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  1. I’m currently watching Caribbean Life on Hulu, Season 5, Ep. 11. Couple from New Jersey. I’m ready to kill her. He is busy analyzing the home, she repeats everything he says while talking over him! She is like an annoying insect that buzzes around your ear and you just can’t swat it away...ugh.
  2. Gayle doesn’t understand that she is not Oprah. Oprah interviewed guests, asked provocative questions and injected her personal “journey” into most topics. She was a “Host.” Gayle is a news Anchor, meaning newsreader who is supposed to be neutral and professional. When she asked Kobe Bryant’s friend, Lisa Leslie, if she believes he raped that girl, Lisa said no. Gayle retorted, “but you don’t really know, do you?” In other words, you ask me my OPINION, I give it to you and you effectively minimize my answer. I don’t care about Gayles personal opinions on much of anything.
  3. I am mostly loving this show. I already love David Spade, just his low-key, self deprecating self. I did not see when Bhad Bahbie was on, but wish I had seen it. She is the girl, Danielle something, who was on Dr. Phil’s show some years ago as an out-of-control teenager. Famous for yelling, “Catch me outside, how ‘bout DAT?” at an audience member. 🙄
  4. Eva Pilgrim seems to have had some “work” done, especially on her eyebrows. They have moved down quite a bit, instead of in the middle of her forehead. She looks so much prettier. She looks so much prettier, imho.
  5. Oh, wow, Nancie has the most lovely of hair highlights and lowlights, plus a pretty great cut. How does she do that On $600/month? she must not live in LA.....
  6. I LOVE David Spade and I love this show. I especially like that it’s 30 minutes, and that the format is different than Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. His guests are comedians, no musical acts or movies/tv shows promoted.
  7. My 2 cents worth about a few things... RE: Katie and Chris...I don’t think they’re doomed at all. The old cliche that “opposites attract” actually has a lot of truth to it. You’ve got a girl who’s kinda clingy and insecure, and a guy who’s gun shy. She’s the vibrant one and he’s the subdued one. Yin/Yang. She brings the fun and spontaneity, he brings the stability and calm. I like them both and are rooting for them. Im also on Blake’s side. Somebody used the word ‘slut-shaming’ either here or on the show. I don’t see slut-shaming here. If there is, Caelyn slut-shamed hersel
  8. Oddly, I thought it was already announced.... I don’t watch Bachelor or Bachelorette. I only watch BIP because it seems more realistic to me. I just don’t get a bunch of men competing over one girl, or vice versa, like in Bachelor/-Etta. Seems ridiculous. At least in this show, the producers (obviously) bring the guys and girls who have expressed an interest in one or more of them. That’s more realistic to me. I was sad that JPJ and Tayshia left. Good on him for saying, “If you’re not sure, then I’m out.” Seems like a waste of time for both of them, but who knows? I
  9. My DVR says that after DWTS on Monday, I’m getting Grand Hotel. Spectrum! 😩. Is the reunion show only 1 hour long?
  10. RE: The Affair. Really disturbing story. That jerk husband mentioned she had lost her job and was having trouble finding another one. Good time to start an affair, Bub. i found the cheesy background singer completely distracting and annoying.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Caelynns interest in Dean was JUST for the show? Caelynn doesn’t even remotely strike me as a gal who wants to drive around for a few years, sleep in a van, take odd jobs when you need some money and shower in other people’s homes - or the ocean for God’s sake, when you don’t have a local friend? Ridiculous.
  12. Ha! JPJ graduated from college with a Business degree, Magna cum Laude. I believe he’s a financial analyst, or stockbroker. I don’t think he’s a dummy. The details are somewhere online, I’m sure. I live in SoCal, so the “surfer” vibe doesn’t throw me off much. Some of the wealthiest people out here start their morning in the ocean...
  13. Wow, extremely misogynistic? I think that’s a little harsh. I think everyone does that to an extent. In this particular sitcom, I think it’s just more apparent in the women because of editing. And btw, David Spade is a VERY hot commodity with very beautiful women because of his humor and him being an amazingly attentive and respectful boyfriend.
  14. I’m not seeing a mouth smaller than his nose....and my anus doesn’t look like a mouth....I’d love to see what you’re talking about.
  15. I love this show and found the finale of the season spectacular. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, even though I had been somewhat spoiled for what was to come. It was fully engaging in a way that few things are for me these days.  The only flaw in it is intrinsic to where Morse goes eventually. I am saddened by seeing the sensitive, winning man we see on his way to bitter, cynical and lonely and I think, hopeless. Maybe I am not remembering Morse well. I liked the show and found the character interesting, but I don't think all that likable. I haven't made an effort to s
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