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  1. A few final thoughts.... If Natalie did beat Tony in making fire, I do not think she would have won. I think Sarah would have. Even if Ben knew he couldn't win, the second or third place prize money is nothing to scoff at. I'd have stayed in for that. Do you think Michele and Natalie were that surprised they didn't win?? I heard the F3 lineup with Tony winning spoiler for a month before the finale aired. It finished filming in June 2019. Surely everyone knew who voted for who by that point.
  2. He said they don't really go out a lot or go on vacations. Perhaps he invested his initial winnings wisely and bought a really nice home. When he spoke of mortgages (plural), it made me think he also owns some rentals. He may be really smart with his money.
  3. Poor Sophie.....she looked as sick as could be. I wonder what was wrong with her? Has anyone read anything about that?
  4. Interesting quote form Michele in an ET interview.... ""I knew that Adam, Nick, Wendell, and Danni were actually on the cusp of voting for me, and they voted for Tony. And I've talked to them about this post-game. They all, as soon as the votes were read, and they came to me and they told me that there was a situation that Natalie could have potentially won. So instead, they sided with Tony, just to make sure that the right person won the season."
  5. I laughed so hard at the Spy Nest scene tonight Poor Sophie. She looked like she felt awful.
  6. Jeremy, Tyson, Parvarti voted for Natalie. Who was the 4th vote from?
  7. A well deserved win. Congratulations Tony!
  8. He’s probably had a bone marrow transplant.
  9. Nick really looks like a vampire tonight.
  10. Wow. I thought Sarah had it. Damn, I really like Tony this season ❤️
  11. I’m too old for this tension!
  12. Better than when they had to eat bugs!!
  13. Natalie is a great player but I don’t think someone voted out on day 1 should win. She never had to fight to stay in the game.
  14. He still would have gotten the second or third place prize money. Ridiculous move on his part.
  15. Tony in his Spy Shack 😂🤣
  16. I’m SO EXCITED Tony won immunity!
  17. I always thought the 6 to 5 tribal council was the last tine to play an idol. Guess not.
  18. Isn’t this the last time they can use their immunity idols?!
  19. If Tony wins, it will be the first time in years the person I’m rooting for wins.
  20. Being the grand prize is double, any idea if second and third place dollar amounts are also doubled?
  21. I believe the Natalie, Tony, Michele final 3 spoiler. I think a lot of idols are going to come into play at the 6 to 5 TC. I wonder if Tony wins immunity at 5, guaranteeing a spot in the F4. I can’t imagine them not taking him out otherwise.
  22. If Tony wins, it will be the first time in years that I am happy with the winner. Would I have rathered it be Ethan or Yul? Hell, yea. But I am fine with Tony.
  23. Natalie is a beast, without a doubt. However, she did not have to fight every single day to stay in the game. That’s what bugs me with someone from EoE winning.
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