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  1. Liz wants to be a nurse?? She seemed to loved her art. No mention of which school she will be attending from what I can tell... let see if she too does the community college route. I went to a university where nursing was a 4 yr pgm (and a quite large one), but seems like now a-days the trend is for people go to a 2yr school.
  2. sorry for the late post on this sub-topic but this episode is airing again.. Chris showed off this stool, that is too short with just the one step, that he found online as if he discovered the a major ancient treasure. Some sense would have been to bring a stool over from the big house - one that Amy is used to using. Any guesses on how much he shelled out for this great online buy? I hope it at least came with free shipping.
  3. and/or just the move. clear across the country for a reason that isn't clear in a child's mind. Mack said that "he doesn't know how other people with money keep their kids.." and Britten added" in check" - huh? He lost me with that one. I agree with Britten - money, too much or not enough, shouldn't prevent a parent from "checking" a 9 yr old. Didn't one of the ladies have a child that was either going to a new middle school and was having issues, relating to the adjustment, or am I getting shows confused? There was a segment on the mom and teen going shopping for school uniforms.. Kendra grew up in South Central and went back to practice in South Central? Commendable... just wonder how she can swing that on a financial basis...
  4. This is why I asked the question a couple of weeks ago... something is just not quite right with Bryan... professionally and/or personally.. He's not just the same man with a fire we met years ago. Does he only closely listen and follow to directions and fight with a vengeance, when his brother is nearby ? I mean all the man had to do was to cook with beans, and he grabbed a steak... I need to re-watch but was Gregory trying to peel 200 eggs and time got to the best of him? If so, I guess there is no fast way to peel a egg... If I was Tom (or whomever thinks of the quick fire challenges), I would have the next one be an egg brunch dish challenge to make up for what no one cooked in this episode.
  5. someone do a count for me... Kelli's meeting on putting up Christmas decorations.. how many Bates - and any spouses that were present , let's say were over the age of 10? Even Jeb/Jud knew how to plug in the lights to test them.. Why does Kelli need to hold a family serious-toned meeting , with everyone sitting at attention, eyes staring on her, on where she laid the decorations and what needs to be done ? One would think should would be at the place to say, go get them from where ever they are last stored and put then up. Don't recall if Mr Tree man Gil was at the meeting - was he out chopping down a nice Christmas pine to put the gifts under ?
  6. I am disappointed....Momma Jane & Poppa Bill are coming to the Bates... I like it when the Bates converge on their property... Jane's expression... and Gil's sister expression are priceless...It's my highlight of the season...
  7. Please tell me he is at his full grown size... and weight-with proper exercise/ diet .
  8. hmm. I know COVID has postponed and moved quite a bit out to 2021.. But she's stating that every justice of the peace, minister, judge, or whom ever else can legally bond 2 people in matrimony in the state of Oregon is BUSY until 2022 ??? Hell, even GMA has been marrying folks most of the week.. SHe should have submitted her name. GMA has always been kind to TLC cast members,.
  9. Amy must be over the moon with happiness... all 4 kids married, and she will be married soon.
  10. wife??? he got married?? on or off the farm ?
  11. I've seen it both ways actually. Parents been have been picking the school for the last 12 years, so some kiddos are just fine with them picking the next 2-4. One less thing. Depending upon the major/career plan in some cases, at the end of the day, it might not matter where kiddo attends. I know 2 families/parents who mapped out grad (medical & law) schools. Not every family is in a position to apply all over the place, not to mention incur app fees, visits, or even juggle admission offers. Legacy in Education: Location, Location, Location- Granddad went to UGA, Dad (and some of his siblings) went to UGA, met Mom at UGA, so guess where baby is going? Insert UGA for any school, esp the larger 4 yrs and HBCUs. There are tailgates that start at dawn and 75,000+ in the stands on a given fall Saturday for a reason. Legacy in Profession - Yes, there are some schools and trade schools, that get circled around in the family, due to the professional choices. Dad went to one of the automotive trade schools, so offspring wants to go, to hopefully one day take over the family business. Mom is an engineer who graduated from a top school, so offspring goes to GA Tech. Uncle was a football {insert any sport} star at LSU {insert any sports heavy school}, so nephew goes to LSU. Finances - Some parents, and I suspect Trent/Amber are in this category, know that cost of attendance is the main driver in college choice, more than the offspring personal preference. So on the side, behind closed doors probably w/o seeking advice on how to consider options, they have narrowed the choices. They don't want to hear about any other school, that didn't make the cut out of their private discussions. Even though GA tuition is taken are of, the fees, room and board, and transport to/from do vary. No need to apply to school, that they cannot fathom paying for. I do find it odd that neither Jonah or Anna, got parked, w/o discussion at Clayton State, where Trent works. Clayton does have dorms and they do have students that commute. Why let all of those years working there earning the benefit, go to waste? And yes, I do know a family-friend whose kids when to where there parents worked - no other schools were considered. Much honor/respect to the adult supporting staff who cleans dorms, works in the dining hall, building svcs, university svcs, etc - one never knows their full story or family life-financial-college plan. Anybody catch were Brice is going to college ?
  12. Did Murphy #1 live with Tori at her place or on the farm ?
  13. I think my DVR messed up due to stomy night... did they show the birth? Last I remember Zach was sitting in the hallway (preview from last week), while epi was being inserted... next I see Jackson, Cha-Cha and Matt at breakfast, sharing the phone with Lila already born..
  14. FYI - The GA Hope Scholarship pays at a 2yr and/or 4yr school. It is funded via lottery. https://www.gafutures.org/media/187935/hope-scholarship-eligible-institutions.pdf One does fill out the federal aid forms, but the award amount is NOT based on income. It based upon which GA school the student is attending & credit hours ( link ). Yes, renewable and yes-there are conditions, post HS.
