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  1. I'm excited for this! But I'm into Wanda/Vision as a couple. I'm intrigued that it takes place after Endgame and not before. Guess the title is a spoiler to Vision coming back?
  2. I suppose the intention is to make something similar to The Man in High Castle (where the Nazis won WW2 and took over the US with the Japanese)?
  3. I know BlueBell was the point of the show, but i kinda wished we had seen an episode in NYC. We never got to see Zoe in her natural habitat! Not to mention it would have been hilarious to see someone like Wade somewhere like New York.
  4. Daredevil, the famously blind superhero, was played by an actor who could see (Charlie Cox) for 3 seasons. Matt was also blind in flashbacks, though I don't know if the actor they cast to play kid!Matt is blind irl.
  5. Has anyone seen the Hulu doc on Fyre? I have netflix but not hulu and was curious how they stack up against each other. I believe the hulu version has interviews with Billy himself? And is more about him? From what I've read, Billy doesn't do much but try spin it more. But the netflix one isn't that much less shady, given that Jerry media, the company that handled the Fyre festival marketing helped create their doc.
  6. A great vid about Harvey Weinstein's Oscar tactics that won Miramax 81 (!!) Oscars and how that was undoubtedly part of the reason he was able to get away with the stuff he did for so long, focusing in particular on Shakespeare in Love and Gwyneth Paltrow's win over Cate Blanchett.
  7. He was so cute in Dunkirk. I couldn't see his face for half the movie, then he pulled off the pilot's mask and was the cutest boi. Took me out of the film a bit tbh lol
  8. Has anyone seen Taylor's Netflix special? They just filmed one of her concerts on her tour I think. For all of us who can't or won't buy tickets to one of her concerts lol
  9. After reading some predictions of Black Panther winning Best Picture at the Oscars this year (which I doubt will happen) in the awards thread, I have agree with the previous posts saying that BP was not that good. Don't get me wrong, it was a highly enjoyable film that I saw twice but I don't agree that it's some cinematic masterpiece.
  10. I saw this on DVD and thought it was pretty fun! I mean, not a masterpiece but still fun. The younger actors were all good, Lily James especially. I too wondered why they didn't get one of Stellan Skarsgard's kids to play him since they all seem to be in the biz. But Josh Dylan actually really resembled SS. I might have thought he was related to him! The plot was a lot of fluff but that was okay. The Sam and Donna confrontation when she finds out he's engaged to someone else was surprisingly emotional. I'll chalk that up to the actors. But Meryl swooped in at the end to make me cry with My Lov
  11. JustaPerson

    Aquaman (2018)

    This interview with Patrick Wilson has a great clip from the film at the beginning!
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