face. That man can be absent when he's right there in front of you ...don't give him a label or a reason to describe his behavior.... Robyn don't play with fire, or poke papa bear... Wendy: Robyn can quickly turn into one of those reformed girls from the "I'll kick your ass club". Leave her alone. She reminds me of Tina Campbell... Tread lightly..
  5. wow... 6'2" and still look lean, slim and trim in the uniform ? Those long legs must have made K&J real happy esp. that puts her in the middle of the kickline.
  6. oh...I thought K&J did the pairing... and they meet each other on the 1st night during the big meeting.
  7. do the audition finalists , still go to Kitty dance studio, to go over their solo / learned DCC routine,, even though she isn't appearing on the show as much ? I miss Kitty - woman knew how to keep it real and take care of business.
  8. wow... didn't think K&J allowed that during a game.. they preach on dancing non-stop for the entire game... Heavens - what does the crowd do if they are not dancing - actually watch the game or go get something to eat/drink themselves ?
  9. RE: Brandi - {this episode is on now, so I can view and comment at the same time} Kelli told her to do something about the nails at uniform fitting. The next rehearsal the same nails showed up. Kelli is expecting someone to say "how high" when she says "jump". So, that was Strike 2, in Kelli's record book. The next day was makeovers, and I didn't see a great difference in her hair. They did talk about ideas at the salon. That night Kelli had pictures from "My space", so that was strike 3. Last Night. I wonder did K&J update their policy book cover finger nails. Meaning if
  10. I don't think Kashara was front and center the 2 years she was point ( link ) Neither was Nicole Hamilton ( link ) I think the tie breaker in the photo is Judy's building of a "bouquet of flowers" by hair color, then seniority.
  11. Great question. Speaking of current season of MTT - let me re - ask this question. Prior to COVID, the current season episode threads had a certain amount of "lively fun" because comments were made while the episode was currently aired. Last season - seems like the episode threads fell by the way side because (1) no one watched the show live and (2) because of COVID, the entire training camp was different and some of the annual joy was lost from watching the show all together, even later. Several episode I think it was a struggle to fill a page of posts. Do we know if training camp 2021
  12. well that is hopeful.. from the k-12 preparation they do in this crowd to actually get into FSU.
  13. Isn't that against DCC policy ? I remember Kelli telling a few TCC that since every one knows that they are trying out, that they should look polished all the time. Do they wear full makeup and game-ready hair to practice each night ? I've often wondered about the dancers who go to campus for school... they must really stand out walking around in Belk attire and full makeup - esp at early classes
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