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  1. Bullet #4: what is so wrong with living in a hotel- besides from cooking and prepping meals? Bldg security. daily room cleaning services free cable and paid utilities. Possible free breakfast. free parking.
  2. Speaking of pets, wouldn't it be hard to be a puppy/dog parent while in training camp? The evening walk time would have to be very late. The thought of a German shepherd using a potty pad for #2, then to come home late& tired to dispose of the contents..hmmm. ------- On a separate note of the cheorgraher parade, Kelli needs to quit asking who is/isn't 36, if she's not going to follow their recommendations.
  3. When she said she works 8-5, with an hour commute, I took that to mean she had a corporate job.
  4. I wish there was a camera on the left side (k& j's left while seated) of the dance room. I really haven't seen 1/2 of the vets dancing.
  5. Yes & no. The thread wasn't open last night. No sure if the thread where people could comment during the show opened. There are a few eposide related comments on the spoiler thread. That one was jumping last night.
  6. No disrespect- but would like to know what all Judy is managing over- what all do her responsibility areas entail? If/when she retires I would think Charlotte would need to know the qualifications to replace her position. Surely more than being a former DCC would be required for the job. I.m surprised another organization hasn't tried to lure Kelli away...
  7. Did I understand Kat to say she shipped her "cat" out of state? If so poor kitty- being bounced around all over and away from its parent... And has any deduced how old Kat is? The way she acts and carries herself...
  8. Did I overlook the episode topic thread for tonight - "who's got the magic " in the main show listing ?
  9. I think Morehouse also offers a MPH degree. And an executive Master of public health. I also think there are a few more "steps" to be even in the running for surgeon general after getting an MPH. The picture of the past & present "generals" are in some kind of military uniform. And the current one served a few years as Indiana State Health Commissioner -appointed by the Governor.
  10. Does Melissa own or design shorts clothing line? I just happen to notice how elegant and nicely dressed Cheryl Burke was ... and her comes Melissa in her trademark attire Cheryl made a comment "I love those shorts"... hmmm - that's the 1st thing you say about a person who you claimed was excited to see ?..... I took it as the shorts caught her eye by surprise.
  11. speaking of Nashville - I guess Jewell Tankard couldn't catch a flight/ ride back with Contessa to come and mediate the tea ?
  12. hold up... did I hear the already MD (internist/family medicine at that) studying MPH degree - career path to surgeon general, who just landed from a flight from nashville (ie a 4 hr car drive)... order at 8:45-ish pm .. 3 hotcakes, large fry, a cheeseburger and 6-piece mc nuggets, supposedly for the kids? WTH? Then she implied it would have been best for the whole family to go to Nashville?? Double WTH?? ------ Also let me clarify something I said earlier - I am not knocking Vanderbilt. Fine school. Its just that when someone already has a career going and mostly importantly already is close a fine school (ie Emory, or even Ga State), and the parent of 3 school-age children - something has to give No need to "name chase" a school . Since she served in the military that will go a long way into getting into the CDC. If she got veteran status - like Dr Britten did, that definitely will open a door into the federal service. I wonder did she talk to someone at the CDC before she started this pursuit ?
  13. They had one remember? Momma whats-her-name? And if Congress is going to school full time and has a rental in Nashville- that is lack of of income and spending $$
  14. It's not only rude to the person- its also rude to the wait staff. Resturnants need to turn tables . Following closely on contessa education persuits..I agree - why the extended stay in Nashville. ..and given her already impressive resume- why Vandy? She needs the education more so than the name of the school (as long as its accredited). Emory should have been fine - and she could at least be home.
  15. Kasahara NOT picking Amy or maddie. that took guts and courage. And I think was a little eye opening for Kelli & Judy. Sidenote #1: getting a little tired of K&J asking the guest cheorgraher who should stay/ go. Sidenote #2: does Judy ever teach a routine- meaning being up front , moving arms/feet- besides the kick line /jump split & entrance ?
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