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  1. Seriously, what in the actual hell was that episode? For whatever reason I've been able to watch the episodes earlier On Demand on the Bravo channel and to be honest, I'm watching early because I keep waiting for something interesting to happen while simultaneously knowing it's going to suck. This episode may be one of the worst episodes I've ever seen throughout the entire run of all Below Decks ever. I know we're allowed to talk about the episodes but i just wanted to say spoilers to follow: First of all, Lexi can't get off my screen fast enough. She's an entitled disrespect
  2. Please make this happen writers, much will be forgiven if you could deliver on this most wonderful idea. Also, for future reference writers, all you have to do is read this board for plot points, the commenters here are way better writers than all TFGH writers put together, just give us good writing and we won't even care if you keep your paychecks. Possibly.
  3. LOL! Why, whatever gave you that idea? 😂 I actually like Valentin and Anna as well as Brooklyn and Valentin, Liz and Finn are growing on me, Britt has become everything to me this time around, but my Carly hate has overtaken anything goodish in this show. Her bullshit delusional words to Britt were the last straw for me, the only thing I could think of that would redeem this show a teeny bit would be if Jason pulled out a gun during the vows, said "I don't" right before he put a bullet through Carly's head. I swear I'm really not a violent person, but, TFGH.
  4. What the fuck happened to "love in the afternoon"? This show sucks donkey balls and it makes me say words I don't usually say so casually. Fuck you almost all of the cast and all of the writers. You have one job writers, write good stories.
  5. This is so perfect I wanna shoot it in it's head while it's giving birth or throw barware across the room or something like that. Chef's kiss 😘 Thank you for saying exactly how I feel!
  6. Writing this before reading comments so it's probably already been said but is this the part where we find out that Peter had the DNA tests show Finn was Chase's Father but he's really his brother and that's why the Trojan Horse didn't work? ETA Just started reading comments and of course you beautiful people caught it too 😀💟
  7. I don't know if anyone remembers the "Military Training Exercise" in Los Angeles in February 2019, a few Military Blackhawk choppers landed in the street, as well as a parking lot, a few soldiers were dressed in hazmat suits and they carried out some heavy bundle and immediately boarded up the Windows of the building they breached. The building was allegedly owned by Tom Girardi who was representing the NXIVM sex cult as well as all the people they ripped off. This was a huge deal that was pretty much kept out of mainstream media, my point is there is no way Erica didn't know about t
  8. Carly would never fetch Britt, especially if she realizes Jason and Britt were sitting in a tree, KISSING. I'm wondering if Britt will go back to Port Charles on her own if Jason doesn't contact her in a few days. Then, when she finds out Jason got arrested again because of Carly I hope she at least smacks her across her wannabe Mobette face. Hard. I still can't believe I'm shipping Jason with anyone, but Britt has become magic in my eyes. Hell, Brason is basically the reason I came out of lurk mode. And as much as I despise Sonny, I wouldn't hate it if he came back to PC with N
  9. Just wanted to say I'm really glad you're back 💟 I do remember enjoying your posts and I did notice you weren't around. I'm more of a lurker here because yes, the snark is something that gives me life and this forum is much better than the show. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
  10. Thank you. I never thought I'd ever care about Jason kissing someone but there's something about Britt that makes me ship those two together.
  11. Did Brason kiss today? ABC cut away less than halfway thru the show as they seem to do whenever there's something I want to see. I don't know why I like them together because I can't stand Jason but SBu seems to almost act when he's with Britt. I guess I'll watch it tomorrow OnDemand after I watch Cruel Summer which is the only show on that's any good IMO.
  12. Thank you PATSYANDEDDIE, my Mom and I would take Mother/Daughter trips to Cape May at least 4 times a year and we'd always go back to our room at 3pm so I could watch GH, she hated Sonny with heaping hunks of hot hate, as she would say. We hate-watched together, and our times together were absolutely fabulous 😉 I enjoyed the flashbacks a lot but wish there were more. They should have skipped the Scooby gang style WSB test and showed more flashbacks and there was no need for Peter at all. I have to admit I did get teary eyed a few times and I was so happy Tiffany got to p
  13. Just the thought of Sonny floating around Cape May, where I scattered my Mom's ashes, makes me sick*. Although if that did happen, I can say without a doubt my fiery red headed Irish Mother would have had some choice words for him, including something along the lines of "get your greasy mobster wannabe ass far away from Cape May and fuck off". *yeah I know it's a soap opera but they've already ruined the Pine Barrons for me, Cape May is off limits whether it was mentioned in the show or not 😀
  14. Thank you my friends, I never watched Loving. Although it wouldn't surprise me if MB thinks it's somehow all about Sonny 😆
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