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  1. Can’t believe that we are three pages in and nobody else has commented on how WEAK Dorinda’s phone sex game is! I don’t even think that phone call qualified... And Tinsley, if your millionaire boyfriend lives several states away and you aren’t even having phone sex? He’s getting the real thing from somebody closer at hand.
  2. lgprimes

    House Hunters International

    Thanks for the response LittleIggy! I had a feeling it would go that way. And I recall the realtor saying there was a large expat community in that area, so it will likely be much easier for her to create a social life there, as opposed to a neighborhood full of natives. Hopefully it will work out for her.
  3. lgprimes

    House Hunters International

    Estonia to Lake Zurich with the wife who was insisting on city living. Can’t believe I fell asleep right before the reveal - did she end up out by the cows? The husband seemed pretty determined...
  4. Kyle has officially become the villain in this triangle. I hope both women dump his a$$
  5. 😩 I’ve missed Thomas since he left, but now that we have NuThomas I miss him even more!
  6. lgprimes

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Oh I’m so sad that Renee didnt win. I really wanted to buy that outfit! Gorgeous.
  7. Oh PLEASE not Bill and Katie again! ZERO chemistry
  8. Ok I haven’t been feeling Wally because I’m still angry that Wyatt and Katie were broken up for no good reason, but I will admit I liked the chemistry between Wyatt and Flo! happy to see my favorite guy on the show getting some appreciation and storyline.
  9. lgprimes

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    What is going on with this show? I watched it last night and already can’t remember what happened. Did anything happen?? Zzzzzz
  10. She’s working her fan base! She’s got a tour going on that is selling out.She’s a single woman who is finding a way to make a living. AND seems to be enjoying it! Good for her, I say.
  11. LMAO! i kind of love that the people who write this show give ZERO F@$ks about plot continuity! Ingo’s leaving? Ok, marriage over! Story to explain it? Nah
  12. Chamomile tea? yup, that about sums up Sharon and Rey’s level of chemistry
  13. lgprimes

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Ugh I suffer from “face blindness” and I can already tell it’s going to be a long season trying to tell Teddy apart from Denise!
  14. lgprimes

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    Jules just seems like such a Colorado stoner girl. She needs to be working in Vail or Aspen, not Mykonos. I like her, she just doesn’t belong in this group of wanna-bes and doesn’t have the energy to bring the drama MTV is surely looking for.