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  1. Now I am confused.. A 25 minute airtime weekly comedy show filmed and set in the early 1960s, main characters are law enforcement, Rural North Carolina, single widowed dad, that lives with his aging aunt from a prior old-old school generation, and who has a sidekick never-married silly deputy.. Then there's a young, but highly educated pharmacist, who managed to land her 1st job , as the only/head pharmacist in her uncle's soda shop. Just how much romantic chemistry Donahue wanted to have, show and act out - in the show's 1st season? What was Griffith's real-life relationship
  2. I think they will at least stay together, albeit miserable, for the kids. That's about 10yrs from now until the youngest is 18 and off to college. Then when they are grown and either the practice is or isn't a success, or, they see retirement in the very near future (ie Scott is 62), they will deal with why they're unhappy together. Re: their practice, I do wish them the best . I just am having a hard time in seeing booming success, due to not understanding what specialty they practice. The other DRs, I get what brings stable long term $$ in the door.
  3. Hold up..... Zach tossed Tori and baby into pool???
  4. I would. I think as I get older, my fuse gets shorter with bullsh*t. what - it was 8 yrs ago, when this drama started? And I highly doubt they were madly in the love land of ooh-laa-laa the day before the separation. I would imagine her friends have had life changes, marital/relationship issues and sadness in their lives too. She's not the first, and sad won't be the last , to get divorced. She's not the first , and doubly sad won't be the last to get cheated on. She's not the first, and for damn sure isn't the last to move out from the home where the children was raised
  5. I take it during the initial shopping and/or remodeling process making a bedroom& full bath on the main floor wasn't possible, in case the stairs become an issue sooner. Is there a reason they didn't put in an elevator ? or perhaps later get that chair- climber apparus that's seen on TV? Some people can handle moving, Amy's not one of them. Every new little memory made in her new house, is one more reason for her not to leave it, 10 years later.
  6. I'm still surprised that they both found suitable people to be with relatively quick. And people who they would consider marrying. I guess being single, possibly forever single, post divorce, isn't good tv. Maybe I am just used to people getting divorce and not remarrying.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out Miles.. He came in the door un-kept.. And what is their family's definition of "gap year". Not every one can do (or should do) what Malia Obama did.I don't think her own sister followed her path (meaning I think she went directly from HS to college ). Malia's path had alot to do with her dad still being in office.. I thought gap year meant kid-adult gets real like adult experience, maybe traveling or working (full/part time)/volunteering/interning (paid or unpaid) , then will go to prior-accepted school the following fall. Meaning, kid-adult had a
  8. What do the two have in common that maybe would be a start to an less awkward conversation? Other than he has two kids. Yes - date conversation can be hard, esp if one or both have been out of the game for a couple of decades. But there usually is something that brings (or keeps) two people together , other than sexual lust, to keep interest going and start building a friendship..... travel, sports, common hobbies, tv shows/movies/music, pet care takers, community service, food/drink loves, etc.. So, if we had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with Tre - what would the topics o
  9. I thought it was strange about the ask- he made a big production of it. Its like he wore it, just to get by the dress code. Couldn't he worn something else if he runs hot or maybe eaten someplace else? But my eyes were more so on Tre. She really had her girls front and on display. And that top made her look like she was ready to nurse. Did she dress like that for dinner with Juicy? I.m a couple years older than Tre , so I would hope any man I have dinner with would have seen breasts before and know that I have them..
  10. Speaking of kid-adults, has it been mentioned where Tre's 2nd daughter is going to college? Is she still a rising soccer star? Or am I a year or so too early to be asking...
  11. He had about 10 of the RHo* kids who are now adults as a show on mother's day. That was a wwhl eposide that was somewhat decent until he mentioned take a drink. Gia could drink b/c she was in the Bahamas. Frankie Jr was also part of the crowd
  12. was there set costume store that they were use ? Delores, outfit seemed. a little different compared to everyone else's... just what was she? - a mummy... an injured mummy... kinda something when one is going to use what's around the house/goodwill.... And which house is Frank tearing up now? Her original family house ? I thought she re-did that right before meeting David..
  13. didn't Gomer wise up some when we was on Gomer Pyle USMC - after the first couple of seasons ?
