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  1. Which might be why its appropriate that Beth now has the mantle - no physical prowess required.
  2. Given Matt LeBlanc was hired to front Top Gear I don't see anyone's nationality as being an issue in working for the BBC. Maybe on this specific show they might want a more British sensibility but you could get that from the rest of the production staff, so long as the show runner is prepared to listen.
  3. Jodie & Chris leaving: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57940451 and in certain sections of the fandom there was much rejoicing. I thinks its a shame to see Jodie go as I enjoyed her a lot.
  4. Well if you capture a variant, take them to the TVA, remove their personality and brainwash them into working for you, one could say that they were created there. Note they didn't say they were born there.
  5. That is kind of my point - if the lack of infinity stones is so detrimental to a reality why would the TVA keep the spares rather than seed them back into the now stoneless prime?
  6. I was trying to think of a better place to ask but it seems to fit here, but what are the implications for the Sacred Timeline of it not having any Infinity Stones left. If I remember right, the Sorcerer Supreme (Tilda edition) stated that they were necessary for the safeguarding of the timeline and if you removed one of the stone that flow splits. She implies that the stones are the main weapon against the forces of darkness and a reality without them would be overrun. If the timeline of the MCU films is the sacred one, then the removal of the stones will lead to fracturing and that is w
  7. Does anyone think that the unusual spelling of Subjects in the title of ep 9 is significant? It brought to mind the spelling used for Apokilips which I believe is a thing in the DC universe.
  8. I did enjoy Miles "spilling" his character and winding Tom up about having to view the film on an iPhone when Jennifer said she had seen it on a big screen. Tom's over reaction just tickled me. Although I did have a moment of worry for Miles' career.
  9. Favourite line from tonight's episode. DCC: "We shouldn't be fighting an old battle" DCI: "My name's Hastings ma'am, the epitome of an old battle."
  10. I could see Marvel not making sequel series per se but making different short series mixing different characters that fit between the films.
  11. While that is in the scene, I took it more to be a replication of the trials Odin put himself through for wisdom. Hanging from the tree for 9 days and nights and stabbing himself with a spear to gain the knowledge of runes. There seems to be some debate as to whether the Christ story or the Odin story came first and which influenced the other.
  12. It's not a movie it's a double/triple length episode *Jedi hand gesture* Problem solved.
  13. And yet they were warned to stay away from the boundary road that Vision crossed and started to disintegrate. Why warn them if the same thing wouldn't happen to them. Perhaps they are also constructs of the Hex and not real.
  14. That depends entirely on where in the world you are. In the UK the law was recently changed to opt out. So that may not be universal.
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