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  1. Wow, I'm stunned. He still managed to film several films throughout his battle. May he rest in peace
  2. There's another article where they explain the names. Tldr - Buddy is for Daniel's dad and Dessert (pronounced desert) is Brie's grandmother's maiden name.
  3. For those of us in the US, S1-4 are now available on Tubi.
  4. This is sad https://people.com/tv/tamar-braxton-hospitalized-reports/
  5. Season 3 will be the final season
  6. This is from a competition that she did several years ago.
  7. I always wonder how she's able to breathe with those nostrils. Her before wasn't bad. Ask and you shall receive. Skip to the 30 min mark.
  8. It's the same production company, Studio Lambert.
  9. Season 3 is coming
  10. Bravo is currently airing a marathon of DC. The Salahis were truly delusional.
  11. The title sequence is phenomenal.
  12. Kangaroo might win over Night Angel 😲
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