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  1. This has been a boring episode. The Lydia texting storyline is especially uninteresting. The prayer walk sing was unbelievable.
  2. Please, please Bravotv, make Mia one and done. She adds nothing to the show.
  3. Lydia graduates high school and gets a very special visit. Micah, Moriah, Ethan, Olivia and Max decide it is time to move on from Cairo, but Olivia has one last thing to do before leaving town -- face her fears with Kim and Barry. Original air date: 11/2/2021
  4. Ethan and Olivia go camping with Micah and Moriah, but navigating their marital issues makes things a bit awkward for the group; Lydia struggles to stop texting her special friend, which puts her in the hot seat with Kim and Barry for the first time. Original air date: 10/26/2021
  5. Finally caught this one. I thought that both Olivia and Ethan acted reasonably at the concert. Olivia realized that she could do nothing about it and played to support Moriah. Ethan let his feelings be known, directed them solely at Kim and then moved on. Lydia is horrible. I'd love to never see her again. Kim and Barry too. Moriah was wishy washy. I understand that HER MOTHER put her in a difficult position. And she wants to maintain good relationships with her family. In the description of next week it sounds like she and Micah are moving. It looks like Olivia
  6. Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2021 Moriah, Micah, and Olivia face performing on stage amidst family drama, and Ethan takes action; Max surprises Moriah with a special gift; Olivia offers Ethan an invitation; Lydia takes steps to advance her own relationship.
  7. My two cents: If someone told me that I was filled with evil spirits I would never associate with them again. I would leave a party, a store, a commitment if they attempted to insert themselves in my life. I would not cause a scene and I would not acknowledge them. If someone told me that my husband was filled with evil spirits I would never associate with them again. I would have even stronger feelings than if they said I was filled with evil spirits. I don't blame Olivia for setting boundaries. At the beginning of the band conversation she was upfront," I'll be in the ban
  8. Now we know, Kim and Barry told Olivia she was filled with evil spirits. That is unforgivable.
  9. Why yes they are. Like the Duggars, they are Quiverfull. They don't like Olivia. And for a while Moriah and Micah were also estranged from their parents.
  10. It was interesting that Barry suggested that it would be a bad idea, risky. He says it is a no go.
  11. Yep, saying she is going to go and no one is going to know. Having Moriah say that she doesn't want to know. You reap what you sow.
  12. Ethan and Olivia take steps to reconcile their marriage. Barry and Kim learn that they aren't invited to Moriah's gig, and Kim is forced to make a choice that is best for her, Moriah and Olivia. Original Air Date Oct 12, 2021
  13. This episode reminded me why I love this show. The queens are fiercer, the conversations feel more genuine, and the drag is flat out better. I thought Veronica out lip-synched Vanity Milan, even though I prefer Vanity. I love that the UK version doesn't seem to have filler queens.
  14. Just a thought that may have been covered years ago. Does anyone think that Kim running over and killing her toddler son is the reason that she wants to be in absolute control of her children? That she was confronted by the dangers of the world and now sees herself as the seer of truth, the protector of children and the HBIC? Not making excuses, just wondering if that is the event that sent her down this path.
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