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  1. Cameron NEVER coddled Kathryn. She was too busy snubbing Kathryn, attempting to Climb that Social Ladder and chasing that 💲💲.
  2. Cameron WAS boring with her Pathetically obvious Social Climbing Ways. I have never liked Cameron. She was mean , petty, arrogant, dull, and boring. She simply wandered about clinging to the 💲💲. So glad that her whiny boring azz is kaput.
  3. Clean White TableCloth with only appropriate eating accouterments.
  4. While dining, I canNOT abide all of that dust -catching -nauseous mess on a table. Its so disgusting and food - off putting.
  5. SOUL-Felt Condolences. Grace be with you, @SHAPESHIFTER.
  6. OMG ! Please, will someone REMOVE CaptainSandy from The Show immediately. Right da _ n NOW ! Geez ! I am thoroughly unable to tolerate her ridiculous antics anymore.
  7. Whoever came up with the sobriquet, Adumb, should receive an 🥇 award. It IS an apt description of the grown-azz -BabyTalker. CanNOT abide him. Those Busbys sure can whine and whine and whine and ... They ought to be expressing everlasting thanks and appreciation for living The Good Life without having to put forth much effort. Danielle’s sister...hmmm. Well, let’s just say nothing, shall we. Hazel and Ava have gorgeous hair. i don’t think Parker’s Problem(s) is/are The Cameras
  8. I really don’t want this show turning into floods of Nazis from South America coming 'here’ to kill The Nazi Hunters.
  9. Tyra’s puir wee lass—The Neck ! i think the sister is deliberately causing that baby’s neck to flop about. It was nerve-wracking to see that Arm-Baby in a Swing(!?) ...flying down a Slide(?!)...always seemingly Jerked About and Tossed To 'n Fro by THAT FRACKiN’ SiSTER.
  10. Hmmm... Normally, does one attain 'rank’ of Captain(Jaoa) with such limited yacht-WORKing experience? Admittedly, my yacht culture knowledge is basically nonexistent.
  11. 'JEL’ : too clever, too funny, too true ! Ha!
  12. The entire lot of 'em make me sick and tired - - Da Dame- Cap’ain, Boring Hannah, Really-Truly-Knows-How-to-KissAzz -Manipulative-Joao, AGGRAVATiNG combo of Braying-Aesha and Chompers-Jack, Narcissistic Ben, Afterthought-Anastasia ... Really, by the end, the only one who did not irritate me was Travis. * The only thing to do is revamp. Get an ENTiRELY NEW CAST of characters/staff. *why do 'clients, staff’,...mention Hannah’s age ➕relationships but never the males’ age when they are of similar or older age . Huh, why?
  13. Just tonight, i told a family member that : Sandy’s continuing obvious biases, blatant gross unfair-favoritisms, extreme fame-hoing, peculiar empathy, deliberate obtuseness and obliviousness, duh-narcissism, and creepy-curious dislike for Hannah may cause me to forswear 'Below-Deck-Mediterranean’. i canNOT abide Sandy...at all.
  14. These people are fu _ _ _ up ! Uuugh... Thanks be...Caelan and mom finally getting an attorney.
  15. Holding your 🖐hand... Blessed hope for your good health.
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