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  1. Jenever? [jəˈneːʋər] (sorry, I'm apparently thirsty 😉)
  2. I expected to dislike Joe Buck too (because it seems like more than half the planet does), but I think he's turned out to be one of the best and most natural in the role. I like Coates (she's a Minnesotan after all! 😉), but if you've ever listened to her SiriusXM shows, I'd be worried that she'd go on a bit (and then go on again); concluding the end of a thought for her is a process 😃. Though the format would likely force her to keep it succinct. Agree about Ben Mankiewicz, he deserves a try out if he's available. PS. I do wonder if the irate LeVar Burton fans actually wat
  3. yeah, RIchards actually has a lot of industry experience. Beauty and the Geek, c'mon! ;) I'm not sure he has the radio background though that Alex had. Which served him well. Trebek had mentioned Ben Mankiewicz, who, if you've ever seen or heard him outside of his rather stiff Turner Classic Movies job, I thought would have been a great choice.
  4. Did anyone watch this new Food Network uh, gameshow(?), with Kal Penn? I've only seen the episode with the "culinary witch." Yeah, that's right. Did we know they were a thing? I don't think they thought this concept all the way through. Besides being longer than I think it should be, that episode ended for me with a thud of "oh... that's it?" Should have been more chances at taking cash throughout IMO. I'm not sure this was originally an FN property to begin with based on the production. Anyone else see it?
  5. Guess there is little chance for Brad at this point, huh? :) Quite bummed he never got a shot. Based on what I've seen on The Chase, he would have been interesting to at least see in the role.
  6. That shot and the music was the best part of the ep. I'll put in a plug for an acquaintance of mine and mention the Twin Cities (MN) group, The Rose Ensemble, for their album, "Nā Mele Hawai'i: A Rediscovery of Hawaiian Vocal Music" from which some of the choral pieces were used for the show. 🙂
  7. eelpout


    More surprising for me was seeing Stephen Caffrey (one of the more memorable villains from the later seasons of Columbo I thought) showing up as a jeweler in this last season.
  8. I think you're not alone and why she likely consciously limited her exposure on the show this time around. I agree, it bothered me whenever some of the designers were relying so heavily on outside manufacturing (i.e. blow-up outdoor furniture). but the SO reminded me this isn't Tim Allen's garage-bound Assembly Required "maker" show. ;)
  9. every time we see Sutton's store I'm reminded of the early 1990's movie The New Age, with Judy Davis and Peter Weller. Except that Sutton can afford it.
  10. I think this "crew" coming on board may have been in fact a backup crew for BDSY in case all went to hell with COVID and the main cast. Of course, as my wife points out, wouldn't they have needed a backup Captain Glenn as well? ;)
  11. pretty sure it was Ben Miles.
  12. hmm, the brown hills in the background looked more like RNO to me, but I could be wrong. and that jet was not small Garcelle. :)
  13. I think there is a reason you won't find (at the time of this post anyway) this show being listed here on the forums. My wife and I found the first ep a tough watch and won't be watching again. Not that Crooks was bad, it was just a bit hard to see the "chefs" under pressure like this and then a snap decision being made about their job within a few days. But maybe that's just us. This may have been in the can for a while as one article I read said some filming was done in 2019.
  14. Guess I'll need to watch this movie. I've actually been to Húsavík. 😀
  15. For some reason, all this movie does (which I have still yet to finish... sigh... CGI makes me tired) is make me want to watch 2003's The Core again. At least that knew it was pure camp. And is Eleven's time up? Still think the best thing she did was The Intruders.
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