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  1. She's been in France with her father if I understood everything correctly. I guess she left him there and came home to screw up her kids' lives.
  2. I really liked the finale. I can say as someone with a teenage god-daughter, I would've probably reacted pretty similarly to how Gary did it. I'll swing by later with my thoughts on each storyline involved in the finale.
  3. It probably is. But I'm old so I didn't know there was a spelling difference LOL
  4. A follow up for anybody who really gives a crap: I met my god-daughter's friend and her companion at my god-daughter's graduation party/cookout yesterday evening. I told them I was genuinely trying to understand and that I had been told "they-bey" was acceptable. After thanking me for trying to understand, they told me that the "they-bey" term was the right choice. Otherwise, it's "companion" or "partner" and that many teen who are gender neutral feel like those terms sound too "old."
  5. Yes! Defamation of Character. I kept thinking slander but I knew that wasn't right. Thanks!
  6. Quite possibly my least favorite episode of the season. I assume it was to set stuff up for next year, but that felt like a total snooze fest to me.
  7. Without physical proof blasting him on Facebook opens her up to a long list of potential legal ramifications. Definitely not the route she should take. Why does she have to be the head chef for the restaurant to be in operation? I didn't understand this at all. Is she the only chef in the city? I didn't mean to multiquote this box and have no idea how to get rid of it. Maybe I could find a book at TARGET that could help me understand how to better use message boards ;)
  8. I didn't like the dirty look over the game, but I understand not being ready to leave Theo alone with him. Eddie is an addict who has relapsed recently. I wouldn't leave him alone with a kid either. I'm pro Gary and Maggie, so I was glad to see the Darcy thing ending. Even if I'd happily wife Maggie up myself lol Loved seeing Rome swallow his pride and agree to do the cringe-worthy commercial. Tyrell needs to hop off his high horse and accept that sometimes adults have to do jobs we hate in order to make the money we need to live. Tyrell seems to want Rome and Regina to take care of
  9. I'm only vaguely familiar with how it works in my state because of my wife's grandparents fighting for custody of her younger siblings. My wife's bio mother is a drug addicted POS and her grandparents fought for years to get custody of her younger siblings (now 21 and 17). They actual got arrested for kidnapping at one point for refusing to let their stoned mother drive them back to her house. There's no way any lawyer would tell them they could hold the kid, let alone in another state. I know we're supposed to sympathize with Max, but the story is just so unrealistic that it makes it
  10. Once again, Max managed to piss me off. "We must use these thousand vaccines before they expire! Wait, no! You can't give them to people with money! I only give a rat's ass about poor people." This character is so determined to be a savior for the downtrodden that he would rather let vaccines expire than give them to people who won't be permanently indebted to him for rescuing them from their economic/racial/sexual orientation/other minority status. Christ, he's a nuisance and continually proves to be a threat to public safety more than a trustworthy physician. I did enjoy the Martin/Izz
  11. Not a huge Darcy fan, so that relationship being strained doesn't bother me much.
  12. I broke both my elbows in January of 2020 in a workplace accident. My wife was allowed to attend my first appointment with me since I couldn't drive, sign papers or open doors. However, when COVID restrictions ramped up after that, I was completely on my own. They were incredibly strict about that. She had to wait in the car
  13. No idea how true it is, but my teenage god-daughter informed me that "they-bey" is an acceptable (yet funny) term. Her bisexual friend is currently dating a classmate who refers to herself as a "they" and both of them use the term "they-bey." That's what I've been going with when talking about Tess and Alex(?). She could be playing me just to get me to say something stupid though lol Edit: For the record, I just realized I called "they" a "female." I'm still trying to learn how all this works and I'm just 33. Makes me feel even worse for the adults that Tess continually yells
  14. Contemporary Christian Music (in general) does suck. That's why I think Willie could find so much success there. A large part of the solo male artists that get played on those stations sound identical, terrible or both. I think that Willie could stand out and really make a name for himself.
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