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  1. From RS: I'm shocked that they actually made a good decision. Katie and Michelle are both excellent choices.
  2. I think it's going to be Abigail. She hasn't gotten a lot of airtime recently but from this preview it looks like they're ramping up her edit: https://www.etonline.com/the-bachelor-sneak-peek-abigail-makes-a-heartbreaking-reveal-to-matt-james-exclusive-159726 She's got the most followers of all the girls from Matt's season so she would be a popular choice. And ABC would love the positive press they'd get for having the first hearing impaired Bachelorette.
  3. Should we get a Season 17 thread? Filming location has been revealed - in Canada! They're slowly easing their way into international bubbles by the looks of it. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/bachelorette-japser-park-lodge-1.5890288
  4. Maybe I'm being too cynical, but that was a VERY smart first impression rose choice from Matt if he wants the Bachelor fans who don't know who he is to like him. Much smarter than wimpy Peter giving his to the Instagram model who interrupted the other women 700 times on the first night.
  5. But "the source" (AKA Colton) isn't even claiming that she was talking to her ex while they were still together, it was AFTER they broke up. So we're supposed to think that a single woman talking to a single man is a heinous crime worthy of stalking? And re: her breaking up with him after he recovered, what was she supposed to do? Break up with him while he's sick? Wait another 3-6 months so she doesn't look bad? Cassie has always been in a lose-lose situation in this relationship. He never respected her wishes and essentially forced her to date him because she would've been the most hate
  6. The most terrifying part of that (even more than him putting a tracker on her car) is Colton sending himself threatening anonymous texts to make Cassie feel like they're going through something traumatic together and rely on him. That is straight up psychological abuse. It is genuinely depressing to me to see how many women on other social media platforms are victim-blaming her and saying she's just "seeking attention". You don't file a restraining order if you're not genuinely fearful for your safety.
  7. That makes way more sense but again, poor guy if he's being used as her scapegoat. Unless he's allowed to reject her and stay for Tayshia, who I'm sure all of these guys would prefer to be their Bachelorette anyway.
  8. Nowhere in that article does it say that Dale is so into Clare that he wants to pack up and run away with her too. Poor guy probably just went on the show for the Instagram boost like everybody else, and now he's stuck with a crazy person who quit filming because she's so in love and obsessed with him after 12 days.
  9. I don't hate this if it means we get a break from the southern religious virgin plotlines that have plagued the last few seasons. An actual adult lead whose dad doesn't talk about her like she's an 8 year old begging to be allowed to go to her first sleepover! How refreshing!
  10. Oh god no, she'd be an even worse lead than she was the first time. The only thing I ever appreciated about Hannah B is that she stuck by her decisions, not matter how terrible they were. Being the Bachelorette again only a year later? She would be paranoid the entire time about another Luke P or Jed deceiving her and would be even more of a psychotic, egotistical nightmare. And then she'd just pick another Luke P or Jed anyway. With all that being said... another terrible Hannah B season would STILL actually be better than anyone from Peter's season. Hannah S looks and talks like a 15 ye
  11. And it's Peter's ex-girlfriend who's shown up to warn him, because she lives in Virginia Beach and runs in the same circles as Victoria, because of course! Producers are popping a bottle of champagne as we speak.
  12. Steve just posted that Victoria Fuller (whose hometown date is today in Virginia Beach) has a reputation for sleeping with married men. There's 4 that he knows of, and she was friends with all their wives and attended their weddings. And producers have called two of the women asking them to show up on her date to confront her. Jed who?
  13. Ah, of course he gave the first impression rose to Brunette Hannah G. Just like her bestie, I'm sure she'll make it to the top 3 and be the It Girl of Bachelor in Paradise. It's so damn easy to write the script of this season.
  14. I knew they'd find a way to incorporate his parents into the season as much as possible.
  15. He didn't really do anything on Paradise to make people turn on him, per se... but it definitely plummeted his Bachelor stock. You need to appear desirable and sought after, and he went after Caelynn, who chose Dean over him, then he went after Sydney, and their "relationship" ending was seemingly so boring we didn't even see it. Then he went after Angela, who chose Chase over him, and he was eliminated at a rose ceremony. Compared to the two Bachelors who went on BIP, who were both involved in one "serious" relationship throughout their Paradise run and were the ones to break it off at the en
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