  14. wow.. this is a first of hearing that taking someone's temp is a "window dressing". Sure getting a certified regulated grade A covid test is a wonderful medical option, but if one can't (for a plethora of reasons) then I wouldn't condemn those for trying the next best option(s) on the list.
  15. true. but as places started to open (small businesses/ youth sports, etc) that is what some had to resort to.. and depending on when this was filmed, the lines in some places were massively long. A big ask just to go to a house party
  16. who does this ??? If I couldn't make it that day - I would ask to come over after the main party - not the day before when the host is trying to get prepared for the event. Or just kindly send your regrets. Amy asked for covid test results before coming to her house? what she's too cheap to get a thermometer? Is this guest list part of the 75 that coming to the wedding ? Or I wonder if the community got wind of her trying to invite mega nbr of people and that wasn't allowed due to covid restrictions.
  17. Is the farm the only farmland in the area? I get amy moving to a neighborhood/subv as a step - but if she truly wants to live in a farming community, surely there is one. And the same goes for Tori.. Did she grow up in a neighborhood? I don't like that Zach makes it seem like his childhood was the only childhood a kiddo can have. For some reason, every time I look at Tori I can't help but feel sorry for her... I hope deep down she is happy,..I'm also worried about the baby. To have a 7 mth old that just lays there -wow I agree with chris' joke . get married anywhere/yesterday
  18. kudos to chris for hiring a crew to come assist with the grand move out. hope they got paid by the job, and not by the hour. So now Zach wants to do more at the farm? So now Zach is trying to buy Amy out? Zach has that kind of money to buy either of them out ?? I feel like this family is going in circles..
  19. Sister girl is a medical scrub tech for 20+ years, a porn star, gives motivational sex sermons while selling self-pleasure products. 4 streams of revenue... not sure if I should be jealous.. or taking notes... been trying to come up with revenue stream/side hustle ideas... Toya was so busy arguing she missed out on being teacher's pet of the class - Contessa was - got extra credit for knowing salary levels. Sex is Toya's subject area. Wonder what Toya's sex score would have been if she was paying attention - she could have set the test paper on fire... Contessa looked
  20. Now it been revealed what's wrong/odd with Cecil... I get being semi-retired after a layoff late in your career can be hard, then kicking off a real estate career (which didn't seem like a burning passion) can make a person down, but he seemed off to me... Some people need to be working - granted he and Simone might not need his salary, but I think it is good for his self esteem. I wonder how hard is he trying to find anything in the field he was laid off from. Mixologist - hmmm . I noticed he has been hitting the liquids a little more...That fully stocked bar of his in the b
  21. I can't say everyone would wait, as I imagine those with small kids or maybe cooked all day for the event had a long day already. She might didn't want to face to those relatives who would say snarky comments like " what time is 2:00 on your phone/watch"... "I'm not going to wait all day on you.."... "where the hell have you been"... "what the hell you were doing that took you so long to get here"" etc.. A semi-concerned question would have been "did you have trouble on the road...".. BUT - the way Dale described it... I didn't think it was a 1-5 pm affair. I thought the some of the "ad
  22. Not sure if it would have helped in the Busby's case due to the length and how widespread the storm was - but I am surprised they didn't have a backup generator. As Danielle puts it with "six kids" who probably have their share of time on electronics and eats close-to-ready-made food, a hubby that needs to charge a million gadgets, the hot/cold Texas climate, and house size that probably can accommodate it, a generator probably isn't a bad idea.
  23. Does her room double as the guest room? I'm all for trying to compromise in getting a bed set that you don;t have to change out from child-to-teen, but this is over the top. something you would see on RHO* rooms.. RE: name "blankie" - aren't they at or past the age where they need to be weaned off of them - ie lessen their appearance/use ?
  24. I think it depends on where a DR is in their career ... A new doctor isn't going to have the training/experience/staff to be pushing extras. A doctor who is comfortable in their profession, already has a stable patient base and don't need the extras. I also think specialists (internist vs. GP/PA/NP) doesn't push extras as much. Same is true for eye DRs. It also depends on the base patient ins level. If most of the patients have insurance (ie stable payment) from medicaid/medicare to private ins, they aren't going to push a bunch of extras that is not covered by ins. But if the Dr pe
  25. I just don't get if Contessa and Scott are barely making/faking it as an happily married couple outside of working hours - why go into a business practice with him ? Especially a new one? And looks like that practice decorator put all of the money and style into their office...
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