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  1. Two of my current favorites are both from St. George’s their Terroir and Botanivore though their Rye gins are also delicious.
  2. Nothing sounded good so I just went and got some tiramisu from a nearby bakery!
  3. I mean Scheana has also treated people like crap and was clearly hyper aware about how she dealt with a shit ton of different things surrounding her relationship to her ex-husband and his issues pre-marriage, during and the on camera “break-up”.
  4. That was me being maybe a tad hyperbolic about how ridiculously ENTY. Edited because I started to speculate but even the origins of this blind item are such crazy nonsense. It doesn’t say that a friend told them the story it’s that she once told this story on stage where people take liberties and exaggerate for the bit.
  5. Biden didn’t “coin the term” the “former occupant of the Oval Office” it has literally been around for so long Bob Hope used to use it when he didn’t want to mention a previous administration in his USO shows and because Bob Hope rarely told a joke that hadn’t been used before it probably predates him. My issue was in defense of Tom Hanks and Seth they are considered “nice” when you meet them but Tom Hanks even when not called on by his daily job to call out power has done it so many, many, many times; often in humor! Much like Seth so suggesting Variety’s comparison was apolitical is wh
  6. But that isn’t how it was stated in the context of the segment. Particularly when Seth Meyers roasting of “the former guy” at the WHC dinner, everyone suggests was when “the former guy” actually decided to run for President for real it legit doesn’t track with your synopsis.
  7. Confused about who you mean “the former guy”. I don’t believe either Conan or Dave would disagree with that sentiment and Seth and Tom Hanks probably disagree because how it was suggested they were both “nice” which has literally nothing to do with either Tom Hanks or Seth. It was a shitty analogy particularly if you don’t know anything about Tom Hanks or Seth Meyers which seems about right for the Sunday Show.
  8. The initial challenge. They all had maps to search for tables where they “found” their ingredients and taste to decide if that’s what they wanted to do (or end up with if that’s what they found)! When they found the table with the profile they went back to their food trucks which had been stocked with the ingredients they found and those same ingredients were provided later. There was no actual foraging, they found tables with glass jars which were left on the tables. I don’t imagine the lunch rush was crazy at SparkSf but Waffle House went halfway across town to deliver their dishes whic
  9. Kendall. I don’t think it’s a flip because again the amount spent on mature olive trees alone wouldn’t be worth it. It made be at least happy that they preserved a big lot in Calabasas with an old school house and not the crazy mansions built to fill the footprint of a lot that size, the actively used all the lot but not with house but useful space. I mean I doubt the friend “needed” the gift of $$, but to someone else manage the huge ass project on a tight time schedule? Still amazing.
  10. Stand up isn’t new. Etsy plays fast and loose with tense, particularly when doing “old” items. Even in the item it doesn’t suggest it’s anyway remotely new.
  11. I get that even she is “old” (even if I am her same age) but this is labeled “Old Hollywood” which if Enty fashion remains true will be actually “Old Hollywood” (anything from the creation of movies to the 1970s) but it’s shit that can usually be disproven but everyone involved is long dead and can’t sue
  12. Maybe someone on all these services hate Padma hard core because after every episode she says they are immediately available OnDemand wherever we watch TC! This is a joke about how everyone assumes Padma is hated.
  13. No because we are probably the only two people who watched both shows and I didn’t think that title was original at the time it was used on SD because the phrase has been used before.
  14. This popped up on my dvr. Now more than ever I am curious of the finances of this show (as in do the celebrities pony up any cash for this “gift”) from the relocating of the pool, to the outdoor kitchen, to the crazy amount of mature olive trees, The Kardashian ep had to be the most expensive ep this show has ever done by like an astronomical degree! It looked crazy amazing and clearly the new pool wasn’t “a surprise” but the price had to be like 300+k.
  15. They filmed this over like two weeks a few months ago. It looks like Summer House is coming back so if anything the fact that they included those yahoos on this means SC has a decent shot at returning.
  16. They didn’t state it very well but they just had to use the ingredients from the table. I mean even in the trail mix challenge they didn’t use the ingredients they actually “found”.
  17. Both the food park locations (Marina Green they most likely got a filming permit) that they have used usually are not nearly full capacity with trucks particularly during weekdays during CoVid. They shot them pretty closely so it’s possible they still had other trucks open.
  18. I never suggested that it was a good thing that Spike was “there” for Buffy or mentioned him in my post because I don’t include him in her friends or family.
  19. It was a tiny area and as you can see from the overhead footage they had for some of the teams they had drones in addition to the camera crew so I doubt it was a concern.
  20. Yes that was stated. It wouldn’t be the first or last time that things stated during the edited critique during the final judgement wasn’t necessarily true.! Usually one only finds out during exit interviews. Dawn handed it to the waiter not Jamie.
  21. Or hear me out he was one person on a panel of multiple judges that thought her dish was better than Jamie’s dish. I think it just wasn’t plated they even isolated the plate when Dawn was handing it off to the waiters.
  22. So adults meeting each other despite no power dynamic are considered predatory based on their age difference? Yeah I don’t get that.
  23. It’s absolutely perplexing that they have never gotten their shit together after years of this being a crazy loved component of the show. I mean Comcast and Bravo are the same corporate entity and it’s not like other OnDemand content isn’t posted in timely fashion.
  24. Wait what?!?!? They met during a screen test for The BiG Chill, she didn’t get the role. He was just an actor on his second film (his first film role was literally the year before in Sophie’s Choice-not a blockbuster)she was 20 years old when they met and had tons more screen credits including her iconic role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Why is their relationship included in this thread?
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