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  1. beesknees

    S10.E19: Life Is a Cabaret

    Incredibly disgusted and disappointed in the Countess. Usually I am team Lu Anne but NOT INVITING Dorinda's significant other, John, was height of de classe, Countess. Etiquette that you expouse to others on a regular basis (whether or not they asked for it or not) should be slapping right back in your face... Okay, let me just get this straight. Dorinda hooked you up with thousands of dollars in amazing, tailored made for you outfits - I mean hooked you up beyond, and you couldn't even give Dorinda a free $15 dollar ticket for her signifcant other, John? WTF? Daaahling, EVERBODY knows this is the height of incredibly bad manners... Guuuurl. You didn't know this Lu Anne? I doubt if your show, no matter how incredible it was (and, I actually would have bought a ticket if I lived localy, sounded super fun!) was sooo overbooked that you could not invite Dorinda's partner John yet invite Tinsley's significant other Scott at the literal last minute yet? GTFOH. For real. Haven't posted but maybe twice or 3 times this past calendar year but damn, today I dusted off the keyboard to rant. LU ANNE??!!? So fucking disappointed in you, always loved you. but this was a HUUUGEEE miss. Publically apologize to Dorinda who was the greatest friend. Apologize to John as well. He will understand.
  2. beesknees

    S07.12 Nina & Jon 2018.07.11

    Good Gordon. Nina was really making some serious bank on that website. For just sitting at home. That was the biggest shocker/takeaway for me. I mean ... On another note, Miles and Nina are two tragic people. I shouldn't, but I feel a little sorry for Miles. Its for the best that things were cut off completely. I hope Miles finds health and happiness both physically and emotionally. Nina, I'm on the fence about.
  3. beesknees

    S08.E14: Reunion Part 1

    Actually loved Margaret's hair for once. Both Margaret and Betsy Johnson need to ditch those fucking pigtails. Seriously. The hell? Why could they possibly think that looks good.
  4. beesknees

    S08.E14: Reunion Part 1

    Other gossip sites are saying Margaret's house is in foreclosure? Hmmmmm. So I guess her multi-million empire run out of her home is not a thing? The hypocrisy. The hypocrisy is very real on this show.
  5. beesknees

    S08.E14: Reunion Part 1

    Both ways are correct supposedly. Foy-yay (British english) and Foy-yer (US english). https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/english/foyer. I say foy-yay. Also, Danielle is disgusting. I thought I would like her being back this season but meh. Oh, and Danielle? You're on your soapbox telling all America how much Teresa's table-flipping, etc. hurt your kids. Now that Tre's apologized and things are getting better why are you straight up traumatizing your daughters on national TV by having sex in a public restaurant bathroom? Disgusting, hypocritical, vile "animal" (TM Siggy Flicker). Siggy has mental problems IMHO. God she is viscous although I guess I would feel somewhat the same toward Margaret if I brought her in to the group and she bonded with the other ladies and sort of iced me out. Having said that, Siggy has totally ruined her brand, ruined whatever professional reputation she once had before joining the cast and showing everyone exactly who and what she was on the show. I bet Siggy regrets it now.
  6. beesknees

    S07.E04: SYSTEM OVERLOAD 2017.12.11

    It is hard being parents of a drug addict. I do feel sorry for Larry and Jen. You worry about your kids non stop. It is never ending. Having said that, Maci is doing the right thing. Ryan has to earn trust back. It's not a given. Cate and Tyler and that website. OY. Try to pull up anything "tierra reign" (or whatever the hell it's called) and nothing loads. During Christmas time .... Huh. Sophia looks like the unhappiest kid on the planet. Glitter marijuana leaf indeed. I wish Farrah didn't think she had to do porn. Debra's shiny, plastic face, horrible extensions, and that 1960's mod-hat. Yeah, uh, about that .... Her male friend out-of-nowhere needs to say something to her.
  7. beesknees

