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  1. eh, not shocked. they should have pushed the camp more, maybe it would have done better. I switched over to the original version a while ago and am actually enjoying that more; it's very different (for one, there is no evangelical angle). haven't finished it yet, I think they canned that one after only a couple seasons too. 😕
  2. so this may sound odd, but was something going on with the audio in this episode? The background noise (traffic etc.) kept going from loud to completely silent at points of conversation. I think it was a directorial choice because it didn't seem random, but want to make sure others heard it too.
  3. man, they really need to start telling their remote guests that Apple’s earbuds don’t sound good and they’d be better off with a $20 microphone plugged into their laptop.
  4. Anyone watched the original Kiwi version from 2016? I noticed it's available on Hulu. Was wondering how it compared.
  5. The tone of that opening is great and where this show needs to be. It's a let down for me from that point on. It's almost as if when they put these lead-ins together they had figured out what's missing.
  6. Hmm. From the preview it seems more “Real Housewives of Park City.” Anyone know where they actually filmed"
  7. finished one episode and don't think I'll watch anymore and not for the reasons raised in the Decider article below. I'm obviously living in a different universe than some others. 😕 ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ Slammed for “Racist Vibes” by Netflix Viewers
  8. nothing personal, just not a fan of Apple's "walled garden." so I'll put these here. 🙂 https://www.hbo.com/lovecraft-country/podcast https://lovecraft-country.libsyn.com/rss
  9. (yes, we're latecomers to Ozark 🙂 ) you'd get along well with my wife, this is her exact take on the show after this episode. she'll watch this season through, but then she's likely done.
  10. seems like some of those talking heads might have been done post COVID-19 lockdown. for instance the two of Erika are striking in their differences. Looks like one was done with a production team and the other shot on whatever phone or tablet she had on hand as neither the lighting nor focal length of the lens was flattering.
  11. OMG. I rolled my eyes every time she uttered something, the defiant daughter personified. If she's part of a pilot, I shan't be watching.
  12. it must be Phil's (if memory serves he did some motivational like show years ago along the same lines) because of it was a CBS idea, they probably would have tried to get Mike Rowe to host. 😉
  13. I dunno about volcano displays, but I did that same solar power voltaic panels on a house for a fair in like 1973. but I had to build my house out of cardboard, no off the shelf crap like today's kids!! 😉
  14. but first, most guys need to run to see Dr. Bosley (at least twice) to obtain enough follicles. Even guys with hair. 😉
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