  15. Wow - what to say about Anna...At first I didn't know if the issue was: (1) going to college (2) going to that college (3) both 1 & 2 I noticed her face lit up when she walked into the early classroom set-up to pick her class schedule. She actually smiled. So - she seem happy about going into the program/major. On the 1st point - well after one graduates 12th grade ... though it may be scary - it is time to make a life move..I wish the HS counselor was involved in tonight's therapist meeting, prior to leaving 12 grade. Teachers-to-be do attend a college/university. On the 2nd point - Somewhere along the line - like in 9th or 10th grade, I hope Trent and Amber,calmly explained what they could and could not afford, as far as college. They will have 3 kids in college with 2 more on-deck to go. And growing up and looking around, the kids should know they are not sitting in a pool of wealth. Some parents who work at colleges have the benefit (after many years of employment) of children attending there and/or partnering college, which might explain some things too. Anna said she wouldn't have picked "this" college - so what I want to know (a) what would she have picked and (b) what did she do in HS to assist in getting finances/academics better prepared for another college. I do wonder did she qualify for the HOPE scholarship - which would have paid for tuition at any GA college, all 4 yrs. If Anna wanted to go somewhere else - did she say something? Is Trent/Amber ok with her taking loans? While it is admirable to pay 100% of your child's college, if the parent can't (or won't), then they can't. BTW: distance can't be the issue. Within a 2.5-3 hr drive radius of metro Atlanta, there are a plethora of colleges/universities. I've seen a few unhappy kid-adults where the parents picked the college (sometimes as early as birth) . Sometimes it worked out and sometimes, it didn't. Roll the dice and pick your battles. Anna's college choices has nothing to do with Jonah. Anna's college choices also shouldn't be a consequence of what she did disobedient wise in HS, unless they effected her transcript, or if now she has a criminal record (don't know if she was charged with the spray paint incident). Yeah - if she was formally expelled or charged as a juvenile, then yes - her college choices will be limited, probably the 1st year. I hope the remaining 3 go ahead and pick/plot out their "after the 12 grade" future EARLY, to stop the kid snowballing effect that Trent and Amber seem to do. Poor Alex - he will have to shoulder the burden of the 4 ahead of him do, or don't do.
  16. Grandma really is pushing "Similac" milk.... gosh - what she have stock in the company? She just didn't say formula.... it's got to be Similac. Per Grandma "...Kendra can be doctor, and a career mother and she can have a kid. She can have it all. But she can't breastfeed..." I guess seeing Kendra hooked up to a breastpump would make grandmom run out to get case of Simlac... Was a little surprised to hear Kendra made a reference some Asian women's views on breastfeeding. Her mom might have her own opinions, but let's not put that on an whole ethnic group. Grandma looked beautiful in the picture with her dad in his Marine Dress Uniform. Britton - that comment about the mask looking freakish and dangling the baby over the balcony was uncalled for. Downright mean. Actually given the times, Bravo should have did a re-edit of the TH and cut it out.
  17. I was thinking she does very little if 4 yr old carson thinks he is 'man of the house" when Chad is out.
  18. was that Kelli's version of a little black dress? Let me try to be grateful it wasn't her usual get-up that even the kid-adults had something to say about. I kinda wish the girls would have touched up her hair color.. why the wearing glasses if she had the lasik surgery?
  19. Wow.. this sentence alone has given me alot to think about.. as some of my friends are now becoming 1st time grandparents...
  20. was Zach and Tori's 1st house a ranch or had the master on the main level? They go on and on about hardwood flooring and backyards, I forgot what the house looked like. In certain areas - it is hard to find a newer ranch style (one would might have to do some remodeling), or one has to build from the ground up to get a master on the main. Amy's new house has all of the bedrooms upstairs too, right? Is putting in a elevator part of her remodel? That is one thing I give Bill & Jen from the Little Couple credit for - when they looked at houses, they made sure there was a place to install an elevator, if the house did not come with one.
  21. It was more of how he said it ..demanding tone. Also, unless this is the 1st milk purchase b/w the 2 of them and/or Cha-Cha always does the pouring, I would think she would know which container to get. Matt carrying a half-gallon via crutches to a toddler screaming for milk..hmmm Also the way Matt acted with Jackson during dinner prep makes me suspicious if he would pour a child's cup of milk.
  22. Zach was being as selfish as Matt was in the grocery store.... Matt suggesting lobster and some fancy cheese wheel ? then it was the milk had to come in a jug and not a carton? Making the situation all about themselves...SMH
  23. yeah - I have few friends who do not like cooking. One in particular, remembers her late mom who would spend hours cooking and ultimately cleaning, after each meal for a family of 7. She doesn't want to be that aspect of her mom. She made that clear to boyfriends when they were dating. So yes - they eat out/take-out or he cooks. Also some dishes are a little quicker to get already cooked - like fried chicken. I cook the sides. I don't like the after smell of many fried foods , chicken and fish being at the top of the list
  24. what's with taking off Jackson's shirt at dinner - b/c the meal is spaghetti & sauce? Is it not politically correct to use a bib, old towel/t-shirt, anymore? Granted, this is was an informal weeknight in-house dinner, but I guess the thought of him sitting at the table shirtless. was odd to me. Kudos to Jackson - he did a great job eating his meal !
  25. I was surprised that Amy was ok with Jackson going with Cha-Cha and Matt as opposed with her. I figured she would jump at the chance of having him all to herself for a day or so. Being/Visiting at the hospital is only going to last so long with a c-sect.
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