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Everything related to the tierra reign website does not load. Is it even a thing anymore?
  8. Chinatown = Tokyo? Fucking dumb Porsha. She probably hasn't been to either of them. How the hell did this chick ever get a high school diploma? Hate NeNe as always. She can get off my screen any time now. I just FF thru her stuff anyway.
  9. beesknees

    S08.E18: The Ties that Bind

    Kaiser roll totally adorbs in his wedding outfit. I LIVE for Watson (who looks like a little old man). Okay, was it just me or was David wearing some kind of a lace-front wig or hairpiece at the wedding? They showed a close-up of David hugging Kaiser and David's hair looked so fake and odd. Ink jet black at that. There was also a shot of David standing in his tux and it looked like a straight up helmet on his head. Hmmmm. Inquiring minds want to know. Guess I'd better hope over to LSA 'cause they will be tearing him a new one if that's the case. I see Roxanne's keeping it classy as usual. Ummm, was Nova's kindergarten in a strip mall? I'm glad Devoin finally told Brianna where it hung. Why can't Nova go to Devoin's house? Is there something I'm missing from a past season. The ONLY reason Brianna's not getting serious about taking Devoin to court for child support is because she knows a formal visitation schedule will be set up regarding Devoin/Nova and no way does Brianna not want to be controlling that situation. I see you Brianna ....
  10. beesknees

    S01.E13: All or Nothing

    Yep. This. I was thinking of this too. I lived overseas and men in the country where I lived, well, wealthy men would pay about $100 US for a pair of well "used" white cotton child-like looking panties. I used to think - Good Lord, what am I busting my hump 60 hrs. a week for when I knew a few university students of mine who were selling their panties for big bucks online.
  11. beesknees

    S01.E13: All or Nothing

    My question is sort of stupid but how is Sean getting all those goods into Haiti without Customs shutting that @#$% down? You cannot just go into a foreign country with 3 thousand pairs of undies or 200 purses or pairs of shoes and not have to fill out massive paperwork for an importing/exporting business. Customs does not want people selling stuff on the sly, illegally, and you cannot enter a country with a million items of the same thing (i.e. - more of some thing than you would need for your personal use). I'm not articulating myself properly but, for example, if I'm going to Haiti for a month visit I do not need to bring 900 pairs of undies with me for a 30-day stay so Customs will know I am bringing those undies in to sell. Even bribing, third world countries don't usually allow this (and I know 'cause I lived in one for many years). I lived in a country where the average bra size was an A cup. I was a DD and literally could not find bras ANYWHERE. So, when I would go home to the States I'd buy a lot of bras for me and my friends and bring them back overseas. I ALWAYS got my stuff held, confiscated by Customs because they thought I was going to sell them. I dunno. Maybe different countries have different rules.
  12. beesknees

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Because it can't be said enough - I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE NAME LUX.
  13. beesknees

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I like that Javi/Bri pic actually. They look good together. In real life not so sure, but the pic is adorbs.
  14. beesknees

    S06.E14: Reunion Part 1

    Why does Asa's baby need to come to the studio to physically breastfeed. The hell? Has Asa never heard of a breast pump? Breast milk via a baby bottle once in awhile? Switching off is good for the baby otherwise Asa will have a nightmare on her hands when her baby refuses the bottle, preferring 100% of the time feeding via an actual breast. No ma'am.
  15. beesknees

    S06.E14: Reunion Part 1

    Fucking Asa. She should just not come back next season. If she doesn't want her personal life on TV she needs to get off the reality TV show she agreed to be on. I used to really like Asa but the pregnant Asa made me FF through every single one of her scenes. Pregnant Asa was truly insufferable. For everyone. Mike and Shervin and their painted on beards. Don't know what to say about that. Looks like they took eyebrow pencil and just went nuts or something. Loving that Vida and Tommy are getting along so well. It's nice that they walk their dogs together. Oh Snap, and Vida just took down Asa in short order. BWAH AH HA AH HA!