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  1. Do they not allow houseguests to smoke anymore?
  2. I really hope Whitney stops posing for the camera. I am betting she's just super conscious of it right now, but she was doing these porn star lips/teeth thing that was grating, and also posturing really oddly. Loving Claire in the small amount of time I saw, and I hope she does well.
  3. I ate at one of Joe's restaurants in NYC... it was admittedly delicious.
  4. No joke, my husband has been bringing this comment up for over a week now. ha!
  5. I think they edited around Johnny Iuzzini during Top Chef Colorado. They just cut him out of the Stanley Hotel episode.
  6. I'm 99% sure he wasn't sent home. Now I'm doubting myself. We either need some context on that fight or they know each other from before the show.
  7. I am not loving the "live chat" during the episode, because it seems no one is posting here much anymore, and that's my favorite part of the show! :( Dang, I just looked up Bao. Wowza - I hope they cast him for a future season. I doubt Katie is as sexually free as the show is portraying her, I think they just once again lean HARD into whatever theme and trope they're going with. I enjoyed Kaitlin and Tayshia as co-hosts, though I don't think it'll be ongoing, nor do I want it to be. I'd like to see a set host again, but perhaps different hosts for Bach and Bachelorette. I thought th
  8. I was kind of thinking that too, but I bet they build in one "just in case" week and use it if they need to. I also think last week Mediha won because it was sort of a week no one did crazy well, so they just threw the home baker a bone, so it wouldn't be the same people winning over and over. I'm sure they try to please viewers across the board to some extent.
  9. He's a callin' me. I just can't stay inside all day, I gotta get out get me some of those ray-ay-ays!"
  10. Legitimate question - when they were filming this season, did Matt, Chris, and all of the contestants know how bad it was sucking, or are they just realizing this now that it's airing?
  11. I think final 2 will be Cody, Kori, and if there's a final 3, Declan. This is the first season I've watched. It's hilarious.
  12. LOOOOOVE this podcast. Probably my favorite of all time.
  13. I don't think a serial killer necessarily, but I think he looks like the actor William Mapother, who plays a lot of oddballs. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0544611/?ref_=nm_mv_close
  14. Heather's hair drives me INSANE. Cut it. Style it. You're in formal wear, do something with your hair. It's always the same, and was always the same on Colton's season. Long, blonde hair. Great if you're casual. You're in an evening gown, perhaps try. ARGH!
  15. I'm glad Heather cut some length off her hair. She's a cute girl, but her hair was so long, it was ridiculous. It's still ridiculous, but at least the ends are trimmed. 🤷‍♀️
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