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  1. The thread for the 9/29 episode is closed for some reason so I will post here (sorry). Rebecca and Zied - he's using Rebecca's money to buy her her own engagement ring? Say what, now? And when Zied saw Rebecca's ex BF's picture on her phone he had his hand around her neck and it looked like it hurt. Avery and Omar - I used to really like Omar but I'm getting vibes like Avery's gonna wind up with a beating at some point. His true colors are starting to show. He's getting annoyed with Avery's behavior and they've only been together 5 days. Speaking of getting a beating, Angela
  2. And when Daniel's heavy lidded eyes blink that everrr slow blink with his mouth hanging open. Naw, I can't ....
  3. Daniel's mom has got some big balls for real. She should be happy Lizzy is interested in Daniel at this point. As if he's some big catch. Daniel's mom should have been hovering over her son when he was running the streets getting into trouble. NOW she wants to insert herself into the minutiae? I hate Daniel's mom with the fire of a thousand suns. She's so white trash and ignorant. Every time this broad opens her mouth...
  4. I do want to like Vince but I'm having a hard time.
  5. Okay. Shane to Lacey - "I hit a guy a few times and put his eye out. He lost an eye." Lacey to Shane - "You did the right thing." Say what now? 👁️ Angela running around all over town looking for Tony and asks the guy who truly loves her to be her wing-man while they chase him all over Timbuktu? Damn. Say what now? 😬 Slow-assed and slow-eyed Vincent wants to adopt two grown women in order to get scammed pension money from the government? Unveils his plan on national TV no less? Air Force to Vince - "These are your dishonorable discharge papers, sir." My dad was a Marine and
  6. I wonder how filming going forward is going to play out now that there's restraining orders sprinkled in with jail time, probation, etc. This show is gonna be hella disjointed if half the cast doesn't want to work with other cast members, etc. They'd better play nice/make nice or the cast is gonna see their way out of some looooong Bravo paychecks.
  7. Imma have to run over to the spoiler thread cause I wanna know if Darcey and Tom are still together now. I don't know what Tom does for a living but if they're still together I'd be surprised.
  8. Agreed. But aren't they ruining the beautifully lacquered wooden table by scuffing and walking around the table top in shoes? I'm sure that dining room table cost several thousand dollars.
  9. WHY does this not surprise me? What the heck is with the constant one-upping? The look on Tom's face of pure exhaustion when Darcy was opening the suitcases in the dark in the middle of the street just said it all. He was already over it at that point.
  10. EXACTLY! They make a big deal about making guests take their shoes off to walk around the yacht and then Aesha gets up on the table crawling around in her sneakers? Gross. I would have put a towel down or something if I was forced to get up on a table with my shoes on.
  11. My gosh. Darcy's insecurity/competition with her sister really hit a new, aggravating low for me when she had to change into heels so she wouldn't be shorter than her sister. It must be so exhausting to feel you have to compete like that all the time. It's like Darcy is compelled and cannot turn it off. I think the reason why Darcy cried at the honeymoon bridge in Albania (or whatever it was called) had ZERO to with Darcy being concerned and wanting the British guy (whatever his name is/Tom?) to have a good time on the trip- and 100 million percent with dude saying he didn't think about
  12. I am side-eyeing the fact that Jihoon is claiming he makes 4K per month as a delivery driver. I just can't see that. He's got to stop all the lying. Co-sign on the Deavan/Demi Moore comparison.
  13. I really hated the way Akini's family treated Ben. I cosign on everything the OP said except that it would have been nice if Ben brought a few gifts to the house. Having said that, Ben must have been suffering from terrible jet lag and the fact that Akini sprung stuff on Ben last minute that instead of the Air bnb he paid for and rented, he was now being forced to stay at the brother's house. I think getting that info last minute would rattle anyone.
  14. No, not really cheaper in the suburbs because the country is very small and land is at a premium. Also, the "key money" concept is a goldmine for landlords because its like getting an interest-free loan for a minimum of two years or more and rest-assured that system is not going away anytime soon. Nothing is cheap apartment-wise in Korea or Japan. Korea has 52 million people living in a country the size of Indiana. They are forced to build up (not out) because of this. Modern single-standing homes are not very common. And Jihoon saying those lies about needing just a few months to
  15. I don't know. Travis' drinking problem is starting to make this show a bit dark and I love me some BDM for great views, amazing food, weirdo guests, etc. Travis has really got a serious drinking problem and I hope he's watching current episodes so he can actually cringe along with the rest of America at his behavior. Travis ruins every outing the crew goes on and I don't blame Hannah and Anastasia for calling him out on it. The crew is cooped up most of the time and not able to get off the boat regularly to relax and Travis makes problems and ruins every outing it seems. Slapping
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