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  1. This. Olivia told Moriah on more than one occasion that she would opt out of playing so Kim could come. Moriah refused that offer and told Kim not to attend. That's not "being put in the middle." That's taking a look at your options and choosing one.
  2. I'd kick it up a notch. Maybe have an Alka Selzer in her pocket with a bottle of water in hand. She could pop it in and start foaming at the mouth if the opportunity presented itself. Really drive that whole "evil spirit" thing home. The audacity of Nazi Kim saying anyone has an evil spirit when she's actually the most evil, vile "human" on this show is laughable.
  3. Yep. Still team Gary after all this time. Did he break the law? Sure did. Would I have done the same thing if someone sexually assaulted my God daughter? You bet your ass I would.
  4. Micah was in on the search until he had to take the stage, and also referred to Kim's behavior as "bullshit." Ultimately, Moriah told Kim that she couldn't come to the concert. Kim, being the all-knowing, all-seeing, sugar-hating, control-freak Nazi that she is decided that what Moriah said didn't matter because she was going to do what she wanted. In order for there to be reconciliation, both parties need to admit wrongdoing. Kim doesn't believe she's ever been wrong.
  5. I'm sure it's some kind of requirement for the Cult of Plath. Lydia has her head so far up her own mother's ass, I'm surprised she doesn't refer to as "The Holy Mother" or something along those lines. I guess we should be happy with the phrase "my mother."
  6. She discussed the toxicity of her father in the most recent episode. She also said that she was raised in a very similar situation as Ethan, which would explain the friend "issue" that you've created. She may not want to associate with people who she knew in her youth. As far as new friends, she just went on a trip with Moriah and the girl who Micah is/isn't dating (can never remember that girl's name). Also, just because you don't see her surrounded by friends on a 42 minute TV show doesn't mean she doesn't have any. That's quite a stretch, even for the staunchest Kim defender. Kim and B
  7. I'm sorry that you had to endure that, especially for that long. It's sad to say, but in some cases, there can be no peace until someone dies.
  8. Kim: "I've never told you that you can't be friends with Olivia and hang out with her." Bullshit. This woman is such a conniving cuntmuffin that she can't even keep track of her own dictatorship. (Sorry, I should've condensed all my thoughts to one post, but I'm kinda rehashing the episode in my head lol)
  9. That truly intrigues me, as it's simply not the case in my hometown. Most of the Plath-like families that I know have a completely subservient nature to the male. In fact, it goes so far as when/if the father/husband has died, the oldest son becomes the head of the family.
  10. Just watched this episode this morning. At this point, Kim's level of twat-waffleness isn't even shocking. Although, I am a bit shocked about the Plath's supposed commitment to fundamentalism. In fundamental homes, the husband/father is the head of the family, and what he says is the last word. It's pretty obvious that Kim packs Barry's balls around in her purse and makes all the decisions. Edit: Forgot to point out how on brand it was for Olivia to talk about what is best for "her parents" when talking to Moriah. She's bought into Kim's bullshit so much that she can't even
  11. "Kim is forced to make a choice that is best for her, Moriah and Olivia." No, no, no. Kim only makes choices that are good for Kim. It's cute that people want to paint this out like she's doing something because she gives a shit about someone else, but anyone who has seen more than 90 seconds of this show, knows that it's not the case.
  12. If this really is the end of The Profit, I'm pretty sad. I enjoyed Marcus and believe that his "People, Product, Process" strategy is actually a sound one that I've applied to my own real estate practice. I guess he's moving on to other projects, but I'll miss this one.
  13. That is possible, and depending on Georgia laws (that I have ZERO knowledge of) he may then be able to sell it without her signing. However, there are states that would still require both parties to sign.
  14. I'm a realtor. I don't know of a single state where one spouse can sell a house that they purchased with the other spouse. That scene was completely set up.
  15. I still think Ethan and Olivia just need to cut their losses and move on. If two people truly want completely opposite things from life (especially at 22), it may be best for everyone if they just decide to pursue their dreams without any obligation to one another. I'm not saying anyone is at fault, but now it seems like Ethan is just doing whatever he has to do to convince Olivia to stay with him. Again, I'm not anti-either one of them, but I didn't like Olivia's handling of the conversation in this one. She said she was "so nervous" about Ethan wanting to talk to her and she immediately star
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